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No need to be Catholic priests today: Gays now openly marry. Pedophiles are hunted in Roman Catholic churches (by Interpol). Eucharist is mythology

Inspired by St. Michael the Archangel whose flaming sword protects us and guide us  what to blog

The Roman Catholic Church used to be a safe haven for gay priests and pedophile priests – where they were guaranteed to find gay partners in the most exclusive boys’ club on earth – and where they could tap on an ample source of supply of little boys (and girls) in Catholic churches packed with idiots Catholics, in parochial schools run by stupid Catholic nuns, in devout Pope John Paul II & rosary worshipping Catholic families, in rectories filled with adulating altar boys.  And with additional perks to – the sure supply of gay men and little boys – priests had the backing of the Vatican Billions and the cover-up of bishops and cardinals and popes who imposed secrecy on their clandestine gay and pedophilia orgies – especially the two new saints John XXIII and John Paul II – thus making the Catholic Church as the most secure place for gay priests and pedophile priests to satiate their bestial priestly lust for gay men and young boys (and girls).   But all that have changed ever since the United Nations brought the Vatican – twice - to its tribunals and found the Holy See guilty of crimes against humanity’s children.  And victims worldwide are continuously coming out to expose evil pedophile priests (especially through SNAP and secular lawyers) and they are no longer ashamed to reveal their silent decades of torments by the JP2 Army – John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army, read more in John Paul II’s Achilles Heels. George W. Bush’s Achilles Heels. Jeb Bush belongs to Regnum Christi of Marcial Maciel. Bush is the curse of America

Roman Catholic priests today are becoming extinct (like the polar bears and animals losing their natural habitats) because Roman Catholic churches are closing by the hundreds especially in the USA and Europe where hundreds of millions of Catholics are no longer buying into the mythology of the Eucharist and deceitful theology of Saint (Satanas) John Paul II whose writings is the infallible interpretation of the Bible in every Holy Mass Tourism on Sundays – imposed by the Opus Dei Beast PR Deceits Team ruling at the Vatican.  Priestly vocations increase in the Philippines and poor Third World countries – looted by American Imperialism and Vatican Imperialism – because the priesthood is their only alternative to get out of poverty – read more in Philippines idiots Catholics & Migrante International missed biggest protest against Pope Francis - Pope of the Richest 1% of the Globe -NOT Pope of the Poor

Jesus Christ himself is having his own one-man silent revolution to free Himself from the slavery of His impostor and Pretender --- the two-faced liar Pope Francis, the fattest clown-in white of the Vatican Circus run by Opus Dei Beast PR Deceits Team.  Jesus Christ is fed up being used as the main bait --- cloned instantly by bestial Roman Catholic priests and billionaires cardinals and bishops --- then fed to the voracious Vatican Mammon Beast whose kingdom is controlled by the secret Vatican Swiss Banks that hoard American and European Imperialists loots from poor Third World countries like the Philippines.   Read more here -   Jesus Christ is liberated from hundreds of tabernacles (prison) in Catholic churches shut down, sold-off, converted into apartments, stores, warehouses

Jesus Revolution – set Christ free from Eucharist Satanic Mass. Set all nations free from Vatican Concordats. End Vatican as “country”. End VA Swiss Banks secrecy

Today, gays are now openly accepted.  They can even legally marry such as in the UK wedding of Elton John.  There is no need to be a priest and hide in the closet of rectories anymore.  Or even in the Vatican chambers as in the Vatican Gay Lobby that caused the downfall of Benedict XVI-RATzinger,

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Hidden Heist in the Holy See.  The SECRET biggest heist in the history of mankind! Pope Francis is the Greatest THIEF on earth.


Read the Jesus Revolution – set Christ free from Eucharist Satanic Mass. Set all nations free from Vatican Concordats. End Vatican as “country”. End VA Swiss Bankssecrecy

Vatican Circus in the Philippines: Pope Francis deceives Filipinos as Representative of Christ because he hoards billions of Marcos & Aquino loot in Swiss Banks

Cold-blood-ed John Paul is no saint for children because he said nothing and did nothing to save and protect them for 27 years

Stupid Catholic Women. Legion of Christ. Opus Dei. Pope Francis Hypocrisies

John Paul II the Holy Father of Lies! Cardinal Dziwisz book: “JPII knew nothing” about bestial pedophile priest Fr. Maciel is Vatican Titanic Deceits

Heil SatanasJP2 Patron Saint of Pedophiles, Pederasts Rapists-Priests! John Paul II is the same yesterday and today-- he cannot protect children 

Abolition of Vatican Concordat in Dominican Republic and bring pedophile Papal Nuncio and other pedophile Polish priests to justice

Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré Redemptorists pay $20 million to victims of JP2 Army for fear of evidence on complicity in court and ending of its $1B religious tourism with Oratory of St. Joseph

Rosary could not defeat JP2 Army John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army in the 20th Century ... unlike the Battle of Lepanto in the 16th Century       

Confession protects criminals and persecutes their victims

Paris Arrow’s vision of St. Michael tying the giant millstone around John Paul II’S neck then dragging him and throwing him into a raging sea of fire  

St. Joseph Oratory 10,000 candles BURN $$$ MILLIONS of DOLLARS of WAX while 30,000 HOMELESS PEOPLE STARVE in the COLD streets of Montreal

Benedict XVI – RATzinger, God’s Rottweiler

Latin America Catholic Church losing ground: report. Jesus is liberated from (prison) Catholic tabernacle as Catholics no longer believe in "magical" powers of popes and priests

 Priestly prestige and hypocrisy

Priests also have the financial security perks from the Vatican Billions and the imposing guards of giant statues of Catholic saints inside Catholic churches that deceives idiots Catholics with false piety like new saint John Paul II.  Priests have the adulation and prestige of being called as Reverend “Father” by 1.2 billion idiots Catholics especially by stupid Catholic nuns and stupid Catholic women - who teach, train and force their children to believe that priests are the “representative of Christ”.  Most of all, priests have the magical power to clone instantly the flesh-and-blood of Christ in the (sorcery) of the Eucharist – making them the greatest magicians since Merlin – see more below in the Hoax of the Eucharist. 

Today being a priest is total hypocrisyBeing priests today is being impostors and (fake) cloners of Christ.   Being priests today is serving the Vatican Mammon Beast and empowering the Opus Dei Beast PR Deceits Team and the Jesuits Masters of Deceits.  Being priests today is hypocrisy of Pope Francis who preaches about serving the poor but at the same time exploiting and oppressing them to serve the 1% Richest persons on the globe.  Being priests today is ultimately serving the Vatican Swiss Banks that hoard and guard the loot of American and European Imperialists and corrupt despots.  The Swiss Guard Army are the future bankers and investment managers of Swiss Banks

NCAA & Penn State more moral than Vatican. Sports is more moral than John Paul II, Benedict XVI, Vatican Titanic sinking in moral bankruptcy  

See the Vatican-owned 23 million Euros gay apartment with the largest gay sauna in Europe where a Vatican Cardinal lives right on the first floor to welcome those wealthy gay clients of Rome and Europe .


VATICAN CIRCUS for IDIOT CATHOLICS. Opus Dei Beast PR Stunts: Vatican Bank’s profit plummet 97%. Pope Francis life in danger for tackling abuse & mafia LOL

New Zealand. Opus Dei Beast PR Stunt of the Day: “Vatican leads war against child abuse” sounds like “Nazis leads war against terrorism”

Jesuits transferred Marcos Gold & Billions of Dollars to the Vatican Treasury.  The JESUIT ORDER - MASTER OF EVASION AND CONSPIRACIES

VATICAN CIRCUS for IDIOT CATHOLICS. Opus Dei Beast PR Stunts: Vatican Bank’s profit plummet 97%. Pope Francis life in danger for tackling abuse & mafia LOL

Wall Street Journal brainwash idiot Catholics for Pope Francis’s visit - to attend his Eucharist Satanic Mass & stupidly give millions of dollars to Vatican Mammon 

Vatican assets in the United States of America

         The Catholic Church in the United States, with “assets of more than $100 billion, today possesses more than ten times the combined wealth of IBM, Exxon, General Motors, and U.S. Steel.”

   -  stock it controls on the New York and American stock exchanges, and property, gold reserves, and paintings—are probably $50 billion to $60 billion

     -   There is no accountability for these funds to anyone except the Vatican. Everything is done in com­plete secrecy

   -   The hierarchy has learned to act indirectly through Catholic lay­persons

   -   The hierarchy acts through Catholic politicians – see list below

Note that this Vatican fortune in the USA has only multiplied – exponentially through the decades since that book was written.

Read the VATICAN 



 Jesus never baptized anyone in the Sea of Galilee or in the 

Benedict XVI and Georg his GAY Private Secretary are GAYS.!.

The GAY Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, 

three He’s, three homosexuals ! ! !




Charlie Hebdo (see its Holy Trinity cartoon!) The problem of faith is its limitless powers to commit crimes against humanity, murders, colonization of poor countries, abuses against women

Christmas Vatican Circus 2014:  The more the Opus Dei Beast PR Deceits Team praises its puppet Pope Francis and his hypocritical speeches, the more he wears The Emperor’s New Clothes 

            Put Pope Francis' face in this emperor 

                Put Pope Francis' face in this emperor 

At European Union Parliament, misogynist Pope Francis described Europe as a “grandmother, no longer fertile and vibrant,” but instead “elderly and haggard”

Pope Francis the Jesuit Rich Fool

Among all the 15 ailments that Francis lectured on his Vatican Curia staff (who serve only the Vatican Mammon Beast aka Opus Dei Beast), the allusion to the rich best applies  to himself.  “It is the sickness of the rich fool who thinks he will live for all eternity, and of those who transform themselves into masters and believe themselves superior to others, rather than at their service”.  Pope Francis’ unprecedented “Hidden Heist in the Holy See” makes him as the “rich fool” because as the first Jesuit Pope, he has transformed himself into the prime master of deceits and he believes he is superior to others --- as he hoards the loots of despots and imperialists in secret Vatican Swiss Banks thus breeding wars in many nations and as consequence of poverty, violence against children and women --- instead of being at their service.  What Pope Francis does is to pay lip-service to the poor while serving only the 1% richest people on the globe. 

Pope Francis is the “rich fool” who knows he will for all eternity be pope– but like a ruse snake, he knows has only a limited window of opportunity to sweep under the rug the Vatican Billions amassed by his papal predecessors – especially John Paul II in his longest 27 years papacy. 

Pope Francis is the Jesuit Master of Deceits and he had to make the Vatican Bank appear acceptable to modern banking standards because the small fake country of the Vatican has to make business with Italy and other countries – read our related article, Obama admin versus Vatican Bank: A compilation. USA government lists Vatican as 'potential money-laundering center'

But Switzerland is the other Vatican country that is above-the-law- and above-banking-laws --- accountable to no one but to itself, just like Vatican Autocracy.  It is time for the United Nations to abolish the Vatican as a (fake) country and to abolish Switzerland as a “neutral country”.  Read how the Opus Dei raised and control Spain’s King Juan Carlos and how his wealth is hidden in (Vatican) Swiss Banks in Vanity Fair .

Vanity Fair: Opus Dei raised and control King Juan Carlos of Spain and his 2 Billion Euros assets in secret Vatican Swiss Banks 

Please donate today to – your gift is tax-deductible and helps document and promote transparency --  2015 Projects will include Posting list of accused priests in the PhilippinesIt will post the first public list of accused priests who have worked in the Philippines in time for Pope Francis’s visit there in January– when he’ll go to honor one of the biggest donor of the Vatican Mammon Beast, Imelda Marcos, wife of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines  -- who stole billions of dollars from the Philippines Treasury -- via the help of the Jesuits -- to the Vatican Bank -- read more here

It is now completing the assignment histories for all 170 accused Jesuits in its database.  Remember that more than one pedophile priest has already confessed to sexually abusing 250 boys through the years (still it’s an underestimate, see news below).  Therefore, 170 Jesuits pedophiles have potentially abused 42,500 little boys.   For the first time, it will be possible to understand the full impact of abuse in the largest religious order in the Vatican Roman Catholic Church.  One of its most famous notorious Jesuit pedophile priest was the spiritual director to the “living saint” Mother Teresa of Kolkata -- read more here

Idiots Catholics continue to worship Vatican Mammon Beast

Vatican Pied Pipers (see compilation below) are deceiving idiots Catholics especially in the Philippines where Pope Francis will visit in January where he will distribute the fake flesh of Christ instead of returning the loot of the late Ferdinand Marcos all delivered to the Popes doorstep at the Vatican by his wife Imelda Marcos – whom Pope Francis will go and personally honor in her native island, Leyte, read our related article Pope Francis visit to Philippines forcibly displacing bunkhouse dwellers. Hypocrisy of two-faced Pope Francis preaching about poor while exploiting them

Pope Francis listed 15 ailments of his Vatican Curia and idiots Catholics still believe the Vatican is the holiest site in Catholicism and in the Satanic Mass -- that Pope Francis and his all-male oligarchy staff can still instantly clone Christ’s flesh and blood despite their 15 ailments – and this proves that to idiots Catholics, the Devil’s Bowels smell life roses at the Vatican despite Pope Crimes and Vatican Evils and John Paul II’s evil stinking Achilles Heels.

Idiots Catholics are saying the stupid “Amen” and they “pray, pay, obey” the sick Vatican Curia of the Vatican Titanic sunken deep in the ocean of moral bankruptcy, read more Vatican rebuffs UN! Catholic Church not the moral authority of the world. Holy See defies UN Convention it ratified in 1990. Vatican Titanic sunken deep in the ocean of moral bankruptcy

The Vatican Titanic is sunken deep in the ocean of moral bankruptcy and Jesus Christ is leading his own silent revolution of freeing Himself from the sorcery of the Eucharist Satanic Mass, read our related articles,  Jesus Christ is liberated from hundreds of tabernacles (prison) in Catholic churches shut down, sold-off, converted into apartments, stores, warehouses

Pope Francis’ two evil Achilles Heels are his hidden heist in secret Vatican Swiss Banks and Malta -- and his canonization of false saint John Paul II.

Jesus Revolution – set Christ free from Eucharist Satanic Mass. Set all nations free from Vatican Concordats. End Vatican as “country”. End VA Swiss Banks secrecy

Pope Francis met Joel Osteen, Doug Coe, powerful evangelicals. Protest Pope Francis speech in Congress in 2015 visit. Idiot Catholics, beware of Jeb Bush

Pope Francis buys souls of Kenneth Copeland & televangelists to prepare for USA presidential election. God forbid Jeb Bush wins! Bush is the curse of America

US Cardinal Raymond Burke - is not demoted but - promoted as Patron of Order of Malta whose members are the 1% richest Catholics on globe 

10 reasons to abolish the papacy because it is run by Lucifer and not the Holy Spirit

In January, Pope Francis will go to the Philippines and he will travel to Leyte, an island and birthplace of Imelda Marcos, wife of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos who stole billions of dollars from the country’s treasury and deposited them in the Vatican Bank and Swiss Banks with the help of the Jesuits, read more here 

Pope Francis visit to Philippines forcibly displacing bunkhouse dwellers. Hypocrisy of two-faced Pope Francis preaching about poor while exploiting them

Imelda Marcos’ accounts at the Vatican Bank were among those swiftly closed and transferred to Switzerland by Pope Francis in his attempt to give a facelift to the Vatican Bank or IOR.  

Vatican Bank closes thousand accounts/criminal transactions BURNT to leave no trail of crimes further/future investigations...drowned by loud Francis-maniacs at St. Peter’s Square 

Catholics sound like Catholic zombies  - as in Brad Pitt’s movie World War Z, see photos and read about them here in the Catholic version of World War Z .  

REBUTTAL.John Allen ‘The vision behind Crux: To get the story right…on a regular basis’ means regular Vatican propaganda to indoctrinate idiot Catholics

Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré Redemptorists pay $20 million to victims of JP2 Army for fear of evidence on complicity in court and ending of its $1B religious tourism

Pope Francis accused the cardinals, bishops and priests who serve him of using their Vatican careers to grab power and wealth, of living "hypocritical" double lives and forgetting that they're supposed to be joyful men of God.  But Pope Francis is the worst hypocrite and worst actor that he surpasses Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. 

Jesus never baptized anyone in the Sea of Galilee or in the River Jordan

Is the Vatican a state or country? It is only one building and one public square but it is a country like the vast USA, Russia, China???

The Vatican Billions. Two thousand years of Wealth Accumulation from Caesar to the Space Age.Its history, sources, and assets today worldwide. BOYCOTT the Vatican Museum and boycott ALL donations to the Vatican Catholic Church Reign of Terror

Stupid Catholic Women. Legion of Christ. Opus Dei. Pope Francis Hypocrisies

John Paul II the Holy Father of Lies! Cardinal Dziwisz book: “JPII knew nothing” about bestial pedophile priest Fr. Maciel is Vatican Titanic Deceits

Heil SatanasJP2 Patron Saint of Pedophiles, Pederasts Rapists-Priests! John Paul II is the same yesterday and today-- he cannot protect children 

  Rosary could not defeat JP2 Army John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army in the 20th Century ... unlike the Battle of Lepanto in the 16th Century    

Confession protects criminals and persecutes their victims

Paris Arrow’s vision of St. Michael tying the giant millstone around John Paul II’S neck then dragging him and throwing him into a raging sea of fire

Benedict XVI – RATzinger, God’s Rottweiler

Vatican Circus in Istanbul’s Blue Mosque: Pope Francis prays to Allah who NEVER had a son Jesus – whom Francis represents and clones in the Eucharist  

REBUTTAL to David Gibson’s idle speculation on schism and conspiracy theories to divert attention away from Vatican Billions stolen from countries by Vatican Concordats   

Mother Teresa was not a living saint - revealed in detail by book. Tainted Saint: Mother Teresa Defended Pedophile Priest

Jesus Revolution – set Christ free from Eucharist Satanic Mass. Set all nations free from Vatican Concordats. End Vatican as “country”. End VA Swiss Banks secrecy

Pope Francis & Vatican Swiss Banks control Wall Street 

and Wars

Two-faced Pope Francis: Laughing THIEF & Grim LIAR. Two completely different faces that reveal his inner soul. Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde at the Vatican?

Human Rights Day: “No land, No life”, 

Land grabbing is a human rights violation

10 December 2014

Statement to mark the International Human Rights Day collectively issued by the PAN Asia Pacific (PANAP); Aliansi Gerakan Reforma Agraria (AGRA) of Indonesia, National Fisheries Solidarity Movement (NAFSO) of Sri Lanka; Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas (KMP) of the Philippines; Human Development Organization (HDO) of Sri Lanka; Unyon ng mga Manggagawa sa Agrikultura (UMA) of the Philippines; Society for Rural Education and Development (SRED) of India; General Agricultural Workers Union (GAWU) of Ghana; Farm Worker Association of Florida (FWAF) of the US; Coalition of Agricultural Workers International (CAWI)

As the world marks the International Human Rights Day today, 10 December, we wish to highlight a form of human rights violation that does not get as much attention but nonetheless deeply impacts millions of people around the world, especially in the poor countries. Land grabbing, often accompanied by the grabbing away of resources such as water, represents a worsening threat to the economic, social and cultural rights of countless local communities, including the indigenous peoplesThis systemic violation of human rights, including the right to food, right to self-determination of peoples and right to development, must be stopped.

Data from the Land Portal’s Land Matrix show that worldwide land grabbing involves around 36 million hectares, as of March 2014. Most land grabbing deals are concentrated in Africa and the Asia Pacific region, accounting for about 41% and 38%, respectively of about 942 land deals monitored by the Land MatrixWithin Asia Pacific, land deals are heavily concentrated in Southeast Asia, comprising 83% of the regional total and 32% of the global total. Estimates on the extent of land grabbing vary widely but it could not be denied that it is a daily reality confronting rural and indigenous communities.

In many cases, large-scale land investments for export-oriented plantations, logging, mining, biofuel production and power production among others result to the eviction of small food producers and indigenous peoples, many of whom are without formal security of tenure despite tilling, enriching and occupying the land for decades. National and local governments often negotiate with foreign and domestic investors behind closed doors and in patent disregard for the participation of local communities that will be impacted by such investments, including their access to land and productive resources. These investments are also made and promoted without due consideration to the actual development needs of affected local communities that lead to their further marginalization and oppression.

Worse, the human rights violations against the people even go beyond the actual land grabbing and also involve atrocities that blatantly attack the political and civil rights of those who challenge these land-grabbing deals and investments. There are numerous cases and many of them remain undocumented and unreported, and most are unresolved due to the involvement of state security forces themselves as well as private armed groups hired by the companiesThis has been the case in the Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and many others where anti-land grabbing activists, local community leaders, and their supporters face human rights atrocities ranging from extrajudicial killings, abduction, legal persecution and harassment, among others. Impunity reigns in many rural communities that have been heavily militarized to protect corporate investments.

We call on governments and private corporations to respect and implement existing human rights principles enshrined in national laws and international instruments, including the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. We demand that the right to free, prior and informed consent of communities be upheld before any land investments are made. 

We demand to respect the customary rights of the people who do not have legal ownership of the land and water bodies. We demand the demilitarization of rural communities and the prosecution of all those who have committed human rights atrocities against people who are justly defending their legitimate right to land and resources. We demand the implementation of genuine agrarian reform to promote the rights and welfare of small food producers and to promote long-term rural and economic development that serves the interests of the people and not the just the elite few.

We welcome recent developments that aim to provide people an opportunity to make corporations that violate their human rights accountable. In particular, we take note of the United Nations Human Rights Council’s (UNHRC) resolution this year calling for the establishment of “an open-ended intergovernmental working group on a legally binding instrument on transnational corporations and other business enterprises with respect to human rights”. Amid continuing trends of free trade and investment agreements that allow TNCs to sue governments, the UNHRC resolution is positive move towards regulating TNCs and their activities in the context of human rights.

We emphasize, however, that the best prospects for the promotion of human rights, including the right to land and resources, lie not in any legal instrument but in the relentless struggle of the affected communities to defend their human rights. Thus, working with those directly affected and violated, we vow to continue the fight to oppose land grabbing and defend the human rights of rural and indigenous communities.

Land is life for these communities, and depriving them of land and resources is depriving them of their basic human right to live. Fight for land, fight for life!

GABRIELA USA calls on you to join us in support of our campaigns against economic, state, military, and gender violence here in the U.S., in the Philippines, and internationally. We demand justice for victims of police violence, human trafficking, man-made environmental disasters, and economic inequality. We demand justice for all victims of human rights violations!
Ultimately, we are fighting for the dignity and respect for all life and the genuine liberation and freedom of all oppressed people.

End Police Brutality! Black Lives Matter!

End Violence Against Women! End Transmisogyny Now! Justice for Jennifer Laude!

U.S. Out of the Philippines! 

Junk the Visiting Forces Agreement! 

Junk the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement!

Justice for Victims of Typhoons! End Large-Scale Mining and Logging Now!

Justice for Trafficked Teachers and All Victims of Human Trafficking!

Oust Aquino Now!

The Philippines Under U.S. Imperialism
The American forces’ murderous reputation and culture of impunity extends internationally. In the Philippines, U.S. Marine PFC Joseph Scott Pemberton violently killed Jennifer Laude, a 26-year-old transgender Filipina. Instead of facing criminal charges under Philippine law, Pemberton is still in U.S. custody and benefits from its protection. Laude’s murder follows the tired pattern of Filipina victims of violence at the hands of U.S. troops illegally stationed in the Philippines. Under the Philippines-U.S. Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) and the 2014 Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA), the Philippines has ultimately given up its rights to its colonial American master and relegated Filipinos, and especially Filipina women, to second-class citizens. The inaction and failure of the Philippine government to protect its own citizens exposes its true agenda: to serve the economic and military interests of the U.S.

A case in point of this is the frequent and extreme typhoons that have erased whole communities. Due to Philippine government corruption and pandering to multinational corporations, the country suffers from weak infrastructure, landslides due to large-scale mining and logging, poor warning systems, and hoarding of relief funds and goods by the Philippine government. U.S. military "relief" is in fact a ploy to justify sending in more troops, as to this day, many families have not received any relief and instead have relied on people’s volunteer organizations on the ground and foreign humanitarian groups, such as the National Alliance for Filipino Concerns. Aquino’s political impotence reveals the nature of his presidency as a puppet for U.S. interests.

The U.S.’ imperialist efforts toward political and economic domination is a key contributor to global human rights violations in all its forms. The global migration phenomenon is a result of unjust economic policies designed and implemented to benefit the U.S. and a handful of the most powerful governments and corporations at the expense of migrant workers. Filipinos, especially women, fall victim to labor and sex trafficking. GABRIELA USA is calling for justice for over 300 teachers who were recently trafficked by Isidro Rodriguez in Washington, D.C. Predatory agents like Rodriguez take advantage of the vulnerability of migrant workers due to weak legal protections in both their home and host countries.

The People’s Demands

The Philippine government, under President Benigno Aquino, is complicit in serving the agenda of the U.S. imperialists to break into the markets of the Asia Pacific at the costs of the basic rights and welfare of its own people. GABRIELA USA exposes the U.S. imperialist agenda motivated by profit and power. We oppose state violence against all people in the U.S. and internationally including cis-women, trans-women, immigrants and migrants, and we recognize the common threads in these narratives.

GABRIELA USA joins the voices of our kababayans in calling for President Aquino to step down or be removed by the people’s will. Aquino must answer for countless criminal acts during his regime, including but not limited to facilitation of human trafficking, negligence in response to natural disasters, and abetting the U.S. in its “War on Terror.” Aquino is murdering and terrorizing Filipinos using military funding from the same government that murders and terrorizes its own black and brown communities with highly militarized police forces. It’s all part of a bigger picture and it needs to stop now.

Hidden Heist in the Holy See.  The SECRET biggest heist in the history of mankind! Pope Francis is the Greatest THIEF on earth.

Confession protects criminals and persecutes their victims

Paris Arrow’s vision of St. Michael tying the giant millstone around John Paul II’S neck then dragging him and throwing him into a raging sea of fire

Benedict XVI – RATzinger, God’s Rottweiler

Occupy The Vatican... like Occupy Wall  Street  

At European Union Parliament, misogynist Pope Francis described Europe as a “grandmother ...


Paris Arrow
December 8, 2014 feast of the Immaculate Conception
In his first interview with a woman – about women – Pope Francis revealed his narrow-minded outdated medieval view on women by citing the oldest ancient book of Catholicism, the Bible, that woman was formed from the rib of Adam, read our related article Pope Francis treats Catholic women as a joke, says “woman was from a rib” and "priests often end up under the sway of their housekeepers" This week, at his (first and probably last) European Union Parliament speech, Pope Francis again demonstrated where his VA heart is about women -- which proves what we have been saying that the Vatican aka Holy See is made of a few all-male oligarchy who are gays and misogynists. The Vatican’s website is VA really means Vatican Autocracy because it is one of the last “divine right” autocratic governments left on earth. Jesus said, “The good person produces good things from the store of good in his heart, while the evil person produces evil things from the store of evil in his heart. For his mouth speaks what overflows from his heart” (Luke 6:47).



The arrival of Europeans in the New World in 1492 changed the Americas forever. Over the course of the next 350 years, Spain ruled a vast empire based on the labor and exploitation of the Indian population. Conquistadors descended on America with hopes of bringing Catholicism to new lands while extracting great riches.Religion and self-interest combined to create a potent mixture that drew hundreds of thousands of Spaniards across the ocean with hopes of finding riches and winning souls for God. Along with the Spaniards came diseases to which the New World natives had no immunities.

What followed was one of the greatest tragedies in human history as smallpox, influenza, and other communicable diseases ravaged the native populations, killing millions. The Spanish never set out to destroy the people of the New World—after all, their goal was to use Indian labor for their own ends—and almost immediately a debate arose in Spain concerning the rights of Indians. This was the first time any European nation had consciously debated the rights and status of non-Christians. The traffic of Europeans to the Americas was not a one-way street. The so-called Columbian Exchange brought European goods and ideas to the New World—including the horse, which was not native to the Western Hemisphere—and returned new plants and animals to the Old World, including potatoes, corn, tomatoes and other crops. The world was forever changed by the new horizons opened by Spain's intrepid explorers, despite the misdeeds of Spanish rule in America.

Spanish conquistadors, who were primarily poor nobles from the impoverished west and south of Spain, were able to conquer the huge empires of the New World with the help of superior military technology, disease (which weakened Indian resistance), and military tactics including surprise attacks and powerful alliances with local tribes. Once an area had been conquered, it was partitioned intoencomiendas, or grants of land. More importantly, the Indian people themselves were parceled out to the conquistadors, who were given title to the land and its people in return for a promise to teach the natives Christianity. This system was heavily abused, and Indians throughout the Americas were reduced to a condition of virtual slavery.

However, due to natural attrition and harsh misrule, the population of native laborers soon became too small for the voracious Spanish, so they began to import African slaves to work in sugar plantations and silver mines. The introduction of African traditions to the Native American and mestizo cultures already in existence made for a social mixture richer than in almost any other part of the world, although racism continued to play a dark role in the New World. Colonial society was hierarchical, based upon on the amount of non-Spanish blood a person possessed. A complicated system, called the casta, delineated over 100 separate names for groups containing certain levels of Indian and African blood. Jobs, government positions, titles to land, and almost everything else in the Americas functioned according to this system with those at the top getting preference over those lower on the list. Discrimination and repression were features of Spanish colonial rule throughout its history.

Spain's government in Madrid tried hard to govern the New World, despite its distance from Europe. Using a system of viceroyalties and audencias, royal courts of appeals, the Spanish Monarchy was able to exercise control over Spanish settlers, even when they didn't want any sort of interference from the central government. The Crown was entitled to one-fifth of all mining profits, and this huge income helped Spain to become the largest and most powerful empire in Europe by 1600. Religion was mixed with politics to create a hybrid system in what would become the American Southwest: Dominican, Franciscan and Jesuit missionaries were often left in charge of large areas in what is now Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and, later, California. With its goal of bringing the Catholic religion to the New World, Spain was also able to use the existing church governments for its own political uses. Today, religion and politics continue to mix in Latin America.

The often-heavy handed rule from Madrid and the new ideas of liberty and freedom coming out of the American and French Revolutions brought about the wars of Independence in the early nineteenth century. Simón Bolívar—the Great Liberator—and José de San Martin led the fight for independence, although this was not a fight for Indian rights, or on behalf of the poor. Those who fought for South American independence were called criollos, American-born descendants of Spaniards, and they continued to rule the many new nations of Spanish America for generations. The Spanish left a legacy of cruelty and exploitation in their wake, but they also managed to open the world and increase cultural exchanges to a level never before seen in human history.


The Spanish Empire (SpanishImperio español) was one of the first empires of global extent, having its peak of political and economic power under the Spanish Habsburgs[1] through the 16th and 17th centuries, becoming the foremost global power of its time, and was the first to be called the empire on which the sun never sets. Its land was eventually administered from Madrid by the Spanish Crown and comprised territories and colonies in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia and Oceania. It originated during the Age of Exploration after the voyages of Christopher Columbus. Spain's territorial reach beyond Europe included the Greater Antilles, half of South America, most of Central America and much of North America(including present day MexicoFlorida and the Southwestern and Pacific Coastal regions of the United States), as well as a number of Pacific Ocean archipelagos including the Philippines.
The bulk of Spain's Empire was held for over three centuries, starting in 1492 with the Spanish colonization of the Americas and lasting until the early 19th centurySpanish American wars of independence that left only Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines as Spanish. Following the Spanish–American War of 1898, Spain ceded its last colonies in the Caribbean and the Pacific to the United States. Its last African colonies were granted independence in 1975. In conjunction with the territories of the Portuguese Empire, which Spain controlled from 1580 to 1640, the Spanish Empire started the European dominance in global affairs.
The Spanish Empire left a cultural and linguistic legacy, particularly in the Western Hemisphere. With over 470 million native speakers today, Spanish is the second most spoken native language in the world, as result of the transfer the language of Castile (Castellano) to Spanish America in the colonial era. The other major cultural legacy of the Spanish empire overseas was Roman Catholicism, converting the indigenous peoples to the new religion in what was known as the "spiritual conquest." Catholicism remains the dominant religious faith in Spanish America.

"There are thousands of gold and silver pieces of Inca and pre-Inca handicraft, the most beautiful goldsmith works. . .I could not remove it alone, nor could thousands of men."

- Capt. Barth Blake RN (1886)

Vatican assets in the United States of America

         The Catholic Church in the United States, with “assets of more than $100 billion, today possesses more than ten times the combined wealth of IBM, Exxon, General Motors, and U.S. Steel.”

   -  stock it controls on the New York and American stock exchanges, and property, gold reserves, and paintings—are probably $50 billion to $60 billion

     -   There is no accountability for these funds to anyone except the Vatican. Everything is done in com­plete secrecy

   -   The hierarchy has learned to act indirectly through Catholic lay­persons

   -   The hierarchy acts through Catholic politicians – see list below

Note that this Vatican fortune in the USA has only multiplied – exponentially through the decades since that book was written.


Read Vatican Circus in South Korea: Pope Francis tells idiot Catholics to ‘combat allure of materialism’ but Vatican owns expensive shops only for 1% wealthiest on earth 

The Dark Side of the Papacy: Pope Crimes Revealed

The world is discovering the truth about the global organization known as the "Catholic Church": it is the mother of all abominations on Earth, the root cause of all world suffering, poverty, crimes. With their false appearance of 'mercy' and 'holiness' they have managed to fool the masses into believing they are representatives of  Christ, presenting the world with an expired doctrine that brings death. A statistical report shows proof of over 10 million crimes committed by priests and nuns in the nations, since these evil and perverse men (and women) proclaim "celibacy" which is a doctrine of demons that has led to sexual abuse of thousands of innocent children and women around the world. Pope Francis and the previous Pope "Benedict XVI" aren't the only corrupt and evil "popes"...the Vatican has a long track record of criminal popes, starting with the first one - Peter. For this purpose, we highlight a book that sheds light into the dark side of the Papacy, so that you can learn the facts:

This post and blogs are inspired by St. Michael the Archangel whose flaming sword defends us from Goliath bullies of Opus Dei Beast Mafia.  St. Michael shows us - through the much canonization news coming out this week – (see compilation below) – that there are more journalists speaking out against John Paul II’s sainthood, therefore our blogs all these years have not been in vain.  Read Paris Arrow’s vision of St. Michael tying the giant millstone around John Paul II’s papal neck during his last World Youth Day in Toronto in 2002, as JP2 vehemently refuse to apologize and stop his bestial JP2 Army – John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army, St. Michael dragged him and threw him into a raging sea of fire as stupid Catholic robots chanted “JP2, we love you”.   Beware, Francis-Maniacs for the demise of the Vatican Temple akin to the Temple of Solomon is at hand!

The Vatican is the Devil reincarnated in Pope Francis 

and Opus Dei Beast and 

Jesuits Mercenaries are Demons' Angels

St. Michael the Archangel stands over the Vatican Mammon 

Beast now ruled by Pope Francis and the heads of the Beast =

 John Paul II, Benedict XVI, Opus Dei & Jesuits

Two-faced Pope Francis

: Laughing THIEF & Grim LIAR. Two completely different faces that reveal his inner soul. Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde at the Vatican?

There are two opposite faces of Pope Francis, has anyone notice?  When he laughs in front of crowds and when he says the Eucharist Satanic Mass.

Look at these photos he had in South Korea as he showed all his teeth laughing - versus - when he holds a crucifix in the procession and at the Eucharist Satanic Mass, he looks very grim.

Pope Francis celebrates a mass and the beatification of Paul Yun ji-Chung and 123 martyr companions at Gwanghwamun Gate in Seoul, South Korea, Saturday, Aug.... 





Hidden Heist in the Holy See.  The SECRET biggest heist in the history of mankind! Pope Francis is the Greatest THIEF on earth.

Cardinal Bergoglio of Argentina as the Godfather in the Dirty Wars - Silence of Pope Francis-Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio on Argentina 42 pedophile priests.  

WHAT THE JESUITS CONTROL. Chilling Facts You Need To Know About the Jesuits. Francis: First Jesuit Pope 

Top Ten Myths About Pope Francis’ First Year

Pope Francis pointing at his loco crazy head 
ruled by Opus Dei Beat PR Deceits Team

GRIM LIAR Pope Francis - Popes and priests have no powers to re-produce or manufacture ants and dogs - and therefore they cannot reproduce or clone Christ's flesh-and-blood either in the mass - hence it is Eucharis Satanic Mass because popes and priests claim to be greater than God that they can "re-create" God Himself!.  Satan's pride is smaller than Pope Francis's pride.

Pope Francis celebrates a mass and the beatification Paul Yun ji-Chung and 123 martyr companions at Gwanghwamun Gate in Seoul, South Korea, Saturday, Aug. 16...

In Israel, Pope Francis clones Christ’s flesh & pleas for children’s protection after canonizing 2 popes who protected JP2 Army pedophile priests in 20th century

Laughing THIEF

When Pope Francis laughs,  he is in his role as a thief – because he is laughing all the way to the bank - secret Vatican Swiss Banks with his biggest theft in mankind’s history  and as he enslaves nations and billions of poor people with the Vatican Concordats, read more in our related article, Hidden Heist in the Holy See.  The SECRET biggest heist in the history of mankind! Pope Francis is the Greatest THIEF on earth.

When he is grim, he is in his role as the Opus Dei Beast’s pathological liar, the pretender and impostor of Jesus, because he cannot re-produce ants and dogs and therefore he cannot clone Christ’s flesh-and-blood in the Eucharist either.

Abolition of Vatican Concordat in Dominican Republic and bring pedophile Papal Nuncio and other pedophile Polish priests to justice

LIAR Pope Francis, skip ‘forgive’ BS. Set poor nations free by returning your loot hidden in secret Vatican Swiss Banks. Set Jesus free from Vatican & Eucharist

Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré Redemptorists pay $20 million to victims of JP2 Army for fear of evidence and ending of its $1B religious tourism  with Oratory of St. Joseph

Pope Francis is like the Strange Case of 

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde at the Vatican fake country.

Francis in-name-only

Pope Francis, YOU took Francis of Assisi’s name – but that’s all there is, isn’t it?  You are “in name only” – nothing else.  There’s nothing similar in essence or substance or in person between you and St. Francis - and if the Opus Dei Beast PR Deceits Team are already preparing for your sainthood like they did with documents for John Paul II’s 27 years papacy, you’re being duped big time.  You should have retired into a simple cave like poverello St. Francis of Assisi – who even refused to be a priest to clone the flesh of Christ because he knew as he wrote his canticle to the moon and stars - that no one can clone the Creator of those millions of stars in the firmament. Ever saw these images of NASA “Hand of God and Pillars of Creation”? Can you clone one of these with your papal infallible words?  You cannot clone an ant or a dog or a star and therefore you cannot clone Christ either. 

Images of NASA “Hand of God and Pillars of Creation” 

Eagle Nebula

The "Pillars of Creation" in the Eagle nebula, as seen by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope in 1995. Image credit: NASA/ESA/STScI/Arizona State University
› Larger view

You cannot clone an ant or a dog or one of the stars 

therefore you cannot clone Jeus the Son of God 

either in the sorcery of the Eucharist.

St. Francis denounced the wealth of his merchant father while you embraced and vowed to the Vatican Mammon Beast worse than a Satanic Mass. St. Francis embraced a leper but you exploit the sick for your political photo-ops (and at your age caught their virus).  You hypocritically preach about the poor but you actually mock them because at the same time, behind closed doors in the Vatican art chambers, you have private audiences and photo-ops with royalties of Europe who are the 1% wealthiest of the globe, photos with despots and imperialists like President Obama who steal the wealth of Third World countries, read here how the Philippines protested Obama’s visit as he plants more bases only to serve American hegemony, read here - .  

Your photo-op with Obama actually perpetuates American Imperialism in the Philippines and in other Asian and European countries.

Why do you think your founder St. Ignatius Loyola specifically wrote in the constitution of the Jesuits that no Jesuits must accept to be a high ranking bishop or cardinal?  Jesuits were meant to be companions of Jesus, not companions of the Devil, the father of lies who came to steal, kill and destroy.  Ignatius had no choice 500 years ago to go to the world to proclaim the Good News that he needed the ships of the Vatican and the European monarchy.  But today, the Jesuits have amassed more wealth than any religious congregation, you have all the universities and schools you want or need.  There is no need to continue serving the Pope, the Father of Lies the reincarnation of the Devil!  But you set your sight on the highest throne in the Catholic Church and now the favorite words of St. Ignatius haunts you:  What does it profit a man to gain the entire world, if he suffers the loss of his soul? and you have committed the worst Pope Crimes more than all popes combined – you canonized John Paul II despite his JP2 Army – John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army, read here Cold-blood-ed John Paul is no saint for children because he said nothing and did nothing to save and protect them for 27 years

Jesus the Jew vs. Roman Pope Francis 

Amazing how Jesus has lose his Middle East roots and Jewish identity (albeit born in Bethlehem, Palestine, a Muslim country) and lose His Biblical mission as a poor itinerant preacher for He has become Roman Catholic and hostage of the most tiny country - the Vatican City where He is also the most caged captive in gold tabernacles by tyrant evil popes – those 2,000 year old chameleons Pretenders and Impostors of Jesus and con-artists CON-Christ popes.  

From mass murderers, thieves, pedophiles, gays, adulterers like the Borgias, to John Paul II the Great Saint of Pedophiles, to Pope Francis the Worst Thief of Mankind – all popes use Christ as their mask, disguise and bait to serve one master alone –the Vatican Mammon Beast a.k.a. Opus Dei Beast ruling in the Vatican Palace - with only one goal - to preserve the Vatican Billions in secret Vatican Swiss Banks because the Vatican owns Switzerland.  Hence there’s the unique Swiss Guard Army wherein all Swiss young men are required to go and serve at the Vatican before they can become bankers, investment managers and civil officers in Switzerland because the Vatican pope is its sole monarch. Believe it or not!  

There was a former Swiss Guard who came to Boston to recruit investors as he was the CEO of an investment company, read about him in our other blog

Pope Francis, the two new pope saints John XXIII and John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and all popes definitely do not resemble one iota Jesus the Poor Carpenter of Nazareth and Poor Fisherman in the Sea of Galilee!  All movies portray Jesus as tall, lean and handsome but all popes, his assumed ‘Vicar of Christ’, have been FAT like COWS podgy, white and really hideous and repugnant they need the long white papal robe to constantly segue attention from their ugliness. Just look at the porky ass of Pope Francis that control 1.2 billion Catholics and the media world with his duck dance of wibble wobble Opus Dei Beast PR stunts.  Look at this gigantic poster in Rome of porky ass Pope Francis with the two fat popes new saints he canonized –John XXIII and John Paul II the 27 years globetrotting narcissistic pope – who said nothing and did nothing to protect children from his JP2 Army – John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army aptly named after his 27 years globetrotting papacy - and 1.2 billion stupid Catholics now adore them as their new fat Catholic Golden Cows.

Sacerdote pederasta mexicano es buscado en 180 países


[Priest Eduardo Cordova Bautista of the San Luis Potosi diocese is wanted in 180 countries thought the Interpol international police agency. He is wanted in connection with allegations that he sexually abused 19 young people.]
El sacerdote que llegó a fungir como representante de la Arquidiócesis de San Luis Potosí, de nombre Eduardo Córdova Bautista, es buscado en 180 países a través de la Policía Internacional de la Interpol por el abuso sexual de 19 menores.
De acuerdo con el procurador de Justicia de SLP, Miguel Ángel García Covarrubias, se tramitó una alerta migratoria en la Interpol Washington ante el supuesto caso de que el cura intente entrar o salir de Estados Unidos.
El procurador de Justicia emitió esta respuesta en un comunicado luego de que defensores de las víctimas protestaran, acusando que el gobierno de San Luis Potosí protege al prófugo sacerdote pederasta.
El fiscal aseguró que no habrá impunidad y que ha actuado con celeridad:
“En este caso siempre se ha actuado con estricto apego a la ley, evitando que haya impunidad, tan es así que en su momento se giró la respectiva orden de aprehensión en contra del ahora ex sacerdote por los delitos de abuso sexual calificado, privación ilegal de la libertad y corrupción de menores”.
Córdova Bautista tiene en su contra desde el 25 de junio pasado una orden de arresto por pederastia en agravio de 19 menores. Fue párroco del Templo de Nuestra Señora de la Anunciación e, incluso, representante de la Arquidiócesis en el estado.

Anonymous are about to wage war on rich and powerful ...

The Independent

Anonymous are about to wage war on rich and powerful covering up child sex abuse in 'nightmarish' Friday 13th march
LAMIAT SABIN Friday 13 February 2015
Masked protesters will march on the homes of "elite" paedophiles and public figures they claim have been involved in the "nightmarish" cover-up of child sex abuse.
In a video released on YouTube, Anonymous says it has exposed a club of people in positions of trust and responsibility that have been murdering and torturing children.
"Friday the 13th will see us become the nightmare on Elite Street," the message says.
"Politicians, royals, media, religious figures, singers, actors, men and women; it seems that the long grotesque arm of this club has no bounds.
Posted by Kathy Shaw at 6:41 AM

Opferverein kritisiert Bewährungsstrafe


[An association of victims of abuse at Ettal Monastery said giving their abuser probation is no penalty.]
Kloster Ettal | 27.02.2015 – München
Der Verein Ettaler Missbrauchs- und Misshandlungsopfer hält die vom Landgericht München II dem geständigen Pater G. zugesagte Bewährungsstrafe für problematisch. Aus Sicht von Missbrauchsopfern sei es keine Strafe, "wenn jemand nicht einmal eine Woche ins Gefängnis muss", sagte der Vereinsvorsitzende Robert Köhler am Freitag auf Anfrage der Katholischen Nachrichten-Agentur (KNA) in München. Eine solche Sanktion werde dem "Vergeltungsbedürfnis der Opfer" nicht gerecht.
Zugleich würdigte Köhler die grundsätzliche Bedeutung des Geständnisses. Damit könne nicht mehr bezweifelt werden, dass es diese Übergriffe gegeben habe. Der Ordensmann hatte nach jahrelangem Leugnen am Donnerstag sich im Sinne der Anklage für schuldig bekannt. Demnach hat er als Internatspräfekt in Kloster Ettal zwischen 2001 und 2005 drei Schüler insgesamt 23 Mal sexuell missbraucht. Das Gericht hatte ihm zuvor für den Fall eines Geständnisses eine zur Bewährung ausgesetzte Haftstrafe von nicht mehr als zwei Jahren in Aussicht gestellt. Eines der Opfer soll noch als Zeuge vernommen werden, bevor am 11. März ein Urteil erwartet wird.

Rome--Victims question church-state ties in Norway, other nations

Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests

Statement by David Clohessy of St. Louis, Director of SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests ( 314 566 9790, , )
Norwegian Catholic officials are accused of exaggerating church rosters to get more money. We’re skeptical of Oslo Bishop Bernt Eidsvig’s claims that he and his colleagues “never intended to do anything illegal."
[The Local]
We’re saddened by these allegations and urge governments to reconsider their agreements to collect fees for churches. These arrangements invite corruption and discourage abuse victims, witnesses and whistleblowers.
This kind of system gives churches too much power to church officials and deters abuse victims from speaking up ("See how powerful church is? See how closely it’s tied to secular authorities? Who will believe me? Why risk speaking up? Nothing will be done if I tell police or prosecutors")

Priest faces jail over sex abuse

Belfast Telegraph

27 FEBRUARY 2015
A Catholic priest dubbed the "fat vicar" is facing jail after he was found guilty of sexually abusing a teenage boy at a children's home.
Father Anthony McSweeney, 68, preyed on the vulnerable youngster while working at Grafton Close Children's Home in Hounslow, west London, between 1979 and 1981. Morbidly obese McSweeney was also found guilty of making indecent images of children.
He preyed on the boy with his close friend John Stingemore, 72, who managed the care home and was found dead in January - weeks before his trial.
Wearing a black suit and red tie and carrying a walking stick, McSweeney stared straight ahead as the jury of six men and five women returned their verdicts at London's Southwark Crown Court. He was cleared of three indecent assaults on two other boys at the care home and taking a pornographic photo of one of these boys.

Czech Roman Catholic priest convicted of rape, sexual abuse, receives 5-year prison term

Star Tribune

Associated Press Updated: February 26, 2015
PRAGUE — A court official in the Czech Republic says a Roman Catholic priest has been convicted of rape and sexual abuse and sentenced to five years in prison.
Jan Dolezal, spokesman for the county court in Havlickuv Brod, located some 120 kilometers (75 miles) southeast of Prague, said Erik Tvrdon was found guilty of raping four women and sexually abusing a minor. Police previously said they believed he forced a 13-year old girl to send him naked images of herself.
Tvrdon pleaded not guilty.
Thursday's verdict is not final. Dolezal says the state prosecutor has appealed, demanding a stiffer prison term.


James Jennings, former Catholic priest jailed for molesting fights compo claims

Herald Sun

A FORMER Catholic priest jailed for molesting students at a Bendigo boarding school is fighting compensation claims brought by his victims.
James Jennings, 81, was jailed last year after being found guilty of molesting boys in his car at St Vincent’s college boarding school in the mid-1960s.
Two victims are now trying to make Jennings pay compensation personally.
Jennings — who maintains his innocence — yesterday attacked one of the victims, claiming he had misled the court by saying he was not motivated by compensation and the jury’s decision may have been different had they known of the compensation claim.
“During my trial (he) very clearly stated he was not interested in money. He had agreed to press charges to assist other victims,” Jennings yesterday told County Court Judge Wendy Wilmoth.

Abusi sessuali, frate in manette L'arresto lungo il Cammino di Santiago

L'Unione Sarda:

[A Franciscan monk is accused of sexually abusing a 19 year old disabled person and a minor.]
Con l'accusa di presunti abusi sessuali su una disabile di 19 anni e su un minorenne, un frate francescano è stato arrestato a Lugo, in Galizia, dalla guardia civile.
Il religioso, J.Q., prestava servizio nella comunità di O Cebreiro e le manette sono scattate due giorni fa lungo il Cammino francese di Santiago a seguito delle indagini avviate dopo le denunce dei parenti delle vittime. Nella sua abitazione sono stati sequestrati computer, cellulare e dispositivi elettronici, con un archivio di video in cui il francescano appare mantenendo rapporti con la minore.

Philippines idiots Catholics & Migrante International missed biggest protest against Pope Francis - Pope of the Richest 1% of the Globe -NOT Pope of the Poor

PopeCrimes& Vatican Evils.

Paris Arrow
The Migrante International is one of the largest Philippine groups that keep protesting American Imperialism and its power over the Philippine’s President BS Aquino and its corrupt government and they wrote an open letter to Pope Francis asking him, “Pope of the Poor, Fight for Us”. Below is its open letter proving how stupid and idiotic Filipinos are to believe in Pope Francis who is the very same Pope – who colludes with American imperialists – therefore he is the Pope of the Rich who oppresses the Filipino people. Migrante International should have used the visit of Pope Francis to protest US Imperialism and Vatican Imperialism – after all the Philippines (was under Spaniard and the Vatican Catholic Church oppression for over 400 years) and today the Philippines continue to be controlled by the Vatican Catholic Church and the Vatican Swiss Banks continue to hoard American and European Imperialists' loot,the late President Marcos’ loot and President Aquino's loot from the Philippine treasury, read our related article, Hidden Heist in the Holy See.
Posted by Kathy Shaw at 6:35 PM


Confessions of a Gay Jesuit: How I Was Forced To Leave My Church—And Calling

The Daily Beast

Ben Brenkert wanted to be a priest, but confronted by the hypocrisy and prejudice of the Catholic Church he had to quit. Here, in a powerful, heartfelt essay, he explains why.
Today, at 35, I am a gay seminarian who still needs human touch. For me the best place is the Episcopal Church. Some day I will be a priest, hopefully married with children. That’s what I’m looking for, love; it falls under the rubric of modern love. I am a modern gay Christian in search of love, one who still wants to become a priest.
From 2004 to 2014 I was a Jesuit, a member of the Society of Jesus in good standing, an order gone global by the election of Pope Francis I. I left the Jesuits because I left the Roman Catholic Church. I would not be an openly gay priest in a Church that fires LGBTQ employees and volunteers. I left in protest: How could I be an openly gay priest who fires LGBTQ employees and volunteers?
Here’s my story; it is an experiment with truth telling, as much as it is about justice for LGBTQ Christians and non-Christians, men, women and children who have been deeply affected by the millennia of anti-gay theology and hate speech espoused by the Roman Catholic Church. The effects of this violence linger today. ...
In 2006, at 26, we Jesuit novices studied together in Denver. During this summer gay Jesuits met periodically, in secret to discuss the lack of hospitality and welcome by our straight brothers. Many spoke about how this led them into the dark night of the soul, to what some interpreted as an unhealthy uses of pornography, when what they really wanted was genuine human connection.
Of course, using porn contradicted one’s vow of chastity. One immature novice said that for him gay porn was but one means to keep his “gay self” alive and still connected to a community so often alienated by the Church; for me, he was erroneously projecting his own sense of isolation and alienation by the Church onto the gay porn industry.
In those secret meetings we discussed why it was OK for our straight brothers to make crude jokes about women during dinner while we could not discuss ex-boyfriends or what it meant to be healthy, chaste gay man. Our callings we opined were from God irrespective of our sexual orientation.

After nine trials spanning 12 years ...

Sydney Morning Herald

After nine trials spanning 12 years St Joseph's teacher Brother John Maguire faces sentencing for child sex offences
After nine separate trials spanning 12 years, Brother John Dennis Maguire was used to being in a courtroom.
But when the 71-year-old priest sat in the dock on Friday it was the first time he had faced the prospect of being sentenced for a crime.
From 1978 to the mid-1980s, Maguire was a teacher and dorm master at St Joseph's College in Hunters Hill, an exclusive Catholic school run by the Marist Brothers.
In 2002, he was charged with multiple sexual offences in relation to several students at the school, with the complainants alleging that he would target boys who were homesick – comforting them and then sexually assaulting them.
Maguire pleaded not guilty to the charges and his lawyers successfully applied for each of the allegations to be heard separately.

Public hearing into St Joseph’s Orphanage, Neerkol

Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

27 February, 2015
The Royal Commission will hold a public hearing commencing on Tuesday 14 April 2015 at the Rockhampton Court House, Virgil Power Building, 46 East Street, Rockhampton.
The scope and purpose of the public hearing is to inquire into:
The experiences of a number of men and women who were resident at St Joseph’s Orphanage, Neerkol operated by the Sisters of Mercy between 1940 and 1975;
The responses of:

a. the Sisters of Mercy
b. the Catholic Diocese of Rockhampton, and
c. the Queensland state government to complaints made by former residents of St Joseph’s Orphanage, Neerkol of child sexual abuse by workers, priests and nuns at the Orphanage between 1993 and present.

Any related matters.
Any person or institution who believes that they have a direct and substantial interest in the scope and purpose of the public hearing is invited to lodge a written application for leave to appear at the public hearing by 20 March 2015.
Applications for leave to appear should be made using the form available on the Royal Commission website.
The form and the submission should be lodged with the Royal Commission via:
or Mail: GPO Box 5283, Sydney NSW 2001.

Interested individuals and organisations are encouraged to view the proceedings via the webcast on the Royal Commission’s website.

Don’t let S.F. Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone’s charm fool you

San Francisco Chronicle

By C.W. Nevius
February 25, 2015

This week, San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone met with The Chronicle’s editorial board. He’s charming, humorous and engaging.
He’s also dead wrong.
The controversy stems from his proposed changes in the collective bargaining agreement with teachers in archdiocese high schools that would designate them as “ministers.” In addition, “clarifications” to school handbooks would emphasize that employees would have to follow the teachings of the church, leading some parents and teachers to call the additions morality clauses because they involve things like same-sex relationships and abortion.
Cordileone may have reconciled his personal beliefs — saying he would allow gay students at archdiocese schools but adamantly opposes the right of same-sex couples to marry — but many of the rest of us are still shaking our heads.
Cordileone made every effort to minimize the controversy, but his explanations were difficult to follow at best.
Take his statement: “To call an act gravely evil does not mean that the person who does the act is an evil person.”
That may be clear to him, but I don’t get it. Among the “evil” activities he’s talking about are homosexuality, same-sex marriage and even in-vitro fertilization. It’s the kind of chilling distinction that puts everyone on edge.

Reporters Lift Curtain on Pope Francis’ Veto of Hillary Clinton’s Pill

Christian Catholicism

Jerry Slevin
* Doggedly determined reporters following Toto’s example at last peeled back on Monday (1/19/15) the Papal Wizard’s curtain. They got the pope unexpectedly to digress about contraception “pills” and even Catholic “rabbits”, as discussed below. Please see also the superb analysis, “The Catholic church’s complicity in {former Manila street child} Glyzelle Palomar’s suffering“,
by Yale educated and prophetic theologian, Jamie Manson, here:

* [National Catholic Reporter]
* and the insightful discussion, “Pope Francis, Breeding Bunnies and Ideological Colonization“, by a leading expert on Catholics and contraception, Patricia Miller, here:
* [Religion Dispatches]
* Pope Francis evidently is gearing up for this summer’s papal push into US presidential politics and likely against family planning advocate, Hillary Clinton. He was untypically revealing about his current plans in responses to questions in his press conference on the flight back from the Philippines. He earlier had been more circumspect publicly after frightened cardinals, who worried about criminal prosecutions and financial bankruptcy, made him pope two years ago , as I recently discussed here Pope, M.L. King & a Dream About Street Children
* President Obama’s likely successor after next year’s US election, Hillary Clinton, has a long history of standing up to the Vatican, especially on the “pill” and contraception, as I recently discussed here Hillary Clinton vs. Pope Francis in 2015 ? Francis made it inevitable, with his “Catholics are not Rabbits” spin, that family planning will be a top issue in the upcoming US presidential elections. Francis and his subordinate US bishops are already following the latest mistaken right wing Republican line that “contraception” equals “abortion”.
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 Just 16% of Belfast Catholics go to Mass, says diocese survey

Belfast Telegraph

Only one in five Catholics is regularly attending Sunday Mass in the Down and Connor Diocese, a new report has revealed.
And attendance at Mass in the greater Belfast area has been recorded as low as 16% of all Catholics who live in the area, according to the diocesan report.
Figures from an audit taken last year in Down and Connor, the second largest diocese on the island, showed that based on the 2011 census figures of a potential 356,585 Catholics, only 72,818 were recorded as attending weekly Mass over a two-week period when the count was taken.
The findings also show a situation of an aging church population against the backdrop of an aging priest population.
There were 27 priests aged under 50 in 2014 and 54 aged between 51 and 65, while a third of all Mass-goers were aged 61 and over.

Book review: 'God's Bankers' traces often sordid Vatican banking history


POSTED: Sunday, February 15, 2015
God's Bankers
By Gerald Posner
Simon & Schuster.

732 pp. $30.
Reviewed by
Michael D. Schaffer

The New Testament is pretty clear on the incompatibility of earthly riches and the Kingdom of Heaven. But if Gerald Posner is right, a lot of people involved with Vatican finances over the years have skipped those passages.
Posner - lawyer, journalist, and Pulitzer-winning author of 11 books - reviews the church's long, complicated history with money, but his main focus is modern times.
His primary aim is the Institute for the Works of Religion, known as the Vatican Bank or IOR, its Italian acronym. Founded in 1942, IOR is supposed to serve the religious mission of the church, but in Posner's telling, it has also served as an offshore bank, tainted by association with shady characters whose list of sins includes money laundering, tax evasion, fraud, even murder.
Pope Pius XII created IOR at the suggestion of the Vatican's financial consultant, Bernardino Nogara, whose investment wizardry carried the Vatican through the Great Depression. Posner spends a lot of time on Pius XII, who was criticized for not taking a stronger stand against Nazi atrocities. "In World War II, Pius XII's silence helped protect a complex web of interlocking business interests with the Third Reich that yielded significant profits for the Vatican," Posner writes. He uses the word likely to describe this scenario. One hopes he is wrong.
Later on, the bank was tarred by association with rogue financiers Roberto Calvi and Michele Sindona and compromised by the ineptitude of Archbishop Paul Marcinkus, a high-ranking American official at the Vatican. In Posner's telling, Marcinkus, who ran IOR from 1971 to 1989, got the job because Pope Paul VI liked him, and kept it thanks to the gratitude of Pope John Paul II, after Marcinkus sent $5 million in 1978 to the Archdiocese of Philadelphia to help clean up a scandal at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa near Doylestown.
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It's high time for Pope Francis to open the Vatican Bank's files

Los Angeles Times

Pope Francis, who has worked hard to carve out a reputation as a reformer, is facing one of his most daunting challenges when it comes to the Catholic Church's finances, particularly the Vatican Bank. Since World War II — when the bank was created as the equivalent of the Federal Reserve combined with a commercial bank — it has operated with few checks and balances. Over the decades, it has become embroiled in seemingly endless scandals that include questions about wartime profiteering with Nazis, gigantic business schemes and political slush funds.
The Vatican did not even have a law against money laundering until 2011. Some previous popes — including Paul VI in the 1960s and John Paul II in the 1980s — had promised upon their election to tame the church's unruly finances. But they were inevitably defeated by entrenched powers inside Vatican City who pretended to embrace reforms while working surreptitiously to maintain the bank's outlier status. The issue facing the church is whether Francis, riding a remarkable wave of international popularity and goodwill, can accomplish what frustrated his predecessors.
Since becoming pope in 2013, Francis has energetically tried to remake the bank into a transparent and accountable institution through decrees, key appointments and an overall reorganization. By tapping outsiders for important management and enforcement roles at the Vatican Bank, he has started to loosen the grip of old-guard clerics, mostly Italian, who have long wielded the city-state's money power. And Francis' appointment of a respected cardinal, George Pell of Australia, to oversee a new uber financial department, has received a mostly positive reception from Vatican watchers.
But has Francis done enough? Will the Vatican Bank move forward as a compliant member of the international financial community, or will it remain the equivalent of an offshore bank in the heart of Rome? It is too early to tell, in part because no one is certain how long Francis will be pope.
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 Junipero Serra is NO SAINT. Pope Francis abuses his papal power to canonize men of fetid deeds like John Paul II

PopeCrimes& Vatican Evils.

Paris Arrow
Pope Francis the Jesuit Master of Deceits has announced, "Now in September, God willing, I will canonize Junipero Serra in the United States. He was the evangelizer of the West in the United States." First of all, it is not “God willing” but the “Devil willing” aka “Vatican Mammon Beast willing” aka “Opus Dei Beast PR Deceits Team willing” aka “Jesuits Masters of Deceits willing”.
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