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Ireland leads nations to close Vatican Embassy…beginning the end of the Holy See! Vatican Bank cannot buy souls of SECULAR government officials

Updated April 22, 2012

Ireland reiterates it will not repopen its Vatican Embassy in Rome but will open new embassies in other coutnries as far as Africa.  you go Ireland, lead the nations to shut down all its Vatican Embassies in Rome and open embassies with smaller coutnries in Africa instead. Stop recognizing the GAY Pope and his GAY Opus Dei eunuchs !

Updated 11-11-11

Irish eyes are not smiling at the Vatican as Ireland shuts down its embassy to the Holy See in Rome because it “yields no economic return” among its overseas “bilateral missions.” which means that economically, it was no longer two-pronged or mutual, only the Vatican was getting richer but Ireland was not. Irish eyes are not smiling at the Holy See as the Vatican is officially called as a “country”, the smallest country on the planet albeit the wealthiest, read the Vatican Billions that details the territories of dioceses and how the sale of saints and ‘Holy Mass tourism’ makes the Vatican the wealthiest empire on earth Every country seems to be reeling in economic crunch these days, the vast country United States included, except for the smallest country on the planet, the Vatican. The Vatican a.k.a Holy See is the only country that will never know recession or poverty. With its 1.2 billion Catholics members worldwide, it is the largest multinational corporation on earth with weekly guaranteed income while the Pope and old men Cardinals simply sit in the lap of luxury amidst the splendor of the Vatican and ceremoniously pronounce (hypocritical & deceitful) papal decrees one after another. If each Catholic gave a dollar each Sunday -- for a piece of meat of the re-incarnated flesh of God Jesus Christ -- that alone would give the Vatican 52 billion dollars for 52 weeks of each year. Many Catholics give hundreds, thousands and even millions of dollars. Only God knows the real worth of the Vatican Bank but this article on the Vatican Billions will tell you how the Vatican have successfully mapped out its claimed territories worldwide – including those run by despots - and made marvelous use of the flesh-machine Eucharist of Jesus Christ, the sale of saints and of the “Virgin” Mary as the Vatican’s guaranteed and biggest money mechanism on earth. And the biggest hypocrisy is that this vast Vatican wealth include among them the very evil things the Pope condemns, the porn industry, as was revealed a few days ago, read our related article Catholic Church owns 100% German Porn Industry “Weltbild" since 30 years…so much for the Theology of the Body of Blessed John Paul II

Urbem, urbem mi Rufe, cole et in ista luce vive!

“Rome! Stick to Rome, my dear fellow, and live in the limelight!-- Cicero, Letter to Caelius 26 June 50 B.C.

Irish eyes are not smiling at Rome and Ireland will no longer ‘stick to Rome’. Ireland has shut down its embassy in Rome because it will no longer ‘live in the limelight of Rome’ or the limelight of the Vatican. Irish eyes are not smiling at pompous Pope Benedict XVI and his homosexual only-male mafia at the Vatican because Ireland will no longer pay an ambassador 600,000 euros to kowtow to the Vatican Mafia and pay for his lifestyle with the rich and famous and live in a fancy villa in Rome with a staff spending 1.5 million euros each year – only to dress up in ambassadorial robes to attend the pomp and glory of the Pope for a feast of the re-incarnation of the flesh of Christ at St. Peter’s Basilica! Read our related article Ireland ambassador to fake Vatican country: €600k not enough? Why not send Fat Cat to Rome for plum job ... The Vatican is occupied by a few hundred homosexual men-only half the population of an USA High School and they are considered a “country”? The Vatican completely forbid the existence of women and children within its monarchical medieval walls. Really? We are in the 21st century and the values and eyes of the Medieval Ages and fascist Mussolini who created the Vatican State are obsolete. No, it wasn’t God who created the Vatican State but the brutal fascist and murderer Mussolini and Irish eyes no longer see eye to eye with Mussolini and the monarchs of the Medieval Ages, those “Crown Princes” red robe Cardinals like criminal Cardinal Bernard Law, read our related article on Catholic monarchy here

Ireland will no longer follow ‘all roads lead to Rome’ because only the JP2 Army - John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army lead to Rome and to the Santa Maria Maggiore where resides criminal Cardinal Bernard Law, the evil Achilles Heel of Blessed John Paul II. So as Cardinal Bernard Law was feted with a lavish 80th birthday bash in a posh Italian restaurant with the best that only Vatican money can buy, Pope Benedict XVI was given a bombshell that Ireland is shutting down its embassy to the Holy See. Nice birthday present to Cardinal Bernard Law who aided and abetted and transferred from one parish to another 80 pedophile priests in Boston including Irish pedophile priests imported from Ireland among them, read our related article Boston was dumping ground for Ireland's John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army

Irish eyes are not smiling at the Vatican. Kudos to Prime Minister Enda Kenny of Ireland and to his SECULAR government officials who refused to sell their souls to the Devil or Vatican Bank and went ahead to shut down its embassy to the Holy See in Rome “for economic reasons”. "No area of government expenditure can be immune from the need to implement savings," the Irish government said. "Today's decision follows a review of overseas missions ... which gave particular attention to the economic return of bilateral missions." It is but just and right that Ireland would do it “for economic reasons” because after all, the Vatican exist - for economic reasons alone, for God and Mammon, with its new biggest Golden Calf Vatican Idol John Paul II, read our related articles, and

Irish eyes are not smiling at the Vatican response that it regards its embassies as bridgeheads for “humanitarian works” and not as “economic centers”. Baloney! “Humanitarian works”? Who is Benedict XVI kidding now? What kind of humanitarian gesture did he show as “Holy Father” to Catholic children who were victims of Italian pedophile priests who walked right into his doorstep at the Vatican a few days ago but they were stopped by Swiss Guards who guard the door of the smallest country the Holy See? read our related article Benedict refuses to meet Italian victims of JP2 Army John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army That was not a “humanitarian” gesture but rather the monarchical papal arrogance of the Vatican at the core! And baloney that the Vatican Embassies of each country is “not economic center”! Read our related article Nazi Gold and the Vatican. How Rome saved Fascists. Vatican Bank claims. Nazi Connection To Franciscan Order Uncovered Near Medjugorje Those Swiss Guards guarding the Pope today are the future elite financial Navy Seals of the Vatican Bank, read our related article, Boston that hosted a recent former Swiss Guard's seminar

Louis Armstrong used to sing "When you're smilin' keep on smiling, the whole smiles with you." Likewise, when Irish eyes are not smiling, the whole world will not smile at you.

Irish eyes are not smiling at the Holy See a.k.a Vatican and now nations will follow suit and like a domino effect, nations will shut down its embassy one after another in's the beginning of the end of the Holy See. Venice used to be a mighty country known as the Republic of Venice and it controlled the commerce to the world as it was the port and gateway to explorations in the world. But today Venice is a mere tourist pit stop. Likewise, all roads used to lead to Rome, but soon Rome will also be a mere tourist pit stop.

Take heed Rome, take heed Vatican, and take heed Holy See for the Third Secret of Fatima is now coming to reality…. Reality not on TV but at St. Peter’s Square!

News clips:

Other closures are likely to follow, now that Ireland has shown the way

… may be followed by other countries which feel the missions are too expensive

It's another aspect of Catholicism being swept away. It's the end of an era.

It was a subtle slap in the face of the Vatican...

Ireland has blazed a trail that other European states may follow.

… applauded by many across the world who have criticized the Pope and the thousands of controversial child sex abuse cases while at the same time has stunned the old men of the Holy See

the Irish move might sway others to follow suit to save money because double diplomatic presences in Rome are expensive.

Ireland and Nations of the World, WAKE UP and SEE the Victims in USA - Attackers - Responsible Leaders

Pearl Harbor - 3,000 victims - 170 planes - Admiral Yamamoto

WTC & 9/11 attacks - 3,000 victims - 19 Muslims - Osama bin Laden

JP2 Army - 15,736 victims - 6,000 pedophile priests - John Paul II & Benedict XVI & Opus Dei, the new Vatican Trinity

Opus Dei controlled the 27 years papacy of John Paul II and is therefore the foremost guilty party who aided and abetted and covered-up the John Paul II Pedophiles Rapists-Priests Army. Opus Dei wrote most of John Paul II’s books and writings and to ensure their perpetuity as “All things Catholic”, they want JP2 to be beatified and canonized now by Benedict XVI so as not to take any chances on other future popes. The FACE of Opus Dei is John Paul II and the PHANTOM Spirit of Opus Dei is their founder St. Josemaria Escriva, read our related article John Paul II, Patron of Pederasts and Opus Dei – analysis of Joaquin Navarro-Valls’ reasons for JP2 beatification at Opus Dei conference in Rome

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Heil Satanas JP2 Patron Saint of Pedophiles, Pederasts Rapists-Priests! John Paul II is the same yesterday and today-- he cannot protect children

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Opus Dei staffed Franco's regime that conducted the covert Spain's stolen babies and the families who lived a lie. 300,000 BABIES stolen

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Amnesty International Report Vatican “Torture, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment” on tens of thousands of children sexually abused by priests in Ireland

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Opus Dei Numerary apologist for atrocities committed by military and police in Peru

Dublin-Vatican relations at an all-time low

The Hindu

Ireland is the first major Catholic nation to break ties with the Vatican over the child sex abuse issue. Other closures are likely to follow, now that Ireland has shown the way.

Ireland's decision to close its embassy in the Vatican for “economic reasons” has both me low. Besides economic considerations, which, given the present state of the Irish economy are real enough, there is simmering anger in Dublin over the Vatican's protracted cover-up of priests who sexually abused children in their care.

A Sound Decision: Irish Embassy Closed To The Vatican


The decision made by the Irish government on the closure of its embassy to the Vatican has been applauded by many across the world who have criticized the Pope and the thousands of controversial child sex abuse cases while at the same time has stunned the old men of the Holy See. Traditionally, Ireland and Vatican, ever since the days of Elizabeth the First have been close in relations due to Catholicism. This decision was most likely influenced by the sex abuse cases that the Vatican only solves by relocating priests or covering them up.

Now, Ireland is the first country that has deeply rooted Catholic values to close its embassy to the Vatican.

According to the Vatican, Irish officials informed them of the decision hours before the announcement was made. Officially, the Irish government’s reason for closing down the embassy was because it “yields no economic return”.

It was a subtle slap in the face of the Vatican which considers its embassies as bridgeheads for “humanitarian works” and not as “economic centers”.

Vatican stunned by Irish embassy closure

Posted by Rte News
0pc on November 04, 2011

(Reuters) - Catholic Ireland's stunning decision to close its embassy to the Vatican is a huge blow to the Holy See's prestige and may be followed by other countries which feel the missions are too expensive, diplomatic sources said on Friday.

The closure brought relations between Ireland and the Vatican, once ironclad allies, to an all-time low following the row earlier this year over the Irish Church's handling of sex abuse cases and accusations that the Vatican had encouraged secrecy.

Ireland will now be the only major country of ancient Catholic tradition without an embassy in the Vatican.

"This is really bad for the Vatican because Ireland is the first big Catholic country to do this and because of what Catholicism means in Irish history," said a Vatican diplomatic source who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

He said Ireland informed the Vatican shortly before the announcement was made on Thursday night.

Dublin's foreign ministry said the embassy was being closed because "it yields no economic return" and that relations would be continued with an ambassador in Dublin.

The source said the Vatican was "extremely irritated" by the wording equating diplomatic missions with economic return, particularly as the Vatican sees its diplomatic role as promoting human values.

Diplomats said the Irish move might sway others to follow suit to save money because double diplomatic presences in Rome are expensive.

It was the latest crack in relations that had been seen as rock solid until a few years ago.


In July, the Vatican took the highly unusual step of recalling its ambassador to Ireland after Prime Minister Enda Kenny accused the Holy See of obstructing investigations into sexual abuse by priests.

The Irish parliament passed a motion deploring the Vatican's role in "undermining child protection frameworks" following publication of a damning report on the diocese of Cloyne.

The Cloyne report said Irish clerics concealed from the authorities the sexual abuse of children by priests as recently as 2009, after the Vatican disparaged Irish child protection guidelines in a letter to Irish bishops.

While Foreign Minister Eamon Gilmore denied the embassy closure was linked to the row over sexual abuse, Rome-based diplomats said they believed it probably played a major role.

"All things being equal, I really doubt the mission to the Vatican would have been on the list to get the axe without the fallout from the sex abuse scandal," one ambassador to the Vatican said, on condition of anonymity.

Cardinal Sean Brady, the head of the Catholic Church in Ireland, said he was profoundly disappointed by the decision and hoped the government would "revisit" it.

"This decision seems to show little regard for the important role played by the Holy See in international relations and of the historic ties between the Irish people and the Holy See over many centuries," Brady said in a statement.

The Vatican has been an internationally recognised sovereign city-state since 1929, when Italy compensated the Catholic Church for a vast area of central Italy known as the Papal States that was taken by the state at Italian unification in 1860.

It has diplomatic relations with 179 countries. About 80 have resident ambassadors and the rest are based in other European cities.

The Vatican guards its diplomatic independence fiercely and in the past has resisted moves by some countries to locate their envoys to the Holy See inside their embassies to Italy.

Dublin said it was closing its mission to the Vatican along with those in Iran and East Timor to help meet its fiscal goals under an EU-IMF bailout. The closures will save the government 1.25 million euros (864 thousand pounds) a year.

Irish Vatican closure saddens dwindling faithful


By Carmel Crimmins

DUBLIN | Sun Nov 6, 2011

(Reuters) - In the week that Ireland announced it was closing its embassy to the Vatican, the pews at Dublin's main Roman Catholic church are less than a third full for Sunday morning mass. There is no one under 30 in the congregation.

Revelations of child abuse and rape by Irish priests and Christian Brothers, a Catholic religious order, have shattered the dominant role of the Church in Ireland, which was found by successive investigations to have covered up the crimes.

The government insists the closure of the Vatican mission was to save money as part of an economic austerity drive. But few Mass-goers at Dublin's Pro-Cathedral believe that was the only reason.

"It's a pity. It's another aspect of Catholicism being swept away. It's the end of an era," says Kathleen Ryan, 75.

Ireland closes its Embassy to the Holy See after 82 years

Vatican Upset by Ireland's Decision to Close Embassy


By Edward Pentin

The Vatican has given a measured response to Ireland's decision to close its embassy to the Holy See, saying it is free to do so based on what a state believes is practically possible and in a nation's interests.

However, the news came as a shock to Church officials who are deeply disappointed by the move.

The Irish government will maintain diplomatic relations with the Holy See but says it has decided to close the mission — one of the country's oldest — as part of a cost-cutting program prompted by the EU-IMF bailout conditions.

The government has also decided to shutter its embassies in Iran and East Timor.


The Leader

Mark Nolan / 2011-11-04

The Catholic Church has been shocked by the decision to close the Vatican embassy in Ireland because "it yields no economic return".

A source for the Vatican said that they are "extremely irritated" by the wording, as it shows no respect for the work that the Vatican does in “promoting human values”.

Foreign Affairs Minister Eamon Gilmore said, "The government believes that Ireland's interests with the Holy See can be sufficiently represented by a non-resident ambassador".

Ireland closes embassy as Holy See ties wither

Financial Times

By Jamie Smyth in Dublin

Sarah Jane Ryan does not care much for the Catholic Church any more.

“I am only here to bring my kids to mass because one of them is about to make her communion,” says Ms Ryan as she leaves lunchtime mass at St Andrew’s church in Dublin city centre with her daughters, Annie, seven, and Robin, 10.

“If you ask me, the government are right to close the embassy in the Vatican. The Church has brought it on themselves with all the child sex abuse problems and the cover-ups.”
The Irish government’s decision announced late on Thursday to close its embassy to the Holy See has revived a bitter public debate on the Catholic Church’s handling of clerical child sex abuse cases and the wider question of church-state relations.


April 22, 2012

Gilmore is adamant -- embassy in Vatican will not reopen

Sunday Independent
By Willie Kealy
Sunday April 22 2012

THE Government is planning to open several new embassies around the world in places as far apart as South America and Asia -- but there will be no U-turn on the controversial decision to close down the Irish embassy in the Vatican.

This has been disclosed by the Tanaiste Eamon Gilmore in an interview with the Sunday Independent.
The Vatican embassy closure provoked a political reaction, particularly among Fine Gael backbenchers, and was the subject of a heated debate at the Labour Party conference last weekend.

But in the end, the delegates voted to back Mr Gilmore's decision, which was made in his capacity as Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Defending his decision, Mr Gilmore said last week: "We had a small diplomatic service, much smaller than most countries of our size.

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