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OC Diocese buys Crystal Cathedral as flesh-factory of Christ... for wealthy God-flesh-eating Catholics

Updated December 8, 2011, Feast of the Immaculate Conception and "The Day the Crystal Cathedral Died" by Angie Schuller-Wyatt, granddaughter of Robert H. Schuller of Crystal Cathedral

Today is one of the most celebrated feast of Mary. Her immaculate Conception is one of the only two dogmas proclaimed by the "infallibility" of the Pope that states:

"We declare, pronounce and define that the doctrine which holds that the Blessed Virgin Mary, at the first instant of her conception, by a singular privilege and grace of the Omnipotent God, in virtue of the merits of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of mankind, was preserved immaculate from all stain of original sin, has been revealed by God, and therefore should firmly and constantly be believed by all the faithful.
—Pope Pius IX, Ineffabilis Deus, December 8, 1854[28]

The Vatican quotes in this context Fulgens Corona, where Pius XII supported such a faith:

"If the popular praises of the Blessed Virgin Mary be given the careful consideration they deserve, who will dare to doubt that she, who was purer than the angels and at all times pure, was at any moment, even for the briefest instant, not free from every stain of sin?"

Benedict XVI, the late John Paul II, all Cardinals and Bishops and priests are in no way "purer than the angels" or "as pure" as Mary, they do not even come close, read The narcissism and grandiosity of John Paul II, Cardinal Bernard Law, Benedict XVI, and Bishop Roger Vangheluwe are nauseating and despicable

The Immaculate Conception was prepared by Almighty God for million of years since the creation of the universe and the Planet Earth and He/She wanted that only Mary could carry God Jesus Christ to full term in her pure womb. Therefore no sinful Popes and sinful priests are worthy enough to reincarnate Jesus in 9-seconds in their sinful dirty hands in the Eucharist which is why it is pure sorcery and magic, read our related article

Finite creatures cannot create the Infinite Creator

The finite creatures Pied Piper Benedict XVI, Cardinals, Bishops and priests who cannot even command the clouds from the sky to come down as water in drought-stricken Africa, who cannot reincarnate dead Egyptian mummies, who cannot reincarnate dead cats and dead dogs claim that they can actually command their Infinite Creator to come down during the Mass into millions of tiny pieces of flesh of the “real” flesh Jesus Christ!

The Eucharist or Mass is the biggest flesh-machine factory of Jesus Christ (no sweat) and it is also the most lucrative and best money-machine on earth raking in guaranteed billions of dollars from 1.2 billion Catholics worldwide who blindly believe that if they “pray, pay, obey” and eat a piece the meat-of-God-Jesus they are buying insurance of eternal salvation from the fires of Hell.

The Mass is pure BLACK MAGIC by BLACK clothed men, read here why the Eucharist is pure SORCERY

Preists cannot clone a sheep and they cannot clone Christ either

                                                           The cloning process that produced Dolly - video how they cloned Dolly

Catholics really must read the crimes against humanity committed by Benedict XVI which are now before The Hague because one them is his infallible power to command and burn billions of non-Catholics in Hell— simply because they refuse to believe in the magical powers of the pope and priests in the Eucharist, read the details of the lawsuit here

The blind faith in the “supernatural powers” of the Pope and priests is the biggest lie on earth and it is the most deadly lie -- compared to Auswitzh's burning of 6 millions of Jews - we are today speaking of the lives of the 6 billion non-Catholics who are destined to burn in Hell according to Papal infallible dictum -- and who are at the same time oppressed and exploited by the global power of the Vatican Bank which uses the Eucharist as its most powerful tool of deception and global theft, read our related article The Vatican Billions and their sources: Holy Mass Tourism for Each Generation. Miracles, Portents and Wonder for Sale

So the Crystal Cathedral will soon install the most gigantic Catholic Golden Cow John Paul II along its grounds and brainwash especially people to chant “JP2, we love you” as they blindly worship the fast-rack saint, read the Vatican’s reason for hsi speedy canonization here , see the gigantic statues of John Paul II in Guadalupe Basilica in Mexico below.

Dr. Robert Schuller, the founder of Crystal Cathedral, was happily married and he (and his pastors) never abused children; he is the antithesis of John Paul II who covered-up the JP2 Army of pedophile priests for 27 years.

We have seen the last quarter of century of the longest reigning papacy of John Paul II who never said or do anything to protect and save children from the most heinous crimes against children – the Priestly Sodomy of Biblical Proportions committed by the JP2 Army and B16 Army, John Paul II and Benedict XVI Pedophile Priests Army named aptly after him and Cardinal Ratzinger who were partners in the Vatican where they oppressed countless victims of pedophile priests worldwide. As recently as October, victims of pedophile priests from all over Italy marched to the doorstep of the Vatican and they were refused entry and visitation with Benedict XVI, read our related article here

The Crystal Cathedral may have been built to withstand earthquakes, but now that it is in the hands of the Vatican Evil Empire, it is now unfortunately linked to the Third Secret of Fatima that predicted the total demise of the Vatican … and therefore Crystal Cathedral will also crumble to the ground together with St. Peter’s Basilica and Square. 1917 to 2017 Fatima will soon celebrate the centenary of Our Lady of Fatima’s apparition, read our related article Escriva stage-managed impostor Sr. Lucia & Fatima Third Message . Lucia was listed as deceased in 1948

Like a Hidden Earthquake Fault, John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army Shocks Germany and Erupts in the Netherlands, Austria and Australia

Crystal Cathedral has brought unto itself its own demise together with the Vatican Golden Cow John Paul II, read Paris Arrow’s vision on the giant millstone tied to John Paul II’s neck and how he was cast down by St. Michael the Archangel -- The 9/11 Decade and the JP2 Millstone 9th anniversary of Paris Arrow's vision of the death of John Paul II at the World Youth Day

Alas the Crystal Cathedral will be a conduit of Vatican Evil Empire and office for the Vatican Bank as it will “steal” the wealth out of Latin America, read how Fr. Marcial Maciel used his Legion of Christ and the Eucharist flesh-factory to gain 35 billion dollars from poor Mexico and diverted it into the Vatican Swiss Banks here -- Fr. Marcial Maciel's Swiss Bank accounts: Angelo Sodano with Carlos Slim´s help has set his nephew up in business with a swiss registered company

The 1.2 billion Catholics are complicit to the crimes against humanity of Benedict XVI. As long as they attribute to him godlike powers, they are complicit in every crimes the Vatican and the Popes have committed for the past 2,000 years especially those of the 20th century committed by the JP2 Army or B16 Army – Benedict XVI Pedophile Priests Army, read more here

Gigantic Pope John Paul II bronze statue in Guadalupe Basilica, Mexico

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Rosary could not defeat JP2 Army John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army in the 20th Century ... unlike the Battle of Lepanto in the 16th Century

Late Thursday evening U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Robert Kwan issued the ruling, acknowledging the tremendous work put in by Chapman University, the diocese's competitor, which offered as much as $59 million for the 40-acre Crystal Cathedral campus. The diocese will get the property for $57.5 million.


Published: Nov. 17, 2011 Updated: Nov. 20, 2011 3:58 p.m.

Crystal Cathedral board picks diocese over Chapman


SANTA ANA – A court hearing is in progress to confirm the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange as the buyer for Orange County's iconic Crystal Cathedral property.

The Crystal Cathedral's board decided Wednesday night to select the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange as its preferred buyer. The board last month named Chapman as its preferred buyer, but last night's decision changed that stance. It is still up to the judge to decide who will eventually buy the cathedral.

Judge Robert Kwan has asked Marc Wintrhop, the attorney representing the ministry, to present evidence to justify the board's decision to pick the diocese over Chapman that is the highest bidder at this time.

It is not known if a decision will come Thursday.

The diocese's most recent offer made Monday stands at $57.5 million. Chapman University's original offer was for $51.5 million with a 15-year leaseback and a five-year buyback option. But during the course of this week, Chapman has offered two additional offers – one for $51.5 million with a $1 a month 15-year lease for core buildings without a buyback option and another which came Wednesday afternoon for $59 million, with a $25,000 a month lease for 10 years, also without a buyback option.

Judge Robert Kwan continued Monday's hearing to Thursday to give the Crystal Cathedral board sufficient time to consider all the purchase options including Chapman's most recent amended offers.

They amended the third option further Thursday to a $1 lease for the first 10 years and a $25,000 a month lease for an additional 10 years, giving the ministry the option to remain on campus for 20 years.

Many longtime congregants who have been attending the court hearings say they are shocked and disappointed by the board's decision. Several who spoke in court Thursday stated they want Chapman to purchase the property so the ministry can continue its work and they can continue to attend their Protestant church at the iconic location.

Crystal Cathedral founder Robert H. Schuller released a statement in support of the board's decision Thursday. Rev. Schuller and his wife, Arvella, are both voting members on the board.

"My wife and I, prior to Monday's hearing, had already decided to support the diocese's offer to purchase the Crystal Cathedral campus," he said. "Though we deeply respect Chapman University, the uncertainly regarding the future use of the campus for religious purposes was divergent to the call of both God and our denomination that we embraced 60 years ago."

Rev. Schuller said the diocese has made a promise that it will "care and treasure" the campus.

Jeffrey Broker, the attorney representing Chapman, questioned the fairness of the board's decision.

"We were proceeding in good faith and accommodating the needs of the ministry," he said. "We were designated twice as the preferred buyer. It's unfair to the system the way this is coming down."

Sheila Schuller Coleman, the reverend's oldest daughter who is now senior pastor of the ministry, said in a statement that that the decision to select the Catholic Church "breaks her heart." But she said she is hopeful that "there is still plenty of time for God to do His miracle."

"If it is God's will for us to move, we believe it will be where He needs us most," she said. "It does not mean that our ministry will be diminished. Crystal Cathedral church is not a building. A church is comprised of people who are dedicated to practicing through words and works, 'God loves you and so do we!'"

The cathedral will continue the work it is currently doing locally with the homeless and missions as well as continue to operate its school, Coleman said.

Congregants who spoke in court Thursday were emotional. Many of them choked up or became tearful as they spoke before the judge.

Mary Wilson, a 25-year member of the congregation, said Chapman University shares Crystal Cathedral's positive and energetic spirit.

"We share the same values," she said. "I'm encouraged by the Chapman proposal because it is a win-win for both of our organizations."

Jim Kirkland Jr. called Chapman's proposal "the best offer."

"This is a church we all love as a congregation," he said. "This church was built for people worldwide. I've watched all these beautiful people volunteer their time and money. This issue shouldn't be about money, but what is inside your heart."

Ann Marie Carney, a 35-year member, said her desire is to serve as a congregant at the Crystal Cathedral for years to come.

"Please do not allow us to be evicted from our home church," she said. "Please allow us to continue our ministry at this iconic location."

Others said that the "Hour of Power" program, from where the church draws 70 percent of its income, could fade away into oblivion without the building with which it is inextricably identified.

There were some among the audience who were concerned if the university could operate and preserve the sanctity of the Memorial Gardens. Lillian Forry, whose husband is buried there, said she prefers the Catholic Church, which has centuries of experience operating cemeteries and burial grounds.

"The diocese has assured me that it will be an interfaith cemetery and I can even have my own minister perform my service when I'm buried there," she said. "I'm worried if Chapman will be able to take care of the Memorial Gardens. I know where my soul will be, but I'm worried about where my body and my husband's body is going to be."

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Angie Schuller Wyatt on the Death of the Crystal Cathedral

In a Christian Post column, Angie Schuller Wyatt, granddaughter of Crystal Cathedral founder Robert H. Schuller, mourned the final loss of the iconic church in southern California. "Yesterday, Crystal Cathedral Ministries died," she said. "The music stopped playing. ... The namesake of the ministry will be no more. Just like Esau, their birthright was sold."

Wyatt said she was the only family member to speak out about the truth of what happened behind those glass doors in the board rooms and the ministry that defined her life. "The Crystal Cathedral isn’t a person, it is an institution. As such, its problems were not terminal. They could have been solved. My father attempted to fix these problems during his short tenure as senior pastor. He saw the Crystal Cathedral was headed toward bankruptcy. He attempted to restructure the board, cut his sibling’s salaries and establish fiscal responsibility. For these actions, he was fired by the board, which consisted of . . . you guessed it, his siblings."

Wyatt's descriptions of the newest leadership were searing—"self-absorbed," "public mockery," and "disaster." She said her father was willing to pursue the right course "even if it cost him what he loved the most." And she apologized on behalf of those who had control over the situation, even if she did not. "This week, as Christians, we are once again reminded that a building is not the Church. We, God’s people, are the church."

The Day the Crystal Cathedral Died

The Christian Post > Opinion > Opinions|Mon, Nov. 21 2011 12:23 PM EDT

I liken my grief of the Crystal Cathedral’s death to grieving a loved one with a terminal illness. Now that it’s over, in this moment, I can breathe a sigh of relief.

Angie Schuller-Wyatt, granddaughter of Robert H. Schuller of Crystal Cathedral

In 2008, the first headline hit home hard, “Schuller Ousts Son as Senior Pastor.” The initial shock was crippling, spiraling me into denial, anger and despair. Only through counseling and prayer was I able to accept the situation, addressing it head on.

I am the only family member who has spoken publicly about the truth of what really happened.

Having to cope with an onslaught of never-ending headlines made my head spin as the prognosis worsened. There was nothing I could do to stop my misguided family members. Others in the family seemed to be holding on to “a miracle” that would come just in time. I knew better. Something that defined my life, something I hoped would define my children’s lives, was about to die.

Eventually the madness worsened to the point that death itself signaled relief. If you’ve ever held the hand of a dying loved one, you know that death becomes the final blessing. Yet, during that final moment, you pause in respect. It’s a holy moment to reflect on what was and to grieve what shall never be again.

Yesterday, Crystal Cathedral Ministries died. The music stopped playing. In its place, in three years time, will reside the Catholic Church. The namesake of the ministry will be no more. Just like Esau, their birthright was sold.

I’d like to tell you this brings me comfort knowing that orthodox Christians will continue to worship in this building. But I can’t say that. It’s like telling a grieving a widow there are many fishes in the sea.

In one respect, this human metaphor falls short. The Crystal Cathedral isn’t a person, it is an institution. As such, its problems were not terminal. They could have been solved. My father attempted to fix these problems during his short tenure as senior pastor. He saw the Crystal Cathedral was headed toward bankruptcy. He attempted to restructure the board, cut his sibling’s salaries and establish fiscal responsibility. For these actions, he was fired by the board, which consisted of . . . you guessed it, his siblings.

His siblings fired him because they wanted to control it and had been brewing for some time. Apparently, they thought they could do a better job. They were clearly wrong. Oddly enough, they believed they were more “anointed” than my father. That’s not an assumption; they actually told him that his sermons weren’t anointed. I know from other conversations, and from watching media interviews with Sheila Coleman, they thought God would bless them for taking over the reins.

Clearly, time tells all. God didn’t honor them or their actions.

Through their religious self-absorption, they convinced themselves they were “spiritually superior.” And in the process, they made a public mockery of Christianity and the Crystal Cathedral. A 50-year old institution that helped countless millions lay to waste.

This self-absorbed conviction, a toxic lie, prevented them from reaching out to my father for help. Had they stepped aside and put the Crystal Cathedral’s heir apparent back in the pulpit, I am positive my father would have rebuilt rapport with the congregation, audience and supporters. The Crystal Cathedral could have been saved.

Tragically, this didn’t happen.

I’m certain we’ve all learned from this disaster. It’s reinforced my desire to lead my life and ministry with integrity, humility and truth. May we all learn from my father’s example, and be willing to pursue the right course – even if it costs us what we love most.

Although I had no control over the situation, I can only express what my other family members will never say, “I’m sorry.” This week, as Christians, we are once again reminded that a building is not the Church. We, God’s people, are the church.

Angie Schuller Wyatt is the granddaughter of Robert H. Schuller, who founded the Crystal Cathedral, and the daughter of Robert A. Schuller. She is married to CEO of ComStar Media Chris Wyatt. She is also a prolific speaker, published author, pastoral counselor and professional singer.

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