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Cardinal Ratzinger was part of the “plague of pedophilia” for 27 years when he covered-up JP2 Army a.k.a B16 Army-Benedict XVI Pedophile Priests Army

Updated November 30, 2011

Benedict XVI's speech to the Ad Lima American Bishops visit about the "plague of pedophilia" is a pack of lies because he was part of that plague for over 27 years. Pied Piper Benedict XVI has no moral authority left because he is a pathological liar and he was responsible for the cover-up of the same “plague of pedophilia” within the Catholic Church for over a quarter of century. As Cardinal Ratzinger, he was the most powerful Cardinal at the Vatican next to John Paul II when he was head of the CDF Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, a new sweet name for the infamous Vatican Inquisition, and all he did - with all his power and might - was to cover-up thousands of pedophile priests which is why it is one of his crimes against humanity now laid againt him at The Hague, read the Full text Criminal Charges against Dr. Joseph Ratzinger, Pope of the Roman Catholic Church submitted on February 14, 2011 and Hague Is Asked to Investigate Vatican Over Child Abuse. Bravo to SNAP and the Center for Constitutional Rights!! Court Filing details. filed on September 13, 2011. We pray that The Hague summons Benedict XVI to face the trial for his crimes against humanity soon as possible - before he becomes ill or die -- so as to reveal to the world that the Pope is indeed a sitting criminal and that as pope, Benedict XVI is not above the law and not above The Hague.

The Hague would really do humanity and the whole world a big favour by bringing the head of the Vatican Pope Benedict XVI - to trial and to final justice – and this would help avenge the hundreds of thousands of Catholic children who were sodomized by thousands of pedophile priests whom Benedict XVI as Cardinal Ratzinger personally covered up. Hence the JP2 Army is likewise known as B16 Army – Benedict XVI Pedophile Priests Army, read our related article when Benedict XVI beatified his partner-in crime at the Vatican, Heil Satanas JP2 Patron Saint of Pedophiles, Pederasts Rapists-Priests! John Paul II is the same yesterday and today-- he cannot protect children

When The Hague brings Benedict XVI to final justice, it will have brought the Vatican as well to justice for all its crimes against humanity for 2,000 years. When Spain went around the world colonizing and pillaging countries, they did it together with the Vatican adn the Popes - that is why they succeeded in enslaving peoples because the priests threatened them with the fires of Hell is they did not "pray, pay and obey" the pope, watch the movie the Mission Likewise, today despots succeed because the secret Vatican Bank also help them, read about The Vatican Billions and their sources: Holy Mass Tourism for Each Generation. Miracles, Portents and Wonder for Sale

The Hague must end the WORLD DOMINION of the VATICAN and the autocracy of the Pope : 'Christ is the Lord of the whole world. At his departure he left his dominion to his representatives, Peter and his successors. Therefore the fullness of all spiritual and temporal power and dominion, the union of all rights and privileges, lies in the hands of the pope. Every monarch, even the most powerful, possesses only so much power and territory as the pope has transferred to him or finds good to allow him.' Excerpt from the Vatican Billions

The Hague must end the theocracy of countries like the Vatican and teach these autocrats like the Pope - that religion is separate from the state and that their gods and religious traditions and religious doctrines and religious practises do not rule above the moral law and moral rights of children, women and laymen. When the Hague brings down Benedict XVI, it will have started the first downfall of theocracy in the world...and we need this desperately today as we see what is going on in the Middle East, The Hague must begin with the Vatican in order to free the world and humanity from religious insanity.

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It is more important to bring Benedict XVI to trial at The Hague than the son of Gaddhafi because he is young and Benedict XVI is old. There will always be murderers but there is only one pope who helps these despots succeed behind the scenes. England mentioned 2.5 billion dollars asset of Gaddhafi which they are freezing, the USA mentioned also 2.5 billion, Canada mentioned 1.2 billion, etc. But Gadhaffi was a despot for 40 years, at 2 billion dollars a year, 10 billion is an underestimate. 80 billion is more accurate but where are they? In the SECRET Vatican Swiss Banks!!!!!!!

Fr. Marcial Maciel, the serial pedophile priest and founder of the Legion of Christ and beloved companion of John Paul II was able to bring in 35 billion dollars to the Vatican Swiss Banks through Cardinal Sodano, read our related articles John Paul and his crime syndicate: Part I, Fr. Maciel and INTEGER & Vatican Swiss Banks accounts: Fr. Marcial Maciel and the Legion of Christ secret Vatican wealth and Boston hosted former Swiss Guard’s seminar -based on the new “Vatican Trinity”.. Swiss Guards are the financial Navy Seals of the Vatican Bank

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Amnesty International names Vatican in 2011 report on human rights violations - it's time the UN end the Vatican status as a "secular" state

Have Americans forgotten that at the onset of the discovery of priest pedophilia in Boston and the USA in 2002, Cardinal Ratzinger was blaming the media for causing sensation and anti-Catholic bashing, and as recently as last year, he was name-calling the New York Times as “Cheap Gossip” for exposing his role in the plague of priest pedophilia in the USA, read our related article Benedict XVI has blamed the Devil and the media for read our related article, Eve and Benedict XVI blame the Devil. Analysis of Pope’s homily in Year for Priests -sorcerers of Christ’s flesh and blood

In the 20th Century and dawn of the 21st Century this is the new statistic of the JP2 Army and American crimes which the Rosary could not defeat:

Victims in USA - Attackers - Responsible Leaders

Pearl Harbor - 3,000 victims - 170 planes - Admiral Yamamoto

WTC & 9/11 attacks - 3,000 victims - 19 Muslims - Osama bin Laden

JP2 Army - 15,736 victims - 6,000 pedophile priests - John Paul II & Benedict XVI & Opus Dei, the new Vatican Trinity

JP2 Army and B16 Army victims around the world

Rosary could not defeat JP2 Army John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army in the 20th Century ... unlike the Battle of Lepanto in the 16th Century

Amnesty International Report Vatican “Torture, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment” on tens of thousands of children sexually abused by priests in Ireland

The 4 cornerstones of the Vatican: Narcissism, dysfunction, disconnection, elitism

Ireland condemns Vatican secrecy on Cloyne Diocese pedophile priests. Ireland vis-à-vis USA: the way they deal with crimes by the Vatican

Opus Dei controlled the 27 years papacy of John Paul II and also control now the papacy of Benedict XVI and is therefore the foremost guilty party who aided and abetted and covered-up the John Paul II Pedophiles Rapists-Priests Army. Opus Dei wrote most of John Paul II’s books and writings and to ensure their perpetuity as “All things Catholic”, they want JP2 to be beatified and canonized now by Benedict XVI so as not to take any chances on other future popes. The FACE of Opus Dei is John Paul II and the PHANTOM Spirit of Opus Dei is their founder St. Josemaria Escriva, read our related article John Paul II, Patron of Pederasts and Opus Dei – analysis of Joaquin Navarro-Valls’ reasons for JP2 beatification at Opus Dei conference in Rome

The 15,736 victims is from the recent report of the US Catholic Bishops Conference harmed by almost 6,000 pedophile priests. Note that the victims of the JP2 Army are 5 times those of Osama bin Laden's 9-11, read more here

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Media Statement: Re: Pope Benedict’s address to US Bishops on Ad Limina Visit to Rome

National Survivor Advocates Coalition

It takes hubris for Pope Benedict to tell his bishops that the Catholic Church has led in the fight against sexual abuse of children.

Issuing self satisfied pats on the back while children remain in danger, only further diminishes the Church’s credibility and deepens the laryngitis in its moral voice.

For the Pope to insinuate the Church is a leader and reformer in the movement to protect children from sexual abuse is counterfeit. We hope Catholics out of a false sense of respect and loyalty don’t buy this.

We feel for the Catholics who must be embarrassed by this papal approach and ask them to speak with their wallets and redirect their contributions until the Pope’s words and Catholic Church’s actions match up for the protection of children.

The Church to this day, while waving a moral flag, hasn’t even come close to the Penn State Board of Trustees response: no bishop has been fired.

We would like to see an investigation of bishops by a former FBI director or some one of the same rank and caliber as the one initiated by Penn State. Then we might be getting somewhere with the Church.

It is possible that if Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict had been morally outraged and acted accordingly when the Boston incarnation of the scandal broke children who became post 2002 victims of Jerry Sandusky and other perpetrators might have been saved.

But when massive news coverage outed both perpetrators and cover-up bishops we got a whitewash from the Church of how moving priests from parish to parish, and getting and following bad advice from psychiatrists was a good formula that only needed the tweaked with the addition of a fingerprinting program.

Again, today, the Pope comes up short.

Kristine Ward:, 937-272-0308

The National Survivor Advocates Coalition (NSAC) is a volunteer organization of men and women of goodwill working to support survivors of sexual abuse, educate society and promote legislation reforms.
Hague is Asked to Investigate Vatican and a Pope for Crimes Against Humanity

Among a many allegations and lawsuits brought opposite particular priests and churches in a clearly everlasting liaison of widespread passionate abuse, there has never been an general lawsuit filed opposite a church as a whole. Until now.

The New York Times reports that victims of passionate abuse in a clergy, along with tellurian rights lawyers, filed a censure yesterday propelling a “International Criminal Court in The Hague to examine and prosecute Pope Benedict XVI and 3 tip Vatican officials for crimes opposite amiability for what they described as aiding and covering adult a rape and passionate attack of children by priests.”

While it’s not transparent that Court will accept a case, it did divulge carrying supposed a filed complaint, and a orator for a charge pronounced “details are not routinely disclosed by a justice unless a box goes forward.”

A Vatican orator had no comment. At emanate seems to be a doubt of culpability. The Vatican isn’t denying a systemic passionate abuse over that it presides, though rather argues a complement is so decentralized as to describe a Vatican’s executive care unable to impact a actions of people within a clergy. The church has attempted to censure priests’ passionate abuse on all kinds of things, many recently a loose probity of a 1960s.

But prosecutors seem to disagree a classification contingency be hold obliged as an whole physique since “all a cases brought opposite priests and bishops in several countries have not been sufficient to forestall a crimes from continuing.”

From a Times:

In further to Pope Benedict XVI, a filing asks a justice to prosecute Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, a Vatican’s secretary of state; Cardinal Angelo Sodano, a prior secretary of state and a stream vanguard of a College of Cardinals; and Cardinal William J. Levada, who is conduct of a Congregation for a Doctrine of a Faith, a Vatican bureau designated to accept cases of preaching passionate abuse that are forwarded by bishops.

Paying even marginal courtesy to a news these days, you’d consider a universe had never been some-more fervently religious. From self-murder bombers murdering in a name of Allah to Americans stuffing football stadiums to urge to Jesus for sleet and good mercantile news, sacrament seems to torpedo us.

But a lawsuit with a Hague is an denote of a altered general enlightenment that prioritizes physical humanism over eremite idealism. Prosecuting a Catholic church for crimes opposite amiability in a International Court would have been inconceivable even 50 years ago.

Whether a box is eventually listened in court, or eventually successful, a Times writes that Mark Ellis, executive executive of a International Bar organisation says a censure “raises awareness. Ultimately a plaintiffs will rouse this in a open eye and it will force a justice to respond.”


The Vatican Insider is part of the Vatican Media Mafia, read the list of Vatican Pied Pipers here Benedict XVI Master Manipulator of the Media…the Pied Piper of Children deceiving them away from truth of his Crimes Against Humanity at The Hague

Benedict XVI: “The plague of pedophilia strikes at every level of society”

Vatican Insider

For the Pope, “Since the Church has the duty, and rightly so, to require certain standards of behavior in this regard, all other institutions, with no exceptions, should observe the same rules.”

Vatican Insider Staff

Addressing American bishops brought together for the Ad Limina visit in the Consistory Hall, Pope Benedict XVI mentioned that “our meeting is the first since my pastoral visit in 2008 to your nation, the intent of which was to boost the morale of American Catholics following the scandal and confusion caused by the sexual abuse crisis of recent decades.”

“I personally wanted to acknowledge the suffering inflicted on the victims,” the Pontiff went on to say. “There have been honest efforts to guarantee, in that way, our children’s safety by dealing with accusations in an appropriate and transparent manner, as soon as they arise.”

Benoît XVI: le "fléau" de la pédophilie n'est pas propre à l'Eglise

RTL (Belgique)

Le pape Benoît XVI a déclaré samedi que l'Eglise catholique aux Etats-Unis faisait "des efforts consciencieux" pour combattre le "fléau" de la pédophilie, tout en soulignant que ce problème était loin d'être propre à l'Eglise.
"Il est juste que l'on applique à l'Eglise des critères très exigeants sur ce point, mais ces mêmes critères devraient s'appliquer aussi aux autres institutions, sans exception", a-t-il déclaré en recevant au Vatican un groupe d'évêques américains. "J'espère que les efforts consciencieux de l'Eglise pour faire face à cette réalité vont aider la communauté en général à mieux cerner les causes, la fréquence et les conséquences des violences sexuelles, et à lutter de façon plus efficace contre ce fléau qui affecte la société à tous ses niveaux", a-t-il ajouté. L'Eglise catholique aux Etats-Unis a été secouée ces dernières années par plusieurs affaires de pédophilie.

Full Text: Pope Benedict XVI's remarks to US bishops of Region II

Vatican Radio

Below, please find the full text and audio of Pope Benedict XVI's remarks to the US Catholic bishops of Region II on Saturfday, November 26th, 2011
Dear Brother Bishops,

I greet you all with affection in the Lord and, through you, the Bishops from the United States who in the course of the coming year will make their visits ad limina Apostolorum.

Our meetings are the first since my 2008 Pastoral Visit to your country, which was intended to encourage the Catholics of America in the wake of the scandal and disorientation caused by the sexual abuse crisis of recent decades. I wished to acknowledge personally the suffering inflicted on the victims and the honest efforts made both to ensure the safety of our children and to deal appropriately and transparently with allegations as they arise. It is my hope that the Church’s conscientious efforts to confront this reality will help the broader community to recognize the causes, true extent and devastating consequences of sexual abuse, and to respond effectively to this scourge which affects every level of society. By the same token, just as the Church is rightly held to exacting standards in this regard, all other institutions, without exception, should be held to the same standards.
A second, equally important, purpose of my Pastoral Visit was to summon the Church in America to recognize, in the light of a dramatically changing social and religious landscape, the urgency and demands of a new evangelization. In continuity with this aim, I plan in the coming months to present for your consideration a number of reflections which I trust you will find helpful for the discernment you are called to make in your task of leading the Church into the future which Christ is opening up for us.

Many of you have shared with me your concern about the grave challenges to a consistent Christian witness presented by an increasingly secularized society. I consider it significant, however, that there is also an increased sense of concern on the part of many men and women, whatever their religious or political views, for the future of our democratic societies. They see a troubling breakdown in the intellectual, cultural and moral foundations of social life, and a growing sense of dislocation and insecurity, especially among the young, in the face of wide-ranging societal changes. Despite attempts to still the Church’s voice in the public square, many people of good will continue to look to her for wisdom, insight and sound guidance in meeting this far-reaching crisis. The present moment can thus be seen, in positive terms, as a summons to exercise the prophetic dimension of your episcopal ministry by speaking out, humbly yet insistently, in defense of moral truth, and offering a word of hope, capable of opening hearts and minds to the truth that sets us free.


Catholic Church Will Now Teach Us How to Handle Sex Abuse

The Philly Post

Paul Davies

With all due respect, Pope Benedict XVI either lives in an alternate reality or needs better PR handlers. His comments over the weekend to U.S. bishops about the sex abuse of children showed a continued disconnect with the church’s mishandling of this ongoing scandal. The pope referenced the church’s “conscientious effort” to confront sex abuse by priests.

Uh? Perhaps the pope meant to say conscientious cover-up.

No institution has done more to deny and downplay the sexual abuse of young boys than the Catholic Church. No institution has done more to discredit victims and protect pedophile priests than the Catholic Church. And no institution has done more to avoid accountability for decisions made at the highest levels to cover up decades of sexual abuse of boys by scores of priests.

After decades of denial, it is really stunning for the pope to talk about the church’s “conscientious effort” to confront this scandal. At best, there have been some half steps brought on mainly by legal actions. If anything, the church has orchestrated a conscientious effort to minimize the scandal and hide behind any legal statute of limitations. But most everyone—including many Catholics like myself—is still waiting for church leaders to root out all the problem priests and hold others accountable for the cover-up.

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