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Vatican Bank closes thousand accounts/criminal transactions BURNT to leave no trail of crimes further/future investigations...drowned by loud Francis-maniacs at St. Peter’s Square

Updated March 4, 2014

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Updated February 1, 2014

AP news  reports that hundreds of widows and pensioners ‘recently came in for a rude surprise: The Vatican bank told them they had to close their accounts or risk losing access to their money — all in the name of Pope Francis’ reform efforts’, read news update below.  Is the Vatican Mammon Beast so voracious it had to eat on poor widows and old pensioners coffers too?  The Bible says: "The church should care for any widow who has no one else to care for her.  But if she has children or grandchildren, their first responsibility is to show godliness at home and repay their parents by taking care of them. This is something that pleases God very much".  1 Timothy 5:3-16 (New Living Translation) This means that the widow must leave her savings and her inheritance to her children and her family so they can take care of her.  So why on earth are there hudnreds of windows and pensioners in the Vatican Bank?   Now that we've seen the sexual abuse of  countless little boys and girls by the JP2 Army- John Paul II  Pedophile Priests Army, are there other victims of the Vatican in the form of vulnerable widows and old pensioners?  Read our latest article, "Women. Legion of Christ. Opus Dei. Francis Hypocrisies...Legion of Christ feeds Vatican Mammon Beast. Opus Dei Mafia of Cardinals and Bishops. G-8 Cardinals are phony reformers recycling old Vatican Deceits"

Pope Francis frenzied burning and closing of thousands of accounts in the Vatican Bank/IOR in order to “purify” it and allow only Vatican employees access to the account is reminiscent of Hitler when he wanted to “purify” the German race and got rid of the Jews frantically in the gas chambers in Auswizch.

Women, widows, parents must NOT to leave their wealth to a bunch of GAY celibates in faraway Vatican in Rome who care only about their orgies with GAY prostitutes in Rome!  

This franctic closing of widow's and pesnioners' accountd is reminiscent of a current lawsuit by the only son of a late Chinese who was defrauded into leaving his entire million dollar estate to the Legion of Christ, read more here

Catholic women must stop going to church, stop donating their hard earned money to the Catholics church so that the Vatican Catholic Church will fall down like a deck of cards and like a domino effect.  

So, WOMEN, bring on the FALL OF ROME!  Bring on the FALL OF THE VATICAN TITANIC!

Women should use their money for their own families and stop tithing because they should give their money to Christ’s poor - the poor in their own cities - or for the Third World people who are oppressed by the Vatican Concordats.  The Vatican own all SECRET Vatican Swiss Banks that is why they hold the Davos Economic World Forum (recently, see news updates below) and hence, the Vatican owns all the UN’s headquarters in Switzerland where they can spy and control all the judges and  all employees, read our related article, Vatican rebuffs UN .  

Women’s role in Christ’s church

Women until today are the main evangelizers to their children and to their husbands.  It is women who bring and force them to attend church and to treat priests as “Representatives of God”.  It is women who kneel (stupidly) down to adore and kiss rings of Bishops and genuflect before popes and priests.  Hence, ironically, at the same time, it is women who are responsible for their own oppression within the Vatican Catholic Church because they have surrendered all powers to the priests and Bishops and Popes who gives them no voice whatsoever in the Mass or pulpit.  Women do this because they have been brainwashed by Jesuits and missionaries and arrogant self-righteous nuns (like those Magdalene Laundries conceited nuns of Philomena).  Jesuits are the greatest Masters of Deceits and Opus Dei are the Pharisees controller of the Vatican Mammon Beast, read our related article - Pope Francis Top 10 Vatican Deceits. Francis cloned @3.13.13 inside Vatican Titanic as Jesuit Mask of Vatican Evils. “Bergoglio. Basura. Vos sos la dictadura.”  .

Catholic women must take back their families and start worshipping at home with their children and pray together in Christ’s Name as he has said:  “Where two or three are gathered in My Name, there am I in the midst of them”. 

Women, invite the real Jesus to come inside your homes (and not the con-Christ Pope and con-artists priests)!!!

Women do not need to bring their children to church - to gay perverts rapists pedophile priests - to find Christ because He is at their small home already with them.  

Christ is - like oxygen that’s - free and available and equal to all of humanity. Christ - like oxygen - does not need a middleman or a priest to reach each and everyone and all people in the world, read more here

Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.  He went to people’s homes and walked in their streets.

Jesus cannot be replicated by the con-Christ Pope Francis. 

Jesus cannot be cloned by con-artists popes, cardinals and bishops and priests in the Eucharist.

Women should teach their children to call “Dad” or “Father” only their real biological fathers or adoptive fathers  - and to stop calling priests and popes as “fathers” forever,  read our related article, John Paul II the Holy Father of Lies .

Children must call “Father” - only their own biological fathers or adoptive fathers – and they must not give away this unique paternal title and allegiance to other men on earth.

Children must call “Father” - only their own biological fathers or adoptive fathers - because these lay men alone deserve this unique title which they have rightfully earned through their daily labour and lifetime dedication

Lay men must TAKE BACK their unique legal titles as “Fathers” because it is they who truly care and provide for their own children through their daily hard work!  Read more in our  elated articles: John Paul II the Holy Father of Lies! Cardinal Dziwisz book: “JPII knew nothing” about bestial pedophile priest Fr. Maciel is Vatican Titanic Deceits

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Vatican bank admits widows fell victim to glitch

VATICAN CITY (AP) — Dozens and perhaps hundreds of widows and Vatican pensioners recently came in for a rude surprise: The Vatican bank told them they had to close their accounts or risk losing access to their money — all in the name of Pope Francis’ reform efforts, The Associated Press has learned.

The bank now says it was all a ‘‘technical error’’ and that the widows and pensioners are being kept on as clients, amid the bank’s highly-publicized plan to close so-called ‘‘lay accounts’’ as it tries to mend relations with Italian authorities who have suspected that Italians were using the bank as a tax haven.

It’s all come as a big embarrassment for an institution that is trying to fend off accusations of mismanagement and corruption.

‘‘In some cases old ladies got nasty letters,’’ Max Hohenberg, spokesman for the Institute for Religious Works — or IOR — told The AP. ‘‘The fact that a few dozen people were categorized in the wrong way and hence got a letter which was incorrect is a mistake which we have apologized for.’’

Updated December 22, 2013

Pope Francis and his Vatican Titanic Deceits Empire of PR media stunts army are doing a “feel-good” Hollywood strategy by making non-stop political photo-ops of Pope Francis with children and the sick so that robotic Catholic Francis-maniacs will continue to flock to St. Peter’s Square and chant, “Francesco, humble Francesco”…….and therefore, those over a thousand lay accounts holders won’t be noticed as they slip in and out circumspectly of the Vatican to close their personal accounts at the Vatican IOR Bank!  He was even named Person of the Year by Time Magazine to segue Americans’ attentions away from Vatican crimes of money-launderings with drug lords and terrorism, read our analysis in FRANCIS UPDATES - Time's Person of the Year  All these Francis-maniacs hollers are being orchestrated to camouflage  what is really going on inside the Vatican, the wild active “Gay Lobby” sexual orgies and more importantly,  the frenzied closing down of more than a thousand privileged millionaires and billionaires lay accounts in the scandal infested Vatican Bank  (see news updates below).  All these frantic closing of over a thousand accounts are done for the sole purpose - to delete, shred and burn all files, all transactions and all crime evidence – so as to leave no trail of crimes for further/future investigations in the Vatican Bank.  So where are those frenetic closed accounts transferred to exactly?  What other banks are ready to welcome countless billions of dollars that belong to exclusive privileged Popes’ friends for decades?  

 Answer:  Quick fast and easiest transfer all done in a secret code of numbers!  Switzerland, the secret Vatican Swiss Banks tucked away safely in the Alps, managed by former Swiss Guard Army elite, the one and only twin brother country of the Vatican!  “Small countries” indeed, yet the controller of the world’s economy!  (Notice the annual exclusive finance meeting in Davos, Switzerland?)

Read our related article Boston hosted former Swiss Guard’s seminar -based on the new “Vatican Trinity”.. Swiss Guards are the financial Navy Seals of the Vatican Bank
The closing down of more than a thousand accounts are done in the spiritual guise - that they do not belong to the categories of clients which the Vatican bank must now offer its services to: Catholic institutions, clergy, employees or former employees of the Vatican with salary and pension accounts, embassies and diplomats accredited to the Holy See. 

Remember the Vatican Bank Bishop/accountant, Bishop Nunzio (ironic name) who is in house arrest awaiting trial?  He got his half a million Euros commission directly from the Vatican Bank for smuggling 20 million Euros cash stashed in a small private plane direct from Switzerland to Italy, which proves the Vatican owns SECRET Vatican Swiss BANKS!  That was only a one-day trip.  Imagine how many trips in one year, and how many trips in decades?! Read about him here with YouTube videos of his arrest straight from the small private plane 

It’s time for the United Nations to abolish the Vatican as a “country” , read our related article, Abolition of Vatican Concordats  

The 1.2 billion Catholics are cohorts to all Pope Crimes and Vatican Evils because each time they chant “Francesco” and each time they eat the false cloned flesh of Christ in the Eucharist, they perpetuate Pope Crimes and Vatican Evils…….and this time they have done a good job of protecting those over a thousand Pope friends as they slip in quietly to close their accounts and transfer them to Vatican Swiss Banks!!!  Stupid robot flesh-eating Catholics are all cohorts of Pope Crimes and Vatican Evils happening right before today’s humanity’s Google eyes!

Remember when millions of stupid robotic Rosary praying Catholics chanted “JP2, we love you” to rock star John Paul II?  Well, they were drowning out what John Paul II was actually doing   with the cover-up of thousands of bestial pedophile priests, hence they are aptly called JP2 Army – John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army - and his evil Achilles Heels, Fr. Marcial Maciel and Cardinal Bernard Law prove their existence.  The major difference  then was that John Paul II missed out in burning all their criminal files, especially in California where payout to victims was almost a billion dollars but where a secular woman judge was able to release them a year ago at about this time, during the Christmas season read our letter to her ==Judge Elias

Judge Elias, Please Release All Confidential Church Records of Names of Vicars, Bishops,
 Others Who Handled Reports of Child Sexual Abuse in Los Angeles Archdiocese

Unfortunately, as of this month, the criminal records and transactions of the Vatican Bank/IOR have all been deleted thanks to the record breaking first months and first year of the papacy of black & white Pope Francis.  About a thousand of millionaires and billionaires’ accounts have been closed – giving them ample time to transfer secretly all their wealth to secret Vatican Swiss Banks in Switzerland and because Switzerland   is a “neutral country” it is also sort of “above the law” just like its twin brother, the Vatican the small country, the safest haven of criminals yet impenetrable to criminal investigations. 

The Vatican is the MOST EVIL POWER on earth and the Pope the most evil despot!

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Nazi Gold and the Vatican. How Rome saved Fascists. Vatican Bank claims. Nazi Connection To Franciscan Order Uncovered Near Medjugorje

Imagine all those Nazi accounts and stolen wealth from Jews and Mussolini accounts all burnt and deleted


This Christmas season should wake them up from their blind faith because it took 9-months gestation of Jesus in Mary’s womb’s and therefore those Houdini Popes and Merlin priests cannot clone Him in the sorcery of the transubstantiation of the Eucharist, see image of cloned dolly the sheep below.
With all “lay” accounts closed, therefore further investigation to hundreds of billions of Euros of money laundering, dealings with the evil despots, the mafia, drug lords and Wall Street moguls will be impossible to trace.  Perhaps the Vatican has also deleted the records of the Vatican Bank Bishop/accountant who is in house arrest for being caught in action for money smuggling 20 million Euros in cash in a private small plane from Switzerland into Italy which proves the Vatican owns SECRET Vatican Swiss BANKS!  Read our article - Vatican Bank Bishop/accountant now sitting in jail for flying 20 million Euros in a private jet from Switzerland into Rome, read here

Obama started =   -- but now it will be impossible to investigate and trace thousands of transactions because all these accounts are being closed and transferred to SECRET Vatican Swiss Banks, thanks to the brilliant Luciferian strategy of the new Jesuit Pope, the Jesuit mask of 2,000 years of Vatican Evils and Deceits, read here the Pope Francis Top 10 Vatican Deceits. Francis cloned @3.13.13 inside Vatican Titanic as Jesuit Mask of Vatican Evils. “Bergoglio. Basura. Vos sos la dictadura.” . Everything Pope Francis does revolve around these TOP 10 DECEITS and Vatican Pied Pipers reword and recreate Francis-mania hypes versions around them.

All the while amidst the LOUD “Francesco chant at St. Peter’s Square”, behind the centuries old criminal two feet walls of the Vatican, records of criminal transaction are being closed down or burnt so that further investigations into all criminal will be impossible because all criminal records will be left without a trace.  The Opus Dei and the Jesuits combined make them smarter than the Devil wiles, indeed!  The Vatican are orchestrating -- that the Vatican Bank Bishop/accountant will be, Bishop Nunzio -- the first and the last prelate to be caught money smuggling -- 20 million Euros in a private jet from Switzerland into Italy.  And the Vatican Banks crimes will be drowned out by Francis-mania Catholics’ chants at St. Peter’s Square.  Read about him here

Meanwhile, John Allen, the Devil’s Twin, wrote about the Vatican Bank and other Vatican Pied Pipers are praising Pope Francis and his “champion for the poor” and empty lip-service of the poor using the poor - to continually oppress poor countries by usurping billions of dollars from countries already buried in debt,  read our related article – Abolition of Vatican Concordats here   . 
Meanwhile, the Vatican Bank Bishop/accountant was granted house arrest so he can go to live in his million dollar abode instead of a crampy Italian small jail cell.  Oh, BTW, he is still magically cloning Christ in the Sorcery of the Eucharist everyday – terrorizing the Italian judge and justice system -- with his supernatural power to be able to clone the flesh and blood of Christ.  How stupid are robotic Catholics puppets of Opus Dei Luciferian mastermind!

Really, Christ is being used as pawn for Pope Crimes and Vatican Evils over and over again and the Sorcery of the Eucharist of the false cloning of his flesh by popes and priests who cannot clone an ant or cats and dogs is the worst re-crucifixion and blasphemy of His Name daily – to feed the Vatican Mammon Beast at the expense of the poor countries, read the Abolition of the Vatican Concordats
Australia must lead countries in the abolition of the Vatican as a “country” because right now, the Papal Nuncio there is using his “diplomatic immunity” and thus refuses to cooperate in the investigation of pedophile priests, see news update below and our related article, 7 acts Australia must do for humanity’s good motivated by the Victorian Inquiry that slams the Vatican (Roman) Catholic Church! 

Abolition of the priestly title “Father”

The Vatican popes as “Holy Father” and Catholic priests as Reverend “Father” do absolutely nothing for the daily wellbeing and interests of children worldwide and they do not work to give children’s daily essential needs of food, clothing and shelter -- which those children’s biological fathers or adoptive fathers provide through their daily sweat and toil.  Children must call “Father” - only their own biological fathers or adoptive fathers - because these men alone deserve this unique title for which they have rightfully earned through their daily labour and lifetime dedication.   Lay men must TAKE BACK their unique legal titles as “Fathers” because it is they who truly care and provide for their own children through their daily hard work!  Lay men must TAKE BACK their lawful titles as “Fathers” – and strip that title off from priests and popes who only sit in the lap of luxury while preaching theology that do nothing -- for the essential daily needs and good of children.  

The popes and priests as Reverend and Holy “Father” instill terror and harness paralyzing obedience in children (and especially in Catholic women) which is why the title “Father” must be eradicated from all Catholic priests and the title “Holy Father” must be obliterated from the popes – forever – starting now in this 21st century.   Children (and especially Catholic women) naming priests as “Father” make them feel obligated to treat priests better and more respectfully than their own biological fathers (or spouse, or brothers), and are terrorized and more fearful of priests more than other men in authority such as policemen, judges and male teachers.  

Popes and priests because they are addressed to as “Fathers” have the utmost power to subdue and brainwash children (as well as women, men and parents) to be submissive to their every bestial whim, hence the hidden thriving proliferation of the half-of-20th century bestial JP2 Army – John Paul II Pedophile Priest Army in churches of the Vatican Catholic Church as
far as Australia and in the northern arctic of Nunavut, Canada which we are now only discovering. 

We call on the media and all governments to strip the title “Father” from priests and eliminate the title “Holy Father” from popes because they have stolen this title which they do not deserve -- as all they do is sit in the lap-of-luxury in their million dollars rectories and the Pope sits on his throne at the Vatican meeting only with European Royalties and billionaire investors in secret Vatican Swiss Banks and those arrogant CSC priests sit on millions of dollars at the Oratory of St. Joseph as they use “saint” Brother Andre as their Golden Cash Cow! It is time for men, women and children to stop giving holy reverence to priests and the popes  - who do nothing for their essential needs for  food, clothing and shelter -- and stop looking at priests and popes as the “official representatives of God” because God is as oxygen, he/she is everywhere and has no need for representatives. God as Oxygen cannot be monopolized by popes and priests.  God is everywhere as Jesus said, The Kingdom of God is within you – meaning God is not in the golden tabernacle but inside each person just like oxygen is inside each person -- without need for popes and priests. Humankind breathes in God/oxygen without need for priests and popes, read our related article, Boycott Oratory of Saint Joseph

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Benedict XVI resigns because of GAY LOBBY 

Amnesty International named Vatican among the guilty countries, read here 

Vatican rebuffs UN!  The Vatican Titanic is sunken deep in the ocean of moral bankruptcy

John Paul II, the Patron of Pedophiles, Pederasts and Rapists priests, read our related article here  

JP2 Army – John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army .  

John Paul II has two personal evil Achilles Heels, Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston who aided and abetted more than 80 pedophile priests and Fr. Marcial Maciel, the serial pedophile priest who founded the Legion of Christ and who sodomized even his own biological son, read more here

Ex-Jesuit Gov.Jerry Brown vetoes SB131,invokes Roman law, perpetuates cover-up of 20th Century JP2 Army who stabs the heart of Jesus’ mother

NCAA & Penn State more moral than Vatican. Sports is more moral than John Paul II, Benedict XVI, Vatican Titanic sinking in moral bankruptcy

Melinda Gates versus Benedict XVI: who’s more “like Christ”? Melinda Gates saves lives of 200 million women while Benedict XVI sits in out-of-touch-with-reality Vatican Throne

The Hague is above Pope, Vatican, Religion. The Hague must prosecute Benedict XVI now to prove secular International Justice reigns over ALL Religions and Despots

"USA ambassador to Vatican - for what exactly? “Pray” with the pope in one office, in one basilica that equals “one country”?
Pope Francis Top 10 Vatican Deceits. Francis cloned @3.13.13 inside Vatican Titanic as Jesuit Mask of Vatican Evils. “Bergoglio. Basura. Vos sos la dictadura.” 

Sacrament of Confession protects criminals and persecutes their victims

Vatican bank Bishop∕accountant caught money laundering €20M and it surpasses the Da Vinci Code intrigue. Vatican greedy Mammon never sleeps and never stops 

Australia JP2 Army! Anne Lastman the false witness to “the limping Christ towards Calvary”… she camouflages John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army

Dreamworks movie on Boston Pedophile Priests: Its moral message and mission in Boston, in the USA and in the world

9/11 victims = 3,000. JP2 Army = 100,000s. May Day: both Hitler and bin Laden Announced Dead on May 1 on John Paul II Beatification Day B-Day

Rosary could not defeat JP2 Army John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army in the 20th Century ... unlike the Battle of Lepanto in the 16th Century

The JP2 Army prayer: Children’s most important prayer 

JP2 Army with me, JP2 Army before me, JP2 Army behind me,
JP2 Army in me, JP2 Army beneath me, JP2 Army above me,
JP2 Army on my right, JP2 Army on my left,
JP2 Army when I lie down, JP2 Army when I sit down
JP2 Army when I arise

To remember the JP2 Army is protect children forever from predator pedophile priests and from all kinds of pedophiles so that they are able to pierce through their theological mask as "representative of Christ" and it will empower children to see through John Paul II writings which are heartless, read our related article Theology and John Paul II are heartless and together they made the immoral Fr. Marcial Maciel thrive... and they also made complicit Cardinal
Bernard Law thrive, read our related article here

Narcissist “saint” John Paul II, Mass fake cloning of Christ religious spectacle?

Vatican Bank Bishop/accountant now sitting in jail for flying 20 million Euros in a private jet from Switzerland into Rome, read here

The Vatican Pope controls world banks, world armies and terrorism!  

Believe it or not!  God forbid the Nobel Peace Prize will choose Pope Francis for his hypocritical “Prayer for peace in Syria” or elsewhere.  

There are hundreds of brave men and women out there serving mankind and outing their life in the front line while Pope Francis fool the world with his little papal finger through his PR media deceits stunts army and living in the lap of luxury at the Vatican Palace that rival the palaces of Europe.

Pope Francis cover-up the Vatican Mammon Bank Beast
Vatican Opus Dei Swiss Guards are shredding thousands of accounts and files quickly by inciting stupid robotic Catholics to chant loudly at St. Peter’s Square to drown out and camouflage the Vatican evil dealings inside...

Victims in USA - Attackers - Responsible Leaders

WTC & 9/11 attacks - 3,000 victims - 19 Muslims - Osama bin Laden

JP2 Army – 100,000 victims - 6,100 pedophile priests (Los Angeles, Boston, etc)- John Paul II & Benedict XVI & Opus Dei, the new Vatican Trinity

Amnesty International Report Vatican “Torture, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment” on tens of thousands of children sexually abused by priests in Ireland 

HOAX of Eucharist
This Christmas season is the best time to reflect on the Houdini Popes and Merlin priests and their hallow powers that they cannot clone an ant or a cat and therefore they cannot clone Christ either -- This mission to enlighten the world is given to us by Our Lady of Guadalupe who was used and abused by John Paul II, the Opus Dei and Fr. Marcial Maciel


the "slimy bastardCardinal Bernard Law, those thousands of little boys and little girls who had the grave misfortune of loving and revering this human piece of filth...I’m ashamed to be of the same faith as this evil, malicious creep." But to prove that he is "the Great" John Paul II PAPAL FARTed at us Bostonians and took Cardinal Law to Rome to be the High Priest of the Mother of all Basilicas, that is why Cardinal Law is the Achilles Heel of John Paul II
read more here

But no matter how the Vatican Titanic’s religious Vatican Pied Pipers lie and lie that John Paul II “knew nothing”, secular history does not lie and secular history - especially Google -- has recorded that John Paul II has two evil Achilles Heels, Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston and Fr. Marcial Maciel, and money cannot buy or erase this evil papal history and fact, read more

The Magic of the Eucharist and the chanting of the Rosary can be so intoxicating that Popes, Cardinals, Bishops and Priests are heartless and cold in the face of evil and their victims.Restore image of priests for obsolete doctrines,Vatican Concordats, narcissist “saint” John Paul II, Mass fake cloning of Christ religious spectacle?

It is time for 1.2 Catholics to wake up and see the HOAX of the EUCHARIST, that Popes, Cardinals and Bishops and priests cannot clone cats and dogs and Dolly the Sheep, and therefore they cannot clone Christ either.

It is time for the United Nations to end the Vatican as a country and all 175 countries to unite for the abolition of the Vatican Concordats that usurp billions of dollars annually from these countries that are already buried in debt, read more here
The Vatican cannot be saved by the BLACK MAGIC of the EUCHARIST – the Pope and Cardinals and Bishops and priests CANNOT CLONE CATS and therefore they cannot CLONE CHRIST either. It is that simple. No mystical theology of transubstantiation can refute this IMPOTENCY of the Pope and priests, read here Black Magic of the Eucharist

The “Holy Father“ Pope and his copy-cat “holy fathers” priests cannot clone sheep and they cannot clone Christ either, read our related article
Restore image of priests for obsolete doctrines,Vatican Concordats, narcissist “saint” John Paul II, Mass fake cloning of Christ religious spectacle?
The Catholic Church is not the world’s moral authority. The Vatican Titanic is sunken deep in the ocean of moral bankruptcy
Does anyone remember the cloned sheep Dolly?  It was the cream of the crop top team of scientists who cloned her. Well, the black magic words of a team of “holy priests” cannot clone Christ the Son God either, read about the Divine Trinity
The Vatican Titanic is sinking in moral bankruptcy and there is no way to salvage it as it has been hit by huge moral icebergs around the world, read our related article here
The Vatican cannot be saved by the Sacrament of Confession which protects criminals and persecutes their victims – read our related article here

Look deeply into this image of Our Lady of Guadalupe defending and protecting children from the Serpent  ... compared to Pope John Paul II, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Cardinals, Bishops who coverd-up pedophile priests

 The names of the transferring or covering up Bishops and Cardinals are: Roll Call Please!

The Hague: Full text Criminal Charges against Dr. Joseph Ratzinger, Pope of the Roman Catholic Church 
The black belt means she is pregnant
The womb of the Immaculate Conception of Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe carried Jesus this way


 The cloning process that produced Dolly



1-MINUTE  black magic of the cloning of Christ by sinful Vatican pope and priests 

Our comment: Transubstantiation or the Mass is a recent development . St. Peter and St. Paul and the Apostles never celebrated Mass and never “transubstantiation” the bread into the flesh of Christ, what they did was to preach about Christ. The Mass was a slow development from the 12th century through various liturgical reforms until the 20th century. It was only in 1215 at the Fourth Council of the Lateran that the Mass began to take form and in 1551 at the Council of Trent that transubstantiation became what it is today. 

The Vatican has come to use it as its main crux of power on earth deceiving Catholics and peoples of all faiths that only Popes and men-priests have the exclusive power to transubstantiate - or clone - God’s flesh. Because of the Mass, the Vatican has gotten away with all kinds of heinous crimes, e.g. the Crusades, the Inquisition, the burning of women and witches “

For the sake of the Eucharist” and because of the shortage of priests, John Paul II, Cardinal Ratzinger-Benedict XVI, the Opus Dei who controls the Vatican, the Cardinals and Bishops shuffled pedophile priests from one parish to another. The rest is history: the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army committed Holy ES Eucharist-and-Sodomy of Biblical proportions see the John Paul II Millstone

In the name of Hail Mary, we dare challenge and defy the Magisterium: No words pronounced by any finite-man can create an infinite-God! No words of the Pope and priests can re-create or re-incarnate Christ’s flesh. The words of sinful popes and priests are powerless and can never create God! Only Mary the Immaculate Conception deserved to bear God in her womb. No evil pope and evil priests is worthy to touch and hold God in their evil hands. The words of popes and Cardinals, Bishops and priests are mere clashing-cymbals of St. Paul see John Paul II the Great clashing cymbal of St. Paul

See Benedict XVI to beatify John Paul II is “brought to nothing” by St. Paul
No matter how we look at it, finite-man cannot create an infinite-God. Man can never create God’s flesh. Not in in-vitro fertilization of the scientific laboratories. Not in the sacred altars of holy Roman Catholic churches which by the way were the same pedophile altars of the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army See the John Paul II Millstone
Rome, call us heretics and we don’t care because in Boston and in America, we have freedom of speech. It was our freedom of speech that got rid of criminal-Cardinal Bernard Law and sent him packing out of our sight and out of our land. But only you, Rome, you the Roman Catholic Church a.k.a. Magisterium would glorify criminals like Cardinal Bernard Law and John Paul II. 

No other American state has been able to replicate our courage as Bostonians who got rid of the first Cardinal caught guilty of the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army in America. Yes, we caught the first SS officer of the Third Reich of the Roman Catholic Church … but he went into glorious exile in Rome because only in the Catholic Church are criminals glorified See The John Paul II Millstone John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army expands into Ireland &John Paul is elevated as "Venerable"... only in the Catholic Church are criminals glorified


Benedict XVI, from the Chair of Peter, thinks his papal letter will heal the victims and solve the problem of clergy abuse in Ireland. The fact is, Benedict XVI’s words are powerless. NO POPE has ever healed anyone. As this picture shows,





They came sick and they left sick.

There is NO "Apostolic" authority or succession here,

for NO Pope has EVER been able to heal like Peter or Paul did.

Opus Dei Goliath-bully Bill want to propagate Catholic Medieval Doctrine that all crimes of JP2 Army of pedophile priests are already forgiven and forgotten under the Sacrament of Confession that protects criminals and persecutes their victims, read here
Sacrament of Confession protects criminals and persecutes their victims

Vatican bank Bishop∕accountant caught money laundering €20M and it surpasses the Da Vinci Code intrigue. Vatican greedy Mammon never sleeps and never stops

The Vatican and Rome are no longer synonymous.

The Vatican Catholics, not Roman Catholics.

The Vatican and Rome are no longer synonymous.

The Pope has no authority in Rome.

The Pope is not Roman. Catholics are not Roman.

The Pope has no power in Rome.

The Vatican is not part of Rome.

The Pope is not a citizen of Rome.

The allegiance of Catholics is to the Pope and the Vatican or the Magisterium… 
The allegiance of Catholics is NOT to Rome; therefore, it is fallacious to call them “Roman Catholics”.

Vatican Last Tsar Benedict XVI and Pope Francis has no papal authority over Rome; therefore, Catholics are not Roman. 

The Vatican must start paying taxes for its staggering business properties in Rome starting in 2013. To keep calling them as “Roman Catholics” is to keep feeding the voracious Vatican Mammon, read here .

The Pope and the Vatican have no political authority and no influence in Rome or in Italian Parliament.

The false (old) statement is, Catholics are “Roman Catholics” of the “Roman Catholic Church”.

The true (new) statement is, Catholics are “Vatican Catholics” of the “Vatican Catholic Church”.

The Pope and the Vatican have no political authority and no influence in Rome or in Italian Parliament.

The false (old) statement is, Catholics are “Roman Catholics” of the “Roman Catholic Church”.

The true (new) statement is, Catholics are “Vatican Catholics” of the “Vatican Catholic Church”.

But the Vatican cling-on to Rome and use its Roman Coliseum to latch-on to the fame of the gladiators and the Hail Caesars as the Pope copy-cat the powers of Caesars which Forbes described Benedict XVI as the 5th Most Powerful Person in the world, read here Forbes delusion of Vatican Last Tsar Benedict XVI powers

Give your Catholic money to

Red Cross

Doctors without Borders
100 Huntley Street daily TV

Joel Osteen
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Christ like oxygen is free, available and equal to all – reference Quebec Charter of Values

Jesus is greater than religion
Jesus > Religion
Crossroads Christian Communications
Tuesday, October 29th, 2013 - Program #hunt-9489

Jefferson Bethke
In Jesus > Religion, Bethke unpacks similar contrasts that he drew in Spoken Word that went viral on Youtube. In his new book, Bethke highlights the differences between teeth gritting and grace, law and love, performance and peace, despair and hope. With refreshing candor he delves into the motivation behind his message, beginning with the unvarnished tale of his own plunge from the pinnacle of a works-based, fake-smile existence that sapped his strength and led him down a path of destructive behavior. Bethke is quick to acknowledge that he
s not a pastor or theologian, but simply a regular, twenty-something who cried out for a life greater than the one for which he had settled. Along his journey, Bethke discoveredthe real Jesus, who beckoned him beyond the props of false

 Zeus:  supreme authority on earth and on Mount Olympus
I am Zeus the supreme god of the Olympians. 



I am the Holy Father of Jesus, Son of God.

Enabler of Pedophile Priests
St. Joseph with candles in the Votive Chapel of the Oratory of St. Joseph
Giant Saint Joseph could NOT help young students victims! 
Oratory candles could not stop CSC pedophiles and bestial lust for 50 years from 1950 to 2001. 
Give your money to the homeless shelters of Montreal
Stop lighting candles! God does not need candles. 
The poor need to eat. The homeless need a shelter. Homeless people NOT allowed in Oratory
It’s acts of mercy that I want, says the Lord, not material sacrifices and candles! 
God does not need your candles!
Saint Joseph does not need your candles.

People, please STOP DONATING to the ORATORY of St. Joseph and instead donate your money to Red Cross, Doctors without Borders, your local charities, and the homeless shelters of Montreal. 

God will listen more to your prayers - through your acts of charity - because they are better than material candles and money you give to the wealthy billionaire CSC religious Holy Cross family of Saint Brother Andre.   

God said in the Bible:  It isn’t material sacrifice that I want, but acts of mercy.  

 If you were to face Christ on Judgement Day today, He will not ask you how many candles you have lit at the Oratory of St. Joseph, buthow many poor people you have helped, as He has said, “Whatsoever you do to the least of my brethren, that you have also done to Me.”   

Christ also said, when you pray, go to your room, close the door and pray to your Father in secret, and he will hear your prayers

STJOSEPH DU MONT-ROYAL - L'Oratoire Saint-Joseph du Mont-Royal

News updates for December 20, 2013

The Vatican Titanic Media Deceits Empire are concocting the brilliant scheme to use famous Pope Francis  photo-ops with children  to segue attention from the Vatican Bank’s closing down thousands of its accounts -- all in the guise of “cleaning-up” -- and just in time for MONEYVAL to give it a “passing grade”.

IOR continues the process of closing down lay clients' bank accounts  (COMMENT:  the Vatican is burning, shredding, deleting all criminal transactions and all decades-old criminal records to prevent any further and future investigations -  way to  salvage the Vatican Titanic sunken deep in the ocean of moral bankruptcy

Vatican Insider
The IOR is closing down all accounts belonging to account holders who do not fit one of five categories of people and institutions which the Vatican bank is allowed to have as clients
The Institute for the Works of Religion (IOR) is continuing the process of closing down the accounts of lay account holders, who do not fit into any of the five categories of clients the Vatican bank is legally allowed to have. The process, which began last July, is proceeding as scheduled and has not yet concluded. This is partly because not all of the letters sent to clients who are no longer allowed to have any relationship with the IOR (over a thousand of them) specify the same deadline for the closure of each respective bank account, ANSA reports.

“In July 2013, the IOR updated its policy in relation to the categories of clients which the Vatican bank can offer its services to. These categories are: Catholic institutions, clergy, employees or former employees of the Vatican with salary and pension accounts, embassies and diplomats accredited to the Holy See,” an IOR spokesman told ANSA. This was a joint decision of the IOR’s supervisory board and the Commission of Cardinals and was published on the IOR website on 31 July. “Relations with clients that do not fit one of these categories, will cease,” the IOR informed.

The account closing down process “must not be confused with the interruption or suspension of relations with clients suspected of violating the anti-money laundering laws in place. This responsibility lies with the Vatican authorities that have been tasked with enforcing the law and supervision.”  (COMMENT: Vatican Pied Piper deceits)

(COMMENT: Read our related article on Boston finance conference given by former Swiss Guard 
Nazi Gold and the Vatican. How Rome saved Fascists. Vatican Bank claims. Nazi Connection To Franciscan Order Uncovered Near Medjugorje
Swiss Guards are all lawyers and bankers and politicians who are the elite who go to run the SECRET Vatican Swiss Banks on Switzerland.  Nice twin small countries = the Vatican and Switzerland!  Nice pair of hands of the Vatican Devil Luciferian Mammon Beast that fool mankind with the false cloning and sorcery of the flesh of Christ!  St. Michael the Archangel, bring on the demise of the Vatican Temple like the Temple of Solomon)
Catholic News Service
By Cindy Wooden
Catholic News Service
VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- News headlines in 2013 about turmoil at the Vatican bank and an arrested monsignor who served as a Vatican accountant seem to be modern-day illustrations of a famous line from the First Letter of Timothy in the New Testament: "For the love of money is the root of all evils, and some people in their desire for it have strayed from the faith and have pierced themselves with many pains."
But from his office near the Vatican gas station, a young Swiss lawyer is working to prevent the greedy or corrupt from misusing the Vatican's financial structures, which serve its own operations and those of dioceses, schools, hospitals and charitable activities around the world.
Rene Brulhart, 41, is director of the Vatican's Financial Intelligence Authority, charged with establishing procedures and checks to ensure Vatican institutions cannot be used for money laundering or the financing of terrorism. He also investigates suspicious transactions and works internationally with other government financial-intelligence units to fight financial crime. (COMMENT -this is all for hypocritical show because the Vatican Bank is caught money laundering and dealings with drug lords, the Mafia for decades)


Vatican bank finds over 100 suspicious transactions, official says

Los Angeles Times

By Tom Kington
December 11, 2013

VATICAN CITY — The Vatican's bank has unearthed more than 100 suspicious payments this year after starting full-scale checks on its customers for the first time to crack down on money laundering, up from six last year, said an official knowledgeable about the cleanup effort.
The official, who requested anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the inquiry publicly, spoke after the Vatican said Monday that it had been given a positive progress report by Moneyval, the Council of Europe money-laundering monitor, after a middling grade in a full evaluation last year. The new report, which was signed off Monday and will be formally released by Moneyval on Thursday, gives an assessment but no grades.
Rene Bruelhart, the Swiss banking expert serving as director of the bank's new oversight body, acknowledged last week that "there has been a very significant jump in suspicious transaction reports in 2013." Bruelhart was appointed last year as part of a drive by former Pope Benedict XVI and his successor, Pope Francis, to reform the scandal-dogged institution.
Sporting well-groomed stubble and slick suits and dubbed the "James Bond" of the Vatican by the Italian media — much to his embarrassment — Bruelhart appears a fish out of water at the Holy See, where he keeps a room at the residence that also houses Francis.


Vatican Bank risks blacklist for weak money laundering controls

City A.M.

by Tim Wallace
December 9, 2013

THE VATICAN’S bank could this week be blacklisted by the international finance community after investigators found poor anti-money laundering controls in place.
The 71-year old lender is being probed by Moneyval, the Council of Europe’s watchdog which monitors standards in finance.
If the watchdog rules against the Institute for the Works of Religion, as the Vatican Bank is formally known, it will face difficulties transferring money around the world.
Such a blacklisting could prove problematic for the church which relies on the organisation to fund operations around the globe.
Previous reports from the Council of Europe have found the Vatican making strides in its anti-money laundering processes, particularly as Pope Benedict XVI extended several finance rules to cover himself.

Vatican Bank denies any wrongdoing...

Irish Times

Vatican Bank denies any wrongdoing in relation to cash transits and closure of ‘lay’ accounts
Paddy Agnew
Mon, Dec 9, 2013

Are Italian finance police about to set up a checkpoint outside the Vatican’s Porta Santa Anna gate to stop people who have visited the Vatican Bank, IOR, in order to ascertain the nature of their business?

That alarmist scenario emerged last weekend following Italian media speculation that the Holy See’s financial regulator AIF had been less than co-operative with Italian Customs in relation to movements of money at IOR in 2011 and 2012.
Furthermore, Italian daily, Corriere Della Sera yesterday reported that some 1,200 of IOR’s 19,000 accounts will shortly be closed by the bank. Corriere suggests the accounts in question, known as “lay” accounts, could account for up to €300 million.
Unruffled by reports
Sources at IOR were last night unworried by the media reports, claiming that the Vatican Bank co-operated with “all the appropriate authorities” and that the “lay” accounts had been closed because the account holders had “no ongoing affiliation with the Holy See”.
Speaking in parliament last Friday, however, junior finance minister Sesa Amici confirmed that the Customs agency was waiting for a reply from AIF to a June 19th request for a meeting. In particular, it is reportedly seeking information about almost 5,000 unregistered movements of money in and out of Italy via IOR. Inevitably, Italian finance police suspect the undeclared money may relate to tax evasion and money laundering.


Finance watchdog welcomes Vatican reform, urges bank oversight

Chicago Tribune

Philip Pullella
1:34 p.m. CST, December 9, 2013

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - A European committee evaluating the Vatican's financial reforms said the Holy See had made significant progress but needed more internal controls over its bank and another key financial office, sources familiar with the report said on Monday.
The plenary of Moneyval, a monitoring committee of the Council of Europe, adopted a progress report on the Vatican following a July, 2012 initial evaluation that made recommendations on how the Holy See could clean up its murky finances. Moneyval will issue its report on Thursday.
It is expected to add impetus to Pope Francis's efforts after decades of scandal, particularly surrounding its bank.
According to two sources familiar with it, the Moneyval report says the Vatican has made much progress in the past 17 months in areas such as legislation to combat money laundering, tax evasion and the financing of terrorism.
"This is a very positive document," one person familiar with the report said. Another expressed "massive satisfaction".


MONEYVAL APPROVES THE REPORT ON THE HOLY SEE'S PROGRESS IN COMBATING MONEY-LAUNDERING AND THE FINANCING OF TERRORISM (COMMENT: All accounts have been closed and deleted – that is why the non-stop photos of Pope Francis with children and the sick to drown out the sound of deletion of criminal records inside the Vatican Titanic!) 

Vatican Information Service  (COMMENT:  The Vatican combined Opus Dei and Jesuit PR stunts army are orchestrating endless political photo-ops of Pope Francis with children and the sick to segue attention away from the inside frantic deletion of criminal files of the secretive Vatican Bank, but stupid robotic Catholics cannot see that they are being used as pawns and political props for further Pope Crimes and Vatican Evils)

Vatican City, 10 December 2013 (VIS) - Today, the Plenary Meeting of MONEYVAL (the “Committee of Experts on the Evaluation of Anti-Money Laundering Measures and the Financing of Terrorism”, established by the Council of Europe) has approved the Progress Report of the Holy See/ Vatican City State. The Progress Report follows the adoption of the Mutual Evaluation Report on 4 July 2012 and is part of the ordinary process in compliance with to the Rules of Procedure of MONEYVAL, according to a press communique published in the evening of Monday, 9 December by the Holy See Press Office.
The progress report, submitted for review during the Plenary, confirms that significant progress has been made. Upon request by the Holy See and the Vatican City State the MONEYVAL Secretariat agreed to carry out a full progress review. Therefore, the report contains an analysis of progress against the core and key recommendations of the FATF (Financial Action Task Force), regarding international standards on combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism.
“The adoption of the Progress Report confirms the significant efforts undertaken by the Holy See and the Vatican City State to strengthen its legal and institutional framework”, said Monsignor Antoine Camilleri, Under Secretary for Relations with States, and Head of Delegation of the Holy See and Vatican City State to MONEYVAL. “The Holy See is fully committed to continuing to improve further the effective implementation of all necessary measures to build a well functioning and sustainable system aimed at preventing and fighting financial crimes.”
In accordance with the MONEYVAL Rules of Procedure, the Progress Report will be published in full by the MONEYVAL Secretariat on its website on Thursday.
At the legislative level, and among the principal results following the Mutual Evaluation report of 4 July 2012, Financial Intelligence Authority (AIF) has been strengthened by the amendment on 14 December 2012 of the Law on the Prevention and Countering of Laundering of Proceeds of Crimes and Financing of Terrorism. In addition to the Motu Proprio of Pope Francis on the Laws on Criminal Matters of 11 July 2013, the new laws cover all terrorist offences set forth in the Conventions annexed to the Terrorist Financing Convention as well as a new approach to the civil liability of legal persons arising from crime. In particular, a modern scheme on confiscation, freezing and seizure has been adopted. The Motu Proprio extended the jurisdiction of the Vatican Tribunal over criminal offences - including the financing of terrorism and money laundering - committed by public officials of the Holy See in the context of the exercise of their functions, even if outside Vatican territory.


Ior, lettere di chiusura a 1.200 correntisti della banca vaticana

Corriere della Sera

ROMA - Una lista di 1.200 destinatari. E altrettanti conti dello Ior da chiudere per un importo complessivo superiore ai 300 milioni di euro. I cosiddetti «conti laici». Milleduecento lettere uguali a quella che pubblichiamo in questa pagina. Un documento a suo modo storico anche per le annose vicende della cosiddetta banca vaticana. Nella lettera sono indicate tre date. Quella di invio: 19 settembre. Poi il 4 luglio, giorno in cui il board (o consiglio di sovrintendenza) dell’Istituto ha stabilito di limitare i rapporti di conto «alle istituzioni cattoliche, ecclesiastici, dipendenti o ex dipendenti del Vaticano titolari di conti per stipendi e pensioni nonché diplomatici accreditati presso la Santa Sede». Tutti gli altri fuori.
Il riferimento al 4 luglio 2013 è al consiglio di amministrazione avvenuto tre giorni dopo la drammatica uscita di scena dallo Ior del direttore generale Paolo Cipriani e del suo vice Massimo Tulli, travolti dall’arresto di monsignor Nunzio Scarano. L’ultima data contenuta nella lettera è la dead line di chiusura dei conti fissata al 30 novembre 2013 , termine dopo il quale, scrive il presidente Ernst von Freyberg, «si applicheranno le disposizioni interne previste per il recesso da parte dell’Istituto», senza specificare quali. Lo Ior, richiesto nei giorni scorsi dal Corriere di rendere noto se l’operazione di chiusura è effettivamente avvenuta e per quale numero esatto di conti, non ha voluto commentare l’operazione .


Sutherland gives Vatican advice on financial reform

Irish Independent

07 DECEMBER 2013
FORMER attorney general Peter Sutherland was called in to advise the Vatican on how to reform its financial affairs, it has emerged.
Mr Sutherland, who is chairman of Goldman Sachs International, addressed the Council of Cardinals – the most senior advisors to the Pope – during the summer on how the Vatican should deal with the financial scandals that were embracing St Peters.
Mr Sutherland, who is believed to act as an unpaid sounding board for the Vatican on financial matters, told the cardinals that the Holy See had to change its ways and embrace openness, especially in its business dealings. "Transparency is important and necessary," he is reported as saying.
Mr Sutherland has long been one of the most influential Irish people on the planet when it comes to business and politics.
The Australian
THE Catholic Church's insurance company instructed a bishop to delete an admission that church officials had been warned about a pedophile priest from a letter of apology sent to one of the man's victims.
The company, Catholic Church Insurances, dominated the negotiation of abuse claims, the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse heard yesterday, instructing clerics to deny liability and dictating the amount of compensation and even counselling offered in response.
On one occasion, the commission heard, the company was consulted on a 1999 letter sent to the victim of a Brisbane priest who claimed to be terminally ill and saying she "needed to have sex with him before he died".
His victim, Joan Isaacs, had attempted to warn church officials about her abuse but was ignored, the commission heard, allowing the priest to abuse other children.


New money laundering probe for Cyprus

Famagusta Gazette

FAMAGUSTA GAZETTE • Saturday, 07 December, 2013
A MONEYVAL report on the effectiveness of the measures implemented by the Republic of Cyprus in its banking sector is expected to be released next week....
MONEYVAL will also be releasing its reports on the Vatican and the Holy See, as well as the UK and Israel. — (KYPE)

Vatican outsources more financial reform

Kansas City Star

December 19
The Associated Press

VATICAN CITY — The Vatican is outsourcing more of its financial reform to big-name consulting firms, tapping McKinsey & Co. and KMPG to advise it on modernizing its communications operations and bring its accounting up to international standards.
The decision was made Thursday by the commission of inquiry into the Vatican's overall financial health created by Pope Francis as part of his reforms.
Already, regulatory compliance firm Promontory Financial Group has installed two dozen people at the troubled Vatican bank to review its accounts and make sure they conform to international norms to fight money-laundering and terror financing. Promontory is also advising the Vatican's other main financial institution, APSA, which administers Vatican real estate.

Press for Vatican reform extends to PR, accounting

National Catholic Reporter

John L. Allen Jr. | Dec. 19, 2013 NCR Today  (COMMENT:  John Allen is the foremost Vatican Pied Piper, he’s the Devil’s Twin that can make Vatican criminal dealings “feel-good” and look good like Hollywood  like Hollywood hypes.  John Allen can twist criminal truths and make them look good and feel holy, the Devil’s Twin indeed!)
The press for Vatican reform in the Francis era continued to gather force today, as the Vatican announced it has awarded contracts to two major international consulting firms to ponder a reorganization of its communications operations, as well as to bring its accounting procedures in line with international standards.
Among other things, the moves confirm that the Vatican’s traditional reluctance to compromise its independence by allowing outsiders to examine its internal workings has given way under Francis to a new desire to tap secular expertise. (COMMENT:  The Popes have always used “outsiders” secular expertise to deal with its exclusive secular lay clienteles, those billions of dollars of money launderings and drug lords and the mafia…name it they’ve done it, and the Vatican Bank need these secular guys to guise and transfer and then delete their criminal files – just look at the Vatican Bank Bishop/accountant caught money laundering 20 million Euros in one day – imagine years and decades of such activates? Read about him here ============)
In both cases, the consultants have been selected by a papal commission to study the Vatican’s economic and administrative structures set up by Francis in July. That body is composed of eight members, all but one of whom are laity, and is led by Maltese economist and businessman Joseph F.X. Zahra.
The Vatican said the contracts were awarded after what it described as a “competitive bidding process,” but it did not specify how much is being paid for the firms' services.

Gabriel Byrne: Pope Francis Is a ‘Figurehead, a CEO’

Since he was elected pope this March, Pope Francis has made headlines for his relatively simple lifestyle and his emphasis on helping the poor and embracing people of all faiths.
However, not everyone is a fan. Irish actor Gabriel Byrne, who was raised in a strict Catholic household and once trained for the priesthood, says that despite the Pope’s talk of reform, he will not fundamentally change the Catholic Church.
“Like Barack Obama, a bit like Tony Blair, he’s a figurehead, a CEO—a man who does the bidding of the masters who hide behind him,” Bryne said in an interview with the Michael Des Barres Show today.
He added that while Pope Francis has set a new tone within the Church by performing “Christ-like things” such as bathing prisoners’ feet, these are empty gestures that won’t change the Catholic Church’s “innately conservative” agenda.

Pope Francis directs Curia to hear confessions (COMMENT :  The Sacrament of Confession protects criminals and persecutes their victims, read our related article  

Washington Post

By Eric J. Lyman | Religion News Service, Updated: Tuesday, December 17
ROME — As part of Pope Francis’ pastoral reforms, all 44 senior members of the Roman Curia, or governing body, must take turns hearing confession at a church near the Vatican.
There is even speculation that Francis himself could hear confessions at the Church of the Santo Spirito in Sassia, just outside the Vatican walls, where his bishops and cardinals have been directed to perform the sacrament of penance and reconciliation.
“I think it’s likely the pope will discreetly hear confessions at some point,” said Giacomo Galeazzi, a veteran Vatican watcher from Italy’s La Stampa newspaper. “The pope has long been an advocate of the pastoral aspects of the ministry and now the Curia will as well.”
Galeazzi and others said the change, announced Sunday (Dec. 15), is part of a wider reform of the Vatican bureaucracy under Francis that includes the appointment of Archbishop Pietro Parolin as secretary of state. The two share a similar approach with an emphasis on humility.

FRANCIS UPDATES:John Allen and Vatican Pied Pipers toot Francis-mania…while Hans Kung points out “the Pope and his ‘double’” shadow pope Ratzinger!

Pope Crimes & Vatican Evils...

Paris Arrow
Time’s Person of the Year Pope Francis. John C. Nienstedt suggests St. Josephine and Eucharist to solve clergy abuse. Baloney, David Quinn! (Again)
Pope Francis the miser of dark secrets vs. Edward Snowden the herald of truths

Francis lives in the Vatican Palace surrounded by PR media stunts army vs. Snowden living in asylum at the kindness of an atheist country Russia

The sharp contrast between Time’s Person of the Year, Pope Francis, and its runner-up, Edward Snowden, are morally apart: Pope Francis perpetuates Vatican secrecy and its cover-up of thousands of bestial pedophile priests in all Catholic churches worldwide…while Edward Snowden reveals the NSA’s Top Secret files about all Americans and all peoples and all nations worldwide.

Pope Francis: “Son of the Church”

Daily Kos

by Betty Clermont

On the July 28 flight back to Rome from Rio de Janeiro’s World Youth Day and in a widely publicized interview in September with a Jesuit magazine, when asked for his opinion on abortion and same-sex marriage, Pope Francis said his position was identical to that of the Church. “I am a son of the Church,” he explained.

He is a son of the Church as restructured by his two predecessors, Pope John Paul II and his head of doctrine, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, later Pope Benedict XVI.
Fr. Jorge Mario Bergoglio was promoted to bishop, archbishop and cardinal by Pope John Paul II who preached: “The globalized economy must be analyzed in the light of the principles of social justice, respecting the preferential option for the poor who must be allowed to take their place in such an economy, and the requirements of the international common good.” John Paul condemned, “Whatever is opposed to life itself, such as any type of murder, genocide…whatever violates the integrity of the human person, such as mutilation, torments inflicted on body or mind.”
Yet he backed Latin American dictators and worked with the CIA, Reagan and right-wing Catholic groups to counter the actions of progressive clerics in Latin America. The CIA thought Wojtyla would be "a perfect vehicle for U.S. foreign policy."
Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected pope by a College of Cardinals comprised entirely of men appointed by Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI. Benedict taught: “Democracy will attain its full actualization only when every person and each people have access to the primary goods (life, food, water, health care, education, work, and the certainty of their rights) through an ordering of internal and international relations that assures each person of the possibility of participating in them.” And “Commitment to promoting effective social justice in international relations demands of each one an awareness that the goods of creation are destined for all, and that in the world community economies must be oriented toward the sharing of these goods, their lasting use, and the fair division of the benefits that derive from them.”
Yet when polls showed a tie between Pres. George W. Bush and Sen. John F. Kerry in 2004, he sent a letter to the U.S. episcopate instructing the bishops to deny communion to Kerry. After favoring Gore in 2000, Catholics voted 52 percent for Bush versus 47 percent for Kerry. “Throughout the 2004 campaign, Rove maintained that, if Bush won the Catholic vote, he would be reelected. Rove was right.”

The Pope's popularity-What does it mean?

Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests

A new poll shows most people really like Pope Francis.
[Seattle PI]
So what does that mean?
I suspect it means we like it when
--famous people show humility
--royal figures act like regular folks
--people who often scold us stop scolding us
--hope seems to spring up where hope has long been missing, and
--we are distracted from horrific, seemingly intractable scandals by touching or reassuring or surprising gestures.

And what does the pope’s popularity mean for children?
At best, probably nothing. At worst, it’s probably somewhat hurtful.
Why? Because as long as the pope gets accolades for seeming or being kind and gentle, he’s more apt to continue to be kind and gentle. And to protect kids by stopping clergy sex crimes and cover ups, Pope Francis has to be the opposite of kind and gentle. He has to be tough on his bishops who are enabling predator priests, nuns, brothers, seminarians and bishops.
That's what Benedict didn't do. That's what John Paul didn't do. That's what no Catholic official on the planet has done or is doing.
That's the missing ingredient - harsh consequences for men who help predators hide evidence and flee overseas and keep their collars and paychecks. Very rarely do secular officials impose such consequences on enablers (see Bishop Robert Finn and Msgr. William Lynn). Even more rarely do church officials impose such consequences (and when they do, it’s always in the most oblique ways).
Until that changes, until those who destroy evidence and stonewall prosecutors and deceive parishioners are severely and publicly and clearly punished, this crisis continues, no matter how much adoration the pope generates.

Jerry Brown COULD have made a difference

The Worthy Adversary

Posted by Joelle Casteix on December 17, 2013
Jerry Brown could have been a hero.
He could have helped expose a cache of child pornography in the basement of the local archdiocese.
He could have forced bishops to release the names of adults credibly accused of abuse in the past ten years, but whose identities were kept secret from parishioners, communities, and the cops.
He could have exposed the names of the credibly accused kept secret for decades.
He could have flushed out men who sexually abused kids and then bullied anyone who dared expose them.
He could have helped local police get the evidence they needed to re-open important investigations into child sex crimes.
He could have helped hundreds of victims of child sexual abuse use the courts to seek justice.
But what did he do? He cried “unfair!” Instead of signing SB131, the California Child Victims Act, and using it as a first-step rallying cry to change the laws that affect ALL institutions and give ALL victims rights in the courts, he decided that NO kids deserve justice.
Here is his logic: You stand on the side of a boat and have one life preserver in your hand. You have another life preserver next to you, that you only need to inflate. Inflating the life preserver will take you 15 seconds. But there are two children drowning. Instead of throwing in one life preserver and taking the short amount of time to inflate the second, you decide to let both children drown. Why? It’s unfair if one child has to wait an additional 15 seconds.

Pope Francis: step forward, step back with two Wisconsin related decisions

SNAP Wisconsin

Statement by Peter Isely, SNAP Midwest Director
CONTACT: 414.429.7259

Good News. Bad News.
Step forward. Step back.
While Pope Francis, perestroika fashion, continues to clear out the hardliners from Vatican positions of authority, like the notorious vestment obsessed Raymond Burke (from La Crosse, Wisconsin), on the sexual abuse front Francis made a very troubling decision today, or approved one, by appointing Green Bay’s Vicar General Fr. John Doerfler to become the new bishop for the diocese of Marquette, Michigan.
In a March 2011 deposition in the case of serial Green Bay child molester, Fr. John Feeney, Doerfler, then chancellor and Vicar General of the diocese, admitted under oath that in 2007 he deliberately and systematically destroyed nearly all records and documentation in the secret church files of at least 51 clergy reported to have sexually assaulted children. The shredding took place just after the Wisconsin State Supreme Court ruled that victims of childhood sexual abuse could file fraud suits against Catholic dioceses in the state for covering up for clerics like Feeney.
When specifically asked if it bothered Doerfler that clerics who abused children were being dumped into the community without public notice, Doerfler chillingly answered: “No”.
A recent national survey found that 70 percent of American Catholics believe that addressing the sexual abuse scandal must be the top priority for the Pope, well in front of any other issue facing the church. Of course, this is particularly relevant today with the current investigation by St. Paul police of an alleged child sexual abuse report against Archbishop John Neistadt. Regardless of the outcome of the Neistadt investigation, the Minneapolis archdiocese, like so many others, continue to unravel with revelations of long standing complaints of criminal child abuse and cover up.
While Francis is showing that he is going to remove self-styled “traditionalists” like Burke from power, it is still not clear what he intends to do about removing (much less promoting) those like Doerfler who have been directly involved in the concealment of child sex crimes.

Pope Francis: step forward, step back with two Wisconsin related decisions

SNAP Wisconsin

Statement by Peter Isely, SNAP Midwest Director
CONTACT: 414.429.7259

Good News. Bad News.
Step forward. Step back.
While Pope Francis, perestroika fashion, continues to clear out the hardliners from Vatican positions of authority, like the notorious vestment obsessed Raymond Burke (from La Crosse, Wisconsin), on the sexual abuse front Francis made a very troubling decision today, or approved one, by appointing Green Bay’s Vicar General Fr. John Doerfler to become the new bishop for the diocese of Marquette, Michigan.
In a March 2011 deposition in the case of serial Green Bay child molester, Fr. John Feeney, Doerfler, then chancellor and Vicar General of the diocese, admitted under oath that in 2007 he deliberately and systematically destroyed nearly all records and documentation in the secret church files of at least 51 clergy reported to have sexually assaulted children. The shredding took place just after the Wisconsin State Supreme Court ruled that victims of childhood sexual abuse could file fraud suits against Catholic dioceses in the state for covering up for clerics like Feeney.
When specifically asked if it bothered Doerfler that clerics who abused children were being dumped into the community without public notice, Doerfler chillingly answered: “No”.
A recent national survey found that 70 percent of American Catholics believe that addressing the sexual abuse scandal must be the top priority for the Pope, well in front of any other issue facing the church. Of course, this is particularly relevant today with the current investigation by St. Paul police of an alleged child sexual abuse report against Archbishop John Neistadt. Regardless of the outcome of the Neistadt investigation, the Minneapolis archdiocese, like so many others, continue to unravel with revelations of long standing complaints of criminal child abuse and cover up.
While Francis is showing that he is going to remove self-styled “traditionalists” like Burke from power, it is still not clear what he intends to do about removing (much less promoting) those like Doerfler who have been directly involved in the concealment of child sex crimes.



Powerful prelate talks; Lowly judge acts

Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests

A lowly US county judge did more yesterday to protect kids than the most powerful prelate on the planet. Yesterday, Judge John Van de North forced the Catholic archbishop of St. Paul/Minneapolis to disclose the names, whereabouts, statues and work histories of about 30 credibly accused child molesting clerics.
[Minnesota Public Radio]
Yesterday, as he’s done for eight months, Pope Francis refused to disclose a single predator's name. Nor, as best we can tell, did a single one of the planets 5,000 Catholic bishops disclose a single predator’s name.
The pontiff is at least consistent: In 15 years as head of Argentina’s largest archdiocese, he also did not disclose a single predator’s name. (In fairness to the pope, however, none of his predecessors as pope or as archbishop - ever revealed a single predator’s name.)
Yesterday, Pope Francis did, however, announce he'll appoint a new church panel to look at abuse.
[Mercury News]
So yesterday, the earth’s most powerful religious figure promised to study clergy child sex crimes.
And yesterday, a lowly US judge actually prevented clergy child sex crimes.

Francis is a man of ACTION! (Well, not really)

The Worthy Adversary

Posted by Joelle Casteix on December 6, 2013
Everybody has a crush on Pope Francis. He drives a car! He eats with the priests! He cold calls Catholics who write him letters!
But wait, there’s more! He used to be a bouncer at a bar! He reportedly sneaks out at night to feed the poor! He speaks out against those nasty capitalists (whose donated money is the principal funding source for Vatican City, BTW).
Wow, with all of this action, he would have to take decisive action on the clergy abuse crisis, the first and foremost problem in his own nest, right? Eh, not so much.
Instead, he formed a committee! (Insert sad trombone here) Not only that, but he refused to answer the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child’s questions about child sexual sexual abuse. Apparently, Francis only takes action when solving OTHER people’s problems.
C’mon Francis! You blew it. This was low-hanging fruit! You could have been on the fast track to sainthood. All you need to do are a few simple things:
You can start by the easy, symbolic actions. First, you strip Roger Mahony of any titles, power or significance. After that, you fire Kansas City Bishop Robert Finn (I mean, really, he’s CONVICTED of child endangerment).
This is easy stuff. Send them both to the villages of Western Alaska, where they can live in abject poverty and devote the rest of their lives to the victims of Jesuit priests there.

Pope Francis may be awesome, but there's the iffy bit

Sydney Morning Herald

December 22, 2013
Paul McGeough
Chief foreign correspondent

And so another rock star is born. Welcome Francis - that's Pope Francis.
Just as the Norwegian Nobel Committee rushed to sanctify Barack Obama by awarding him the 2009 peace prize, even before he'd done unpacking at the White House, there's a rush by the world's news media to canonise Pope Francis, even before he's warmed the papal throne at the Vatican.
As a new world figure Francis is a sensation, to be sure. One of the more endearing welcomes came from MSNBC's cool and bespectacled young commentator Chris Hayes: ''Given the constraints of what being Pope is, you can operate in one of two ways: you can be a jerk about it, or you can be awesome - and this guy is choosing to be awesome.''
The Huffington Post is in raptures: ''We love him.'' At Gawker, Francis is ''our cool new Pope'' and Time magazine has named him its 2013 Person of the Year. Out with Benedict, the theology professor; in with Francis, the former janitor, nightclub bouncer, chemical technician and literature teacher.
These days we just can't help ourselves. The insatiable appetite of a 24/7 news machine means we must constantly feed the beast, so we race ahead of the news and, in this case, serve notice that the hapless Francis must live up to our expectations as reformer extraordinaire.
As an institution, the church is in a bad way. Think child sex abuse on an industrial scale and money laundering, graft and homosexual blackmail at the Vatican. And will we ever forget the Bishop of Bling and the bathtub that cost $20,000 in the $42 million renovation of his palace at Lindberg, Germany?
Read more:


Eagan: Francis gives hope amid doubt

Boston Herald

Sunday, December 8, 2013
Margery Eagan

Much of the world has fallen in love with the new Pope Francis, who’s asked his priests and bishops to stop obsessing over sex and start obsessing over injustice, income inequality and the plight of the poor. To long-suffering American Catholics, Francis’ humble, holy example has been welcome and totally astounding.

But the romance was anything but hot when it came to Thursday’s announcement of a new Vatican commission on the sexual abuse crisis. Our own Cardinal Sean O’Malley, reportedly close to the pope, is the only American among the eight cardinals advising Francis. But O’Malley had barely finished his Rome press conference on the plan’s particulars when it was trashed as half-baked by organizations representing victims of sexual abuse and by some of those same long-suffering Catholics whose skepticism is well-earned.
“What I am hearing is probably much ado about nothing,” said Stephen Sheehan, a devout local Catholic who’s worked with numerous survivors of abuse.
Toothless. Window dressing. A publicity exercise with suspicious timing: The announcement came just a couple of days after a United Nations panel asked the Vatican for details on the sexual abuse crisis, and the Vatican refused.
More troubling:
• There are no survivors included on this commission. Prime “experts” are victims themselves, not priests and bishops “who’ve been the abusers, enablers, and deniers of clergy sexual abuse for centuries,” says Road to Recovery Inc., a nonprofit charity that assists victims of church sexual abuse.
• There is no mention of holding bishops accountable — a particular complaint of local co-founders of, a disturbing website detailing continuing misconduct by church higher-ups. For example, two years ago a Kansas City grand jury criminally indicted, for the first time ever, a sitting bishop, Robert Finn, for failing to report child pornography found on the computer of a local priest. Instead of reporting this to police, as the law and the U.S. bishops now require, Finn merely relocated the priest, just as Cardinal Law did here for decades. The priest, now serving 50 years, continued to take lewd pictures of children. Finn was convicted and sentenced to two years of probation for doing nothing to stop him — a full 10 years after the church vowed to end this mess. Worse, he has refused to resign.
Unfortunately, O’Malley was not asked Thursday about Finn. He was asked whether the commission would look for ways to hold bishops accountable. “I don’t know,” he said. He also said the commission would advise on pastoral, not judicial or criminal functions, which seems to mean: Guys like Finn can stay.


In Francis' First Year, A 'Radical Pope' Seeks To Save His Church


[with audio]
"Who am I to judge?" With those five words, Pope Francis "stepped away from the disapproving tone, the explicit moralizing typical of popes and bishops," writes columnist James Carroll. Francis made that statement in July, in response to a reporter's question about the status of gay priests in the Church. In a new article about Francis in The New Yorker, Carroll describes the pope as having "unilaterally declared a kind of truce in the culture wars that have divided the Vatican and much of the world."
Carroll was a seminarian and a priest during another great period of change — Vatican II, which, under the leadership of Pope John XXIII, led to reforms that modernized the church. As a priest from 1969 to 1974, he served as Boston University's Catholic chaplain. He left the priesthood in part over his disagreements with the leadership after the death of Pope John and the beginning of what Carroll describes as a counterrevolution. He's now an author and a columnist for The Boston Globe. His New Yorker article is called "Who Am I to Judge? A Radical Pope's First Year."
"It's not new for popes to be critical of the free market economy, and it's not new for popes to be concerned about the plight of the poor," Carroll tells Fresh Air's Terry Gross. "But with Pope Francis there's a centrality, a passion and an urgent insistence that's unique that we haven't seen before."

Pope talks openly about reform, sex abuse, Dutch bishop says

National Catholic Reporter

Joshua J. McElwee | Dec. 6, 2013
ROME Pope Francis told a group of Dutch bishops this week that the Vatican must continue reforms undertaken by the Catholic church in the 1960s and ‘70s, according to one of the participants in the meeting.
Bishop Jan Hendricks, who attended the meeting Monday, later recounted that the pope said implementation of the 1962-65 Second Vatican Council is only half complete.
“We have been implementing the council only half-way,” Hendriks recalled from the pope’s words. “Half of the work has still to be done.”
Hendriks, the auxiliary bishop of the Haarlem-Amsterdam diocese, was one of 13 Dutch bishops to take part in the meeting with the pope. They are in Rome for their ad limina, a formal visit bishops around the world are required to make to report to the pope on their individual dioceses.

Pope expresses prayers for sex abuse victims to Dutch bishops

National Catholic Reporter

Joshua J. McElwee | Dec. 2, 2013 NCR Today
VATICAN CITY Pope Francis for the first time on Monday publicly discussed the issue of clergy sex abuse, telling Catholic bishops from the Netherlands he wished to express sympathy for victims in their country.
The pope mentioned the abuse scandal, which has continued to rock the Catholic church globally, towards the end of his remarks to the bishops. 13 Dutch prelates were part of the meeting, which comes as they are making their ad limina visit to Rome.
“I promise compassion and prayer for every victim of sexual abuse and their families," the pope told the prelates, speaking in French.
"I ask you to continue supporting them on their painful path to healing, undertaken with courage," he said, according to the Vatican's text of his remarks.
The sex abuse scandal has particularly impacted the Dutch Catholic church. A 2011 report by a inquiry commission created by the Dutch government said church officials had “failed to adequately deal with” abuse affecting as many as 20,000 of the country's children in Catholic institutions between 1945 and 1981.


Talk Is Cheap, Pope Francis

The American Conservative

By ROD DREHER • December 5, 2013

Pope Francis today announced the formation of a high-level commission to advise him on how to handle instances of clerical sex abuse in the Roman Catholic Church. It is a cautious and underwhelming response. From the NYT report:

At the same time, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, the leading United States-based support group for clergy abuse victims known by its acronym, SNAP, called the news a disappointment that reflected badly on the new pope. David Clohessy, executive director of the group, said the announcement suggested that the Vatican remained strongly resistant to making sexually abusive members of the clergy and their church protectors accountable to external criminal prosecution.
“A new church panel is the last thing that kids need,” Mr. Clohessy said in a telephone interview from St. Louis. “Church officials have mountains of information about those who have committed and those who are concealing horrible child sex crimes and cover-ups. They just have to give that information to the police.”
Precisely who will serve on the advisory commission and what authority it will have remained unclear. But Cardinal Sean P. O’Malley, the only American among the eight cardinals advising the pope, said on Thursday that it would include priests, men and women from religious orders and laypeople with expertise in safeguarding children, and that it would offer advice on pastoral care rather than judicial functions. That seemed to signal that it would not make proposals for exposing or punishing abusive clerics.
The commission will have a broad mandate including the development of “norms, procedures and strategies for the protection of children and the prevention of abuse of minors,” the Vatican said in a statement.
Look, the US Catholic bishops at the national level, and most US dioceses at the local level, have adopted strenuous and detailed norms, procedures, and strategies over the last 10 years. Did those strategies prevent Bishop Finn of Kansas City from criminally shielding a child porn priest in 2010 and 2011, despite the stated policy of the diocese? Did it prevent the Archdiocese of St. Paul-Minneapolis from engaging in its own cover-ups, including recent offenses, which were only exposed by a disgusted archdiocesan whistleblower this year? The previous archbishop, Harry Flynn, headed the US bishops’ national effort to fight clerical sexual abuse after the historic Dallas meeting in 2002. But in his own diocese, he was covering up. His successor, John Nienstedt, continued the policy until the whistleblower outed him. In the wake of the scandal, Abp Nienstedt has called for — wait for it — a task force to study procedures.
And now, so has the Pope. This, almost 12 years after Boston.


'Towards Healing' helps the church, rather than the victims

Broken Rites

Broken Rites is pleased that Australia's national Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is investigating the Catholic Church's so-called "Towards Healing" process, which claims to "help" the church's abuse-victims. Broken Rites has been researching "Towards Healing" since 1996, and this article sums up some of our main findings so far. This Broken Rites article demonstrates how "Towards Healing" is really a business strategy, designed to protect the church's assets and its corporate image.
The Royal Commission's hearings about "Towards Healing" are scheduled to begin on Monday 9 December 2013 and will continue for two weeks.
The Catholic Church in Australia operates its "Towards Healing" scheme to receive (and respond to) complaints from the church's sex-abuse victims. Broken Rites found that Towards Healing was designed in conjunction with the church's lawyers, its accountants and its insurance company. The name "Towards Healing" is the kind of brand-name that could be inspired by any public-relations consultant or advertising firm.
In some cases, Towards Healing might give help a victim to "heal" but this help is incidental to the primary object - the church's business strategy.
The Towards Healing scheme is conducted in association with the Catholic Church's own insurance company, Catholic Church Insurances Limited (CCI). CCI has stated that this company "carries the burden of salary and support staff" for Towards Healing and, furthermore, that CCI will "provide practical support" for any future fine-tuning of the Towards Healing system

Pope John Paul II: La-la-la-la-la-la — I can't hear those things you're saying about sex abuse

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