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Priests & journalists are LEAST TRUSTED professionals: Study shows. People trust more their hairdressers and people walking down the street than priests and journalists

Two of the most powerful and oldest institutions on earth, the church and the media and their professional messengers of priests and journalists are now among the least trusted, a new study shows in the UK.  The church used to control people’s souls and their eternal salvation or damnation (and they also controlled their wealth).  The journalists used to control people’s minds and behaviors by controlling the news they feed them every day .  But things have changed.  People are no longer passively biting the church’s and the media’s baits.  Priests and journalists are now at the bottom of list that people trust.  People trust their hairdresser and people walking down the street more than priests and journalists (see study below).  The effect of people’s distrust on priests reverberates especially in Rome at the heart of the Catholic Church in the Vatican where Vatican officials and employees are ‘ASHAMED to tell people’ where they work – and yet the Vatican is the Mecca of Roman Catholicism where pope are buried and saints are canonized and where millions of Catholics go at least once in their lifetime for a pilgrimage to see and pray with the pope. It seems that even prayers and saints cannot restore that once-upon-a time trust people had on priests.

The priestly uniforms of black suits with a white (dog) collar, and monsignors and bishops long black robes, and cardinals’ fancy red robes – can no longer command or control people’s respects like police uniforms do in secular society.  The church is now reaping what it sowed in its rampant cover-ups of half-the-20th century of Vatican crimes against humanity’s children committed by the JP2 Army – John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army.    

Ten years ago, in 2005, a major survey in the USA showed that 45% of Americans believe little or nothing that they read in newspapers. Twenty years before that only 16% of readers expressed such profound scepticism. The reasons were startling and it is even more true today than ever whether it is in the USA, the EU and worldwide:

“Anyone who relies on mainstream newspapers, television or radio for news about the EU will have a very superficial and one sided view of what is going on. What masquerades as news is simply a mixture of lies, half truths, spin, counterspin and propaganda. The aim of the media today is to misinform, to manipulate and to make you afraid….

But today's journalists are muzzled not by the threat of violence but by the promise of wealth and fame and success. The statist elite of the EU and Labour don't kill journalists - they buy them.

Today's journalists have given up their spirit in return for money, fame and honours. Journalists used to pride themselves on their freedom and independence. Today's journalists are servile, weak and greedy. They are also easily bribed.  Read the full text below.

The JP2 Army – John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army and Vatican crimes against humanity’s children are reaping what they sowed for half-the-20th century.  And no amount of Spotlight is going to blind them and make them forget and feel-good about priests. 

Read our articles on Spotlight in the list below, especially ‘Spotlight’ movie akin to Eric Gill statue of St. Michael Archangel in Scotland: Both made by famous celebrities. Both are half-truths. Both teach nothing to children and youth

Read our REBUTTAL to GQ Why Spotlight deserves to win an Oscar. (What for? For its half-truths? For its cover-up of John Paul II? For its feel-good scenes of evil Cardinal Bernard Law?) 

New poll shows people trust hairdressers more than priests

Three decades ago the priesthood was one of the most trusted professions, but a new poll shows that nowadays people are more likely to trust their hairdressers than priests.


New poll shows people trust hairdressers more than priests
However, priests still fare better than politicians in the trust stakes.

According to this report, politicians remain the least trusted profession with only 21 per cent of the public saying they trust them. They are followed closely by estate agents and journalists, both on 25 per cent.
Bobby Duffy, Director of the Social Research Institute at Ipsos MORI, said the public’s lack of faith in politicians signified:

A new crisis of trust. From this long-running survey we can see that public trust has been an issue for politicians for at least the past 33 years.
Other professions, though, have seen a long-term decline in trust, most notably the clergy, who were the most trusted profession when we started the series in 1983 and have fallen behind seven other groups.

The latest survey shows that people are more likely to trust each other than establishment figures, with 69 percent trusting ordinary people on the street, compared to civil servants (59 percent), lawyers (51 percent), NHS managers (49 percent) and charity chief executives (47 percent).

Some commentators were especially surprised to see clergy falling below hairdressers in public trust. The Times suggested that:
The salon chair has replaced the confessional.


Reverend Ben Norton, above, said he was not particularly surprised by the poll’s findings.
Sometimes clergy don’t really connect with where people are at.
The Middlesbrough vicar explained people often feel clergy are different and distant and don’t really relate to their lives.

Norton trained as a hairdresser before studying theology and entering the Church. However after moving to a new parish, he decided to put his old skills back to use to get to know his parishioners.

For me hairdressing is a way to connect with people who don’t come to church. It is a really good way to get to know people and listen to people.
 Norton does not wear his dog collar while cutting hair and people usually find out during their haircut that he is a vicar.

Most are surprised when they find out, Norton said, but they feel able to talk about faith because they’ve already had a normal conversation.

Public's trust in clergy plummets

 I’ve been in and around Washington for almost 50 years, including a stint in the cabinet, and I’ve learned that real change happens only when a substantial share of the American public is mobilized, organized, energized and determined to make it happen. That’s more the case now than ever. 

The other day Bill Clinton attacked Sanders’s proposal for a single-payer health plan as unfeasible and a “recipe for gridlock.” But these days, nothing of any significance is politically feasible and every bold idea is a recipe for gridlock. This election is about changing the parameters of what’s feasible and ending the choke hold of big money on our political system. In other words, it’s about power – whether the very wealthy who now have it will keep it, or whether average Americans will get some as well.

How badly is political power concentrated in America among the very wealthy? A study published in the fall of 2014 by two of America’s most respected political scientists, Princeton professor Martin Gilens and Northwestern’s Benjamin Page, suggests it’s extremely concentrated.

Gilens and Page undertook a detailed analysis of 1,799 policy issues, seeking to determine the relative influence on them of economic elites, business groups, mass-based interest groups and average citizens.
Their conclusion was dramatic: “The preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically nonsignificant impact upon public policy.” Instead, Gilens and Page found that lawmakers respond almost exclusively to the moneyed interests – those with the most lobbying prowess and deepest pockets to bankroll campaigns.

I find it particularly sobering that Gilens and Page’s data came from the period 1981 to 2002. That was before the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United opinion, which opened the floodgates to big money in politics, and before the explosion of Super Pacs and secretive “dark money” whose sources do not have to be disclosed by campaigns. It stands to reason that if average Americans had a “near-zero” impact on public policy then, the influence of average Americans is now zero.
Most Americans don’t need a detailed empirical study to convince them of this. They feel disenfranchised, and angry toward a political-economic system that seems rigged against them. This was confirmed for me a few months ago when I was on book tour in America’s heartland, and kept hearing from people who said they were trying to make up their minds in the upcoming election between supporting Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump
At first I was incredulous. After all, Sanders and Trump are at opposite ends of the political spectrum. It was only after several discussions that I began to understand the connection. Most of these people said they were incensed by “crony capitalism,” by which they meant political payoffs by big corporations and Wall Street banks that result in special favors such as the Wall Street bailout of 2008.

They wanted to close tax loopholes for the rich, such as the special “carried interest” tax break for hedge-fund and private-equity partners. They wanted to reduce the market power of pharmaceutical companies and big health insurers, which they thought resulted in exorbitant prices. They were angry about trade treaties that they characterized as selling-out American workers while rewarding corporate executives and big investors.

Somewhere in all this I came to see what’s fueling the passions of voters in the 2016 election. If you happen to be one of the tens of millions of Americans who are working harder than ever but getting nowhere, and you feel the system is rigged against you and in favor of the rich and powerful, you will go in one of two directions.

Either you will be attracted to an authoritarian bigot who promises to make America great again by keeping out people different from you and recreating high-paying jobs in America. Someone who sounds like he won’t let anything or anybody stand in his way, and who’s so rich he can’t be bought off.
Or you’ll be attracted to a political activist who tells it like it is, who has lived by his convictions for 50 years, who won’t take a dime of money from big corporations or Wall Street or the very rich, and who is leading a grass-roots “political revolution” to regain control over our democracy and economy. In other words, you will be enticed either by a would-be dictator who promises to bring power back to the people, or by a movement leader who asks you to join together with others to bring power back to the people.

Of the two, I would prefer the latter. But what about the “pragmatic” Hillary Clinton? I have worked closely with her and have nothing but respect for her. In my view, she’s clearly the most qualified candidate for president of the political system we now have.

But the political system we now have is profoundly broken. Bernie Sanders is the most qualified candidate to create the political system we should have because he’s leading a political movement for change.

Watch Bernie Sanders' election campaign ad 'America' – video

▶ 1:02         
   › US News › Bernie Sanders
Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders released an election ad earlier this month titled 'America ...

A hippy song for a political ad? Only Bernie Sanders can pull that off... › Opinion › Bernie Sanders
- It's hard to remember a political ad receiving the kind of praise being showered on Bernie Sanders' unconventional new TV spot, America, ...


The Clinton Family Foundation is effectively 

a criminal,

money-laundering operation

Vatican assets in the United States of America -- are in cahoots with the Clintons

         The Catholic Church in the United States, with “assets of more than $100 billion, today possesses more than ten times the combined wealth of IBM, Exxon, General Motors, and U.S. Steel.”

   -  stock it controls on the New York and American stock exchanges, and property, gold reserves, and paintings—are probably $50 billion to $60 billion

     -   There is no accountability for these funds to anyone except the Vatican. Everything is done in com­plete secrecy

   -   The hierarchy has learned to act indirectly through Catholic lay­persons

   -   The hierarchy acts through Catholic politicians , plutocrats like the owner of Boston Globe

Note that this Vatican fortune in the USA has only multiplied – exponentially –through the decades since that book was written.

Read Vatican Circus in South Korea: Pope Francis tells idiot Catholics to ‘combat allure of materialism’ but Vatican owns expensive shops only for 1% wealthiest on earth 

REBUTTAL: Pope Francis is not the Vicar of Christ but the Vicar of Capitalism and Vicar of Vatican Empire akaVatican Mammon Evil Beast that exploits the poor. 
Read our related article, Philippines idiots Catholics & Migrante International missed biggest protest against Pope Francis - Pope of the Richest 1% of the Globe -NOT Pope of the Poor

 Eucharist is a HOAX
Pope Francis (cardinals, bishops, priests) – by the power of his papal mouth in a few seconds – of reciting Roman Catholic doctrine of transubstantiation (deceit) script – cannot instantly clone the real flesh-and-blood of Jesus Christ – because His mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, had to carry 9 months in her God-designed female womb – and then give birth (painfully) like all other women.  Pope Francis and priests have no wombs to reproduce a child and their mouths cannot reproduce the body of Christ either
The little white host in the Eucharist is the biggest lie of Satan since the Garden of Eden where God forbade that mankind eat of the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil that was exclusively for God.  The Eucharist makes man even greater than God because he can reproduce His flesh and blood -- and it is the bait to trap idiots especially stupid Americans Catholics to worship the Vatican Mammon Evil Beast guarded by Swiss Guard Army in Vatican Swiss Banks that hoard the ill-gotten wealth of despots, American imperialists, European imperialists, corrupt government officials, war lords, drug lords, name it, they have it.  

The Vatican is the most evil power on the planet that breeds corruptions among government officials, which breed wars, violence against the poor, women and children. Pope Francis is the greatest thief in mankind’s history and the greatest Jesuit Master of Deceits and he is only headed to the lake of fire where he will join his real father of lies who came to kill, steal and destroy.  Pope Francis is the Devil turned into an Angel Pope-in-white in the Vatican Circus of lies, deceptions and corruptions worldwide.

Hail Mary, full of grace               Hell Pope Francis, full of deceits
The Lord is with you                      The Devil is with you
Blessed are you among women      Cursed are you among all men
And blessed is the fruit                   And cursed are your Vatican
Of your womb, Jesus                      Opus Dei & Swiss Banks

The Roman Catholic Church is –– not Christ’s Church –– but the church of the Vatican Mammon Evil Beast.  Idiots Roman Catholics – especially idiots Americans – give moral and financial supports and are cooperators in – crimes against humanity – committed by the Vatican and Pope Francis! 

It’s false to claim that “the gates of Hell shall not prevail against the Catholic Church” –––– because the truth is the gates of Heaven cannot prevail against the Vatican –which is the Kingdom of Satan on Earth –– with its perpetual Pope Crimes and Vatican Evils – already with two millennium of Vatican Evils – and now on its third millennium of crimes against humanity – and still going strong.  The gates of Heaven is helpless especially against the Vatican Mammon Evil Beast Empire in Switzerland and its Swiss Banks run exclusively by so called very evident ‘Pope’s Army aka God’s Army’ – the Swiss Guard Army alumni. Read the Hidden Heist in the Holy See.  The SECRET biggest heist in the history of mankind! Pope Francis is the Greatest THIEF on earth.

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Pope Francis buys souls of Kenneth Copeland & televangelists to prepare for USA presidential election. God forbid Jeb Bush wins! Bush is the curse of America

Vatican Circus in South Korea: Pope Francis tells idiot Catholics to ‘combat allure of materialism’ but Vatican owns expensive shops only for 1% wealthiest on earth 

Junipero Serra is NO SAINT. Pope Francis abuses his papal power to canonize men of fetid deeds like John Paul II

Sins and Crimes Are Not Synonymous. Sinners and Criminals Are Not One and the Same

 Sacrament of Confession protects criminals and persecutes their victims  
Mother Teresa was not a living saint - revealed in detail by book.

John Allen–New Kid on the Block is Same Old Bloke –ancient as Satanas St. John Paul II & Octopus Dei Beast PR Deceits Team. SOB


 The Vatican War Room produced Spotlight


From its "silence strategy" to Spotlight, 

the Vatican continue to deceive humankind

Hollywood should produce the JP2 
Army Reality TV Show –

  it's better than NCIS 

It would span 25,000 years 
  to depict the JP2 Army 
- John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army 
  Reality TV show

 To serve and protect children, Hollywood should produce a reality TV crime show to depict the Vatican sex crimes by the JP2 Army – John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army -- at 52 weeks a year – it would take 25,000 years -- to cover 1.3 million episodes! 
 They have already outperformed the 2,000 year history of the Roman Catholic church and its Pope Crimes and Vatican Evils, and The Borgias!  The JP2 Army Reality TV show would outperform the NCIS series, the Kardashans, Survivor and all NYPD and Chicago PD shows!   

Cold-blood-ed John Paul is no saint for children because he said nothing and did nothing to save and protect them for 27 years  


Pope Francis the CON Christ, Pretender & Imposter of Jesus, Merlin priest hoax who cannot clone Jesus or dogs. FRANCIS’ TOP 3 POPE CRIMES

Hidden Heist in the Holy See.  The SECRET biggest heist in the history of mankind! Pope Francis is the Greatest THIEF on earth.

Pope Francis Top 10 Vatican Deceits. Francis cloned @3.13.13 inside Vatican Titanic as Jesuit Mask of Vatican Evils. “Bergoglio. Basura. Vos sos la dictadura.”

Vatican’s wealth all over Rome and Italy and England and USA 

Inside Pope Francis' Private World and Trip to America     

Pope Francis is the




Devil  Serpent


THE Government

  the MEDIA, 
  the Military
  and the Police

Two-faced Pope Francis: Laughing THIEF & Grim LIAR. Two completely different faces that reveal his inner soul. Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde at the Vatican?

    Pope Francis and the New Vatican
. Michae


Two-faced Pope Francis: Laughing THIEF & Grim LIAR. Two completely different faces that reveal his inner soul. Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde at the Vatican?




Read our articles John Paul II Millstone    

Rosary could not defeat JP2 Army John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army in the 20th Century ... unlike the Battle of Lepanto in the 16th Century       

Confession protects criminals and persecutes their victims

Paris Arrow’s vision of Stl tying the giant millstone around John Paul II’s neck then dragging him until his neck broke, and throwing him into a raging sea of fire


Pope Francis is not the Vicar of Christ

Pope Francis is the Vicar of  greedy

multi-national Plutocrats

the Vicar of Vatican Empire of Capitalists

aka Vatican Mammon Evil Beast

aka Opus Dei Beast that exploits the poor.

The Vatican owns Switzerland and the secret Vatican Swiss Banks are run-only by Swiss Guard Army graduates and alumni.

Pope Francis is the most evil pope in the history of Catholicism because his crimes affect the entire globe and many nations and billions of poor people which cause the violence against children and women all as a result of the Vatican-imposed abject poverty.

Vatican bank Bishop∕accountant caught money laundering €20M and it surpasses the Da Vinci Code intrigue. Vatican greedy Mammon never sleeps and never stops

The Hague is above Pope, Vatican, Religion. The Hague must prosecute Benedict XVI now to prove secular International Justice reigns over ALL Religions and Despots

UN vs. Vatican (half its 800 population do NOT live inside Vatican City) – so its jurisdiction is only for 400 in-house residents?

Résultats de recherche d'images pour « cartoon benedict XVI »

John Paul II & Cardinal Josef RATzinger

The Captain and co-Captain of the Vatican 

Titanic sunken 

deep in the ocean of moral bankruptcy



COLD-HEART-ed Holy Father

Cold-blood-ed John Paul is no saint for children because he said nothing and did nothing to save and protect them for 27 years  



Jesus of Nazareth  


the poor fisherman of the Sea of Galilee

3 FAT well-fed cows - ROMAN POPES 


-- Popes do NOT resemble Jesus Christ one iota

-- Popes  are CON-Christs and con-artists

-- Popes  are Pretenders & Impostors of Jesus

-- Popes  are LIARS & HYPOCRITES 

-  Popes  cannot clone Christ, ants or dogs 

Popes  are sorcerers in the Eucharist

 - Popes  are false magicians 

-- Popes  cannot clone or re-produce Jesus the Son of God

-- Popes are fat popes cannot reincarnate Jesus the Creator of the Universe 

The Popes' Master is the Vatican Mammon Beast - 

because he is the owner of Switzerland 

and the secret Vatican Swiss Banks 

- hece there's the Swiss Guard Army.

HOAX of Eucharist -

 instant reincarnation of Christ's flesh and blood

 is the worst Satanic Mass & sorcery of mankind

Popes and priests have no wombs to procreate babies

and their mouths cannot procreate the Body of Christ 


 Popes and priests cannot clone ants and dogs 

and therefore 

they cannot clone Jesus the Son of God
 the Creator 

of the Universe!

It took 9-months for Jesus to be in Mary' womb before He was born-
Read Pope Francis in Israel clones Christ where he was born 2,000 years ago 

The Vatican Concordats give the Bible to 

the people 

and steal their land and billions of dollars

and assets 

It is time to abolish the Vatican Concordats that usurp billions of dollars from countries already buried in debts, ––  read more about the Vatican Concordats here and how Spain is leading its abolition

Vatican Pope controls Wall Street 

and all Stock Exchange 

and all wars in nations.

Wall Street Journal is a liar about vocations in seminaries

Amnesty International Report Vatican “Torture, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment” on tens of thousands of children sexually abused by priests


Popes and priests have no wombs to produce babies

and their mouths cannot produce tiny flesh


 the Body of Christ 


The black belt means she is pregnant
The womb of the Immaculate Conception of Nuestra

 Senora de Guadalupe carried Jesus this way


9-months gestation of Jesus - the Son of God 


The cloning process that produced Dolly
Pope Francis and priests cannot clone the flesh of God the Son


1-MINUTE black magic of the cloning of 

Christ by sinful Vatican pope and priests


Pope Francis, all Popes, Cardinals, Bishops 

Priests cannot clone cats and dogs  


 they  CANNOT create Christ either.

POPES and PRIESTS are MERLIN magicians

Transubstantiation or the Mass is a recent development  

.St. Peter and St. Paul and the Apostles never celebrated Mass and never “transubstantiation” the bread into the flesh of Christ, what they did was to preach about Christ. The Mass was a slow development from the 12th century through various liturgical reforms until the 20th century. It was only in 1215 at the Fourth Council of the Lateran that the Mass began to take form and in 1551 at the Council of Trent that transubstantiation became what it is today.

The Vatican has come to use it as its main crux of power on earth deceiving Catholics and peoples of all faiths that only Popes and men-priests have the exclusive power to transubstantiate - or clone - God’s flesh.Because of the Mass, the Vatican has gotten away with all kinds of heinous crimes, e.g. the Crusades, the Inquisition, the burning of women and witches

 “For the sake of the Eucharist” and because of the shortage of priests, John Paul II, Cardinal Ratzinger-Benedict XVI, the Opus Dei who controls the Vatican, the Cardinals and Bishops shuffled pedophile priests from one parish to another. The rest is history: the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army committed Holy ES Eucharist-and-Sodomy of Biblical proportions see the John Paul II Millstone

In the name of Hail Mary, we dare challenge and defy the Magisterium: No words pronounced by any finite-man can create an infinite-God! No words of the Pope and priests can re-create or re-incarnate Christ’s flesh. The words of sinful popes and priests are powerless and can never create God! Only Mary the Immaculate Conception deserved to bear God in her womb. No evil pope and evil priests is worthy to touch and hold God in their evil hands. The words of popes and Cardinals, Bishops and priests are mere clashing-cymbals of St. Paul see John Paul II the Great clashing cymbal of St. PauL l

See Benedict XVI to beatify John Paul II is “brought to nothing” by St. Paul

Two-faced Pope Francis: Laughing THIEF & Grim LIAR. Two completely different faces that reveal his inner soul. Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde at the Vatican?

Vatican Pope controls Wall Street 

and all Stock Exchange 

and all wars in nations.

Wall Street Journal is a liar about vocations in seminaries

Amnesty International Report Vatican “Torture, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment” on tens of thousands of children sexually abused by priests


Popes and priests have no wombs to produce babies

and their mouths cannot produce tiny flesh


 the Body of Christ 


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