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Sacrament of Confession protects criminals and persecutes their victims

Updated March 10, 2013 

Beginning of novena at St. Joseph Oratory

where thousands of people will go to -- Confession -- where criminals are protected and their victims are persecuted and suffer injustice -- read more below and here

BOYCOTT Oratory of Saint Joseph! CANDLES to giant Zeus statues of St. Joseph and Brother Andre CANNOT PROTECT children from CSC pedophiles

If you live in Los Angeles, or elsewhere in the USA or in the world, and are planning a “pilgrimage” to the Oratory of St. Joseph or flying to the Vatican, DON'T GO and instead ponder on donating that money to the Red Cross or your local charity - or sponsor a poor student and pay for his or her school supplies and school lunch for a year, or feed a homeless person for a year at McDonald's prepaid by you,  instead of flying to Montreal to see the Oratory or the Vatican Mammon Beast - and God will listen more to your prayers in your act of mercy rather feeding the Vatican Mammon Beast or St. Joseph Oratory Mammon copying the Vatican Titanic sinking in moral bankruptcy.
Updated March 8, 2013  International Women's Day

Hypocrite Mahony calls on Christians to “forgive”

Los Angeles Cardinal Mahony who's now in Rome for the Papal Conclave is enjoying the final moments of the last fading glory of the Vatican Titanic sinking deep in the ocean of moral bankruptcy.  In a medieval church he was assigned to say Mass, he dressed in the regalia of a Prince of the Church, and he called on Christians “to embrace forgiveness”.  But "Forgiveness" is the Vatican tool of Injustice - and Mahony uses it well as a strategy to segue attention away - from the Vatican Titanic attacked by multiple icebergs made by its own crimes against humanity’s children - to other world problems as gangs, hate crimes and war. 

It's very important to study the truth about the "Sacrament of Confession that protects criminals and persecutes their victims", see Part 1 of our article below. 

It is also imperative to understand that in the Vatican Catholic Church, "Sins and crimes are not synonymous and identical" and there are many Vatican Deceits reasons why, see Part 2 of our article below.

Mahony was a ruse in Los Angeles as he focused attention on migrants rights while at the same time he oppressed children's rights who were victims of more than 120 pedophile priests he covered-up, read here Los Angeles files. Mahony must be jailed as Nazis caught in their old age and retirement

Cardinal Mahony dressed in red vestments and red cap (given to all cardinals as "Princes of the Vatican Catholic Church”, it's not Roman Catholic Church) is doing what Vatican Deceits do best:  Divert attention away from Vatican Evils, see news updates below for March 8.

Read our updated article about the Papal Conclave where Cardinal Ouellet is Opus Dei's choice as the next papal horse:

Billion Dollar Christ & Apostles in Red now playing in Vatican. Evil impact of Papal Conclave: epidemic violence against women & perpetuity of poor countries

Read our latest article, The Hague is above Pope, Vatican, Religion. The Hague must prosecute Benedict XVI now to prove secular International Justice reigns over ALL Religions and Despots
Benedict XVI also segued attention away from his own crimes against humanity by pointing to other people’s crimes.  But Vatican Deceits and Vatican Hypocrisy became too heavy for his papal head to bear and he run out of words to deceive and deceive, so he quit as pope, read our related article Vatican segue Benedict XVI sex abuse scandals into the Devil, celibacy and role of women. Who’s biting the Vatican bait of deception?

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The Vatican Titanic has sunk deep in the ocean of moral bankruptcy and there is no way to salvage it because all its Seven Sacraments are questionable and unrealistic, see images and articles below  

Cardinal Mahony also twitted about St. Joseph and the novena to St. Joseph starts March 10 to 19 at the Oratory of St. Joseph, the biggest basilica to Zeus impotent St. Joseph.  Read our article

BOYCOTT Oratory of Saint Joseph! CANDLES to giant Zeus statues of St. Joseph and Brother Andre cannot protect children from CSC pedophiles

Updated December 5, 2012

Australia is now debating on how to get rid of the “medieval law that needs to change”, meaning the medieval Catholic law of the "seal of Confession" that protects pedophiles and does nothing to protect children, and it neither seeks justice or compensation for victims of criminals. We offer here our related article to help non-Catholics and lawmakers in Australia and around the world to understand better how "sins and crimes are not synonymous" in the Catholic belief -- with the sincere hope that they will get rid once and for all - this hypocritical "holy" Vatican Catholic Sacrament of Confession because it is the most corrupt system of injustice in the world because it protects criminals and persecutes their victims.  Below is a full excerpt of our article in May 2010

Read Part 2 below:  "Sins and Crimes are not synonymous in the Vatican Catholic Church"
November 25, 2012
Part 1    Sacrament of Confession protects criminals and persecutes their vicitms
The Sacrament of Confession is the VCC Vatican (not Roman) Catholic Church justice system that’s totally contrary to The Hague, to our American justice system and to all democratic countries’ of the United Nations justice system.   The Vatican’s Sacrament of Confession is a system of injustice -- because it deletes the sins of criminals and sets them free instantly and it does absolutely NOTHING for their victims.  The Sacrament of Confession protects criminals and persecutes their victims...for centuries.  The Sacrament of Confession -- neither seeks justice nor compensation for victims of -- criminals it pardons.   If all countries were to adopt this VCC Vatican Catholic Church justice system of the Sacrament of Confession, all our jails would be empty, all our court houses would be empty, the Supreme Court would be nonexistent, there wouldn’t be any judges and lawyers, and all our law schools would be unnecessary.    Unlike CSI crime scene investigations that seek DNA of criminals and victims, the Sacrament of Confession totally ignore - and has no interest whatsoever - about the identity of the criminals or their victims; it does not seek to prove the type of crime, the place and timeline of the crimes, and the consequences and pain the victims are suffering. Priests in confession have a “sociopathic lack of empathy” just like CARDINAL George Pell who showed a “sociopathic lack of empathy, typifying the attitude and response of the Catholic hierarchy”, which parents whose young daughters were repeatedly raped by a priest expressed it well in Australia, see news below. The Sacrament of Confession “saves criminals” for Heaven… but it leaves hence condemns their victims to suffer in a state of “living Hell” on earth. 

Because of global Vatican evils and Pope crimes through the centuries and this Vatican Catholic injustice system of the Sacrament of Confession, it is time that the United Nations annul the Vatican as a "country" and it is time that The Hague brings Benedict XVI to trial before he dies for his 'crimes against humanity'.
The Sacrament of Confession MAGIC-ally deletes crimes – without need for CSI investigation, court trials and jail time - because the magician Catholic priest MAGIC-ally forgives the heinous crimes of the criminal -- and sets him scot-free… with a sweet penance of a Hail Mary or Glory Be… and then the priest goes on to feed him with the prime-meat of God’s flesh in the Host and Wine-blood of Christ!   Hocus Pocus!  The Sacrament of Confession focuses only on the criminals/ sinners and sets them free in an instant (like the speed of light) -- which proves that priests and the Pope are the most callous men of mankind because they have no consideration, no empathy or kindness for victims whatsoever and they are not distressed by even the utmost evil crimes. 

Raped victims, murdered victims and their loved ones whom they left behind, victims of theft, name the crimes, the pope and priests in the Sacrament of Confession do not care about them and intentionally and wilfully do NOTHING to make the criminals pay for their crimes or compensate their victims.  The seal of the Sacrament of Confession is now a debate in Australia where the atheist Prime Minister says that priests must report to police if a pedophile went to Confession, read news updates below.  But Australia's Cardinal Pell says the Sacrament of Confessionis inviolable, see news below.  Ireland’s lawmakers also are defying the MAGIC-al powers of priests in the Sacrament of Confession, read our related articles here
The Vatican Catholic Church is the largest MAGIC institution on earth
After the Sacrament of the Eucharist, the Sacrament of Confession is the next biggest MAGIC of the Vatican (not Roman) Catholic Church and it is the biggest tool of the Devil for the perpetuation of injustice on the earth.   That is why John Paul II is the Pope of Injustice because he did absolutely NOTHING during his longest papacy to bring some justice to pedophile victims of Fr. Marcial Maciel and the80 pedophile priests of Cardinal Bernard Law, his Achilles Heels, read more here

No matter how the Pope and priests explains it as necessary for the “salvation of souls”, the Sacrament of Confession does NOTHING to either “save victims” (of criminals) or help relieve their suffering a living Hell, read the testimonies of a mother whose two children were sexually abused by pedophile priests in Australia and one of them committed suicide in the news below.  
The Vatican Catholic Church is the largest MAGIC institution on earth (eat your heart out Harry Potter and Merlin) and its two greatest magic are the Sacrament of Confession and the Sacrament of the Eucharist with its greatest magicians are the Pope and priests.  Name the crimes and all popes have done it and yet they continue to be the “Vicar of Christ”:  murder, adultery, theft, pedophilia, deceptions, read about the top 10 Pope Criminals here  and the ‘crimes against humanity’ as that of the current Pope Benedict XVI, read about him here  

The Sacrament of the Eucharist is the Daily Vatican Magic that the Pope and priests performs in 9-seconds in the Magic formula of transubstantiation; with their priestly robes and rituals, Christ the Son of God must OBEY them and become reincarnated in flesh-and-blood within the Host and Wine…no matter how evil the pope or priests are - Christ obeys them automatically and He comes down from Heaven to be eaten up by Vatican Catholics.  Our foremost criminal Cardinal Bernard Law is the poster boy of criminal Vatican Cardinals who admitted in public that he transferred and covered-up more than 80 pedophile priests who potentially sexually abused thousands of little boys and girls.  Yet criminal Cardinal Bernard Law went on to be the High Priest of the ‘mother of all basilicas in Rome’ daily reincarnating Christ and performing magic in the Sacrament of the Eucharist and the Sacrament of Confession, read about him here  
The Pope and priests are the greatest magicians who can reincarnate God-Jesus but they cannot reincarnate an animal such as dead dog or a dead cat…read more here and neither can they physically magically heal anyone like those hundreds of years old dead-saints, read our related article, Benedict XVI canonizes 332-years-old-dead Indian woman to heal victims of victims of JP2 Army-John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army in " Christ the Vatican Slave! Australia JP2 Army! Synod of Bishops & New Evangelization...or New Marketing of Old Vatican Deceits. Why Vatican must end as a “country” --
The feel-good effects of these two Vatican Magic make Catholics defend their popes with their lives as in the Crusades, and today, the Catholic fanatics of Catholic League led by giant Goliath-bully Bill Donohue and his cohorts at The Media Report and the highly paid Vatican Pied Pipers like John L. Allen Jr. of All Things Catholic

Part 2      Sins and crimes are not synonymous in the Vatican Catholic Church

Sins and crimes are not synonymous. “Sins” is a Vatican Catholic Church's word and theological concept -- while “crimes” is a secular word and society's reality. Sins are blamed on the Devil or Satan who tempted the Catholics’ first parents Adam and Eve to commit Original Sin while crimes are blamed on the criminals. Sins are forgiven by the Catholic Church while crimes are punishable in jail by secular law (secular means no God, no theology, doctrines and dogmas, no religious faith, no sacraments, no Mystical Body of Christ). Sinners are forgiven in 2 minutes by Catholic priests while criminals are tried in courts for hours and months or years by government judges. Sins are forgiven and forgotten while crimes are punished and commemorated and their responsible leaders are bounty hunted like September 11 and Osama bin Laden. (That is why we need a SNAP monument in Boston to remember and honor the victims of the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army because the sins of pedophile priests-sinners have long been forgiven and forgotten by John Paul II, Benedict XVI, Cardinal Bernard Law and their Cardinals and Bishops cohorts who covered-up their pedophile sins). Read our related article: Eve and Benedict XVI blame the Devil. Analysis of Pope’s homily in Year for Priests -sorcerers of Christ’s flesh and blood
Sinners and criminals are not one and the same. Sinners always go scot-free no matter how mortal their sins while criminals are jailed in prison for years. Sinners do not have to pay for their sins except with a short act of ‘penitence’ (usually a quick prayer of a Hail Mary or Glory Be) while criminals must pay for their sins either with money or their lives in jail. The mortal sins of sinners are free of charge and cost them nothing (they can kill and rape and be forgiven instantly by priests) while the crimes of criminals are costly and they must pay for them in jail.
Sinners are treated with the utmost “holy” respect and absolute secrecy by priests while criminals are tried in due process and in open courts and reported by the media. Sinners are anonymous and not identified and their sins are not specifiable and acknowledgeable to the public or to the police as encoded by Canon Law (sinners can kill and rape on and on and be forgiven as much as Christ said “70 X 7” and therefore pedophile priests kept on sodomizing children and Cardinals and Bishops condoned and covered-them up and children were always in harms way) while criminals are photographed, tagged and ID and their crimes are diagnosable and classifiable in CSI Crime Scene Investigation labs and published on television, the Internet and newspapers so that the public are warned and protected.
Sinners’ one and only recourse is the Catholic Church’s Sacrament of Penance which is the gratuitous 2-minutes “forgiveness” factory for Catholic baptized members only and their “penance’ is usually a quickie Hail Mary and the Act of Contrition prayer, and the Pope at the Vatican has the power to give instant Plenary Indulgences which is the total forgiveness for a lifetime sins and for all sins. On the contrary, criminals’ recourse is the legal system with costly lawyers and they are tried by justice court houses, and the Supreme Court and Justice Department of countries determine the nature of crimes and their punishment by monetary compensation to victims and/or jail time of criminals.
Sins are based on Scriptures and the Catechism of the Catholic Church and their forgiveness are measured according to the words of Jesus and Catholic “Fathers of the Church” or ancient theologians like St. Thomas Aquinas and are easily absolved by Catholic priests who studied theology for years in seminaries. Crimes are based on the country’s Constitution and United Nations Charter of Rights and they are reinforced by judges and litigated and defended by lawyers who studied for years in law universities.
Sins cause the ‘separation of sinners from God’ and ask for “Divine grace” which is freely and always given only by the Pope and Catholic priests. Crimes are the harms done to people and properties and ask for “human justice” and separation from society in jail – for the safety of society. (To err is human, to forgive is divine” is pathetic Catholic jargon)
Here are the Catholic quotes for sins – which is widely used to forgive all sinners and never send any of them to jail – with a quickie penance, the Catholic Church always make sinners go back to their usual daily life and routine whether they are serial rapists or serial pedophile priests:

Love the sinner but hate the sin

Let him who has no sin cast the first stone

The Catholic Church is the Mystical Body of Christ

‘You are Peter and upon this Rock I will build my Church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it’

The Pope is the representative of Christ on earth and he is infallible.

There is no salvation outside the Catholic Church
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Bill Donohue a vile representation of Catholics. Stop your deflections. Deflections distract from the truth... It's called selfish-salvation
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Sacrament of Penance or ‘Forgiveness’ is a tool of INJUSTICE to victims of the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army. To Vaticanista chiesa.espresso Sandro Magister, Baloney!

  The black belt means she is pregnant
The womb of the Immaculate Conception of Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe carried Jesus this way


 The cloning process that produced Dolly


9-seconds black magic of the cloning of Christ by sinful Vatican pope and priests 

Those CSC priests at the Oratory have no power to "clone Christ" because they also cannot clone Dolly the sheep!  Stop donating your money to them St. Joesph and Saint Brother Andre who cannot protect children from evil pedophile priests!

Our comment: Transubstantiation or the Mass is a recent development . St. Peter and St. Paul and the Apostles never celebrated Mass and never “transubstantiated” the bread into the flesh of Christ, what they did was to preach about Christ. The Mass was a slow development from the 12th century through various liturgical reforms until the 20th century. It was only in 1215 at the Fourth Council of the Lateran that the Mass began to take form and in 1551 at the Council of Trent that transubstantiation became what it is today. The Vatican has come to use it as its main crux of power on earth deceiving Catholics and peoples of all faiths that only Popes and men-priests have the exclusive power to transubstantiate God’s flesh. Because of the Mass, the Vatican has gotten away with all kinds of heinous crimes, e.g. the Crusades, the Inquisition, the burning of women and witches “For the sake of the Eucharist” and because of the shortage of priests, John Paul II, Cardinal Ratzinger-Benedict XVI, the Opus Dei who controls the Vatican, the Cardinals and Bishops shuffled pedophile priests from one parish to another. The rest is history: the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army committed Holy ES Eucharist-and-Sodomy of Biblical proportions see the John Paul II Millstone

In the name of Hail Mary, we dare challenge and defy the Magisterium: No words pronounced by any finite-man can create an infinite-God! No words of the Pope and priests can re-create or re-incarnate Christ’s flesh. The words of sinful popes and priests are powerless and can never create God! Only Mary the Immaculate Conception deserved to bear God in her womb. No evil pope and evil priests is worthy to touch and hold God in their evil hands. The words of popes and Cardinals, Bishops and priests are mere clashing-cymbals of St. Paul see John Paul II the Great clashing cymbal of St. Paul See Benedict XVI to beatify John Paul II is “brought to nothing” by St. Paul

No matter how we look at it, finite-man cannot create an infinite-God. Man can never create God’s flesh. Not in in-vitro fertilization of the scientific laboratories. Not in the sacred altars of holy Roman Catholic churches which by the way were the same pedophile altars of the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army See the John Paul II Millstone

Rome, call us heretics and we don’t care because in Boston and in America, we have freedom of speech. It was our freedom of speech that got rid of criminal-Cardinal Bernard Law and sent him packing out of our sight and out of our land. But only you, Rome, you the Roman Catholic Church a.k.a. Magisterium would glorify criminals like Cardinal Bernard Law and John Paul II. No other American state has been able to replicate our courage as Bostonians who got rid of the first Cardinal caught guilty of the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army in America. Yes, we caught the first SS officer of the Third Reich of the Roman Catholic Church … but he went into glorious exile in Rome because only in the Catholic Church are criminals glorified See The John Paul II Millstone John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army expands into Ireland &John Paul is elevated as "Venerable"... only in the Catholic Church are criminals glorified

Benedict XVI, from the Chair of Peter, thinks his papal letter will heal the victims and solve the problem of clergy abuse in Ireland. The fact is, Benedict XVI’s words are powerless. NO POPE has ever healed anyone. As this picture shows,


They came sick and they left sick.

There is no "Apostolic" authority or succession here,

for no Pope has EVER been able to heal like Peter or Paul did.

Opus Dei Goliath-bully Bill want to propagate Catholic Medieval Doctrine that all crimes of JP2 Army of pedophile priests are already forgiven and forgotten under the Sacrament of Confession that protects criminals and persecutes their victims, read here


College Notre Dame  right across the street and Zeus St. Joseph overlooks and sees EVERYTHING DAY AND NIGHT

The college today has 1,600 students.  The Vatican “country” has a permanent 800 people population, the United Nations must remove the status of the Vatican as a state because it is only one medieval building museum for 800 homosexual people, read here 

The CSC strategy of using Brother Andre as their cash cow is to boast that Brother Andre was a “poor man” and that he worked at College Notre Dame as a porter for 40 years, but they intentionally do not tell the truth that they themselves persecuted him and ridiculed him for his vision of building a big church in honor of St. Joseph.  The CSC or Congregation de Sainte Croix have a knack and history of persecuting their own few good members and then later on, they’d pay the Vatican heftily to have them canonized as saints today. The CSC persecuted their own founder, Basile Moreau in France and let him lived the last years of his life as a destitute with his own biological sisters.  The CSC made Brother Andre clean floors, etc., aside from his work as a porter and visitation of the sick in the evening and they invented accusations against him so they can mock him. But they themselves today do not care to visit the sick or help the poor.   It is rumoured that the Holy Cross paid the Vatican 15 million dollars to have Brother Andre canonized, plus more to have their founder Basile Moreau declared as Blessed.  Now they have stopped the process on Basile Moreau because they can’t seem to come up with a miracle and the cash demand from the Vatican is much higher. 

Today the cunning CSC Congregation de Sainte Croix - Holy Cross Congregation religious family of Brother Andre is using him as their biggest cash cow.  

These words should be added to the Oratory of St. Joseph -the Enabler of CSC pedophile priests of the JP2 Army John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army

People should stop lighting candles and donating to the Oratory of St. Joseph ebcause the only ones getting rich are those arrogant cruel CSC priests who just sit there and wait for millions of dollars coming in as they are all homosexual GAYS indulging in their own sex

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Hundreds of thousands of victims worldwide, of this half a century global crimes committed by the Roman Catholic Church -- which the Vatican itself admitted

Vatican condemned (for the first time) by Amnesty International

The Prime Minister of Ireland condemned the Vatican before Irish parliament

We are also praying and hoping The Hague will bring in some final justice and truth

HOLLYWOOD, please make movies of these real scenarios:  Everyday, these (black-robed like Saint Brother Andre) CSC child-rapists would crossed over the street to the Oratory of Saint Joseph, prayed to those Giant GOLDEN COW statues of Saint JOSEPH, smelled the thousands of candles in the Votive Chapel, and ate the daily Sorcery Eucharistic Flesh of Christ in the Crypt Church, then they’d go back to the College Notre Dame to sodomize 220 boys.  They are the living proofs of the fake-flesh of Christ in the Host and the giant Zeus Saint JOSEPH who could not stop them one-bit in their bestial sodomy lust on these young students they sexually abused, you Holy Cross child-rapists bastards CSC criminals, go rot in jail like the Nazis, and burn in Hell with your real Father the Devil!

Criminal Cardinal Bernard Law, and the most recent convicted criminal Opus Dei Bishop Finn, read here http://popecrimes./2011/11/bishop-finn-makes-devils-bowels-smell.html

Sacrament of Confession protects criminals and persecutes their victims http://popecrimes. /2012/11/sacrament-of-confession-protects.html

 Rosary could not defeat JP2 Army http://jp2m. /2011/10/rosary-could-not-defeat-jp2-army-john_06.html

The Nazis of Hitler and the Roman Catholic Church of Benedict XVI are similar: They both burn human beings in Auschwitz and in Hell http://pope-ratz. 2011/02/nazis-of-hitler-and-roman-catholic.html

John Paul smelled Devil`s Bowels as roses for 27 years as he deified Father Marcial Maciel and deified Cardinal Bernard Law

Suspected Nazi war criminal who lived in Canada for decades arrested in Hungary.  In Israel, Efraim Zuroff, director of the Wiesenthal Center’s Jerusalem office, applauded the arrest.

“When you look at a person like this, you shouldn’t see an old frail person, but think of a man who at the height of his physical powers devoted all his energy to murdering or persecuting and murdering innocent men, women and children,”


John Paul II portrait by Danish artist
Rome's 3 GAY priests caught in video at gay clubs and having casual flings'

Rosary could not defeat JP2 Army John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army in the 20th Century ... unlike the Battle of Lepanto in the 16th Century

From Fatima, Jacinta would throw the first stone at John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army

Vatican attacks American nuns: A compilation. USA nuns live Gospel, serve the poor and sick...while Benedict XVI lives in luxury out-of-touch-with-reality in Vatican Bank Tower http://popecrimes./2012/04/vatican-attacks-american-nuns.html

Hypocrite Benedict silenced Fr. Tony Flannery, Brian D'Arcy – A compilation… but he does not silence Cardinal Bernard Law and JP2 Army – John Paul II Pedophile Priests
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9/11 victims 3,000. JP2 Army 100,000s. May Day: both Hitler and bin Laden Announced Dead on May 1 on John Paul II Beatification Day B-Day

Vatican Billions: its history, sources, and assets today worldwide.  BOYCOTT the Vatican Museum and boycott ALL donations to the Vatican Catholic Church Reign of Terror


NEWS for November 25, 2012 regarding the Sacrament of Confession and the outbreak of the JP2 Army - John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army in AUSTRALIA

Sex victims' parents tell of Pell's 'sociopathic' response

The Age
November 23, 2012
Barney Zwartz
CARDINAL George Pell showed a ''sociopathic lack of empathy, typifying the attitude and response of the Catholic hierarchy'' to parents whose young daughters were repeatedly raped by a priest, the Victorian inquiry into how the churches handled child sex abuse has been told.

Anthony Foster told on Friday how they met the cardinal - now Archbishop of Sydney - when he was Melbourne archbishop, in a furniture storage room at a Melbourne presbytery. They were squeezed onto a narrow wooden bench, while he sat in a ''grandiose'' padded leather chair.

"In our interactions with the now-Cardinal Archbishop Pell, we experienced a sociopathic lack of empathy, typifying the attitude and responses of the church hierarchy."

He expressed no emotion when shown a picture of the Fosters' daughter Emma harming herself - she later killed herself - and said expressionlessly: ''Hmmm, she's changed, hasn't she?''

''What sort of of people did he mix with, what sort of life did he lead, that he thought this comment was appropriate?'' Mr Foster asked.

Sky News
The idea that the confessional stays confidential even when people use it to admit to crimes is 'medieval', an independent senator says, as senior Liberals call for the practice to be overturned.
Australia's most senior Catholic, Cardinal George Pell, has insisted 'the seal of confession is inviolable' even if a priest confesses to child sex abuse.
Cardinal Pell said on Tuesday priests should avoid hearing confession from colleagues suspected of committing child sex abuse to avoid being bound by the seal of confession.
Independent senator Nick Xenophon says that's an anachronism.
'This is a medieval law that needs to change in the 21st century,' he told reporters in Canberra on Wednesday.
Sky News
Prime Minister Julia Gillard says using the seal of the Catholic confessional to cover up child abuse is a 'sin of omission' because all adults have a duty of care towards children.
Ms Gillard says the terms of reference for the federal royal commission announced on Monday haven't been set, and nor has the way evidence will be gathered and witnesses questioned.
'That is going to be a matter for the royal commissioners we appoint,' she told reporters in Brisbane.
She said all parties including institutions and victims would be consulted carefully on the terms of reference.
When asked if the commission should examine the Catholic Church's seal of the confessional, the prime minister agreed that it wasn't good enough that some adults had been 'averting their eyes' from the problem of child abuse.
Brisbane Times
November 15, 2012
Phillip Coorey
Sydney Morning Herald chief political correspondent
POLITICIANS of all persuasions, from Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott down, say Catholic priests must not be exempt from having to report child abuse to police should they hear it in the confession of a colleague.

MPs said the royal commission into sexual abuse should examine the issue and recommend that, where necessary, state criminal codes be harmonised to mandate that priests go to the police in child sexual abuse matters.

The federal Attorney-General, Nicola Roxon, who is charged with setting up the commission, agreed the seal of Confession should be looked at, but she cautioned against too much focus on the issue.

Ms Roxon said the commission's remit would be much broader than just the Catholic Church.
The Australian
Gemma Jones, James Campbell
From:Herald Sun
November 15, 2012
PRIESTS and clergy who refuse to break the seal of confessional before the Royal Commission face being jailed for six months.
Cardinal George Pell pledged this week confession was "inviolable" but the sweeping powers of a royal commission into the cover-up of child sexual abuse will compel priests to answer questions.
Constitutional lawyer George Williams said he expected clergy to face jail rather than divulge what they have been told inside a confessional.
"Royal commissions have the discretion to go behind the confessional seal if need be to compel evidence of what occurred in the confessional box," he said.
"You would need to think very carefully (about using the power), you would probably find priests willing to go to jail."
Sydney Morning Herald
The Religious Write
Barney Zwartz is religion editor of The Age
George Pell has been a beacon for criticism over the years and even more so this week. Much of it is richly deserved. But some of it is, frankly, silly and shows a culpable ignorance (at least, if you want to be a commentator) of the Catholic Church.

George Pell is Australia's only active cardinal, but he is not Australia's chief Catholic. No one is. If there were such a position it would belong to the cardinal's close friend and colleague, Melbourne Archbishop Denis Hart, as the chairman of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference.

Each bishop of Australia's 30-odd Catholic dioceses is theoretically autonomous, answerable to the Pope, not Pell. So to say he should have done this in Newcastle or that in Ballarat is to miss the point: he has no authority there; he is the Archbishop of Sydney.

But that doesn't let him off the hook when it comes to talking about the Catholic Church in Australia. As he said in Tuesday's press conference in Sydney, he has considerable moral influence, which he uses to comfort some and discomfort others.
News 24
Sydney - Attorney-General Nicola Roxon said on Wednesday it was "abhorrent" for priests not to report paedophilic acts revealed in the confessional, and urged Australia's child sex inquiry to investigate the issue.
Australia has announced a royal commission into how religious organisations, not-for-profit bodies, state agencies, schools and police have responded to child sex abuse in a wide-ranging inquiry set to take years.
Roxon said one of the issues it could consider was whether the protection of the confessional should be removed.
"I think the royal commission needs to look very carefully... at institutional barriers, at systematic problems, of course that might include those very sensitive issues for religious organisations," she said.
Cardinal George Pell refuses to name priests who admit in the confessional that they are paedophiles
CARDINAL George Pell has refused to name and shame priests who admit in the confessional that they are paedophiles.
Cardinal Pell yesterday welcomed the royal commission into sexual abuse and said he would front the commission if called on - but openly advised priests to avoid hearing confessions of sexual abuse from fellow priests to help preserve the sanctity of the confessional.
He also claimed there had been a "smearing" of the Catholic Church.

The Government released details of the royal commission, which it said would begin work early next year, amid concerns from MPs that the scope of the inquiry, which could last 10 years, was possibly too broad to get a significant result for abused children.
Tory Shepherd
November 13, 2012
SOME priests think pedophilia does not "break celibacy" and that sins can be confessed away, one of the nation's top child protection experts says.
Emeritus Professor Freda Briggs, who has just published a seminal text on child protection, says sexual abuse by a priest is “the most damaging of all" for children and that the Catholic Church is guilty of forgiving priests instead of punishing them.

Her comments come after Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced a sweeping federal royal commission into institutional child sex abuse, which was sparked by revelations of abuse within the Catholic Church.

Asked whether Catholic celibacy was a possible contributor to child sex abuse, Prof Briggs told celibacy was not the problem “for men who are sexually attracted to children" anyway.
Sydney Morning Herald
November 14, 2012
Josephine Tovey, Phillip Coorey, Jonathan Swan
THE Premier, Barry O'Farrell, has questioned the Catholic Church's rules exempting priests from having to report admissions of sexual abuse made in Confession, as the country's most senior Catholic, George Pell, defended the church's handling of paedophilia in its ranks.

On Tuesday a defiant Cardinal Pell welcomed the announcement of a national royal commission into abuse and said he believed it would help decipher real claims from ''significant exaggeration''.

''We'll answer for what we've done,'' Cardinal Pell said, adding that he expected to be called to give evidence. ''We're not trying to defend the indefensible.''

But he hit out at what he described as a ''campaign'' by the media and ''general smears'' against the Catholic Church.

Pell showed no empathy, Vic inquiry hears

7 News
By Steve Lillebuen, AAP
Updated November 23, 2012

Australia's most senior Catholic showed a "sociopathic lack of empathy" in dealing with victims who were raped by clergy, an inquiry has heard.
Cardinal George Pell, current Archbishop of Sydney, had tried to compel victims into silence when confronted with evidence of wrongdoing by parish priests, the Victorian parliamentary inquiry into child sexual abuse was told on Friday.
Anthony Foster recalled meeting Cardinal Pell to discuss a priest who had repeatedly raped two of his daughters when they were at primary school.
He told the inquiry that Cardinal Pell, then the Archbishop of Melbourne, had told him, "If you don't like what we're doing, take us to court," and did not appear to be distressed by the incidents.
"In our interactions with the now-Cardinal Archbishop Pell, we experienced a sociopathic lack of empathy, typifying the attitude and responses of the church hierarchy," Mr Foster said.

Cardinal Pell accused of showing sociopathic lack of empathy

[with audio]
MARK COLVIN: Victoria's inquiry into child abuse has been told that Cardinal George Pell showed a sociopathic lack of empathy for a family whose two daughters were raped by a Catholic priest.
Today victims of child abuse by religious organisations gave evidence to the inquiry. They included Chrissie and Anthony Foster, whose two daughters were assaulted in the 1990s by a priest at their primary school in Melbourne's south east.
Emma Foster eventually committed suicide. Her sister Katie was seriously disabled when she was struck by a car after binge drinking.
The fallout happened when George Pell headed the Catholic Church in Melbourne.
Alison Caldwell reports.
ALISON CALDWELL: After 16 years, Chrissie and Anthony Foster are exhausted but still very angry with the way the Catholic Church handled their daughters' allegations of abuse at the hands of their parish priest, Father Kevin O'Donnell, in the 1990s.
ANTHONY FOSTER: O'Donnell left few physical scars, instead he left children emotionally tortured and spiritually ruined. O'Donnell and the church stole a part of their souls.

Victim doesn't want Pell to get transcript

9 News
A lawyer for a victim of pedophile brother Robert Best has urged a court not to release the transcript of his trial to Australia's most senior Catholic - Cardinal George Pell.
Cardinal Pell has applied for a transcript of the case as he prepares for an expected appearance at a Victorian parliamentary inquiry into child sexual abuse.
The inquiry has been told Cardinal Pell was present when a grade three student at a Ballarat school in the 1960s described to another priest his alleged rape by Best.
On Friday, Timothy Seccull, a lawyer for one of Best's victims, opposed Cardinal Pell's application, saying the cardinal was in effect trying to do the work of the parliamentary inquiry by investigating the allegation.

•Tory Maguire
•From: News Limited Network
•November 14, 2012
Ive only ever been to confession twice, both times when I was a young child. The first time I couldnt think of anything to confess to so I made up some sins and was rewarded with penance of two Hail Marys.
In hindsight the Hail Marys were probably for lying to God. Our parish priest was a good man who would have known when an 8-year-old was talking it up.

But even then it felt very weird to me that children would be expected to enter a dark little box on their own and open up the conversation with: “Forgive me Father for I have sinned”.

Even stranger was that if you’d done something wrong that was the end of it, the priest wouldn’t even tell your Mum.
The West Australian
Andrew Tillett Canberra, The West Australian
The head of the Catholic Church in Perth warns that forcing priests to report sex offenders could be counterproductive and still put children at risk.
Archbishop Timothy Costelloe told _The Weekend West _ yesterday that the confidentiality of the confession box may be the only way of getting predators to admit and deal with their crimes.
In the wake of Julia Gillard announcing a national royal commission this week into child sex abuse, a raft of politicians - including the Prime Minister, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott and Premier Colin Barnett - said priests had a responsibility to pass on claims of child sex abuse to the authorities.
In WA, priests are not bound by the same mandatory reporting requirements as teachers, doctors, nurses and police.
Sky News
Updated: 08:01, Sunday November 11, 2012
Australia's most senior Catholic, Cardinal George Pell, is reportedly deeply ashamed at child sex abuse perpetrated by members of the church but doesn't believe a royal commission is warranted.
The Archbishop of Sydney accepts that children were abused by priests and that the crimes were covered up by other clergy but believes the Catholic church is no worse than other organisations, News Limited reports.
'It wasn't just the Catholic church that hoped (an abusive priest) would amend their conduct and give them a home elsewhere,' he told the Weekend Australian.
'Back in those days, they were entitled to think of pedophilia as simply a sin that you would repent of. They didn't realise that in the worst cases it was an addiction, a raging addiction.'
The church had rid itself of 'a great deal of moral cancer' after abuse claims came to light, he said.

Judge's 'discomfort' with Pell request

Border Mail
By Mark Russell
Nov. 23, 2012

A judge today said he had "a sense of anxiety or discomfort" about a request by Cardinal George Pell for sensitive material relating to the trial of convicted paedophile and Catholic brother Robert Charles Best.
But County Court judge Roy Punshon said he recognised some of the material sought by Cardinal Pell was highly relevant to the allegations made against him.
Lawyers for Cardinal Pell have applied to the County Court for access to the transcript of the trial involving Best and one of his victims.
The victim, known as V2, claims Cardinal Pell was present when the boy had complained of being raped by Best.
Cardinal Pell has described the victim's claims as "irresponsible, untrue" and said they were "absolutely denied".

Brisbane Times
November 17, 2012
Cardinal George Pell
To the surprise of some, the Catholic bishops of Australia welcomed the Prime Minister's announcement of a royal commission into child sexual abuse.

Australians believe in justice and there is a strong feeling that justice has been denied to victims of sexual abuse. Justice is also owed to the individuals and institutions working to prevent sexual abuse and helping victims and their families.

I welcome the royal commission because it will help victims and help to clear the air. Victims have an absolute right to justice and I am pleased that they have welcomed the royal commission.

It might be helpful to clarify some important points from last week.
Some proposed an inquiry into only the Catholic Church. I opposed this for the simple reason that there is no evidence to suggest abuse is confined to the Catholic Church. I welcome the fact that the commission will consider the problem more broadly across all Australian institutions. If we are serious about tackling this scourge in our society, this is the right thing to do.
Sydney Morning Herald
November 16, 2012
Waleed Aly
Who says politicians can't sing in unison? This week we've seen the full array of politicians - Green, Labor, Liberal and independent - lining up to dismantle the Catholic Church's institution of sealed confession. The idea that a priest could hear another priest's confession of child sex abuse, and fail to report it to the authorities is, says the Attorney-General, Nicola Roxon, "really abhorrent". The NSW Premier, Barry O'Farrell, "just can't fathom" it. The independent MP Nick Xenophon just slams it as "a medieval law that needs to change in the 21st century".

No freedom of religion argument can succeed against this. The secular liberalism that defines our public culture simply won't accept it for one simple reason: religious freedom ends where harm to other people begins. And it's a rare kind of harm that is more horrific than children being raped. The church can argue all it likes that the confessional seal is "inviolable". But what obligation does the secular state have to canon law? What interest does the state have in ensuring people can receive absolution? The church simply has no answer to this. Hence the spectacle of practising Catholics like Tony Abbott and Christopher Pyne jumping on the anti-confessional bandwagon. There's just no politically viable alternative.

But here's the problem: the whole issue of the confessional seal is a monstrous red herring. This becomes clear once you pay attention to the way politicians are talking about it. Xenophon recounts the story of a 10-year-old boy who told his story of being abused to a priest at a confessional, only to be told that he's the sinner and he needs to repent. If that's the full story, then Xenophon's right to call it "sickening", but it simply has nothing to do with the confessional seal. There's no confession from the abuser to reveal. The child is perfectly entitled to take his story to the police and the priest is perfectly entitled to help him do it. This case isn't about confidentiality. It's about a priest with a septic morality. I'd want that priest fired. I'd want the church to apologise, help prosecute the abuser, compensate the victim and make sure it never happens again. And breaking the seal of confession doesn't help any of that.
Canberra Times
November 15, 2012

The cardinal's lack of empathy reflects a leadership deficit.
THE Catholic cardinal, George Pell, is wrong on so many levels. In his response to the Gillard government's decision to hold a royal commission, which will examine how allegations of sexual abuse were handled by Australian institutions, Dr Pell suggests the church has been unfairly targeted by the media. He claims it has been maligned by ''smears'', and that the extent of ''misdoing'' inside the Catholic Church has been ''exaggerated''. He calls for statistics to demonstrate the media's focus on the Catholic Church is out of proportion to the incidence of sexual abuse inside the church.

Statistics are one thing, but this is not a game of numbers. The church has attracted appropriate scrutiny for the appalling way that its leaders have handled allegations and evidence of sexual abuse in past years and more recently. It has, rightly, been strongly criticised for failing to do the proper, decent thing that any Australian would do, which is to report instances of criminal wrongdoing to the police.

Dr Pell bemoans how the church has been ''unable to convince public opinion'' of its changed ways since 1996, when it put in place protocols for dealing with allegations of sexual abuse. On that much at least, Dr Pell is correct. It has failed to convince the public because there is plenty of evidence that all is not fixed. Victims of sexual abuse say as much, and so does Victoria Police, which told the state parliamentary inquiry how the Catholic Church hindered police investigations and dissuaded victims from reporting abuse. Police noted that not one of the hundreds of abuse allegations handled by the Catholic Church in Victoria has been referred by it to police. Serving NSW police officers also complain, saying the church has thwarted official investigations at every turn.
ABC Religion and Ethics
By Patrick Parkinson
ABC Religion and Ethics
15 Nov 2012
As is now well known, the prevalence of child sexual abuse is a major issue for the Catholic Church. There have been many priests and members of religious orders jailed, and many more identified offenders who died without ever being brought to justice. We have witnessed a stream of allegations for well over a decade now.
There are comparatively few allegations of child sexual abuse by ministers of religion in other churches. There are some, as there are in all other organizations involved in work with children and young people. With colleagues I have done a study of the prevalence of abuse in the Anglican Church across Australia. I have some knowledge also of what has happened in other churches. Reliable statistics are not available, but in my opinion, and based on the available data, there has been around six times as much child sexual abuse by clergy and religious in the Catholic Church as there is by ministers of religion in all the other churches in Australia combined - and I would regard that as a conservative figure.
Admittedly, the Catholic Church is the largest denomination in Australia, and it is also one in which priests and religious have been involved in schools and orphanages, unlike ministers of other churches. Even still, the reality is that the levels of abuse in the Catholic Church are strikingly out of proportion with any other church - and, from what I have seen, this is an international pattern. That makes it inevitable that a great deal of the focus of the national royal commission, so far as it concerns churches and faith-based organisations, is bound to be on the Catholic Church. This is also so because of the very serious allegations raised first by the Victorian Police and then echoed from the experience of a long-serving senior detective in NSW.
Irish Independent
Friday November 16 2012
AN ELDERLY priest has been charged with sexually assaulting a teen over an eight-year period two decades ago.
Fr Vincent Mercer (66) of Black Abbey, Kilkenny, was remanded on bail after being charged before Cork District Court with a total of 39 counts of sexual assault.
Fr Mercer faces 39 charges of sexual assault against a juvenile at various locations in Cork and Limerick between January 1, 1986 and February 22, 1994.
The juvenile was aged between 11 and 17 over this period.

Royal commission submission deadline nears

The Australian
Annette Blackwell
From: AAP
November 23, 2012

IF you want your say on what the terms of reference should be for the Royal Commission into Child Sex Abuse in Australia you have until Monday to make a submission or comment.
The Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA) and the Catholic Conference of Bishops will make their submissions on Friday and advocacy group Broken Rites will be doing so on Monday, November 26 - the official government deadline.
Within six days of the announcement of the royal commission, the government reportedly received 300 emails to its website and 180 calls from people and organisations wanting to make submissions.
Groups such as Broken Rites say there have been significant spikes in calls to their organisations since the announcement.

Abuse: ignore past at peril

Canberra Times
November 24, 2012
Robert Van Krieken
Interested parties have until Monday to comment on the terms of reference into the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. Having spent time in Ireland recently reflecting on how the issue was dealt with in the Ryan, Murphy and other inquiries there, there are several problems arising from the proposed terms of reference.

It is still deeply problematic to focus entirely on sexual abuse without paying any attention to physical and emotional abuse. Everyone who works in this field knows how interlinked they are, and it's invidious to construct a ''hierarchy of abuse'', where some kinds of harm are treated as unworthy of attention.

A second problem with the proposed terms of reference is they are almost entirely forward-looking. It will only be the testimony of witnesses that pulls the royal commission towards looking at how various institutions responded to child sexual abuse in the past.

What's being proposed is the commission ''identify what public and private organisations and institutions should do to prevent child sexual abuse from occurring in their midst; what should be done by organisations and institutions when allegations are raised, and what can be done by the relevant institutions, organisations and government agencies to alleviate the impact of abuse that has already occurred''.

Confessional a problem for commission

Canberra Times
November 24, 2012
Crispin Hull
The royal commission on child sex abuse is going to face major evidentiary and constitutional problems. In announcing the commission, Prime Minister Julia Gillard stressed the evil not only of the abuse itself, but also the cover-up. Indeed, in her eyes, the cover-up seems to be the core reason for the commission.
She said: ''Australians know … that too many children have suffered child abuse, but have also seen other adults let them down. They've not only had their trust betrayed by the abuser but other adults who could have acted to assist them have failed to do so.

''There have been too many revelations of adults who have averted their eyes from this evil. I believe in these circumstances that it's appropriate for there to be a national response through a royal commission.''

Some immediate questions come to mind. Who did the covering-up? How did they know about the abuse that was covered up? Was that covering-up criminal?


The Catholic Church: institutionalised sexual violence against children

Online Opinion
By Sheleyah Courtney - posted Friday, 23 November 2012
As a social scientist who is interested in calibrations of power, religion and sexuality, my outlook on a discussion of the Catholic Church's involvement in sexual abuse of Australian children is one that considers such a phenomenon as being situated and operative well within a wider psycho-social context. While there have been very recently published valuable sociological studies of such problems, for example last year Marie Keenan's important "Child Sexual Abuse and the Catholic Church" in Ireland, such works as this one focus especially on the institutional dimensions of the church itself. However, regarding this terrible issue, I view the intersections between the church and our society as seriously warranting greater consideration.

There are several issues that extend beyond the actual church's internal cultural structures that are especially noteworthy to me. Firstly, child sexual abuse by the Catholic Church has a factuality that has been taken for granted for some time in the public imagination both in Australia and abroad; this knowledge has been reflected in popular culture ranging from tabloid news sensationalism to Hollywood films such as "Sleepers" (1996) starring Brad Pitt and closer to home, "Oranges and Sunshine" which exposed several cases of the thousands of English children who were illegally transported to Australia and who were placed in homes run by the Christian Brothers, were sexually abused and or forced into virtual slave labour (2011).

The 2006 documentary "Deliver Us From Evil" which traces the notorious pedophile priest Oliver O'Grady and the corruption in the Catholic Church that protected him; it was Oscar nominated. In Australia there has been a victim support group, "Broken Rites" operating since 1993, and a book, "Hell on the Way to Heaven" published by Chrissie and Anthony Foster parents of two daughters who died due to sexual abuse by a priest of the Catholic Church.

Victims of abuse: family tells of their trauma

The Courier
By Tom McIlroy
Nov. 23, 2012

VICTIMS and family members affected by clergy sexual abuse yesterday used a Victorian parliamentary inquiry to speak of their trauma and fight for justice.
In a packed hearing room, the inquiry heard from parents Chrissie and Anthony Foster about the impact of abuse two of their children suffered from a parish priest in suburban Melbourne.
Their daughter Emma Foster took her own life after being abused by the priest, while her sister Katie was left with a serious disability after being hit by a car while drunk.
The couple said the Catholic Church and former Melbourne Archbishop Cardinal George Pell had failed to adequately deal with their complaints of abuse.
“We fervently hope you have the strength of character to stand up for the rights of children against the might of the Catholic Church,” Mr Foster said.

IJackson's widow welcomes royal commission into child abuse

ABC Grandstand Sport
[with audio]
Peter Jackson was a star of rugby league in the 1980s and 90s, representing Australia and wearing the Maroon for Queensland. But in 1997 Jackson described in a letter the mental anguish he couldn't shake throughout his life: he was sexually abused as a child. His wife Siobhan Jackson has agreed to read from the letter because, she says, his words have extra significance as Australia prepares for the royal commission into child abuse.
Natalie Poyhonen
ASHLEY HALL: The widow of the former NRL star Peter Jackson says authorities must learn from the past and provide comprehensive support for victims who come forward at next year's royal commission into child abuse.
While Peter Jackson was a champion sportsman, off the field he was crippled by the sexual abuse he endured as a schoolboy.Siobhan Jackson says her husband struggled with memories of sexual abuse memories that were triggered by publicity surrounding the Wood Royal Commission's investigations into paedophiles.
Natalie Poyhonen has this report. ...
SIOBHAN JACKSON: One of the powerful things about Peter's story is that it's not about one institution, it's over institutions. It's about a Catholic brother who was working in an Anglican boarding school, who was a football coach. So that's just a few of the institutions where these perpetrators managed to hide.
NATALIE POYHONEN: Siobhan Jackson says the commission is going to be hard for abuse victims and their families but she believes it will be worth it.

Cardinal George Pell and senior members...

The Daily Telegraph
Cardinal George Pell and senior members of Catholic Church had 'sociopathic lack of empathy' towards Foster family, parliamentary inquiry told
CARDINAL George Pell and other leaders of the Catholic Church had "a sociopathic lack of empathy" towards a family whose lives were ripped apart after a priest abused their daughters, a parliamentary inquiry into child abuse has been told.
It comes as victims speak about seizures, substance abuse and relationship difficulties stemming from childhood abuse in the church.
Anthony and Chrissie Foster, whose daughters Katie and Emma were abused after enrolling in a Catholic primary school in Oakleigh in the late 1980s, told the Victorian parliamentary inquiry into church handling of child sex abuse how their family had been torn apart by the "hell" of dealing with the trauma.
Mr Foster said the late Father Kevin O'Donnell had been reported on three prior occasions but was not brought to justice.

HOLY HELL: A Catholic family's story of faith, betrayal and pain

The Maitland Mercury
By Margaret Dennis
Nov. 24, 2012

Patricia Feenan and her family were devout Catholics. They had complete trust in the godliness and integrity of the church and its leaders, until a black-hearted priest by the name of James Patrick Fletcher took away their son’s innocence forever.
There was a lot priestly business in the Feenan family home. John Feenan was the business manager of the Maitland Newcastle Diocese and Patricia was a special minister at the church in Clarence Town.

“I had a traditional Catholic upbringing where the priest was almost like God,” Patricia said.

“I guess [James Patrick] Fletcher groomed the whole family; he didn’t only did groom Daniel and his brothers – his brothers weren’t abused – but that was part of this thing . . . to groom us all and he had other families with sons.

Church's clinic shielded paedophiles

The Age
November 23, 2012
Richard Baker, Philip Dorling, Nick McKenzie

THE Catholic Church's little-known treatment clinic for clergy with psychosexual problems harboured known paedophiles and shielded them from police scrutiny.

Whistleblowers closely involved with the now-defunct Encompass Australasia program allege paedophile clergy were diagnosed with a ''mood disorder'' so they could be treated at Sydney's Wesley Private Hospital and meet private health insurance criteria.

A well-placed source aware of the status of some clergy treated by Encompass Australasia between 1997 and 2008 said he believed several did not have a mood disorder but were ''cold and calculating criminals'' who bragged about their exploits with children to others while at the hospital.

''Some of these people were not mentally ill, in my opinion. They were criminals who knew exactly what they had done and were proud of their achievements,'' said the source, who asked not to be named for fear of being sacked. ''People who should have been in Long Bay Jail were still living in the community.''

On breaking the seal of confession

Eureka Street

Geoffrey Robinson
November 22, 2012

Last week, in an interview on ABC radio, I made a statement about the seal of confession and sexual abuse. I have been challenged on that statement, have thought further about it, and wish to make a new statement. The matter is closely allied to the question of the treatment centre run by the Church, and I'd like to start there.

It was a treatment centre, so the clinicians asked only questions directly related to treatment. This did not include seeking admissions of specific offences and, in particular, it did not involve asking the name and address of any victim. To ask such questions would send the client running away from the treatment. The clinicians therefore did not have knowledge of specific crimes.

More importantly, if one single person had been reported to the police, the entire treatment program would have closed down permanently the same day, for no offender would ever again come near it. In gaining information on one single client that may or may not have been useful in securing a conviction, the price to be paid would have been that no offenders into the future would receive any treatment.

If you ask me whether I can give a guarantee that a particular offender will never offend again after treatment, then no, I cannot give it. But if you ask me whether the number of new offences will be significantly, even dramatically less if 100 offenders receive serious treatment, then yes, I can give that guarantee.

Sexual abuse crisis threatens the very foundations of Catholicism

Sydney Morning Herald
November 23, 2012
Andrew West
ABC radio presenter and columnist

George Pell is an easy target for both liberal critics in the Catholic Church and secularist tormentors in the media.

In his recent, defensive press conference, he suggested the church was being singled out as the only institutional offender in the child sex abuse crisis. It was grist to the mill of those who are convinced the cardinal Archbishop of Sydney is making excuses for clerical crime.

His insistence that the rite of confession must remain a secret between confessor and penitent - no matter how evil the offence that is revealed - was seemingly more evidence that he was putting the church's reputation and customs ahead of abuse victims. As his brother bishop Geoffrey Robinson conceded, it was painful.

Dr Pell is an old-fashioned prelate. He not only toes the Vatican line but, as a key adviser on education, ministry and doctrine, he has helped shape it. One of Dr Pell's long-standing - but not unquestioning - friends calls him "a company man". RMIT University professor Des Cahill has known the cardinal for 50 years. Professor Cahill left the Catholic priesthood in the 1970s to marry and begin a distinguished career as an academic psychologist.

Newcastle Herald
Nov. 21, 2012
THE bravery of Hunter police officer Peter Fox has finally helped lift the lid on the widespread nature of the sexual abuse of children in Australia.
Within days of his interview in this newspaper and subsequent television appearance, the federal government called for a Royal Commission with almost unanimous community support.
Much media attention has focused on the abuse in institutions, in particular the Catholic Church, including what has happened within this region.
It is appropriate to spend time and money trying to uncover the extent of abuse within such institutions and the ways in which they did, or did not, confront the issue.

Supreme Court ruling extends vicarious liability in abuse claims

AO Advocates
Posted by: A.Dean on Nov 21 2012
A landmark judgment in the Supreme Court today has pushed forward the law on vicarious liability, in a way that may help survivors of child abuse hold responsible parties accountable, and obtain the compensation they deserve. The ruling in Catholic Child Welfare Society & Ors v Various Claimants and The Institute of the Brothers of the Christian School & Ors concerns a dispute between the Catholic Diocese of Middlesbrough and the De La Salle Order (the “Christian Brothers”) over who should pay compensation to victims of child sexual abuse committed at the St William’s School a number of years ago.

The St William’s School was managed by the Diocese, but many of its teachers and staff were members of the Christian Brothers. A number of abuses were committed by members of the Christian Brothers; these abuses occurred over decades, and one of the former Christian Brothers headmasters, James Carragher, was convicted of numerous sexual offences against boys and jailed in 2004 for 14 years. Over 170 men brought the original claim against the Christian Brothers and the Diocese for redress.

The crux of the appeal related to whether the Diocese alone is vicariously liable for the abuses of these men, or whether liability is mutually held by both the Diocese and the Christian Brothers. In 2010 the Court of Appeal held the Diocese solely liable for the abuse, and for paying £8 million in compensation to the many victims. The Diocese appealed, claiming that the Christian Brothers ought to share liability for what happened, in light of their close involvement with the day-to-day activities of the school and the numerous abuses by Christian Brothers staff. Today’s ruling has allowed the Diocese’s appeal, and in the process made new and powerful law for claimants. Writing for the Court, Lord Philips summarised the decision by stating:

This is not a borderline case. It is one where it is fair, just and reasonable, by reason of the satisfaction of the relevant criteria, for the Institute to share with the Middlesbrough Diocese vicarious liability for the abuse committed by the brothers.

Judges rule over sex abuse at St William's care home in Market Weighton

The Press

By Jennifer Bell, Crime reporter
A CATHOLIC brotherhood which supplied teachers to a Catholic children’s home in East Yorkshire can be held legally responsible for the sexual abuse of boys, leading judges have ruled.

About 170 men - including victims from York - are seeking damages after alleging they were abused as children at St William's in Market Weighton which provided residential care and education for boys, aged 10 to 16, with emotional and behavioural problems.

The home’s former principal, Father James Carragher, was jailed for 14 years in 2004 after admitting abusing boys in his care.

Compensation claims on behalf of former pupils were first submitted in 2004. St William's was owned by the Diocese of Middlesbrough but many of the staff were members of the De La Salle Brotherhood, a Catholic order of lay teachers.

'Child abuse victims can finally get justice' after court ruling over St William's Catholic children's home

Hull Daily Mail
A VICTIM of horrific abuse at an East Yorkshire care home feels justice can finally be done after a landmark court ruling.

Graham Baverstock was sexually abused as a child by Brother James Carragher at St William's Community Home in Market Weighton.

Carragher was a member of Catholic organisation the De La Salle Order of Christian Brothers at the time.
An ongoing police investigation is looking into alleged abuse committed by others at the home.

Now the Supreme Court has ruled the Catholic Church and the Brothers are both liable to pay compensation to Mr Baverstock and more than 170 other victims who were abused at the home from the 1960s to the 1990s.

News update for December 5, 2012

Debate over seal of confession

National Catholic Reporter
by Chris McGillion,Stephen Crittenden | Dec. 5, 2012

A statement by Australia’s Federal Attorney General Nicola Roxon that the national royal commission into child sex abuse should look into requiring Catholic priests to break the seal of confession in cases of serious sex offenses generated much discussion inside and outside the church, even as Roxon tried to downplay the issue.

Roxon, who is responsible for setting up the commission, said that of far more importance was the failure to report to police known cases of abuse and “open secrets” that came to the attention of priests and church authorities by means other than the confessional.

New South Wales Premier Barry O’Farrell said that priests hearing confessions of pedophilia should be subject to mandatory reporting. “I struggle to understand … that if a priest confesses to another priest that he’s been involved in pedophile activities, that that information should not be brought to police,’’ he told the state parliament.


News update for March 8, 2013

Mahony calls on Christians to forgive and love one another

ROME -- Days away from entering the Sistine Chapel to help pick a new pope, Cardinal Roger Mahony on Friday called on Christians to embrace forgiveness and lamented the enmity and isolation that he said were at the root of such problems as gangs, hate crimes and war.

At a Mass in a medieval basilica assigned to him as cardinal, Mahony also asked for divine guidance for him and his fellow prelates as they prepared to begin the conclave that will name a new leader of the Roman Catholic Church.

"We pray that the Holy Spirit will be with us in this process," said Mahony, dressed in purple vestments and the distinctive red cap given to all cardinals as "princes" of the church.

His voice echoed in the beautifully frescoed Santi Quattro Coronati church, his personal parish, which he said "links Los Angeles with Rome."

Mahony, who has come under heavy criticism for his handling of sexual abuse cases back in Los Angeles, noted that the centuries-old church is traditionally held to be the repository of the remains of persecuted Christians martyred in the Colosseum, a stone’s throw away. He refrained from drawing any contemporary parallels.

In a brief homily, Mahony expounded on Jesus' dual message of loving God and loving one's neighbor as oneself.

"This is a very tough gospel for us. It’s a lot easier to love God who's in heaven than it is to love our neighbor who's standing next to us," he said.

Many of the problems facing society now stem from deep-seated, often age-old hatreds and from a feeling of alienation, Mahony said.

"Something has happened over the last many years to give us the sense of being more isolated from one another," he said, adding: "The obstacle that oftentimes traps people from moving from hatred to love is the either inability or unwillingness, primarily, to forgive one another. And that is the basis of living out our love for God and each other."

Attending the service with Mahony were the Augustinian nuns who live in the church complex. At the back of the chilly basilica hung two portraits: one of the recently retired Pope Benedict XVI, the other of Mahony, a painting given to him by an artist in Los Angeles.

Of considerably older provenance is a remarkably preserved set of 750-year-old frescoes in an adjoining building that had been covered up for centuries.

"Many of the cardinals who actually lived here over the centuries did become popes," Mahony said.

Roger Mahony

So does Mahony have a shot at the job? Gustavo Castillo, a priest from Los Angeles who is studying in Rome for a year, shook his head.

"I think that he's enjoying his retirement," said Castillo, 37, who served a parish in Azusa before coming to the Italian capital.

"It's really nice to be here, because we're kind of away from everything," Castillo said, referring to the controversies back at the Los Angeles Archdiocese. "I know these have been difficult days. ... I am hoping that things die down."

Papal conclave: LA Catholics' turmoil at sex abuse past

BBC News
By Jane Little
BBC News, Los Angeles
While their former archbishop takes part in the conclave to choose the next pope, Catholics in Los Angeles deal with his complicated legacy. Will clergy sexual abuse - and its cover-up by church elders - harm the Church beyond repair?
The Church of the Good Shepherd in Beverley Hills has seen a few popes come and go. This pretty Spanish mission-style church has been here since 1923.
Hollywood stars have been married in front of its altar. The funerals of Rudolph Valentino, Frank Sinatra and Alfred Hitchcock were held here.
Today its congregation is diverse: no famous faces in sight, but a mix of old and young, rich and poor, white and Hispanic - a mirror of the wider Catholic population.

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