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REBUTTAL:TheMediaReport-David Pierre "Same As It Ever Was: NY Times’ Laurie Goodstein Gives Free Publicity to SNAP and Its Claim That Pope Francis Ignores Abuse Victims"

Inspired by St. Michael the Archangel whose flaming sword protects us and guide us on what to blog

David Pierre of TheMediaReport is the doppelganger of Goliath-bully Bill Donohue of Catholic League

David Pierre is the twin of Goliath-bully Bill Donohue and their main job is to be the henchmen of the Opus Dei Beast PR Deceits Team and Pope Francis.  In the Medieval Ages, kings had foot soldiers and spies who went furtively among the people – to scout and catch critics whom they’d turn-in and were either jailed or hanged if they refused to recant their criticism against the monarch.  In the (VA) Vatican Autocracy of the 21st century, David Pierre and Bill Donohue are the foot soldiers and spies for the Opus Dei Beast PR Deceits Team.  But when they catch critics instead of turning them in, they personally and immediately deliver the brutal blows of insults and whatever it takes to stop and shut-up those critics.  Pierre and Donohue are the verbal terrorists of the Vatican. They have a mandate of verbal “shoot-to-kill” – meaning thrash and bash the opponents and critics – especially SNAP – and wipe them out from the face of the earth ASAP – literally.    

David Pierre and Bill Donohue are the Opus Dei Beast PR Deceits Team and Pope Francis’ not-feel-good mouthpieces.  While Vatican paid Pied Pipers like John Allen write feel-good articles to deceive, Pierre and Donohue write vicious harrying pieces to disparage, mock, ridicule, knock-down and wipe out (for-good if possible) critics – and their main target is SNAP  –  the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests –  who endlessly protest against Pope Francis and his princes of cardinals and bishops.  A classic derogatory piece is David Pierre’s article  –  Same As It Ever Was: NY Times’ Laurie Goodstein Gives Free Publicity to SNAP and Its Claim That Pope Francis Ignores Abuse Victims which we rebuttal.  David Pierre’s articles are in italics.   Our rebuttals are below each section. 

But first, we’d like to tackle immediately and prove David Pierre’s tale that the priest pedophilia is “a decades-old story line that gets old and stale” -- is wrong, very wrong and false.

FYI,  David Pierre:  9/11 in 2001. JP2 Army in 2002  –John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army crimes worldwide.

Both are SIMULTANEOUS decade-old story line

Now, WHY should the –American and worldwide – JP2 Army become  “a decades-old story line that get old and stale”

But the 9/11 decade-old story line – does not and will never get old and stale?

Obviously David Pierre does not realize that the suffering the victims suffered from the Vatican crimes against humanity's children by the JP2 Army - John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army  -- are similar to the Holocaust survivors and families of 9/11 victims – these countless Catholic victims’ affliction, pain, torment and memories never " get old and stale"...

The 9/11 decade-old story line – does not and will never get old and stale.

9/11 attacks in New York City occurred in 2001. 

In February 2002, the JP2 Army - John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army phenomenon erupted in Boston.

Only a few months from 9/11. 

Less than a year from 9/11.

9/11 happened in Ground Zero within only short walking distance -- one small city block.

The JP2 Army – John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army spread – like wildfire – to all dioceses across the USA from Boston to Los Angeles –– with its systemic cover-up by cardinals and bishops and popes. 

There were only 19 Muslim attackers in 9/11.

There are 6, 500 pedophile priests (plus more) in the USA and all their files are in Bishops

They are all self-claimed only-men “representatives of God” and they claim to have supernatural powers to mass produce the flesh and “Body of Christ” in the (sorcery) Eucharist. 

There were 3, 000 victims of 9/11 (all dead).

There are possibly 100,000 victims in the USA and they are represented by SNAP – Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests.   Very much alive but they are suffering worse than the survivors of the Holocaust who have major support systems and are paid  billions of dollars in compensation and life-time care for healing. 

Now, WHY should the –American and worldwide – JP2 Army become “a decades-old story line continue to get old and stale” – as TheMediaReport disparagingly puts it – against SNAP who were protesting Pope Francis visit? 

But the simultaneous 9/11 decade-old story line – does not and will never – get old and stale?

The Boston archdiocese paid $100 million dollars in compensation to victims,  Los Angeles paid  $660 million dollars   One of the latest ‘settlements’ happened recently in Milwaukee this past August 2015 to 575 victims. It’s one of the most unjust settlements ever

The 9/11 3,000 victims’ memories are kept alive forever – via – their names carved in a monument visited by millions every year. They names are individually read out loud each year during 9/11 solemn commemoration in New York City.  Read our article, 9/11 14th year anniversary somber commemoration in New York versus JP2 Army - John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army celebrate movie Spotlight in Venice

Now, WHY should the –American and worldwide – JP2 Army become “a decades-old story line continue to get old and stale” – as TheMediaReport disparagingly puts it – against SNAP who were protesting Pope Francis visit? 

But the simultaneous 9/11 decade-old story line – does not and will never get old and stale?

The Vatican Roman Catholic Church has always claimed itself to be above-the-law because of its “divine right” to instantly clone Christ’s flesh in the Eucharist.

If there’s one major thing the JP2 Army – John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army proved – it is the reality that pope and priests are impotent who cannot produce babies because they have no wombs --- and their mouths cannot produce flesh of Christ either.

The JP2 Army also spread like wildfire across Europe…
On to Australia across half way Down Under the globe – where a government investigation is still currently on-going.

9/11 had 19 Muslim attackers.  All are dead. Osama ben Laden their leader is dead.

John Paul II was beatified the day Osama bin Laden was assassinated by Navy Seals and Hitler announced dead on May 1

All JP2 Army bestial priests – whether in the USA, Europe or Australia – were protected by the systemic cover-up by the wealthiest and most powerful religious institution of the Roman Catholic Church.

And now, as recently as last year, in 2014, in the Dominican Republic, the Papal Nuncio Archbishop Josef Wesolowski was caught pimping young boys – but Pope Francis swiftly and sneakily took him to the Vatican – another typical cover-up – this time by the current pope!

Read our article- Vatican Holy Shit! Before his trial, Jozef Wesolowski the JP2 Army highest pedophile Papal Nuncio Archbishop pimp suddenly dies – mysteriously – as John Paul I

Dead victims vs. alive victims

The 3,000 victims of 9/11 are all dead and gone. 

The JP2 Army’s victims are still fresh and very young especially in the Dominican Republic.

Many victims of JP2 Army are still very alive – in their 40’s, 50’s 60’s –  they are all suffering, agonizing, tortured mentally and psychologically by the physical memories of bestial heinous sexual rapes and sodomies committed by holy “reverend Father” priests, the “representatives of God” – across the vast USA where they’ve left their Catholic pedophilia mark worse than the small city of Sodom and Gomorrah. Many victims committed suicide or are drug addicts.

So far there are more than 6,500 pedophile priests in the USA alone.  One pedophile priest in Boston admitted he had more than 200 victims in his decades and lifetime as a priest. So it’s possible, there are more than 1.3 million vicitms of those 6,500 pedophile priests.

Now, WHY should the –American and worldwide – JP2 Army become “a decades-old story line continue to get old and stale” – as TheMediaReport disparagingly puts it – against SNAP who were protesting Pope Francis visit? 

But the simultaneous 9/11 decade-old story line – does not and will never – get old and stale?

Many of their victims are still alive in the USA – but the only way to find out how many – is as The Foundation to Abolish Child Sex Abuse (FACSA) Statement Regarding Comments by Pope Francis on Clergy Sex Abuse implore -- the U.S. Department of Justice and the Attorneys General of each state in America to investigate the criminal behavior of the Roman Catholic Church in America and take the steps necessary to hold them accountable for their despicable actions.

Let justice ring for the 1.3 million American victims of the JP2 Army – John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army across the USA…because they surpass the 3,000 victims of 9/11.

9/11 happened only within Ground Zero in one city block.

JP2 Army-John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army encompassed the planet earth -  it  attacked across the vast USA, in Europe, in Australia, and the latest in 2014, in the Dominican Republic where the highest ranking pedophile Papal Nuncio Archbishop Josef Wesolowski was the biggest proof and embodiment of the worldwide JP2 Army.  But, he was conveniently killed by a heart attack a few days before the movie premiere of Spotlight in Venice and papal trips of Pope Francis to Cuba and USA.  

His victims are young exactly as he left them in 2014 and their families are suffering.  Read more in

Vatican Holy Shit! Before his trial, Jozef Wesolowski the JP2 Army highest pedophile Papal Nuncio Archbishop pimp suddenly dies – mysteriously – as John Paul I

But why should the global JP2 Army “decades-old story lines continue to get old and stale” but not the decade-old story lines of 9/11?  Both are simultaneous decade old story.

All the 3,000 victims of 9/11 are gone but their names are read out loud each year at one of the biggest American commemorations every year.  And they have a memorial monument built for them and their names are all carved in it.  Why doesn’t their “decades-old story lines NOT continue to get old and stale?

SNAP – Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests and many of the 100,000 victims they represent who were abused by priests are still alive and they continue to suffer psychologically, physically, mentally, spiritually – there is a “living hell”  Ann Hagan Webb, Rhode Island coordinator for Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, says "SNAP phones have been ringing off the hook" from callers upset by the pope's visit to the United States this week.

A psychologist, Webb was victimized by a Warwick priest who is now deceased, she said. "Personally, it [the pope's visit] has brought old PTSD [post-traumatic stress disorder] symptoms of anxiety, agitation and hyper-vigilance back when I least expected it," said Webb. See article below.

Saint John Paul II is perpetual reminder of the JP2 Army.

Actually John Paul II went to Toronto in July 2002, for his Last World Youth Day.  He was there right at the beginning of the JP2 Army eruptions in Boston, an hour’s flight near Toronto.  That was only a few months from 9/11.  He lived for three more years, (Pope Francis is pope for only two years).  John Paul II had lots of time to stop the 80 pedophile priests Cardinal Bernard Law aided and abetted, and meet with their victims.  If he was a real “Holy Father”, he would have met with the vicitms to at least ask what he can do for them, for their healing.  After all he has been pope for almost a quarter of a century, so powerful and the most travelled, and the most knowledgeable with all his volumes of books and speeches.  But he was a callous-hearted pope obsessed only with his reputation and legacy as John Paul II “the Great”.  He is now canonized a saint and therefore he is one of the evil Achilles heels of Pope Francis because it is plain common sense that  children cannot pray to a saint who has proven in his 27 years papacy he refused to save children from thousands of pedophile priests under his watch and power?  John Paul II is the patron saint of pedophiles, pederast and rapists, read the prayer here composed by Mexicans

REBUTTALS are below each part of the article (more to be added-on soon ): 

Same As It Ever Was: NY Times’ Laurie Goodstein Gives Free Publicity to SNAP and Its Claim That Pope Francis Ignores Abuse Victims


SEPTEMBER 30, 2015 

Laurie Goodstein
Always on message: Laurie Goodstein from the New York Times

Question: What does a good reporter do when a decades-old story line continues to get old and stale?
Answer: Nothing at all.

Despite nearly $3 billion in settlements, over $80 million in therapy payments, endless mea culpas, and countless apologies to accusers of priest sex abuse from decades ago, the New York Times' National Religion Correspondent Laurie Goodstein continues to trumpet the tired claims from the lawyer-funded attack group SNAP that the Catholic Church and Pope Francis have somehow "ignored" and "infuriated" victims of clergy abuse.

A sea of protesters

The twins: Ianni (l) and Dorris (r)
on the hunt for publicity

When Barbara Dorris, the "outreach director" of SNAP, and Becky Ianni, Washington D.C.'s SNAP leader, staged a massive two-person protest in Philadelphia where Pope Francis was appearing, Goodstein was apparently eager to push through the crowd for a quote.

After Goodstein first cites Dorris' curious claim that Pope Francis has somehow "ignored" abuse victims, she then locates yet another befuddled SNAPper who claims that Pope Francis "doesn't get it" when it comes to clergy abuse from decades ago.

As we have reported before, no gathering or group is too tiny for Goodstein when it comes to bashing the Catholic Church. Last year, when a tiny fringe group of dissident priests, nuns, and other left-wing zealots formed a group to attack the Catholic Church over decades-old cases of abuse, Goodstein proudly trumpeted a front-page story about the effort, even though the fledgling gang was so unorganized that it did not even have a web site yet.

REBUTTAL:  Jesus was only the sole protestor against the hypocrisy of the Roman Empire.  His mother and Mary Magdalene and the young apostle John were the only three followers of Jesus until Calvary.  His other 11 Apostles abandoned Him.  Being only two protestors agaisnt Pope Francis hypocrisy -- whether being one or only two -- is tantamount to the single-man protest of Jesus Christ agaisnt the Roman Empire. 

So is our blog protest against the Roman Catholic Church -- Vatican Autocracy.    

Read some of our REBUTTALS to Goliath-bully Bill Donohue -- David Pierre's twin : 

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Philadelphia. Vatican Circus of Deception: 'God weeps'


Keeping hope alive

But Goodstein is most unhinged in her article when she ambitiously claims that "the abuse scandal has hardly died down in the United States."

Goodstein conveniently fails to inform her readers that in the past decade contemporaneous accusations of abuse against Catholic priests have averaged a paltry 8 per year merely deemed "credible" by the lenient standards of diocesan review boards. (There are over 43,000 priests in the United States and nearly 70 million Catholics.)

So despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Goodstein nonetheless still claims that the abuse scandal is still white hot and raging. A triumph of hope over evidence if there ever was.

But for Goodstein and her never-ending animus for the Catholic Church, it is the same as it ever was.

REBUTTAL: This statistics of 70 million Catholics is false and inflated.  MSM Vatican Pied Pipers inflates numbers,  read our related articles:

REBUTTAL: Gallup ‘Confidence in Religion at New Low, but Not Among Catholics’. As Catholics increase, more churches are closed and sold = Catholic math! LOL

217,716 Germans officially left the Catholic Church last year. An Italian footballer who moved to Germany refuses to pay €1.7m religious tax to Catholic Church

SNAP President Barbara Blaine blasts Pope ... - YouTube
24 sept. 2015 - Ajouté par Cui Bono
SNAP Barbara Blaine blasts Pope praise of Bishops Statement by ... SNAP President Barbara Blaine blasts ...


SNAP and CCR Discuss Pope FrancisCenter for Constitutional Rights

PopeCrimes& Vatican Evils.
Paris Arrow

The Foundation to Abolish Child Sex Abuse (FACSA) Statement Regarding Comments by Pope Francis on Clergy Sex Abuse has listed immediate steps for Pope Francis to substantiate his lofty speech. It says: “Most importantly, we implore the U.S. Department of Justice and the Attorneys General of each state in America to investigate the criminal behavior of the Roman Catholic Church in America and take the steps necessary to hold them accountable for their despicable actions.”
Pope Francis knows very well that his JP2 Army- John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army and their Vatican crimes for half-the-20th-century and their Catholic victims surpass King Herod’s Army and its Jewish children victims in Jerusalem in the first century after Jesus was born. 2,000 years later, today, after American victims’ painstaking lawsuits against all Catholic dioceses across the USA, there are more than 6,500 pedophile priests in the USA alone.

Posted by Kathy Shaw at 7:14 AM 

Providence Journal
By Karen Lee Ziner
Journal Staff Writer Posted Sep. 24, 2015

Ann Hagan Webb, Rhode Island coordinator for Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, says "SNAP phones have been ringing off the hook" from callers upset by the pope's visit to the United States this week.

"They have been triggered by the pope coming because there’s like a love fest going on with the public and the press, despite him not really doing anything about the [clergy] abuse crisis," says Webb. "That drives people crazy, including me."

Survivors were recommending "self-care," Webb said. "Limiting exposure to the pope in the media, reaching out to each other ... . We are all wishing the visit was over ... . It's so easy for us to access our shame and embarrassment regardless of how many years we spent overcoming it."

A psychologist, Webb was victimized by a Warwick priest who is now deceased, she said. "Personally, it [the pope's visit] has brought old PTSD [post-traumatic stress disorder] symptoms of anxiety, agitation and hyper-vigilance back when I least expected it," said Webb.
Posted by Kathy Shaw at 5:44 PM

Hipocresía papal ante víctimas de abuso sexual por parte de eclesiásticos

La Izquierda Diario (Mexico

[Pope Francis apologized for sexual abuse by priests against minors in Philadelphia but many of those guilty of pedophilia remain unpunished.]
Bárbara Funes
México D.F | @barbarafunes2

Se dio a conocer que el papa Francisco pidió perdón por los abusos sexuales cometidos por sacerdotes contra menores, poco antes del Encuentro Mundial de las Familias en Filadelfia. Pero los miembros de la Iglesia culpables de pedofilia siguen impunes.

Hipocresía papal ante víctimas de abuso sexual por parte de eclesiásticos
Como parte de su campaña para represtigiar a la Iglesia y hacer jugar un rol estratégico al Vaticano en la geopolítica internacional, el papa Francisco –aliado de los militares durante la dictadura argentina de 1976-1983- quiere lavarle la cara a la institución eclesiástica.

En su reciente gira por Estados Unidos, declaró ante víctimas de pedofilia en una reunión privada convenientemente dada a conocer a la prensa: “Lamento profundamente que algunos obispos no cumplieran con su responsabilidad de proteger a los menores. Es muy inquietante saber que en algunos casos incluso los obispos eran ellos mismos los abusadores. Tendrán que rendir cuentas”.

US Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq to Cost $6 trillion -- thanks to George W. Bush - supported by the Vatican Catholic Bishops

Bush Family curse of American

This article was originally posted on GR on September 20, 2013
by Sabir Shah 
The decade-long American wars in Afghanistan and Iraq would end up costing as much as $6 trillion, the equivalent of $75,000 for every American household, calculates the prestigious Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.  
Remember, when President George Bush’s National Economic Council Director, Lawrence Lindsey, had told the country’s largest newspaper “The Wall Street Journal” that the war would cost between $100 billion and $200 billion, he had found himself under intense fire from his colleagues in the administration who claimed that this was a gross overestimation.
Consequently, Lawrence Lindsey was forced to resign. It is also imperative to recall that the Bush administration had claimed at the very outset that the Iraq war would finance itself out of Iraqi oil revenues, but Washington DC had instead ended up borrowing some $2 trillion to finance the two wars, the bulk of it from foreign lenders. 
According to the Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government 2013 report, this accounted for roughly 20 per cent of the total amount added to the US national debt between 2001 and 2012. 
According to the report, the US “has already paid $260 billion in interest on the war debt,” and future interest payments would amount to trillions of dollars. This Harvard University report has also been carried on its website by the Centre for Research on Globalisation, which is a widely-quoted Montreal-based independent research and media organisation.
In its report under review, the 377-year old Harvard University has viewed that these afore-mentioned wars had not only left the United States heavily indebted, but would also have a profound impact on the federal government’s fiscal and budgetary crises over a protracted period. 
The report has attributed the largest share of the trillions of dollars in continuing costs to care and compensation for hundreds of thousands of troops left physically and psychologically damaged by the two wars being discussed here. 
The report states: “The Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, taken together, will be the most expensive wars in US history—totaling somewhere between $4 trillion and $6 trillion. This includes long-term medical care and disability compensation for service members, veterans and families, military replenishment and social and economic costs. The largest portion of that bill is yet to be paid.” 
It asserts: “Another major share of the long-term costs of the wars comes from paying off trillions of dollars in debt incurred as the US government failed to include their cost in annual budgets and simultaneously implemented sweeping tax cuts for the rich. In addition, huge expenditures are being made to replace military equipment used in the two wars. The report also cites improvements in military pay and benefits made in 2004 to counter declining recruitment rates as casualties rose in the Iraq war.” 
The authors of this report have warned that the legacy of decisions taken during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars would dominate future federal budgets for decades to come.
According to the Harvard University report, some 1.56 million US troops—56 per cent of all Afghanistan and Iraq veterans—were receiving medical treatment at Veterans Administration facilities and would be granted benefits for the rest of their lives.
It reveals: 
“One out of every two veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan has already applied for permanent disability benefits. The official figure of 50,000 American troops “wounded in action” vastly underestimates the real human costs of the two US wars. One-third of returning veterans are being diagnosed with mental health issues—suffering from anxiety, depression, and/or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).” 
The report notes that in addition, over a quarter of a million troops have suffered traumatic brain injuries (TBI), which, in many cases, were combined with PTSD, posing greater problems in treatment and recovery. 
“Constituting a particularly grim facet of this mental health crisis is the doubling of the suicide rate for US Army personnel, with many who attempted suicide suffering serious injuries,” opine the report authors. 
It maintains: 
“Overall, the Veterans Administration’s budget has more than doubled over the past decade, from $61.4 billion in 2001 to $140.3 billion in 2013. As a share of the total US budget it has grown from 2.5 percent to 3.5 percent over the same period. Soaring medical costs for veterans is attributable to several factors. Among them is that, thanks to advancements in medical technology and rapid treatment, soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan have survived wounds that would have cost their lives in earlier conflicts.”
The Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government report has estimated: “While the US government has already spent $134 billion on medical care and disability benefits for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, this figure will climb by an additional $836 billion over the coming decades.”
It notes that the largest expenditures on health care for World War II veterans took place in the 1980s, roughly four decades after the war, and that spending on medical care and disability payments for Vietnam War veterans was still on the rise.
Here follows the description:
“The most common medical problems suffered by troops returning from the two wars include: diseases of the musculoskeletal system (principally joint and back disorders); mental health disorders; central nervous system and endocrine system disorders; as well as respiratory, digestive, skin and hearing disorders. Overall, some 29 per cent of these troops have been diagnosed with PTSD.”
The report goes on to argue:
“Among the most severely wounded are 6,476 soldiers and Marines who have suffered “severe penetrating brain injury,” and another 1,715 who have had one or more limbs amputated. Over 30,000 veterans are listed as suffering 100 percent service-related disabilities, while another 145,000 are listed as 70 to 90 percent disabled.”
It reads:
“The worst of these casualties have taken place under the Obama administration as a result of the so-called surge that the Democratic president ordered in Afghanistan.”
It mentions that the Walter Reed Medical Centre, US Army’s flagship hospital at Washington DC, was treating hundreds of recent amputees and severe casualties, adding that this facility had received 100 amputees for treatment during 2010; 170 amputees in 2011; and 107 amputees in 2012. 
The report has also stated that the US Marines have suffered an especially high toll.
The report points out: 
“Massive direct spending on the two imperialist interventions continues. With over 60,000 US troops remain in Afghanistan, it is estimated that the cost of deploying one American soldier for one year in this war amounts to $1 million. These troops continue suffering casualties—including in so-called “green on blue” attacks by Afghan security forces on their ostensible allies. As they are brought home, they will further drive up the costs of medical care and disability compensation. The US is maintaining a vast diplomatic presence in Iraq, including at least 10,000 private contractors providing support in security, IT, logistics, engineering and other occupations; as well as logistics support and payments for leased facilities in Kuwait.” 
In its conclusion, the report not only seeks to dispel illusions that ending full-scale wars in Iraq and Afghanistan would produce any kind of “peace dividend” that could help ameliorate conditions of poverty, unemployment and declining living standards for working people in the US itself, but makes it clear that the legacy of decisions made during the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts would impose significant long-term costs on the federal government for many years to come.
Copyright The News Pakistan 2013

  1. Cost to US of Iraq and Afghan wars could hit $6 trillion - The ... › ... › North America › USA

    29 mars 2013 - The cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan could reach as high as $6trillion dollars – or $75000 for every household in America – a new study ...
    18 mars 2013 - In case you were wondering, the price tag for the war inIraq could eventually top $6 trillion. Tuesday marks the 10th anniversary of the U.S. ...
  3. The Iraq war has cost the U.S. more than $2 trillion so far and with interest could swell to more than $6 trillion, according to a study released Thursday.
    The study, part of the Costs of War Project by the Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown University, drew from actual expenditures from the U.S. Treasury and future commitments.
    That $2 trillion figure comes from $1.7 trillion in war expenses and an additional $490 billion in benefits owed to war veterans.
    An extra $4 trillion factors in to pay interest through 2053. The studynotes that because the Iraq War appropriations "were not funded with new taxes, but by borrowing, it is important to keep in mind the interest costs already paid, and future interest costs."
    The study raises the total cost of the Iraq war from the $1.7 trillion cost (without interest) estimated in a 2011 Watson Institute report.
    The new study concluded that both the war and the subsequent $212 billion reconstruction effort were failures as the war "reinvigorated radical Islamist militants in the region, set back women's rights, and weakened an already precarious health care system" while "most of [the reconstruction] money was spent on security or lost to waste and fraud," according to Daniel Trotta of Reuters reports.
    There are so many examples of waste and financial mismanagement in the war.
    For example, when the U.S. invaded Iraq on March 19, 2003, the country's government owed Washington approximately $4 billion dollars— partially leftover from America's "loans" during the Iran-Iraq War.
    The debt was forgiven post-"liberation," part of a concerted push of then-governor of the war Paul Bremer. He argued it would help "boost" the fledgling free market.
    Later, American spending topped $12 billion a month and private contracting companies grew exponentially, arguably while doing shoddy work both in combat and in services and construction.
    The prevailing claim is that use of private contractors saved on military salary and benefits — a claim which casts the half a billion in benefits owed to Iraq War veterans in a more defining light.
    Some of the war's critics had argued the war said it was about freeing up Saddam's oil, which had been nationalized under the Ba'ath Party. However, when oil rights were awarded (often to the lamentations of local people), most seemed to go to foreign non-U.S. entities.
    Those companies ended up contracting Halliburton, an oilfield services company, for the lion's share of the oil field development. Halliburton,until 2007, owned a considerable stake of Kellog Brown and Root, one of the major contractors in Iraq allegedly responsible for misbehavior, abuse of funds, and less than adequate project completion.
    In October an audit revealed that the U.S. owes Iraq $7 billion because of fraud, part of which came from U.S. Army diplomats losing gas receipts totaling to $1 billion.
    The war's direct death toll is estimated to be more than 189,000, including at least 134,000 Iraqi civilians (some from chemical weapons). The authors of this study note that indirect deaths — due to war related hardship — may total "hundreds of thousands more than this estimate."
    The obscene flow of money, violence, and consequent sectarian strife are still common in the country. Seventeen people were killed today in a Baghdad bombing, just five days short of the decade anniversary of the invasion.

    Man Who Offered Evidence That Started The Iraq War Says It Was All One Big Lie

    The man who provided the WMD intelligence that became the basis for starting the Iraq War has confirmed his lies in an interview with BBC, as reported by Jonathan Owen at The Independent.
    Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi, otherwise known as "Curveball," is the Iraqi chemical engineer and defector who invented claims about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction.
    When seeking political asylum in Germany in 1999, Curveball claimed to have supervised the building of a mobile biological laboratory.
    BBC also reported that U.S. officials then doctored Curveball's drawings of the laboratory to make them seem more legitimate. U.S. Secretary of State at the time, Colin Powell, relayed the fabrications as facts based on solid intelligence at the U.N. Security Council in February 2003 to justify the invasion of Iraq.
    US officials "sexed up" Mr Janabi's drawings of mobile biological weapons labs to make them more presentable, admits Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, General Powell's former chief of staff. "I brought the White House team in to do the graphics," he says, adding how "intelligence was being worked to fit around the policy."
    Mr. Janabi, who has been granted asylum in Germany, told the Guardian last year that he was exposed as a liar as early as mid-2000when his former boss at the Military Industries Commission in Iraq, Dr. Bassil Latif, told the German secret service that he strongly denied several claims made by Mr. Janabi.
    Operation Iraqi Freedom, beginning in March 2003 and officially endingDecember 2011, cost over $820 billion and claimed the lives of over100,00 civilians as well as 4,484 U.S. military personnel (with another 32,000 wounded), according to war reports analyzed by The Guardian.

    Read more:
  4. AMERICAN IMPERIALISM in the Philippines --

Terrorism is “Made in the USA”. 

The “Global War on Terrorism” is a Fabrication, A Big Lie

The USA has always manipulated religion 

to further 

its global hegemony on sovereign states.

Global Research, May 19, 2015

Perdana Global Peace Foundation and Global Research, 11 March 2015

Prominent academic and author Dr Michel Chossudovsky warned that the so-called war on terrorism is a front to propagate America’s global hegemony and create a New World Order.

Dr Chossudovsky said terrorism is made in the US and that terrorists are not the product of the Muslim world. 

According to him, the US global war on terrorism was used to enact anti-terrorism laws that demonised Muslims in the Western world and created Islamophobia. 

Elaborating on his argument, Dr Chossudovsky said that NATO was responsible for recruiting members of the Islamic state while Israel is funding “global jihad elements inside Syria”.

Dr Chossudovsky, who is also the founder of the Centre for Research and Globalisation, further emphasised that the global war on terrorism is a fabrication, a big lie and a crime against humanity.

Echoing Dr Chossudovsky’s arguments, Malaysia’s prominent political scientist, Islamic reformist and activist Dr Chandra Muzaffar said that the US has always manipulated religion to further its global hegemony on sovereign states. 

 ”The Globalization of War is undoubtedly one of the most important books on the contemporary global situation produced in recent years. 

In his latest masterpiece, Professor Michel Chossudovsky shows how the various conflicts we are witnessing today in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq and Palestine are in fact inter-linked and inter-locked through a single-minded agenda in pursuit of global hegemony helmed by the United States and buttressed by its allies in the West and in other regions of the world.”   Dr Chandra Muzaffar, President of the International Movement for a Just World (JUST)

The Globalization of War: America’s 

“Long War” 

against Humanity

Michel Chossudovsky

$14.00, Save 39%

The following text is the Preface of  Michel Chossudovsky’s New Book entitled: The Globalization of War, America’s Long War against Humanity

The Book can be ordered directly from Global Research Publishers. 

America’s hegemonic project in the post 9/11 era is the “Globalization of War” whereby the U.S.-NATO military machine —coupled with covert intelligence operations, economic sanctions and the thrust of “regime change”— is deployed in all major regions of the world. The threat of pre-emptive nuclear war is also used to black-mail countries into submission.

This “Long War against Humanity” is carried out at the height of the most serious economic crisis in modern history.

It is intimately related to a process of global financial restructuring, which has resulted in the collapse of national economies and the impoverishment of large sectors of the World population.

The ultimate objective is World conquest under the cloak of “human rights” and “Western democracy”.


“Professor Michel Chossudovsky is the most realistic of all foreign policy commentators. He is a model of integrity in analysis, his book provides an honest appraisal of the extreme danger that U.S. hegemonic neoconservatism poses to life on earth.”

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury
““The Globalization of War” comprises war on two fronts: those countries that can either be “bought” or destabilized. In other cases, insurrection, riots and wars are used to solicit U.S. military intervention. Michel Chossudovsky’s book is a must read for anyone who prefers peace and hope to perpetual war, death, dislocation and despair.”
Hon. Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Minister of National Defence
“Michel Chossudovsky describes globalization as a hegemonic weapon that empowers the financial elites and enslaves 99 percent of the world’s population.
“The Globalization of War” is diplomatic dynamite – and the fuse is burning rapidly.”
Michael Carmichael, President, the Planetary Movement

About the author:

Michel Chossudovsky is an award-winning author, Professor of Economics (emeritus) at the University of Ottawa, Founder and Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG), Montreal, Editor of Global Research.  He has taught as visiting professor in Western Europe, Southeast Asia, the Pacific and Latin America. He has served as economic adviser to governments of developing countries and has acted as a consultant for several international organizations. He is the author of eleven books including The Globalization of Poverty and The New World Order (2003), America’s “War on Terrorism” (2005), The Global Economic Crisis, The Great Depression of the Twenty-first Century (2009) (Editor), Towards a World War III Scenario: The Dangers of Nuclear War (2011), The Globalization of War, America's Long War against Humanity (2015). He is a contributor to the Encyclopaedia Britannica.  His writings have been published into more than twenty languages. In 2014, he was awarded the Gold Medal for Merit of the Republic of Serbia for his writings on NATO's war of aggression on Yugoslavia. He can be reached at

"The problem of racism, the problem of economic exploitation, and the problem of war are all tied together. These are the triple evils that are interrelated." 

Martin Luther King Jr.

 All part of the business model. You make a product, make it obsolete and unsupported after a few years, release new version of product for masses to consume...get rich, don't pay taxes...It's the corporate American way...

Steve Jensen

This post and blogs are inspired by St. Michael the Archangel whose flaming sword defends us from Goliath bullies of Opus Dei Beast Mafia.  St. Michael shows us - through the much canonization news coming out this week – (see compilation below) – that there are more journalists speaking out against John Paul II’s sainthood, therefore our blogs all these years have not been in vain.  Read Paris Arrow’s vision of St. Michael tying the giant millstone around John Paul II’s papal neck during his last World Youth Day in Toronto in 2002, as JP2 vehemently refuse to apologize and stop his bestial JP2 Army – John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army, St. Michael dragged him and threw him into a raging sea of fire as stupid Catholic robots chanted “JP2, we love you”.   Beware, Francis-Maniacs for the demise of the Vatican Temple akin to the Temple of Solomon is at hand!


The Vatican is the Devil reincarnated in Pope Francis 

and Opus Dei Beast and 

Jesuits Mercenaries are Demons' Angels

St. Michael the Archangel stands over the Vatican Mammon 

Beast now ruled by Pope Francis and the heads of the Beast =

 John Paul II, Benedict XVI, Opus Dei & Jesuits

Two-faced Pope Francis: Laughing THIEF & Grim LIAR. Two completely different faces that reveal his inner soul. Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde at the Vatican?

Hidden Heist in the Holy See.  The SECRET biggest heist in the history of mankind! Pope Francis is the Greatest THIEF on earth.

6 suggestions for Pope Francis, the Pharaoh of the Vatican Pyramid with three equal sides: corrupt politicians, corrupt businessmen, corrupt clergy
There are two opposite faces of Pope Francis, has anyone notice?  When he laughs in front of crowds and when he says the Eucharist Satanic Mass.

Look at these photos he had in South Korea as he showed all his teeth laughing - versus - when he holds a crucifix in the procession and at the Eucharist Satanic Mass, he looks very grim.

Pope Francis celebrates a mass and the beatification of Paul Yun ji-Chung and 123 martyr companions at Gwanghwamun Gate in Seoul, South Korea, Saturday, Aug.... 




Hidden Heist in the Holy See.  The SECRET biggest heist in the history of mankind! Pope Francis is the Greatest THIEF on earth.

Cardinal Bergoglio of Argentina as the Godfather in the Dirty Wars - Silence of Pope Francis-Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio on Argentina 42 pedophile priests.  

WHAT THE JESUITS CONTROL. Chilling Facts You Need To Know About the Jesuits. Francis: First Jesuit Pope 

Top Ten Myths About Pope Francis’ First Year

Pope Francis pointing at his loco crazy head 

ruled by Opus Dei Beat PR Deceits Team

GRIM LIAR Pope Francis - Popes and priests have no powers to re-produce or manufacture ants and dogs - and therefore they cannot reproduce or clone Christ's flesh-and-blood either in the mass - hence it is Eucharis Satanic Mass because popes and priests claim to be greater than God that they can "re-create" God Himself!.  Satan's pride is smaller than Pope Francis's pride.

Pope Francis celebrates a mass and the beatification Paul Yun ji-Chung and 123 martyr companions at Gwanghwamun Gate in Seoul, South Korea, Saturday, Aug. 16...

In Israel, Pope Francis clones Christ’s flesh & pleas for children’s protection after canonizing 2 popes who protected JP2 Army pedophile priests in 20th century

Laughing Satanic THIEF

When Pope Francis laughs,  he is in his role as a thief – because he is laughing all the way to the bank - secret Vatican Swiss Banks with his biggest theft in mankind’s history  and as he enslaves nations and billions of poor people with the Vatican Concordats

read more in our related article, Hidden Heist in the Holy See.  The SECRET biggest heist in the history of mankind! Pope Francis is the Greatest THIEF on earth

When he is grim, he is in his role as the Opus Dei Beast’s pathological liar, the pretender and impostor of Jesus, because he cannot re-produce ants and dogs and therefore he cannot clone Christ’s flesh-and-blood in the Eucharist either.

Abolition of Vatican Concordat in Dominican Republic and bring pedophile Papal Nuncio and other pedophile Polish priests to justice

LIAR Pope Francis, skip ‘forgive’ BS. Set poor nations free by returning your loot hidden in secret Vatican Swiss Banks. Set Jesus free from Vatican & Eucharist

Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré Redemptorists pay $20 million to victims of JP2 Army for fear of evidence and ending of its $1B religious tourism  with Oratory of St. Joseph

NO mariolatry

Click Your Choice

Pope Francis is like the Strange Case of  
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde at the Vatican fake country.

Francis in-name-only

This Francis of Assisi vs. FAT -clown Pope Francis of Vatican Circus of Deceits

Pope Francis, YOU took Francis of Assisi’s name – but that’s all there is, isn’t it?  You are “in name only” – nothing else.  There’s nothing similar in essence or substance or in person between you and St. Francis - and if the Opus Dei Beast PR Deceits Team are already preparing for your sainthood like they did with documents for John Paul II’s 27 years papacy, you’re being duped big time.  You should have retired into a simple cave like poverello St. Francis of Assisi – who even refused to be a priest to clone the flesh of Christ because he knew as he wrote his canticle to the moon and stars - that no one can clone the Creator of those millions of stars in the firmament. Ever saw these images of NASA “Hand of God and Pillars of Creation”? Can you clone one of these with your papal infallible words?  You cannot clone an ant or a dog or a star and therefore you cannot clone Christ either. 

Images of NASA “Hand of God and Pillars of Creation” 

Eagle Nebula

The "Pillars of Creation" in the Eagle nebula, as seen by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope in 1995. Image credit: NASA/ESA/STScI/Arizona State University
› Larger view

You cannot clone an ant or a dog or one of the stars  
therefore you cannot clone Jeus the Son of God 
either in the sorcery of the Eucharist.

St. Francis denounced the wealth of his merchant father while you embraced and vowed to the Vatican Mammon Beast worse than a Satanic Mass. St. Francis embraced a leper but you exploit the sick for your political photo-ops (and at your age caught their virus).  You hypocritically preach about the poor but you actually mock them because at the same time, behind closed doors in the Vatican art chambers, you have private audiences and photo-ops with royalties of Europe who are the 1% wealthiest of the globe, photos with despots and imperialists like President Obama who steal the wealth of Third World countries, read here how the Philippines protested Obama’s visit as he plants more bases only to serve American hegemony, read here - .  

Your photo-op with Obama actually perpetuates American Imperialism in the Philippines and in other Asian and European countries.

Why do you think your founder St. Ignatius Loyola specifically wrote in the constitution of the Jesuits that no Jesuits must accept to be a high ranking bishop or cardinal?  Jesuits were meant to be companions of Jesus, not companions of the Devil, the father of lies who came to steal, kill and destroy.  Ignatius had no choice 500 years ago to go to the world to proclaim the Good News that he needed the ships of the Vatican and the European monarchy.  But today, the Jesuits have amassed more wealth than any religious congregation, you have all the universities and schools you want or need.  There is no need to continue serving the Pope, the Father of Lies the reincarnation of the Devil!  But you set your sight on the highest throne in the Catholic Church and now the favorite words of St. Ignatius haunts you:  What does it profit a man to gain the entire world, if he suffers the loss of his soul? and you have committed the worst Pope Crimes more than all popes combined – you canonized John Paul II despite his JP2 Army – John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army, read here Cold-blood-ed John Paul is no saint for children because he said nothing and did nothing to save and protect them for 27 years

Jesus the Jew vs. Roman Pope Francis 

Amazing how Jesus has lose his Middle East roots and Jewish identity (albeit born in Bethlehem, Palestine, a Muslim country) and lose His Biblical mission as a poor itinerant preacher for He has become Roman Catholic and hostage of the most tiny country - the Vatican City where He is also the most caged captive in gold tabernacles by tyrant evil popes – those 2,000 year old chameleons Pretenders and Impostors of Jesus and con-artists CON-Christ popes.  

From mass murderers, thieves, pedophiles, gays, adulterers like the Borgias, to John Paul II the Great Saint of Pedophiles, to Pope Francis the Worst Thief of Mankind – all popes use Christ as their mask, disguise and bait to serve one master alone –the Vatican Mammon Beast a.k.a. Opus Dei Beast ruling in the Vatican Palace - with only one goal - to preserve the Vatican Billions in secret Vatican Swiss Banks because the Vatican owns Switzerland.  Hence there’s the unique Swiss Guard Army wherein all Swiss young men are required to go and serve at the Vatican before they can become bankers, investment managers and civil officers in Switzerland because the Vatican pope is its sole monarch. Believe it or not!  

There was a former Swiss Guard who came to Boston to recruit investors as he was the CEO of an investment company, read about him in our other blog

Pope Francis, the two new pope saints John XXIII and John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and all popes definitely do not resemble one iota Jesus the Poor Carpenter of Nazareth and Poor Fisherman in the Sea of Galilee!  All movies portray Jesus as tall, lean and handsome but all popes, his assumed ‘Vicar of Christ’, have been FAT like COWS podgy, white and really hideous and repugnant they need the long white papal robe to constantly segue attention from their ugliness. Just look at the porky ass of Pope Francis that control 1.2 billion Catholics and the media world with his duck dance of wibble wobble Opus Dei Beast PR stunts.  Look at this gigantic poster in Rome of porky ass Pope Francis with the two fat popes new saints he canonized –John XXIII and John Paul II the 27 years globetrotting narcissistic pope – who said nothing and did nothing to protect children from his JP2 Army – John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army aptly named after his 27 years globetrotting papacy - and 1.2 billion stupid Catholics now adore them as their new fat Catholic Golden Cows.

                    Jesus of Nazareth  


the poor fisherman of the Sea of Galilee

3 FAT well-fed cows - ROMAN POPES 

-- Popes do NOT resemble Jesus Christ one iota

-- Popes  are CON-Christs and con-artists

-- Popes  are Pretenders & Impostors of Jesus

-- Popes  are LIARS & HYPOCRITES 

-  Popes  cannot clone Christ, ants or dogs 

Popes  are sorcerers in the Eucharist

 - Popes  are false magicians 

-- Popes  cannot clone or re-produce Jesus the Son of God

-- Popes are fat popes cannot reincarnate Jesus the Creator of the Universe 

Read Pope Francis the con-artist "CON-Christ"

The Popes' Master is the Vatican Mammon Beast - 

because he is the owner of Switzerland 

and the secret Vatican Swiss Banks 

- hence there's the Swiss Guard Army.

HOAX of Eucharist -
 instant reincarnation of Christ's flesh and blood

 is the worst Satanic Mass & sorcery of mankind
 Popes and priests cannot clone ants and dogs and therefore 

they cannot clone Jesus the Son of God the Creator of the Universe!

It took 9-months for Jesus to be in Mary' womb before He was born- 
Read Pope Francis in Israel clones Christ where he was born 2,000 years ago 

The Vatican Concordats give the Bible to 

the people 

and steal their land and billions of dollars 

and assets 

Vatican Pope controls Wall Street and all Stock Exchange and all wars in nations.

Wall Street Journal is a liar about vocations in seminaries

Amnesty International Report Vatican “Torture, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment” on tens of thousands of children sexually abused by priests



The black belt means she is pregnant

The womb of the Immaculate Conception of Nuestra
 Senora de Guadalupe carried Jesus this way


9-months gestation of Jesus - the Son of God 


The cloning process that produced Dolly

Pope Francis and priests cannot clone the flesh of God the Son


1-MINUTE black magic of the cloning of 

Christ by sinful Vatican pope and priests


Pope Francis, all Popes, Cardinals, Bishops and 

priests cannot clone cats and dogs and therefore

 they cannot clone Christ either.  

Transubstantiation or the Mass is a recent development 

.St. Peter and St. Paul and the Apostles never celebrated Mass and never “transubstantiation” the bread into the flesh of Christ, what they did was to preach about Christ. The Mass was a slow development from the 12th century through various liturgical reforms until the 20th century. It was only in 1215 at the Fourth Council of the Lateran that the Mass began to take form and in 1551 at the Council of Trent that transubstantiation became what it is today.

The Vatican has come to use it as its main crux of power on earth deceiving Catholics and peoples of all faiths that only Popes and men-priests have the exclusive power to transubstantiate - or clone - God’s flesh.Because of the Mass, the Vatican has gotten away with all kinds of heinous crimes, e.g. the Crusades, the Inquisition, the burning of women and witches

 “For the sake of the Eucharist” and because of the shortage of priests, John Paul II, Cardinal Ratzinger-Benedict XVI, the Opus Dei who controls the Vatican, the Cardinals and Bishops shuffled pedophile priests from one parish to another. The rest is history: the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army committed Holy ES Eucharist-and-Sodomy of Biblical proportions see the John Paul II Millstone

In the name of Hail Mary, we dare challenge and defy the Magisterium: No words pronounced by any finite-man can create an infinite-God! No words of the Pope and priests can re-create or re-incarnate Christ’s flesh. The words of sinful popes and priests are powerless and can never create God! Only Mary the Immaculate Conception deserved to bear God in her womb. No evil pope and evil priests is worthy to touch and hold God in their evil hands. The words of popes and Cardinals, Bishops and priests are mere clashing-cymbals of St. Paul see John Paul II the Great clashing cymbal of St. PauL l

See Benedict XVI to beatify John Paul II is “brought to nothing” by St. Paul

No matter how we look at it, finite-man cannot create an infinite-God. Man can never create God’s flesh. Not in in-vitro fertilization of the scientific laboratories. Not in the sacred altars of holy Roman Catholic churches which by the way were the same pedophile altars of the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army See the John Paul II Millstone

Rome, call us heretics and we don’t care because in Boston and in America, we have freedom of speech. It was our freedom of speech that got rid of criminal-Cardinal Bernard Law and sent him packing out of our sight and out of our land. But only you, Rome, you the Roman Catholic Church a.k.a. Magisterium would glorify criminals like Cardinal Bernard Law and John Paul II. No other American state has been able to replicate our courage as Bostonians who got rid of the first Cardinal caught guilty of the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army in America. Yes, we caught the first SS officer of the Third Reich of the Roman Catholic Church … but he went into glorious exile in Rome because only in the Catholic Church are criminals glorified See The John Paul II Millstone John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army expands into Ireland &John Paul is elevated as "Venerable"... only in the Catholic Church are criminals glorified

Benedict XVI, from the Chair of Peter, thinks his papal letter will heal the victims and solve the problem of clergy abuse in Ireland. The fact is, Benedict XVI’s words are powerless. NO POPE has ever healed anyone. As this picture shows,

They came sick and they left sick.

There is NO "Apostolic" authority 

 or succession here


for NO Pope has EVER been able to heal 

like Peter or Paul did.

Opus Dei Goliath-bully Bill want to propagate Catholic Medieval Doctrine that all crimes of JP2 Army of pedophile priests are already forgiven and forgotten under the Sacrament of Confession that protects criminals and persecutes their victims, read here

Sacrament of Confession protects criminals and persecutes their victims

Vatican bank Bishop∕accountant caught money laundering €20M and it surpasses the Da Vinci Code intrigue. Vatican greedy Mammon never sleeps and never stops

The Vatican and Rome are no longer synonymous.

The Vatican Catholics, not Roman Catholics.

The Vatican and Rome are no longer synonymous.

The Pope has no authority in Rome.

The Pope is not Roman. Catholics are not Roman.

The Pope has no power in Rome.

The Vatican is not part of Rome.

The Pope is not a citizen of Rome.

The allegiance of Catholics is to the Pope and the Vatican 

or the Magisterium… 

The allegiance of Catholics is NOT to Rome; therefore, 

is fallacious to call them “Roman Catholics”.

Vatican Last Tsar Benedict XVI and Pope Francis have no papal authority over Rome; therefore, Catholics are not Roman. 

The Vatican must start paying taxes for its staggering business properties in Rome starting in 2013. To keep calling them as “Roman Catholics” is to keep feeding the voracious Vatican Mammon, read here .

The Pope and the Vatican have no political authority and no influence in Rome or in Italian Parliament.

The false (old) statement is, Catholics are “Roman Catholics” of the “Roman Catholic Church”.

The true (new) statement is, Catholics are “Vatican Catholics” of the “Vatican Catholic Church”.

The Pope and the Vatican have no political authority and no influence in Rome or in Italian Parliament.

The false (old) statement is, Catholics are “Roman Catholics” of the “Roman Catholic Church”.

The true (new) statement is, Catholics are “Vatican Catholics” of the “Vatican Catholic Church”.

But the Vatican cling-on to Rome and use its Roman Coliseum to latch-on to the fame of the gladiators and the Hail Caesars as the Pope copy-cat the powers of Caesars which Forbes described Benedict XVI as the 5th Most Powerful Person in the world, read here Forbes delusion of Vatican Last Tsar Benedict XVI powers

    I am the Holy Father of Jesus, Son of God

  2. Read Letter to a Christian Nation – read the scientific points why abortion is all right in the first months of an embryo.  Do not be turned off by the writer.  Just read his common sense arguments and reasoning.

     Read our related articles, Woman Irish ex-president mocks Pope Francis “completely bonkers" Synod of Bishops “who have no adult experience of family life as the rest of us know it”

    Synod of Bishops exploit ‘Madonna and child’ as prop to cover-up all-male oligarchy fake country that forbids residency of women and children

    Francis’ Top 3 Pope Perpetual Crimes & Vatican Evils That Time Can Never Erase or the Sacrament of Confession Cannot Forgive
    At European Union Parliament, misogynist Pope Francis described Europe as a “grandmother, no longer fertile and vibrant,” butinstead “elderly and haggard”

 mother of Jesus blessed Mary

Why is Pope Francis silent on ISIS if he had media votes for Nobel Peace Prize? Is ISIS created by USA & NATO to control Middle East oil?

Christ wants to be set free from Vatican 

and popes and priests  

Christ inspires and tells us that he wishes to be freed from the slavery of the Eucharist and be freed from the golden tabernacles in all Vatican Catholic churches worldwide – because all these are tools of the Vatican Mammon Beast to subdue people with feel-good theology – which are only pathological lies – that perpetuate their poverty and injustice and violence - via the Vatican Concordats, read more here in our article, Abolition of Vatican Concordat in Dominican Republic and bring pedophile Papal Nuncio and other pedophile Polish priests to justice

St. Joseph Oratory10,000 candles burn $$$$$$$ millions of dollars of WAX -- while 30,000 homeless people starve in harsh winter streets of Montreal   

Jesus Revolution – set Christ free from Eucharist Satanic Mass. Set all nations free from Vatican Concordats. End Vatican as “country”. End VA Swiss Banks secrecy

  1.  Jesus never baptized anyone in the Sea of Galilee or in the River Jordan

    Is the Vatican a state or country? It is only one building and one public square but it is a country like the vast USA, Russia, China???

    The Vatican Billions. Two thousand years of Wealth Accumulation from Caesar to the Space Age.Its history, sources, and assets today worldwide. BOYCOTT the Vatican Museum and boycott ALL donations to the Vatican Catholic Church Reign of Terror

Vatican Bank closes thousand accounts/criminal transactions BURNT to leave no trail of crimes further/future investigations...drowned by loud Francis-maniacs at St. Peter’s Square



    Irish cartoon shows duplicity of priests. Sacrament of Confession’s absolute choice to protect pedophiles. Priests’ callousness towards children’s security and wellbeing

    Stupid Catholic nuns 
    worshipping the Opus Dei 
    new Golden Cow ROMAN Saint John Paul II  

    Nuns wave as Pope Francis is driven through the crowd after presiding over a solemn ceremony in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican, Sunday, April 27, 2014. Pope Francis has declared his two predecessors John XXIII and John Paul II saints in an unprecedented canonization ceremony made even more historic by the presence of retired Pope Benedict XVI.

    Stupid Catholic nuns 
    worshipping the Opus Dei Beast 
    new Golden Cow ROMAN Saint John Paul II

    Women Catholics are so stupid

    as to stay in denial and refuse to accept

    that priests are ordained men have no wombs

    cannot reproduce babies like women

    or the Blessed Mother of Jesus –

    and their male mouths 

    cannot reproduce Christ 
    and cannot procreate anything on earth at all.







    Photo: We can change everything.
    Denounce the divine rights of Pope Francis

    Denounce Vatican Autocracy of Opus Dei Beast


    Defy the Opus Dei Beast and the Jesuits mercenaries of the Vatican Mammon Beast.

    Abolish the Vatican as a country. 

    Read  -- Is the Vatican a state or country? It is only one building

     and one public square but it is a country like the vast USA, 

    Russia, China???









    The Vatican, Switzerland and 

    the British Monarchy 

    1. control the Central Banks
  2. Hidden Heist in the Holy See.  The SECRET biggest heist in the history of mankind! Pope Francis is the Greatest THIEF on earth.

  4. eucharist to be WORSHIPED as God 

  5. Pope Francis and Vatican Swiss Banks control Wall Street and Wars

    Two-faced Pope Francis: Laughing THIEF & Grim LIAR. Two completely different faces that reveal his inner soul. Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde at the Vatican?

    The Vatican Concordats give the Bible to 

    the people 

    and steal their land and billions of dollars 

    and assets 

  1. Office of the Chairperson
    International League of Peoples' Struggle

    Postbus 475
    3500AL Utrecht
    The Netherlands

    Tel: +31 30 8895306
    Fax: +31 30 2322989

    USA created ISIS

    Support the Kurdish people's resistance 

    against ISIS, 

    Condemn US and Turkey for creating 

    and using ISIS

    Chairperson, International League of Peoples' Struggle
    14 October 2014

    We, the International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS), salute the heroic resistance of the Kurdish people and their army in Rojava, the YPG/YPJ – People’s Protection Units – against the criminal gangs of the so-called Islamic State (ISIS) in Kobane, one of the self-governing cantons of West Kurdistan (Rojava) in Syria.

    We call on all the more than 300 ILPS member-organizations in 38 countries around the globe to take initiative and express their solidarity and support to the Kurdish people's resistance in Kobane and the whole of Rojava, or join the demonstrations being organized by the Kurdish liberation movement in different parts of the world.

    The ILPS condemns the super-terrorist US for creating the ISIS monster that has rampaged through parts of Syria and Iraq, committing hideous crimes against the people in areas that they have overrun. We condemn Turkey for collaborating with the US in creating, arming and coddling this horde of terrorists.

    ISIS and similar extremist Islamist terrorist groups like the Al Qaeda and Al-Nustra have been created by the US as part of its over-all scheme to remake the Middle-East, by carrying out regime change in such countries as Libya and Syria that have dared to assert their national sovereignty against imperialist plunder and war. For its part, the Turkish government is using ISIS to attack the Kurdish liberation struggle led by the PKK.

    ISIS terrorists have been trained by US Special Forces in secret NATO bases inside Turkey and Jordan. For the last year and a half, the US has been developing what the world has now come to know as ISIS. Turkey has allowed safe passage through its borders of jihadists from different parts of the world to join ISIS, and has facilitated the transport of wounded ISIS terrorists to be treated in hospitals in the Turkish province of Urfa and other cities in Turkey.

    The US is remaking the Middle-East in order to consolidate its hegemony in this oil-rich regionIt is using the ISIS in the same manner as it has used Neo-Nazi gangs in the Ukraine to stir up trouble and force regime change, toppling the duly-elected president, and replacing him with a pro-Western president and a fascist military junta as part of US-NATO strategy to encircle and pressure Russia.

    In the wake of the hideous crimes of the ISIS, including the massacre of Shiites and Christians, and the beheading of Western journalists, the US has pretended to adopt a policy of opposing ISIS and carrying out bombing raids against ISIS. In fact, the US is still thereby using the ISIS as the pretext to violate the national sovereignty of Syria.

    The US war planes are actually bombing food granaries and buildings in Syria which are away from ISIS positions. They are now in a position to attack the forces of the Syrian government. Turkey has also exposed its real dirty agenda to attack the Kurdish liberation struggle by bombing PKK forces in Oramar (Daglica) near the border with Iraq, relieving ISIS from the successful counter-attacks of the Kurdish fighters and allowing the ISIS to block humanitarian aid from Iraqi Kurdistan.

    The Kurdish resistance forces in Kobane have said that they can defeat the ISIS without any need for foreign intervention such as that falsely offered by the US and Turkey. All they need from Iraqi Kurdistan are sufficient weapons and ammunition against the tanks and vehicles mounted with big guns of the ISIS terrorists.

    The terrible crimes being perpetrated by the ISIS and the support given them by the US and Turkey have aroused the anger of freedom-loving people throughout the world. At the same time, the heroic resistance of the YPG/YPJ – the People’s Protection Units – composed of Kurdish men and women, has inspired the people of the world to rally in support of the Kurdish liberation struggle.
    The acknowledged leader of the Kurdish liberation struggle, Abdullah Ocalan, has called on the entire Kurdish nation to mobilize in support of the resistance in Kobane. Kurds throughout the world have responded by organizing demonstrations in many countries calling for international support.

    We must show our solidarity to the Kurdish people in their hour of need and give them all-out support until victory.

    U.S. is Responsible for the Ebola Outbreak in West Africa:

     Liberian Scientist

    Global Research, October 17, 2014

    A History of Guatemala’s Syphilis Experiment: How a U.S. Led Team Performed Human Experimentations in Central America
    Dr. Cyril Broderick, A Liberian scientist and a former professor of Plant Pathology at the University of Liberia’s College of Agriculture and Forestry says the West, particularly the U.S. is responsible for the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Dr. Broderick claims the following in an exclusive article published in the Daily Observer based in Monrovia, Liberia. He wrote the following:
    The US Department of Defense (DoD) is funding Ebola trials on humans, trials which started just weeks before the Ebola outbreak in Guinea and Sierra Leone. The reports continue and state that the DoD gave a contract worth $140 million dollars to Tekmira, a Canadian pharmaceutical company, to conduct Ebola research. This research work involved injecting and infusing healthy humans with the deadly Ebola virus. Hence, the DoD is listed as a collaborator in a “First in Human” Ebola clinical trial (NCT02041715, which started in January 2014 shortly before an Ebola epidemic was declared in West Africa in March.
    Is it possible that the United States Department of Defense (DOD) and other Western countries are directly responsible for infecting Africans with the Ebola virus? Dr. Broderick claims that the U.S. government has a research laboratory located in a town called Kenema in Sierra Leone that studies what he calls “viral fever bioterrorism”, It is also the town where he acknowledges that is the “epicentre of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.” Is it a fact? Is Dr. Broderick a conspiracy theorist? He says that “there is urgent need for affirmative action in protecting the less affluent of poorer countries, especially African citizens, whose countries are not as scientifically and industrially endowed as the United States and most Western countries, sources of most viral or bacterial GMOs that are strategically designed as biological weapons.” He also asks an important question when he says “It is most disturbing that the U. S. Government has been operating a viral hemorrhagic fever bioterrorism research laboratory in Sierra Leone. Are there others?”
    Well, Mr. Broderick’s claims seem to be true. After all, the U.S. government has been experimenting with deadly diseases on human beings for a long time, history tells us so. One example is Guatemala. Between 1946 and 1948, the United States government under President Harry S. Truman in collaboration with Guatemalan President Juan José Arévalo and his health officials deliberately infected more than 1500 soldiers, prostitutes, prisoners and even mental patients with syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea and chancroid (a bacterial sexual infection) out of more than 5500 Guatemalan people who participated in the experiments. The worst part of it is that none of the test subjects infected with the diseases ever gave informed consent. The Boston Globe published the discovery made by Medical historian and professor at Wellesley College, Susan M. Reverby in 2010 called ‘Wellesley professor unearths a horror: Syphilis experiments in Guatemala.’ It stated how she came across her discovery:

  1.  Opus Dei Beast members are Pharisees 

  2.  and hypocrites


    Irish Times cartoon shows duplicity of priests. Sacrament of Confession’s absolute choice to protect pedophiles. Priests’ callousness towards children’s security and well being - read here

‘Spotlight’ deceptive propaganda for Vatican & Boston Globe ...

    Pope Crimes and Vatican Evils

    [SNAP must protest “Spotlight” movie...]

    Paris Arrow

    The ‘Spotlight’ movie’s main job is to brainwash idiots Americans Catholics so they'll feel-good by focusing only on the Boston Globe by-gone days in 2002 – so they’ll forget the gravity of Vatican Crimes against humanity’s children – worldwide – that spanned the entire half-the-20th century – and forget the bestial JP2 Army – John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army - 6,500 bestial priests and – to forget their potential 1.3 million victims in USA alone – and forget the Vatican injustices to countless victims such as the recent Milwaukee “settlements” – and forget the evil Achilles Heels of (false) saint John Paul II and the endless papal pathological lies of Pope Francis – and most of all, to forget the recent highest ranking pedophile criminal Papal Nuncio Archbishop pimp who suddenly (mysteriously and conveniently) dies – before the Venice Film Festival – and whose upcoming “Vatican trial of the century” could have easily outshined ‘Spotlight’ and outperformed Pope Francis’ spectacles in his USA-Cuba trips this September – read our article, Vatican Holy Shit!

BOYCOTT St. Joseph Oratory 10,000 candles burn $$$
 en-riching only a few arrogant priests -- (from Haiti and India)

while 30,000 homeless people starve in harsh winter streets 

of Montreal   

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