Thursday, July 28, 2011

Vatican Titanic Ship hits icebergs in New York and Ireland !!!

The Holy See Vatican Titanic Ship has hit icebergs in New York with Governor Cuomo’s new GAY marriage law and in Ireland with Prime Minister Edna Kenny’s ballistic attack on the Vatican’s narcissism, dysfunction, disconnection, elitism. It's no longer slowly and surely but rather it's now swift as the instant Internet connections in the 21st century, the Titanic moral authority of the Vatican shall sink and disappear into oblivion because Pope John Paul II and Cardinal Ratzinger together -- knowingly and intentionally -- failed to protect children for over a quarter of a century in the longest papacy ever -- for the sake of the glory of John Paul II the Great , read our related article 9/11 victims 3,000. JP2 Army 100,000s. May Day: both Hitler and bin Laden Announced Dead on May 1 on John Paul II Beatification Day B-Day

Heil Satanas JP2 Patron Saint of Pedophiles, Pederasts Rapists-Priests! John Paul II is the same yesterday and today-- he cannot protect children

New York’s Governor Cuomo has proven that New York is, at last, a secular state and is not controlled whatsoever by religion especially by the Catholic Church rule of Benedict XVI against GAYS, read our related article Gov.Cuomo defies Rule of Benedict on GAYS. The “Vatican Titanic Ship” hits iceberg in New York

We are now seeing Ireland’s Prime Minister declaring that the Republic of Ireland is not Rome as he attacks the Vatican’s role in the cover-up of pedophile priests in the Cloyne Diocese of Ireland, read our related article Irish PM blasts ‘narcissism’ of Vatican. The narcissism of John Paul II and the Vatican are one and the same .

Two rulers of the land have finally taken on Benedict XVI, the ruler of The Roman Catholic Kingdom. Two heads of state, the state of New York and the state of Ireland attack the Vatican at the point of no return! Two icebergs from across the Atlantic in New York and Ireland have finally hit the Vatican and the Holy See Titanic Ship is sinking to the point of no return.

The Vatican Kingdom encompasses the globe from where the sun rises to where the sun sets with dioceses that oversees 1.1 billion Catholics, that’s one seventh of the world’s population, read our related article, World Population to hit 7 Billion. The Vatican's diplomatic immunity days are numbered

The moral authority of the Vatican Trinity of John Paul II, Benedict XVI and the Opus Dei is sinking with the Vatican Titanic Ship. John Paul II who wrote about All Things Catholic with his Galaxy size ego shall not be worshipped alongside Christ and Mary, read our related article John Paul II Galaxy size ego usurps Mary statues. ‘The Holy Father’ John Paul II ousts Baby Jesus from the arms of His ‘Holy Mother’ Mary!

The John Paul II Titanic Ship was hit by its own JP2 Army, the John Paul II Pedophiles Rapists Priests Army Although in denial mode as Benedict XVI, his partner in the Holy See that covered-up the JP2 Army for 27 years, hastily beatify and canonize him as the fastest tracking saint in modern history, the truth is marching on, read our related article John L.Allen Jr.Pied Piper of John Paul II deceives Catholics with his essay Fast-Track Saint in Newsweek -- with Vatican lunacy & Satanic timeline

The world and youths will no longer be fooled by the Vatican and Benedict XVI’s and Opus Dei’s personal brand and priority of “holiness”, read our related article Why John Paul II is Opus Dei's Patron Saint: analysis of conference at Holy Cross Pontifical University in Rome

John Paul II will be seen in his true colors as the Pope of Sodomy, read VISION of PARIS ARROW : St. Michael the Archangel tied giant millstone to John Paul II's neck at World Youth Day in 2002

Benedict XVI has no power to say « Let there be God » in the Eucharist just like he has no power to say « Let there be light » in Genesis

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Holy Heist! John Paul II WYD had no role with Arab youths who liberated Egypt from Mubarak who stole then deposited billions into Vatican Swiss Banks

Benedict XVI Titanic Ship hit by Galileo Iceberg!

John Paul II Titanic Ship hit not only by American iceberg of priest pedophilia, also Irish iceberg, German iceberg, Austrian...Canadian icebergs....

Benedict XVI rejected by Rome's Sapienza University students and professors

Benedict XVI "Opus Dei Pope-number 2" rejected by Rome La Sapienza University

John Paul II 4 million,Ayatollah Khomeini 9 million people at funeral! Cardinal Pell, fanatics cannot beatify the Pope of Pedophiles and Pederasts

Opus Dei Patron Saint of Pedophiles, Pederasts and Rapists : Prayer to Saint John Paul II = Opus Dei Pope #1.... Benedict XVI is Opus Dei Pope #2

The Nazis of Hitler and the Roman Catholic Church of Benedict XVI they both burn human beings in Auschwitz and in Hell

The Nazis and the John Paul II Pedophiles Rapists-Priests Army were both an inherently evil all-male elite hierarchy born from the Devil's bowels

The Devil’s bowels smell like roses in the Vatican

9/11 victims 3,000. JP2 Army 100,000s. May Day: both Hitler and bin Laden Announced Dead on May 1 on John Paul II Beatification Day B-Day

America, wake up and SEE the Victims in USA - Attackers - Responsible Leaders

Pearl Harbor - 3,000 victims - 170 planes - Admiral Yamamoto

WTC & 9/11 attacks - 3,000 victims - 19 Muslims - Osama bin Laden

JP2 Army - 15,736 victims - 6,000 pedophile priests - John Paul II & Benedict XVI & Opus Dei, the new Vatican Trinity

Opus Dei controlled the 27 years papacy of John Paul II and is therefore the foremost guilty party who aided and abetted and covered-up the John Paul II Pedophiles Rapists-Priests Army. Opus Dei wrote most of John Paul II’s books and writings and to ensure their perpetuity as “All things Catholic”, they want JP2 to be beatified and canonized now by Benedict XVI so as not to take any chances on other future popes. The FACE of Opus Dei is John Paul II and the PHANTOM Spirit of Opus Dei is their founder St. Josemaria Escriva, read our related article John Paul II, Patron of Pederasts and Opus Dei – analysis of Joaquin Navarro-Valls’ reasons for JP2 beatification at Opus Dei conference in Rome . Theology and John Paul II are heartless and together they made the immoral Fr. Marcial Maciel thrive

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