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Escriva stage-managed impostor Sr. Lucia & Fatima Third Message . Lucia was listed as deceased in 1948…

The real Lucia died in 1948. That Carmelite nun in Coimbra, Sr. Lucia was a total sham completely stage-managed and controlled by Josemaria Escriva and Opus Dei and she together with her Carmelite convent was their puppet on a string.

Here’s a letter from one of our readers which we received today. This letter is based on Marie Henrie's world research which confirms what we have been (we’re the first and the one and only) saying all along that the Opus Dei controls the Vatican, John Paul II’s 27 years papacy, Benedict XVI, Cardinal Bernard Law, the college of Cardinals and all Bishops in the world as is also demonstrated by Bishop Finn of Kansas City, read our related article: Bishop Finn is the live Achilles Heel of Benedict XVI…while Cardinal Bernard Law is the live Achilles Heel of John Paul II

The Third Secret of Fatima is being kept top secret by the Opus Dei because their founder Josemaria Escriva read it and saw that it would hamper his World Domination Agenda that is being carried out by his new order, the Opus Dei or as members simply call it, The Work.

We are ahead of our times as we keep reiterating that the Third Secret of Fatima predicted the total demise of the Vatican that will sink into a black hole just like Jesus cursed the total destruction of the Temple of Solomon with its wealth and glory and that not one pillar will be left standing at St. Peter’s Square.

The sins of John Paul II when he aided and abetted his JP2 Army- John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army for over a quarter of a century and the crimes against humanity of Benedict XVI and the Priestly Sodomy of Biblical Proportions by the JP2 Army – John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army are worse than the sins of Cain and Noah’s city of Sodom and Gomorrah. No Noah’s Ark can save the Vatican from its final destruction.

The JP2 Army victims of hundreds of thousands of children are crying out to Heaven even more than the blood of Abel did, read the vision of Paris Arrow on the death of Pope John Paul II at his last WYD, read our realted article The 9/11 Decade and the JP2 Millstone 9th anniversary of Paris Arrow's vision of the death of John Paul II at the World Youth Day The JP2 Army a.k.a. B16 Army is worse than the murder of Abel by his brother Cain…and the Mark of Cain is now the Mark of the Opus Dei who controlled these 2 most heinous popes in history. Their Latin Mass and Rosaries numb their callous hearts and OD consciences, read our article the Rosary could not defeat JP2 Army John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army in the 20th Century ... unlike the Battle of Lepanto in the 16th Century .

Cooperators of Opus Dei

There is a membership in Opus Dei, the last one in the ladder, the last but not the least, after the Opus Dei priests, the virgin numeraries, the married supernumeraries, the associates who meet once a month with an Opus Dei priest, and the cooperators who meet once a year with the Opus Dei especially on the feast of St. Josemaria Escriva.

Cooperators do not need to be Catholics, they can be Jews or Muslims and even non-believers, but their main contribution to Opus Dei is to not interfere the works of Opus Dei and to allow OD to do whatever are their missions in their area. Hence Pinochet and Franco were cooperators and so all other despots and world leaders.

Likewise with the same principle, since Opus Dei controlled the 27 years papacy of John Paul II, and now the papacy of Benedict XVI and all Cardinals and Bishops (as we showed in Bishop Finn) the Opus Dei are the cooperators of the JP2 Army John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army.

The Opus Dei virgin numeraries cannot appease the gods this time, no, not this time. Abraham tried to bargain with God that if he found 10 good persons, God would spare the city from total destruction, but he couldn’t find them. Parroting Latin Mass and praying the daily Rosary do not make a person “good” or the thousands of Opus Dei “good”. The Opus Dei numeraries and supernumeraries are the most evil of people because as they control the vast wealth of the world’s despots, hence they as well are co-murderers of millions, co-oppressors of the poor, co-rapists of women and children, and co-thieves of those dictators like Pinochet and General Franco, read our related articles in our blogs.

We hope that Vatican billions will not buy the souls of the judges at The Hague.

Those Vatican Pied Pipers George Weigel, Bill Donohue and John L. Allen will not be able to fool Catholics and the world much longer with their media spin, bullying, craft with feel-good words to deceive their readers and listeners.

This letter also confirms what we have been saying all along about Fatima. When we wrote that “Jacinta would be the first to cast stone at JP2 Army”, read it here From Fatima, Jacinta would throw the first stone at John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army‏ to defend her little brothers and sisters

We had suspicions that that Sr. Lucy was not real. Her face also did not resemble the original photos she had as a child taken together with Jacinta and Francisco, look at photos here. This letter reveals our suspicions that the Sr. Lucy, who has lived to a ripe old age, was an impostor. She acted as a docile puppet of Opus Dei who simply posed for photos and wrote favourable sweet feel-good letters to John Paul II.

3 seers of Fatima

If that Sr. Lucy was really among the 3 children who saw Our Lady of Fatima who showed them the vision of Hell, she would have dared to speak up against John Paul II for covering-up the actual hell the JP2 Army of Pedophile Priests was causing to children. But instead, she was like a puppet on a string passively writing praises to John Paul II….composed by the Opus Dei. Our Lady of Fatima has sent us this letter, a year later, confirming our doubts about the authenticity of Sr. Lucy.

Before Benedict XVI went to Fatima, we also wrote that Benedict XVI and Cardinal Bertone are “liars of Fatima”, read it here Benedict XVI & Bertone, liars of Fatima? This letter confirms also that article. The Opus Dei members are the ultimate Pharisees of the 20th and 21st Century. Like their puppet John Paul II, their poster boy Dr. Joaquin Navarro-Valls, the personal secretary of John Paul II, and all Opus Dei numeraries or eunuchs – celibates and virgins – slept in peace at the Vatican knowing that there were hundreds of thousands of young boys and girls being raped by the Priestly Sodomy of Biblical Proportions committed by the Jp2 Army – John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army, named aptly after the longest reigning pope who said and did absolutely nothing to stop the most heinous crimes against children in Christendom, read our related article Saint? John Paul II slept in peace at the Vatican knowing that Fr. Marcial Maciel plus thousands of pedophile priests were raping thousands of boys Likewise John L. Allen Jr. slept in peace in Rome as eh went in and out of the Vatican as the highest paid Vatican Pied Piper, read John L.Allen Jr.Pied Piper of John Paul II deceives Catholics with his essay Fast-Track Saint in Newsweek -- with Vatican lunacy & Satanic timeline

This letter traces the history of Josemaria Escriva, the Opus Dei founder, and how he controlled the Fatima and the Carmelites in Coimbra and how Sr. Lucy was a total sham. No wonder the nuns refused to let our US pilgrimage tour group have a quick audience with Sr. Lucy when we visited the Carmelite convent in Coimbra………she wasn’t the real one, she was dead since 1948, read this letter.

Dear Ms Arrow,

ANY links for corroboration will be cheerfully forwarded.

Marie Henrie believes we are living a pivotal point in history and in Scripture, especially for the youth! Like you she knew that the "Millstone" reference in Scripture was for our time.

Marie traveled to countries that were under communist governance and spoke with members of the Communist Party and to those who had parents who resisted and lived under that scourge. Her own Grandparents escaped Russian tyranny for the sake of their own children. It was passed down to her why and what happened to children and their parents under the communist regimes.

Pedophilia and atheism was very much a hallmark amongst the upper and mid level members of the Party who were in power.

"If one lived as a devout Catholic before and during 1960, they recall the breathless awaiting for Pope John XXIII to release the Third Secret and they also remember the unofficial release which spoke about the next millennium and "Bishop against Bishop, Cardinal against Cardinal".....this did NOT circulate first with Akita apparition!

Following the trail of Escriva in reading Carmen del Tapia's book and Escriva's own accounting in his book, we find Escriva landing in Tuy to visit with Dorothean nun Lucia dos Santos. Curiously his visit was in the in the late nineteen forties right after she was ordered to transcribe the Third Secret for the Vatican because it was feared she would die since at the time she was very ill.

According to Carmen Tapia he returned to Spain stating she was a good woman but a silly one. According to Escriva it was Lucia who told him to open his first OD House outside of Spain in Portugal. He did and it was in Coimbra .Then suddenly Lucia allegedly became a cloistered Carmelite after twenty three years as a Dorothean. Where ? In Coimbra naturally!

Every older Catholic with two brain cells knows the entire release of said Third Secret in 2000 was a sham! Controlled by Opus Dei Cardinal Sodano and his replacement Bertone. They spun the alleged vision of the Third Secret minus the dialogue explanation which followed the first and second secrets the shepherds witnessed to be that of the attempt on Pope John Paul II’s life.

We are asked to believe that Our Lady goofed by showing a vision where he died since She had no clue back in 1917 that thanks to Her intervention his life would be spared!

Someone released the official Carmelite records several years ago wherein Lucia was listed as deceased in 1948 on the date of her alleged profession as a Carmelite. I was told to quickly make a copy because that document would be changed after about three to five days. I did and it was.

More recently Mother Celine the Superior in Coimbra Carmel gave an interview in which she admitted the nuns at the convent were Opus Dei Cooperators for decades.

Opus Dei has controlled the entire Fatima public relations and events since Lucia supposedly changed her Order and charism after twenty three happy years as a Dorothean nun.

Oddly, Tradition in Action released pre and post Coimbra Lucia photos. Of note is the suddenly protruding mandible of the elderly Lucia who has gained much weight since her Tuy years. The original photos, even as a child, show a noticeable receding chin. the older fatter nun has a very prominent chin. Every plastic surgeon knows that a receding chin only appears to recede more with age and unless the person has had major reconstruction which includes a silicon implant and or a mandible broken and repositioned forward on itself, receding shins only disappear into the neckline with age and weight gain.

Marie Henrie has been following all of this because she believes Opus Dei freemasonic organization owns the Vatican and has controlled the real Third Secret in it's grand design for global positioning as the controllers of the finances for the new global governance which will come about from the revolution now being witnessed through the OWS protests and the other riots and demonstrations around the world. She believes Opus has positioned its members in the political spheres of influence of every nation towards this end.

She also noted that both Reagan, who was engineered to the presidency by Hertage Foundation's Paul Weyrich, himself a former member of Opus Dei, and JPII were also selected for their previous acting careers. Weyrich was a member of St Catherine of Sienna OD church in VA, where convicted Russian spy FBI Robert Hansen was also member. Weyrich joined Kreible to form a Russian outreach foundation.

Gorbachev was touted as a "secretly baptized Christian" and Reagan as devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary in the catholic press prior and during the alleged fall of communism. Lech Walesa, JPII's friend, who is now known to have been a KGB collaborator in the seventies, was funnelled monies by Opus Dei and the CIA from the Reagan Administration as recounted on EWTN by Justice Clark with the help of Cardinal Pio Laghi the Papal Nuncio to the US at the time Gorbachev has more recently made it clear to the Associated Press that he was and is fully committed to Communism and atheism .

Recently, Gorbachev has made speeches in US Universities

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