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Sacred Evil Vatican Hall of Horror & Public defenestration of Benedict XVI

What was Jewish Wiesenthal's reason for hunting down Nazi war criminals? Asked why he maintained his efforts to track down Nazis all his life, Wiesenthal said, "I believe in a world to come ... When confronted by the martyred millions ... I will be able to say ... 'I did not forget you."' ... With our 5 weblogs and efforts to prove that John Paul II must never be called ‘saint’ in American soil and by American lips and by Catholics especially American children, our weblogs also say to the countless victims of the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army, ‘we did not forget you’. We also hope to build a memorial for these Catholic children in the near future…

The Vatican has committed all crimes possible and popes also have committed all kinds of possible crimes against humankind: murder, theft, rape, pedophilia, torture, name it, they have done it. But the worst crimes yet are the most heinous crimes against children in the latter half of the 20th century that exploded well into the ripe papacy of John Paul II in 2002 when he was already 24 years a pope = and he did nothing to stop it. Cardinal Ratzinger was his right hand man partner at the Vatican as Ratzinger headed the Vatican Inquisition, sweetly renamed as the CDF Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Ratzinger silenced the Jesuit Jon Sobrino and many Liberation Theologians who were working for the plight of the poor in South America, but as we know now, the Vatican Bank hoards despots’ ill-gotten wealth and to maintain the Vatican’s monopoly of wealth in each country, Ratzinger and John Paul II silenced liberation theology, read our related article here

To understand the cold heart of the Vatican, the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops and the Opus Dei towards the poor, watch the movie of the MIssion wherein the Vatican collaborated with the government Army of Paraguay and massacred all the missionary Jesuits and all the indigenous people. The Vatican is the msot evil power that continues to annihilate and oppress poor peoples and poor countries -- all for the greed of money deposited in the Vatican Swiss Banks by despots via the diplomatic immunity of CArdinals and papal nuncios, read about Crdinal Sodano arranging a 35 billion dollars deposit in the Vatican Swiss Bank by the serial pedophile Fr. Marcial Maciel in this blog and the John Paul II Millstone..


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Benedict XVI and John Paul II are the two most cold-blooded popes because they never flinched at the presence of Cardinal Bernard Law who abetted and transferred 80 pedophile priests from one parish to another in Boston and Fr. Marcial Maciel the serial pedophile who sodomized even his own biological son. Their papal cold-heart toward children prove that the Vatican with all its splendor and the Sacrmanets numb the conciences andmake their hearts immoral. Hence these images are justified because the throne of Benedict XVI -- with his crimes against humanity at The Hague - is indeed the Throne of Satan as he and John Paul II smelled Devil's Bowels as roses for 27 years and they said and did absolutely nothing to stop the JP2 Army - John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army also known as the B16 Army of Pedophile Priests, read our related article JP2 Army -John Paul II Pedophile BOY SCOUTS Leader aboard! The JP2 Scouts' patch and Blessed Pope John Paul II Program must be stopped immediately

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Benedict XVI's Satanic smile amidst storm read more here Freak thunderstorm lashed at Benedict XVI & fanatic World Youth Day pilgrims in Madrid, forcing him to cut short his speech VIDEOS, PHOTOS


If anyone thought the on going scandals of pedophile priests and sexual abuse shaking the roman catholic church, most recently in Sweden, Philadelphia, and new investigations into the Vatican bank, couldn't get much worse, Ireland has published another new report on priestly abuse in county Donegal, even more scathing than their last, not to mention the Vatican was recently forced to confirm the sexual abuse and rape of nuns by it's own priests in 23 different countries. Yet however reprehensible this is, it will look a mere trifle compared to the perfect storm that appears to be on the way. An 'Apocalypse' of religion itself!

For these growing, worldwide sexual scandals, exposing the endemic institutional corruption of this tradition, compromising thousands of children, faithful and even co-religious, may only reflect a greater betrayal against humanity and is setting the stage for the 'churches' worst nightmare: the questioning of it's very origins! And that has already started, with implications for all mono-theism, but not by any atheist ravings or theological discourse. We may very well come to remember the church as two thousands years of accumulated hubris and self deception, retailing to the world a counterfeit copy of revealed truth!

For on the horizon is approaching a religious and cultural furore so contentious, any clash of civilizations may have to wait. On one side, a manuscript titled: The Final Freedoms, against all the gravitas religious tradition can bring to bear. What science and religion thought impossible has now happened. History has its first literal, testable and fully demonstrable proof for faith.

The first wholly new interpretation for 2000 years of the Gospel/moral teachings of Christ is on the web. Redefining all primary elements including Faith, the Word, Law, Baptism, the Trinity and especially the Resurrection. Questioning the origins of all Christian tradition, and focusing specifically on marriage, love and human sexuality, it overturns all natural law ethics and theory. At stake is the credibility of several thousand years of religious history.

What first appears a counter intuitive challenge to the religious status quo, on closer examination contains a wisdom the theological history of religion either ignored, were unable to imagine or dismissed. An error of presumption which could now leave 'tradition' staring into the abyss and prove humbling for any secular speculation.

Using a synthesis of scriptural material drawn from the Old and New Testaments, the Apocrypha , The Dead Sea Scrolls, The Nag Hammadi Library, and some of the world's great poetry, it both describes and teaches a single moral Law, a single moral principle, and within a single test of faith, delivers on the promise of its own proof.

An experience in which the reality of God responds directly to an act of perfect faith with a direct, with an individual intervention into the natural world, Raising' up the man to enlighten his heart, and correcting human nature by a change in natural law, altering biology, consciousness and human ethical perception beyond all natural evolutionary boundaries.

Always intended to be understood metaphorically, where 'death' and darkness are ignorance and 'Life' and light are knowledge, this personal experience of transcendence and moral purpose is our 'Resurrection' , the allegorical Sign of Jonah and justification for faith. By this act of 'new creation', on a perfectly objective foundation of moral principle, conduct and virtue, righteousness and the good 'Life' begins.

Thus the first ever viable religious conception, capable of leading reason, by faith, to observable consequences which can be tested and judged is now a reality. A teaching that delivers the first ever religious claim of insight into the human condition that meets all Enlightenment criteria of verifiable, direct cause and effect, evidence based truth embodied in experience. For the first time in history, however unexpected, the world must contend with a claim to new revealed truth, a moral wisdom not of human intellectual origin, offering access by faith, to absolute proof, an objective basis for moral principle and a fully rational and justifiable belief!

'As in the beginning', this is religion without any of the conventional embellished trappings of tradition. An individual, spiritual/virtue/ethic conception, independent of all cultural perception, contained within a single moral command and single moral Law that finds it's expression of obedience within a new covenant of marriage. It requires no institutional framework or hierarchy, churches or priest craft, no scholastic theological rational, dogma or doctrine, no ones permission and stripped of all theological myth, ‘worship’ requires only conviction, the self discipline and faith necessary to accomplish a new, single, moral, imperative and the fidelity to the new Divinely created reality.

If confirmed and there appears a growing concerted effort to test and authenticate this material, this will represent a paradigm change in the nature of faith and in the moral and intellectual potential of human nature itself; untangling the greatest questions of human existence: sustainability, consciousness, meaning, suffering, free will, conflict and evil, while at the same time addressing the most profound problems of our age.

Providing it's own 'means to ends' this new teaching is asking humanity: choose the future you prefer? The status quo, with existing religious traditions, mired in their own contradictions, corruption, hypocrisy, sectarianism and hocus-pocus, offering little but pretensions and divisiveness, and where political process can only feebly respond by spin and whitewash, to the growing chaos of fear, war, terrorism, economic division and turmoil, environmental degradation, injustice, natural disaster, plague and pandemic; or comprehend that human nature, prisoner to its evolutionary root, exists within fixed limits of understanding and potential, and by taking new personal and moral responsibility, in a single change of mind, heart and conduct, by faith, transcend those limits and blow the status quo strait to oblivion.

Trials of this new teaching are open to all and under way in many countries, colloquial evidence already suggest confirmations are taking place. It's only a matter of time before sufficient numbers of individuals confirm this teaching, and establish this 'Resurrection' and moral insight as absolute, irrefutable reality and truth, exposing two thousand years of scholastic, theological exegesis as error!

For those individuals who can shake off their existing prejudices, imagine outside the cultural box of history, stand against the tides of fashionable thought and spin, who have the moral courage to learn something new and will TEST this revelation for themselves, an intellectual and moral revolution is already under way, where the 'impossible' becomes inevitable, by the most potent, political, Non Violent Direct Action any human being can take to advance peace, justice, change and progress. To test or not to test that is the question?

The tragedy for our species will be if existing religion and theology, skepticism and atheism have all so corrupted and discredited the very idea of God, for humanity to re-imagine, discover and experience just how great this potential is?

Published [at the moment] only on the web, a typeset manuscript of this new teaching is available as a free [1.4meg] PDF download from an increasing number of links including:

Ovi / Bookforum/Op-ed News/Newsblaze/Newser/Beforeit'snews/Helium/others

The Final Freedoms©Creative Commons/non-commercial/web content only.

Christian Priests & Nuns Raped & Abused Thousands of children

Then they have the audacity to come and complain about our madrassas and teach us about morality and civilization. Shame on them !!

“Rape and abuse of Irish children were 'endemic' at Catholic-run homes, nine-year inquiry finds Beatings and humiliation by nuns and priests were common at institutions that held up to 30,000 children, Ryan report states.”

Rape and sexual molestation were "endemic" in Irish Catholic church-run industrial schools and orphanages, a report revealed today.

The nine-year investigation found that Catholic priests and nuns for decades terrorised thousands of boys and girls in the Irish Republic, while government inspectors failed to stop the chronic beatings, rape and humiliation.

The high court judge Sean Ryan today unveiled the 2,600-page final report of Ireland's commission into child abuse, which drew on testimony from thousands of former inmates and officials from more than 250 church-run institutions. Police were called to the news conference amid angry scenes as victims were prevented from attending.

More than 30,000 children deemed to be petty thieves, truants or from dysfunctional families – a category that often included unmarried mothers – were sent to Ireland's austere network of industrial schools, reformatories, orphanages and hostels from the 1930s until the last facilities shut in the 1990s.

The findings prompted the new Archbishop of Westminster, the Most Rev Vincent Nichols, to say that it took "courage" for those clergy involved in child sex abuse to confront their actions. In an interview to be broadcast tonight on ITV News at Ten, he said: "I think of those in religious orders and some of the clergy in Dublin who have to face these facts from their past which instinctively and quite naturally they'd rather not look at. That takes courage, and also we shouldn't forget that this account today will also overshadow all of the good that they also did."

The Irish Survivors of Child Abuse (Isoca), an organisation set up to help victims, condemned the newly appointed head of the Catholic Church in England and Wales for his remarks.

"Rubbish is too kind of word for what the archbishop has said. I believe I have heard this kind of twaddle uttered by politicians in Ireland like Bertie Ahern, the former prime minister. It is the verbiage of un-reason and it leaves me cold. What the Archbishop really has to do is take a long hard look at the character and nature of the people he is talking about and ask himself if they are capable of being good," said Patrick Walsh.

The report found that molestation and rape were "endemic" in boys' facilities, chiefly run by the Christian Brothers order, and supervisors pursued policies that increased the danger. Girls supervised by orders of nuns, chiefly the Sisters of Mercy, suffered much less sexual abuse but instead endured frequent assaults and humiliation designed to make them feel worthless.

"In some schools a high level of ritualised beating was routine ... Girls were struck with implements designed to maximise pain and were struck on all parts of the body," the report said. "Personal and family denigration was widespread."

The report concluded that when confronted with evidence of sex abuse, religious authorities responded by transferring offenders to another location, where in many instances they were free to abuse again.

"There was evidence that such men took up teaching positions sometimes within days of receiving dispensations because of serious allegations or admissions of sexual abuse," the report said. "The safety of children in general was not a consideration."

The Catholic church had been steeling itself for the report, which was repeatedly delayed by church lawsuits, missing documentation and alleged government obstruction.

The Christian Brothers delayed the investigation for more than a year with a lawsuit that successfully defended their members' right to anonymity in all references in the report, even in cases in which individual Christian Brothers had been convicted of sexual and physical attacks on children.

The church had already been under fire over the sexual misbehaviour of several priests in various Irish parishes. The commission's experts have sought to produce a comprehensive portrait of sexual, physical and emotional damage inflicted on the child victims. The thousands of survivors said they had no safe way to tell their stories until the investigation began because much of Irish Catholic society regarded them as liars.

Isoca today said it was now up to the Vatican to investigate its religious orders in the republic.

John Kelly, the Isoca co-ordinator in Dublin, said: "Now that the Ryan [Laffoy] commission is finished, we call upon ... Pope Benedict XVI to convene a special consistory court to fully investigate the activities of the Catholic religious orders in Ireland.

"Amongst other things, such a court could establish the whereabouts of Irish state assets that were misappropriated over many years by the religious orders and make restitution to the Irish state exchequer."

During the commission's investigations, oral evidence was collected from more than 1,000 people, mainly aged from their 50s to 70s.

Several hundred travelled back to Ireland from the US and Australia to describe their childhood of terror and intimidation.

One victim, John Walsh, of Isoca, called the report a hatchet job that left open wounds gaping. "The little comfort we have is the knowledge that it vindicated the victims who were raped and sexually abused," he said.

"I'm very angry, very bitter, and feel cheated and deceived. I would have never opened my wounds if I'd known this was going to be the end result. It has devastated me and will devastate most victims because there is no criminal proceedings and no accountability whatsoever."

The commission's original judge, Mary Laffoy, resigned from her post in 2003 over claims that the Irish department of education – which was in charge of inspecting the orphanages and industrial schools – was refusing to hand over documents to her.


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