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Pope Francis Top 10 Vatican Deceits. Francis cloned @3.13.13 inside Vatican Titanic as Jesuit Mask of Vatican Evils. “Bergoglio. Basura. Vos sos la dictadura.”

Updated March 4, 2014

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 Updated April 17, 2013
Pope Francis is being harshly criticized in an Argentine courtroom
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John Paul II begets Benedict XVI begets Pope Francis inside Vatican Titanic @ 3.13.13
Heil Satanas JP2.  Patron Saint of Pedophiles, Pederasts, Rapists Priests! John Paul II is the same yesterday and today-- he cannot protect children (read more here

Jesus is commandeered by Pope Francis the Vicar in White, CEO of Vatican Billions & ultimate Vatican Deceiver

Good Friday commemorates the crucifixion and death of Jesus on the Cross.  Pope Francis, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI (the late John Paul II) Cardinals, Bishops, Opus Dei prelates, Jesuits, Franciscans and all Catholic priests - living in the comfort and wealth of their Vatican Billions Palaces and rectories - cannot replicate one iota Jesus’ suffering (dressed only in loin cloth) and death on the Cross - in the 1 minute transubstantiation of the Eucharist.  The Eucharist is the worst travesty of Jesus’ sufferings because -- it deceives people that - the Mass of the priest is “exactly the same” as the Crucifixion of Jesus – and the wafer host is  “the same substance” as the flesh of the Crucified Christ --  through the Vatican man-made magic formula said only by male priests who are sinners just like anybody else, or are even worse criminals, (read their Los Angeles predator pedophile priests’ files here but they cleverly  cover-up their sinfulness and hypocrisy in Eucharistic colorful robes (versus Jesus’ loin cloth on the Cross) and in the extinct (like the dinosaurs) language of Latin.   The crucifixion and death of Jesus on the Cross has been capitalized by the Vatican Titanic and its Vatican Deceits have made it into billions of dollars industry and altered it into the greatest Magic Show on Earth in the Eucharist.  The Eucharist as the daily cloning Christ is the epitome of Black Magic Sorcery greater than England’s Harry Potter and wizard Merlin of King Arthur and more mind-boggling than the voodoos of Africa and Haiti.  Read the History of Holy Mass Tourism the assets of the Vatican Billions here   

Jesus the poor itinerant preacher in the New Testament said, “Whoever believes in me shall never die but shall have life everlasting” (John 11:26).  But Vatican Theft has hijacked the identity of Jesus and enslaved him beneath the Pope identity.  Vatican Evils & Vatican Reign of Terror & Vatican Billions & Vatican Deceits have distorted and deformed Jesus into the VICAR of Christ TYRANT saying, Whoever does not believe in the Pope (no matter what papal sins and papal crimes he has committed like Ratzinger and the Borgias) shall die and burn in the eternal fires of Hell and shall be excommunicated on Earth and condemned and ridiculed by Vatican Catholics (it’s not Roman Catholic anymore) and  vilified by Catholic League Goliath-bully Bill Donohue (read more here Billion Dollar Christ & Apostles in Red now playing in Vatican.  

In the Gospel of John 13:16, Jesus said, “No servant is greater than his master, nor is a messenger greater than the one who sent him” -- but the Pope is greater than his master Jesus because the Pope is a despot and a tyrant who has altered Christ.  The Pope is a thief in the Vatican Billions and now Pope Francis will pay lip service to the poor as he betrays them behind their backs by cavorting with despots and royals in the SECRET Vatican Bank, read more below.

Francisco (20-03-2013).jpg

Pope Francis the Vicar of Christ in White and CEO of Vatican Billions Tyrant and Vatican Deceits say:  Whoever does not believe in the Pope shall die in the fires of hell and be excommunicated from the church, read more below .

The Vatican Deceits of the Eucharist is finished in the 21st Century and it is a matter of time soon when God Himself/Herself will finally annihilate the Vatican Temple – just like the Temple of Solomon disappeared with all its wealth and treasures.  Christ condemned the very Temple where he went to pray and his Blessed Mother also has condemned the Totus Tuus hypocrite Vatican that betrayed her in the JP2 Army – John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army in the Third Secret of Fatima, read more here JP2 betrayed Totus Tuus No Jesuit theatrics of Pope Francis of washing the feet of youth juveniles and using the name of “the poor” in his hypocritical public papal speeches can salvage the Vatican Titanic already sunk deep in the ocean of moral bankruptcy since the Vatican  has lost all moral authority on children, women and the poor who are its own victims.

Tens of millions of Catholics in South America especially in Argentina and Brazil are making the exodus of Biblical Proportions of Catholics to the Evangelical (Protestant) churches, see news below.  They no longer believe in the Black Magic of the Eucharist and in the hypocrisy of Vatican Catholic priests (it’s not Roman Catholic anymore, read here Synod of Bishops & New Evangelization...or New Marketing of Old Vatican Deceits. Why Vatican must end as a “country” . Christ the Vatican Slave! Australia JP2 Army!

The Jesuits aided and abetted Vatican Evils for more than 450 years

Popes are worshiped as the “Representative of Christ”, the “Voice of God”, the Supreme Pontiff, the “Holy Father” despite their crimes and sins - - thanks mainly to the successful brainwashing done by priests and nuns worldwide, most especially by the Jesuits.  And now the chickens have come home to roost as a Jesuit helms the Vatican Titanic sunk deep in the ocean of moral bankruptcy since it has lost all moral authority on children, women and the poor who are its own victims.   St. Ignatius Loyola is rolling in his grave as his Society pay for his Pope Idolatry…and alas, finally, a Jesuit is the mask of Pope Crimes and Vatican Evils which those smart Jesuits aided and abetted for more than 450 years, but especially more so now in the 21st century.  Read about their last General congregation here
Jesuits are masters of Vatican Deceits

Just look at the Jesuit poster boy of the Jesuits as Masters of Vatican Deceits - Jesuit Federico Lombardi, Vatican spokesperson and head of the Vatican Radio, who single handily covered-up Ratzinger’s crimes against humanity.  Jesuit Lombardi, the Opus Dei janitor and spokesperson for Benedict XVI papacy - did it all by himself.  Lombardi rarely met the pope; he received his daily ration of work from Gorgeous Georg, the Opus Dei private secretary of Benedict.  But Lombardi knew exactly how and what to say to the media to maintain Vatican Deceits and segue attention away from Benedict XVI’s crimes against humanity pending at The Hague, read about them here  Now Lombardi has trained two other priests as Vatican spokesperson (for when he retires).  It will take more than two priests to handle his job of maintaining Vatican Deceits and protecting the Vatican Billions - which he did single handily – as a Jesuit Master of Vatican Deceits par excellence.

Saint Benedict failed, Saint Francis has already failed

Saint Benedict failed to camouflage Benedict XVI Ratzinger and his crimes against humanity, likewise, the “poor” (thin) Saint Francis will not be able to camouflage the rich (portly) Jesuit Pope = the Billion Dollar Christ in White = the new CEO of the Vatican Billions, read here the Vatican Billions: its history, sources, and assets today worldwide. BOYCOTT the Vatican Museum and boycott ALL donations to the Vatican Catholic Church Reign of Terror

Saint Francis refused to be a priest because he knew he could not clone a dog and therefore he could not clone God either (let's face it).  After founding the Franciscans and being persecuted by his own priests (especially bi his treasurer), St. Francis went to retire and die in a poor cave in contrast to the Trillion Dollar Chair of St. Peter in the Vatican Titanic Palace.  The Jesuit Pope Francis named after a 747 years old dead St. Francis of Assisi proves that the Jesuits are masters of Vatican Deceits for over 450 years!  And the papacy is their culmination and final act!   

Pope Francis is a perfect clone of Benedict XVI who canonized the first Indian girl, dead 332 years ago, to come and heal the hundreds of thousands of victims of the 20th century of the JP2 Army – John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army (read more here  Synod of Bishops & New Evangelization...or New Marketing of Old Vatican Deceits. Why Vatican must end as a “country” . Christ the Vatican Slave! Australia JP2 Army!

Vatican Theft of intellectual properties

Using St. Francis as the “Patron Saint of Ecology” is another Vatican Deceit and Vatican Theft - because the hard works of preserving ecology are upon those environmentalists out there in the fields and the protestors of multinational corporations who waste and exploit the natural resources of countries…while St. Francis congregation of the Franciscans are busy sexually abusing children, read more here, Systemic abuse within Franciscan religious order: A compilation. Most famous Franciscan Father Benedict Joseph Groeschel blames victims for seducing pedophile Franciscan Friars

Some Franciscans may be doing missionary works, but  they cannot be trusted to be around children, ever again, just like all priests are potential pedophiles, pederasts, and rapists, or simply active gays like Cardinal O’Brien and the Vatican Gay Mafia inside the Vatican Palace.  Another Vatican Deceit and Vatican Theft are to use the word Rome for Roman Catholic and Pope Francis first speech is pure Vatican Deceit when he said he was elected to be Bishop of Rome, read more below. The Vatican not only steal money to feed the voracious Vatican Mammon Beast but it also steal intellectual properties.  The Vatican Vicar of Christ is the reincarnation of the Devil, the father of lies who come to steal and murder, as Jesus said.

The Vatican has also stolen the word "father" and make all priests called as "Father" which is an insult to all biological fathers out there working hard to raise their children and families. 

Now "Father" Tomas Rosica is a new Vatican spokesperson while Jesuit Federico Lombardi barely avoided being called "father".  The word "Holy Father" is an obsession of the hypocritical Opus Dei which controls the Vatican and the new elephant Pope Francis whom they have on a leash.

Vatican ultimate hypocrisy – reincarnation of the dead

The Vatican Catholic Church condemns the reincarnation beliefs of other religions but it reincarnates not only dead humans as saints, and most especially as monopoly, it reincarnate God himself in the Daily Black Magic of the Eucharist by the Wizards of Host Vatican Catholic priests (it’s not Roman Catholic, Stupid!).  The hypocrisy of the Vatican is worse than the Pharisees whom Christ condemned and their hidden Vatican Deceits are limitless. Look at Cardinal O’Brien who is homophobic, he is gay himself with a long-time lover priest, see news below.  And the Vatican has a Gay Network that caused Benedict XVI to quit.  The Vatican has no more moral authority and therefore it has to use either dead people (by canonizing them as saints), or use the unborn (by speaking for non-existent people who were never born and are not walking inside this planet, or by condemning gay marriages while 90% of celibate priests are actively gays like Cardinal O’Brien.  Really, it is time the United Nations remove the Vatican as a country because it is only one building and one church for the Vatican Gay Mafia, Benedict XVI and Gorgeous Georg included, read here

The Jesuit Mask of Vatican Evils & Vatican Deceits was most evident at his inaugural Black Mass sorcery when as the Wizard of Host Pope Francis cloned Christ’s flesh and blood at St. Peter’s Square -- even if he cannot clone Dolly the sheep, see more below.  Pope Francis said the Mass in Latin -- which he never did because he said the Mass daily in Spanish in Argentina (that was once upon a time, far away, long ago).  Pope Francis himself cannot converse in Latin, read more here, Latin is not a mother tongue and therefore cannot be the “official language” of the Vatican. Why must the Vatican Bank be above all banks?   The fact is, no one can converse in Latin inside the Vatican fake country.  Those wealthy Vatican Gay Mafia prelates are all fucking in Italian!  Read about them here Vatican Last Tsar Benedict XVI resigns as Vatican Pontiff of Vatican Catholic Church. It’s deceitful to say “Roman Pontiff” of “Roman Catholic Church”

Pope Francis the ultimate Vatican Deceiver

The washing of the feet proved Pope Francis as the ultimate Vatican Deceiver because he did not wash the feet of David Clohessy, president of SNAP who represents the 100,000 victims of the JP2 Army John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army in the USA.  Clohessy has asked and has been waiting for an audience with Pope Francis and he has been ignored by the Vatican.

Pope Francis as the ultimate Vatican Deceiver will now use the poor and whoever he can call on as his papal prop because the Vatican has no more moral authority on children, women and the poor.  So in desperation, Pope Francis will try to “appear” with the poor like he did on Holy Thursday.

As the ultimate Vatican Deceiver, on Holy Thursday, one of his Opus Dei spokesperson, Father Tom Rosica, a Vatican Press Office said it brilliantly: “It is a gesture of humility and service,” spokesperson, said before the ceremony.

“It teaches that liberation and new life are won not in presiding over multitudes from royal thrones nor by the quantity of bloody sacrifices offered on temple altars, but by walking with the lowly and poor and serving them as a foot-washer along the journey,"

Every word of Vatican Pied Piper Rosica is an outrageous lie: 

First, the Vatican Chair of St. Peter Papacy is a Royal Throne from the Royal Vatican Billions Dollars Temple. 

Second, the Eucharist claims to be the same “bloody sacrifice” offered in each Vatican Catholic church altar. 

Third, the Pope does NOT walk with the lowly and the poor as he presides over billions of dollars.  A once-a-year 10 minute ceremony of foot-washing does not make the pope as a foot-washer along the journey.   Besides, Pope Francis should have washed the feet of those Italian victims of the JP2 Army or David Clohessy who flew all the way to Rome for the Papal conclave.

Pope Francis is committing the same hypocrisy as John Paul II when the latter went to El Salvador and used the poor as props for his political papal appearance.  We post it here again.

Witnesses to the Kingdom

 Page 141. Important ecclesial events, like a papal visit, are often organized in such a way that they too produce a feeling of unreality. In the Pope’s 1996 visit to El Salvador, it is true that most of the people who attended were poor. But all one could see of their reality was their religious enthusiasm, more or less effectively organized. One didn’t see their poverty, their fears, their discouragement and helplessness, not even their true faith and hope; one didn’t see their reality. As the event was organized, the poor served more as a backdrop than as the reality of the country; in the foreground were minorities that do not represent the reality: the government, legislators and politicians, the rich and powerful, and the Church beside them. The Pope’s visit neither reflected reality nor, to judge from the consequences, had any important effect on it.

On page 140. This applies to the allocutions and homilies of the Pope to the Congregation when he was an "adult-pope’. And that is still a serious problem: humanistas without sarx, factuality without reality (in the world of the poor). To give a few examples: one often gets a feeling of unreality from homilies, documents and messages that do not make central - although they may mention it - the poverty of reality, the injustice and corruption that cause it, and the cover-up that accompanies it. The feeling of unreality comes especially from the lack of commitment to get involved in the conflict, to struggle against injustice and to suffer the consequences. Words, words, words, as J. Comblin calls such messages in the article mentioned above. At another level, one gets the same feeling of unreality from a seminary formation that protects the seminarian from reality; or from the spiritualities and pastoral practices promoted or tolerated by movements that lead the human being into an a-historical transcendence with infantilizing consequences. (From Martyrs of El Salvador. By Jon Sobrino)(Bold emphases added)

Vatican Royalty

The Vatican Titanic will now resurrect Saint Francis from the dead and reincarnate him in Pope Francis as they attempt to make the “poor” Francis as their Golden Cash Cow – just like the Oratory of St. Joseph uses “poor” Saint Brother Andre as their Golden Cash Cow while the Congregation de Sainte-Croix or Holy Cross priests sits in  their Midas Throne of impotent Saint Joseph Zeus statue who idly watched those CSC pedophile priests sodomized hundreds of young students.  Impotent Holy Father St. Joseph said nothing and did nothing to protect children just like John Paul II said nothing and did nothing to stop pedophile priests, read more here
BOYCOTT Oratory of Saint Joseph! CANDLES to giant Zeus statues of St. Joseph and Brother Andre cannot protect children from CSC pedophiles

Coincidently, Pope Francis was installed pope on March 19, the feast of St. Joseph the impotent Zeus of Mount-Royal.

At the papal installation Black Mass Sorcery, seated in the front rows were all those European Royalties, descendants of colonizers who were thieves and murderers in the New World.  Oh, really, Pope Francis from the New WorldVatican bullshit propaganda!  Talk is cheap, yeah right, those European royalties “apologized” with hollow words - but they have not “returned” any of the treasures they have  looted - together with their cohorts in heist those Vatican Popes and Vatican Catholic priests missionaries (it’s not Roman Catholic, Stupid!).  Those world despots and billionaires to safeguard their investments in the Vatican SECRET Swiss Banks were all there in the front rows.  Today, they continue to colonize and plunder the Third World countries in the form of amoral multinational corporations with the mighty help of Vatican Deceits and Vatican Pied Pipers,  read our related article, Occupy Wall Street, Occupy the Vatican 
The Point de Vue, the exclusive French magazine that covers only European royals and world royalties and billionaires featured Francis as “Pope of the Poor” that is tantamount to saying that the Devil is the White Angel of Light!  The Devil’s Bowels smell like roses indeed in the Vatican Titanic, read more here Read Pope Francis Top 10 Vatican Deceits below.

Pope Francis perfect clone of Benedict XVI towards victims of JP2 Army

Pope Francis was elected 10 days ago and American David Clohessy, president of SNAP, Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, flew across the Atlantic Ocean to protest at the Papal Conclave.   But why is Clohessy still in Rome waiting to have an audience with the Pope? Francis is now sitting in the lap of luxury out-of-touch with reality - inside the tiny walled “country” of the Vatican Palace busy conniving Vatican Deceits with well-paid Vatican Pied Pipers chief John L. Allen Jr.,   There were more than 100,000 American victims of the JP2 Army – John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army named aptly after the LONGEST PAPACY OF JOHN PAUL II who said nothing and did nothing to protect children and did nothing to stop thousands of pedophile priests.  It is fair to say that SNAP represents American victims and worldwide victims of the JP2 Army (the victims are “a plague” in South America, believe it or not).  Pope Francis is the perfect clone of his “Holy Father” John Paul II who refused to meet American victims in Boston during his last World Youth Day in Toronto, an hour flight away.  Pope Francis is also a perfect clone of  his “Holy Father” Benedict XVI who refused to meet Italian victims of the JP2 Army who literally walked miles and miles across Italy to the doorstep of the Vatican, read more here, UN sets Benedict XVI Ratzinger’s records straight. Benedict refuses to meet Italian victims of JP2 Army John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army but meets with rare Cuban crocodile

Vatican Titanic Genealogy

John Paul II + twenty-seven year papacy of JP2 Army - John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army + 100,000 victims in USA + hundreds of thousands of children victims worldwide

Benedict XVI RATzinger + Crimes against humanity at The Hague + Gay Vatican Mafia                                   

Pope Francis I + complicit in Argentina Dirty War + 30,000 victims who “disappeared” or killed, raped, many stripped naked, chained together, flown out over the River Plate or the Atlantic Ocean and pushed sausage-like out of planes to drown during seven-year period, see news below

Cloned by homosexual all-male 115 Cardinals + criminal Cardinal Bernard Law who aided and abetted 80 pedophile priests + anti-gay Cardinal of Rome Cardinal Ivan Dias lives above largest gay sauna of Rome in apartment own by Vatican + criminal Cardinal Roger Mahony who protected 124 pedophile priests in Los Angeles and during the Papal Conclave, Mahony settled $9,990,000 to 4 victims of Fr. Baker in Los Angeles, see news below

Vatican Titanic @ 3.13.13

The white smoke is the Devil’s Bowels that smell like roses inside the Vatican
The Vatican Titanic has sunk deep in the ocean of moral bankruptcy and it cannot be salvaged by Saint Francis of Assisi… just like Saint Benedict of Nursia failed…to sustain Ratzinger who had to quit because he ran out of words to cover-up his Pope Crimes and Vatican Evils and Vatican Deceits.  Saint Benedict failed to camouflage ugly Ratzinger, see his images here  Likewise, “poor” (thin) Saint Francis will not be able to camouflage the rich (portly) Jesuit Pope = the Billion Dollar Christ in White = the new CEO of the Vatican Billions sinking heavily the Vatican Titanic. 
The 266 Popes or “Vicars of Christ” have been sinners and/or criminals in one shape or form.  The Popes will either entertain you as the greatest magicians by cloning the flesh of God even they cannot clone Dolly the Sheep (see images below) and they act as Supreme Pontiff of Terror that command you to kneel and kiss their rings like European despots…and if you do not believe in them – or if you criticise them - they will condemn you to the eternal fires of Hell, read our related article, The Nazis of Hitler and the Roman Catholic Church of Benedict XVI they both burn human beings in Auschwitz and in Hell
and the Jesuit who was excommunicated for critiquing the book of Ex-Pope Ratzinger
John Paul II the Patron Saint of Pedophiles, Pederasts, Rapists is Opus Dei pope number 1.  Benedict XVI with crimes against humanity pending at The Hague is Opus Dei pope number 2.  Pope Francis is Opus Dei pope number 3. Read here the prayer to Patron Saint of pedophiles John Paul II

The Vatican walls are lined with 2,000 years of Pope Crimes and Vatican Evils that are self ticking time-bombs that will cause the Vatican Temple to self-destruct as predicted by the Third Secret of Fatima “that not one pillar of St. Peter’s Square will be left standing like the Temple of Solomon.”  The poor carpenter Jesus also worshipped in the Temple of Solomon but he didn’t care about its jewels, treasures, arts and history, likewise, His Mother does not care about the Vatican Deceits of Totus Tuus Marie, read here The Blessed Mother predicted the Pedophile Priests Phenomenon of JP2  Army – John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army - of the “greatest” pope - in her apparition in Fatima in 1917.  That is why the Vatican refuses to release the Third Secret of Fatima or there would be a countdown at St. Peter’s Square for the Vatican’s final total demise.  The Third Secret of Fatima revealed the pedophile priests phenomenon, believe it or not and Benedict XVI mentioned this in his trip to Fatima.
Centuries old dead saints cannot salvage the Vatican nor by the new upcoming fastest tracking saint John Paul II who is the last straw that broke the camel’s back, read more here   Saint Joseph, Saint Benedict, Saint Francis, upcoming Saint John Paul II cannot salvage the Vatican Titanic sunk deep in the ocean of moral bankruptcy.  Christ’s prediction of the destruction of the Temple of Solomon came to pass.  His Mother Mary’s prediction of the destruction of the Vatican will also come to pass…soon.

Vatican Deceits: Believe in the Pope or you shall die and perish
Look at the feel-good entertaining TV series The Borgias - the Popes have been murderers, tyrants, torturers, thieves, adulterers, had bastards children whom they appointed as Cardinals or as heirs, pedophile popes, cohorts of crimes with European royalties who were colonizers and despots, sinners of the worst crimes; name the crime, they have done it …especially inside the “holiest site of Catholicism” the holy Vatican Palace!  Read here the Top 10 worst criminal popes Yet Popes continued to be worshipped as the “Representative of Christ”, the “Voice of God”, the Supreme Pontiff, the “Holy Father” despite their crimes and sins - - thanks mainly to the successful brainwashing done by priests and nuns worldwide, most especially by the Jesuits. 
And now the chickens have come home to roost because one thing St. Ignatius wrote in his constitution (which was most unusual) was Jesuits must have a “fourth vow of obedience to the Pope” (no matter how evil he was or is) but it had one condition that Jesuits do not accept high positions in the Church such as Bishops and Cardinals.  St. Ignatius most famous diktat was:  If the Pope says it is black, even if it white, so black it is.  St. Ignatius must be rolling in his grave as he sees the Society of Jesus (for males only) he founded is now finally the Jesuit mask of Pope Crimes and Vatican Evils which those smart Jesuits aided and abetted for more than 450 years, and especially now. 
At last, a Jesuit Pope finally helms the Vatican Titanic sunk deep in moral bankruptcy and the Spiritual Exercises cannot salvage the immoral Vatican Curia -- it’s not Roman Curia, Stupid!  Vatican is a “country”… but Rome is the secular city of country of Italy. The Vatican is not a democracy and is worse than communism…but Italy is a democratic country.  The Pope is not a citizen of Rome; the Pope cannot vote in Rome, the Pope has no political power in Rome, therefore it is Vatican Curia of the Vatican Catholic Church (it’s NOT Roman Curia of the Roman Catholic Church, Stupid!) read more below and here why it is not Roman Catholic anymore 

The Vatican Pied Pipers strategy
So the strategy is to make those Vatican Pied Pipers talk about the 1,000 year old dead Saint Francis to segue attention away from the Vatican Evils and its new mask Pope Francis as spokesperson.  At the onset with 5,000 Vatican Pied Pipers well paid journalists – who entered the Vatican in their once-in-a-lifetime — while John Allen could go in and out anytime, read more here   Pope Francis pet a Labrador for a blind journalist – and that would be his image as EQUIVALENT to St. Francis like this.  A dog will try to salvage the Vatican Titanic sunk already deep in the ocean of moral bankruptcy.  The dog leading the blind.

The Jesuits are the Popes messengers. Cardinal Bellarmine and Galileo
The Jesuit poster boy who aided and abetted Pope Crimes and Vatican Evils was the first Jesuit “Prince of the Church”, “Apostle in Red” Cardinal Bellarmine who helped formulate, and then delivered, the Vatican Papal condemnation on Galileo and forcing him to sign his “Confession”.  Galileo called the Vatican Inquisition, which included Cardinal Bellarmine, “remarkable stupidity of the common herd...just as the asp stops its ears, so do these philosophers shut their eyes to the light of truth."   My dear Kepler, I wish that we might laugh at the remarkable stupidity of the common herd. What do you have to say about the principal philosophers of this academy who are filled with the stubbornness of an asp and do not want to look at either the planets, the moon or the telescope, even though I have freely and deliberately offered them the opportunity a thousand times? Truly, just as the asp stops its ears, so do these philosophers shut their eyes to the light of truth."  read more here Vatican Terror on Galileo, priests and the poor, women and children  Cardinal Bellarmine connived with the royalties of Europe who oppressed the poor. His statue is prominent in the Gesu, the Jesuit’s flagship church in Rome which also has carvings of Protestants being cast into the fires of Hell.  The Jesuits fought well against Protestantism and they made the Vatican triumphant during the Reformation when they brainwashed Catholics to condemn Luther, the Protestants and other religions.  The Jesuits may have done a lot of good with their Jesuit universities and Jesuit social works, but equally on the scale, they also have done a lot of evil by solidifying the tyranny and absolute dictatorship of the papacy as they acted as “obedient” middle men who aid and abet Pope Crimes and Vatican Evils and Vatican Deceits through the centuries.  Read our related article of the Marcos Billions and the Jesuits here
The Jesuits educated some of the most evil persons on the planet who were mass murderers – Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong and Fidel Castro were all Jesuit educated despots.  In Third World countries, many dictators are educated by Jesuits.   There are many good Jesuits like Jon Sobrino, Jacques Dupuis, and the latest Jesuit to be silenced by Last Tsar Benedict XVI last Christmas, read our related article, Vatican Last Tsar final despotic acts  Those good Jesuits were silenced by the Popes because the Vatican knows - that the Pope is located in a far-flung location - and these good Jesuits are enough to topple down the monarchy of the Pope in his tiny country in the Vatican City.  
No amount of Rosary can save the Vatican, read our related article, Rosary could not defeat JP2 Army
No amount of Eucharist Black Magic and sorcery of the fake-flesh of Christ can save the Vatican, read our related article here
The Vatican has no moral authority
on children, women and the poor,
because they are its own victims
of its greed to feed its voracious Vatican Mammon
and its lust for global power

Pope Francis already begun his papacy with nippy Vatican Deceits when he said in his first papal speech, “Oh, how I wish for a church that is poor and for the poor!”  Since he is now under the microscope in Twitter, Facebook, the Internet, people must COUNT how many minutes or hours or days or months he will actually make this “wish” come true…or it is merely “wishful thinking” and Vatican Deceits propaganda to segue attention away from the Vatican Billions.  

But those well-paid Vatican Pied Pipers especially John Allen and Goliath-bully Bill Donohue, and now Micheal Sean Winters will try to keep blowing bubbles of enthusiasm on his every move as if Pope Francis was St. Francis himself – this really is the strategy of the Shadow Pope, read our related article, Benedict XVI the Master Manipulator of the Media . news articles about these Vatican Pied Pipers and analysis of their articles below.

Pope Francis hosted more than 5,000 world journalists who are well-paid pied pipers of the Vatican Deceits Media Empire and because he walked down to pet a Labrador guide dog for a blind journalist, he is being hailed as the new St. Francis lover of animals.  Typical Vatican bullshit!  The French magazine, Point de Vue, an exclusive magazine about European royalties and celebrities and billionaires, featured Pope Francis as “Pope of the Poor” which of course evokes the French Revolution and Marie Antoinette living out of touch with reality, read our related article, it’s time for the French Revolution in the Vatican Catholic Church.
The Vatican has lost all moral authority on children because it valued its reputation more than the well-beiong of children and therefore, it systemically covered-up priests pedophiles surpassing all other institutions combined.
The 115 Cardinals who cloned Pope Francis 1 were all enablers of the JP2 Army – John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army.  Today, the South African Cardinal said that pedophilia is not a crime, read news below.  More than 100,000 children in the USA alone were sexually abused by the JP2 army – John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army named aptly the longest papacy of John Paul II the Great orchestrated by the neophyte Opus Dei and despot Cardinal Josef Ratzinger.  Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI crimes against humanity are pending in The Hague, see our related articles below.
The Vatican Catholic Church really cannot protect children.  All that the Vatican gives children are mainly three deceitful things:  The fairy tale Sunday school filled with medieval obsolete doctrines and dogmas irrelevant in their lives.  The Sacrament of Confession that protects criminals and persecutes their victims  And the Sacrament of the Eucharist which is black magic and sorcery because Catholics priests cannot clone Dolly the Sheep which prove that they cannot clone Christ the Shepherd either.  Children must not be hugged or touched by Vatican Catholic priests from now on.  (It’s not Roman Catholic, Stupid!)  

The Vatican Catholic Church has lost all its moral authority and it cannot protect women.  The all-male misogynists Vatican Curia use women as their pawn of power by controlling their sex-life by using the Vatican sex leash by prohibiting her to use contraceptives and abortion – even in cases of rape.  Melinda Gates now openly defies Vatican edicts about contraception and the Pope does not dare excommunicate her like King Henry VIII, read more here Melinda Gates versus Benedict XVI

Women have no voice and no role in the Vatican and in the seven sacraments. Yet it is women who adulate the pope and priests as “representatives of Christ”, thanks to the brainwashing by the clever Jesuits.  Women pay for their own stupidities for believing in Vatican Deceits just like Eve paid for believing in the Devil’s Deceit - by the pangs and labors she suffered.

The Vatican has no use for women because they would threaten the GAY Vatican network.  The poster boys of the gay Vatican Curia (it’s not Roman Curia, Stupid!) are Cardinal O’Brien of England and the Cardinal of Rome – who lives in a 23Million Euros gay sauna see news below.


The Vatican has no moral authority over the poor, its victims

Pope Francis showed his papal hypocrisy as he speaks about the poor, “Oh, how I wish for a church that is poor and for the poor!”  That is exactly what it is, simple WISH-ful thinking!  If he really means these words, the first thing he should do is sell that 23 million euro gay apartment where the Roman Cardinal lives above the biggest gay sauna in Rome and excommunicate all Vatican gay prelates and cardinals, see news below.

The Vatican is the worst oppressor of the poor who are perpetual victims of the Vatican Billions since time immemorial.   From the age of the explorers and conquistadors to the 21st Century, the Vatican has aided and abetted despots by hoarding their ill-gotten wealth.  Vatican Catholic priests (it’s not Roman Catholic priests, Stupid!) aid and abet despots of Third World countries, just like Pope Francis was complicit to the dictator of Argentina in the Dirty Wars, read news below.  Read our related articles:
From his first speech to his every word and every move Pope Francis exudes Vatican Deceits at its finest and the well-paid Vatican Pied Pipers are out in full force brainwashing the world with bubbles of enthusiasm that their clever writings can dress up the Devil as an Angel of Light. 
The foremost highest paid Vatican Pied Piper John L. Allen Jr. says it best: Saturday will mark 10 days since the start of the Pope Francis era, and as introductions go, it's been a tour de force. Polling around the world suggests that overwhelming majorities have a positive impression of the new pope, and the media have fallen in love with a man who packs his own bags, makes his own calls and prefers to walk rather than taking the limo.…  Everything Francis does, however banal, is now a sensation. The fact that TV cameras caught him checking his watch near the end of Tuesday's inaugural Mass, for instance, launched an essay in one of the Italian papers about his pastoral concern for not holding people too long for an overly elaborate liturgy.The new papal style certainly has registered with his underlings. On Thursday, I had lunch in the Trastevere neighborhood of Rome in an eatery popular among Vatican personnel who work in the Palazzo San Callisto, and I bumped into a cardinal who's a veteran insider now over 80. When I noted he was dressed in his basic clergyman clothes rather than the usual finery, he smilingly said he was taking his cues from the new boss.

Under Francis, simple is the new chic.
. .. enough waste of space for the Devil’s Twin here, John Allen has always boasted how he can freely go in and out of the Vatican … but not one victims of the 100,000 American victims of the JP2 Army – John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army, who are represented by the president of SNAP, David Clohessy, who is still waiting in Rome for an audience with the new pope, and he seems to be waiting in vain, read news below. 
The Vatican has no moral voice especially for the most vulnerable members of humanity - the children, women and the poor – who are its own victims.   Pope Francis showed his innate papal hypocrisy in his first papal speech when he spoke for the poor, “Oh, how I wish for a church that is poor and for the poor!”  That is lip-service, papal Pharisee hypocrisy and Vatican Deceit.
People of the world, COUNT how many seconds, minutes, hours, days or months of his time and how much dollars or euros will Pope Francis  actually give to the poor

The reality Vatican trillion dollar Chair of St. Peter.   Benedict XVI’s words rang hollow and was a hypocrite as he apologized to victims of the JP2 Army – John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army but his actions proved his Pharisee hypocrisy when he refused to open the Vatican door to the Italian victims who walked across Italy to go and meet him at his doorstep at the Vatican.


In his first Sunday remarks as Pope Francis spoke to Vatican visitors that Jesus showed God’s great mercy and capacity to forgive.  Pope Francis craftily uses the brand name of “Jesus, Inc.” to ask Catholics to forgive and forget Ratzinger and the rotten Vatican Curia so that he can get on business as usual to manage the Vatican Billions and pose for photos with those despots and billionaire investors to the SECRET SWISS Vatican Banks. 

Pope Francis is subtly hinting to the World Court of The Hague to “forgive” Cardinal Ratzinger for his crimes against humanity, that those secular judges should simply let Ratzinger go scot-free.  If all secular courts of law were to follow this papal “forgiveness” strategy of Vatican Deceits and Catholic Hypocrisy, all courts of law would not need any judges and all jails would be empty because criminals would simply be set scot-free and “forgiven”. 
Pope Francis says his inaugural papal mass on March 19 feast of Saint Joseph, the Patron of the Universal Church & JP2 Army
St. Joseph, the Patron of the Universal Church, is also the Patron Saint of the JP2 Army – John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army his fair share of cover-up of pedophile priests right before his Zeus eyes in front of the Oratory of St. Joseph or Oratoire Saint-Joseph in Montreal. Read more below

ANALYSIS of Pope Francis first speech

Intrinsic Vatican Deceits

In the first part of his papal speech, Pope Francis showed his Jesuit skill as the ultimate Vatican Deceiver when he immediately latched on to Rome by proclaiming that he is the Bishop of Rome and that the papal conclave gathered to elect a Bishop of Rome.  This is total Vatican bullshit because there is already a Bishop of Rome, the Opus Dei Bishop.

Pope Francis  has to latch on to Rome because the Vatican is nothing without Rome.  Everyone who goes to the Vatican has to travel via Rome, the food supply has to come from via Rome. The Vatican produces no food or clothing and no industry – therefore it is not a country. But the Vatican own Rome and the Mafia

Official text of Pope Francis' 1st speech to world

The Associated Press
VATICAN CITY — The following is the Vatican's official English translation of Pope Francis' speech ''Urbi et Orbi" delivered in Italian from the central balcony of St. Peter's Basilica Wednesday night.
Brothers and sisters, good evening!
You know that it was the duty of the Conclave to give Rome a Bishop. It seems that my brother Cardinals have gone to the ends of the earth to get one... but here we are... I thank you for your welcome. The diocesan community of Rome now has its Bishop. Thank you! And first of all, I would like to offer a prayer for our Bishop Emeritus, Benedict XVI. Let us pray together for him, that the Lord may bless him and that Our Lady may keep him. (VATICAN DECEITS:  The Opus Dei Bishop of Rome is the Shadow Pope.  The Vatican is hanging on to Rome because Vatican is evil, vulgar, voracious mammon while Rome is romantic.  The Vatican owns all the major buildings and infrastructures in Rome and Italy, read here the Vatican’s wealth as far as the eyes can see from the Vatican Palace

(Our Father... Hail Mary... Glory Be... )

And now, we take up this journey: Bishop and People. This journey of the Church of Rome which presides in charity over all the Churches. A journey of fraternity, of love, of trust among us. Let us always pray for one another. Let us pray for the whole world, that there may be a great spirit of fraternity. It is my hope for you that this journey of the Church, which we start today, and in which my Cardinal Vicar, here present, will assist me, will be fruitful for the evangelization of this most beautiful city. (VATICAN DECEITS:  “Church of Rome presides in charity over all churches” is Vatican DECEITS. FACT: It is the Vatican Church in the VATICAN CITY that presides in TYRANNY over all churches.  Rome is beautiful but the Vatican is evil.  Even the Sistine Chapel which Michelangelo painted is lines with VATICAN THEFT because the pope did not pay the artist his wages and he died poor).
POPE FRANCIS VATICAN DECEIT # 5= “St. Francis of Assisi

There is the foremost Vatican Pied Piper John Allen and he has a partner Michael Sean Winters.  Take a look at how Winters speaks for the Pope in his article below which are marked in yellow which is quite similar to the style of John Allen, read here his Newsweek feature on John Paul II

Vatican Pied Pipers

This paragraph is the biggest Vatican Deceit message by Michael Sean Winters:

“St. Francis is the model, and not only because he is, after the Blessed Mother, the most beloved of Catholic saints. He is the model because Christ shines forth in His Church when we are close to the poor because Christ is found amongst the poor”.  (See his article below with yellow highlights on his Vatican Deceits strategy.  This journalistic cunningness -- to equate subtly the pope with the saints, Jesus, and Mary -- is employed cleverly by John Allen, read here ====).

Let’s dissect Winter’s Vatican Deceits strategy to mislead Catholics and the world to believe that the new Pope is the “new St. Francis”. 

St. Francis = THE model

St. Francis = Blessed Mother, the most beloved of Catholic saints.

St. Francis = most beloved of Catholic saints

St. Francis = Christ shines forth in His Church when we are close to the poor because Christ is found amongst the poor

St. Francis = Christ is found amongst the poor

St. Francis = Pope Francis

These are the most deceitful words of Michael Sean Winters – “Christ shines forth in His Church when we are close to the poor because Christ is found amongst the poor”

The fact is Opus Dei members are not “found among the poor”.  See their million dollar religious centers here ODAN

The fact is the Pope is not “found among the poor”.  Read our related article comparing Christ and the Popes:  Vatican Billion Dollar Christ =====

The fact is, all Cardinals are not “found among the poor”.  Cardinals are “Princes of the Vatican Catholic Church” (it’s not Roman Catholic Church, Stupid!) and so they live in “Archbishop Palaces.

History repeats itself:  Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger took on the name of St. Benedict but the saint’s failed to camouflage the real Ratzinger and his crimes against humanity.  In the end, St. Benedict failed to re-evangelize Europe like he did in 813 A.D.  In the 21st century, St. Benedict could not even save his own Benedictine pedophile priests,
  Ratzinger set up the Benedict XVI Ratzinger foundation against secularism, but he quit before his time, the first pope to resign in 600 years because Vatican Deceits was too heavy a burden for him to carry.  It wasn’t the Cross of Christ he was carrying but the Vatican Billions and Vatican Gay Prelates Network sinking in the Vatican Titanic worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, read more about the Vatican gay Network here .

The last homosexual “Spouse of Christ” was conceived and begotten in gay infested Vatican on March 13, 2013.  That’s 3-3-13. 

Because of the JP2 Army – John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army, the Vatican has a giant millstone surrounding it.  Read our related blog the John Paul II Millstone   
The Pope Crimes of Vatican Evils of 2,000 years cannot even be saved by the Gospel nor by Christ’s words on St. Peter…because Christ himself regrets he ever came down on earth because his name “Jesus, Inc.” has been overused to oppress and steal from the poor and “Jesus, Inc.” has been abused by the Vatican Catholic Christianity “Holy Father” priests to sodomize hundreds of thousands of little boys in the 20th century worse than the sodomy of Sodom and Gomorrah.

The Vatican Titanic has sunk deep in the ocean of moral bankruptcy and it cannot be salvaged nor resurrected because the Vatican is indeed the Harlot of Babylon, see images below.  In the Tower of Babylon – there were many languages  

The Blessed Mother of Jesus left St. Mary Magiorre since the beginning of the 27 years papacy of John Paul II in 1978 because she saw it coming that criminal Cardinal Bernard law would become the High Priest of the St. Mary Magiorre - when John Paul II PAPAL FARTed at us Bostonians when Law resigned as Archbishop of Boston, he took Law into the glories of Rome, read more here .

Bad start of Pope Francis – his first papal trip to St. Mary Magiorre

Frist church he visits is St. Mary Magiorre, the Mother of all basilicas of Rome.  But Our Lady is no longer there, she left centuries ago, and she will never go back there because the Red Devil – Apostle in Red Cardinal Bernard Law presided there as the evil High Priest, see his image below.  Cardinal Bernard Law was the spiritual termite that has corroded the St. Mary Magiorre and no holy medieval painting of Mary can salvage it.  Even the Rosary cannot salvage it because the Rosary could not defeat the John Paul II Pedophile Priest Army . 
POPE FRANCIS VATICAN DECEIT # 7= “Don’t cry for me, Argentina

Pope Francis past crime in Argentina

Pope Francis - Jorge Bergoglio's sinful role in Argentina's 'Dirty War' - which resulted in 30,000 activist deaths at the hands of the military junta.

The past of Francis is that he was complicit in Argentina’s

St. Ignatius when the pope says black even if it is white the pope had 3 bastards
Time of explorators and he did not want to build a “Jesuit Kingdom”. Ignatius disagreed and refused totally to chant the Divine Office or pray the Rosary .He was patient to introduce and educate the pope about his Spiritual Excerscies.– apostles could only be sent by the pope

Read below Priiests and nuns are not holier than us


If you live in Los Angeles, or elsewhere in the USA or in the world, and are planning a “pilgrimage” to the Oratory of St. Joseph or flying to the Vatican, DON'T GO and instead DONATE that pilgrimage money to the Red Cross or your local charity - or sponsor a poor student and pay for his or her school supplies and school lunch for a year, or feed a homeless person for a year at McDonald's,  instead of flying to Montreal to see the Oratory or the Vatican Mammon Beast - and God will listen more to your prayers in your act of mercy rather feeding the Vatican Mammon Beast or St. Joseph Oratory Mammon Beast copying the Vatican Titanic sinking in moral bankruptcy.

Children are better sex educated reading the Los Angles files rather than wasting their time to attend the wizardry of the Mass where priests ceaselessly reiterate those old horrid stories of extinct people in the Bible, read here the Immoral Bible 
It’s more important and more relevant for children to know the story of Eleuterio Ramos and all JP2 Army Vatican sex maniac rapists  priests of the 20th century - than the ancient Bible stories irrelevant mythical figures like Jonah being swallowed by a whale, read here the Los Angeles Files

BOYCOTT Oratory of Saint Joseph! CANDLES to giant Zeus statues of St. Joseph and Brother Andre cannot protect children from CSC pedophiles


To be continued

Same Vatican Curia, know all, even if it is an “outsider” they would have to belong to Opus Dei, the tyrants of Vatican Terror.  The Jesuits are powerful elephants who have been tamed and on a leash by the tentacles of Octopus Dei the Mammoth Opus Dei who control the Vatican Mammon Beast voracious for more Vatican Billions.


Updated April 8, 2013

For the third time in less than a month, a disturbing revelation has surfaced about Pope Francis’ handling of clergy sex crimes and cover ups.

The Wall Street Journal reports that while he was Argentina’s most powerful prelate, the pope did not meet a Vatican deadline for writing an abuse policy.

This disclosure follows two other recent troubling ones: Pope Francis’ meeting with Cardinal Bernard Law hours after his election and Francis’ intervention to help free a convicted Argentinian priest.
See news updates for April 8, 2013 below

Updated April 3, 2013

Dreamworks of Steven Spielberg will make a movie about Red Devil Cardinal Bernard Law and the 80 pedophile priests he covered up, see news below.

Also Pope Francis has not done anything new for SNAP and 100,000 victims of the JP2 Army - John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army

Updated April 1, 2013

Actor Gabriel Byrne calls the Catholic Church as a “force for evil” and that “The Jesuits have that expression, ‘give us a child until he is seven and he will be ours for life’. That was why the Catholic Church and the Nazi party fed off each other....and that the the Nazis meanwhile were learning from the Jesuits and making sure they got the child by seven in order to have them for life. Read more below.

The Jesuits are not so good after all as they would like the world to believe they are.

As Pope Francis enjoys his honeymoon as Pope in the Vatican Titanic, Uganda in Africa is exploding with the news that priests have mistresses and children, and the priest whistleblower has been ordered to shut up.  Read updates below.  Pope Francis can only have so much photo-ops and speeches.  The reality is, Pope Francis is now a prisoner of the media that has him covered in his every move and every word and he really has nowhere to hide in the Vatican Temple.


NEWS ARTICLES and our comments or emphases - in yellow



 (This is the most misleading article about the new pope. Michael Sean Winters is the VATICAN PIED PIPER, PARTNER OF JOHN ALLEN.
NCR is two-faced to host these Vatican Pied Pipers while at the same time try to speak out on some injustice issues, read our related article,

GUILTY verdict! Bishop Finn must resign: A compilation. Bishop Finn is Finn-ished. Finnsanity... Insane KC STAR CAMPAIGN HITS by Catholic League fanatic Bill Donohue propagating Bishop Finn

Criminal Bishop Finn attacks National Catholic Reporter as he desperately cling to power as a tyrannical ruler

National Catholic Reporter
by Michael Sean Winters | Mar. 14, 2013
In the days and weeks ahead, we will find out more about Pope Francis. We will find his writings, all of which will be translated into many languages very soon. We will listen to interviews with people who know him, who have worked with him. We will watch him as he begins to flesh out his own papacy. But, today, we should not rush past the amazing human aspect of yesterday’s events.

Ever since Benedict announced his surprise resignation, it has felt less like Lent and more like Advent. It has been a time of expectancy. As in Advent, when we know it will conclude with the birth of the Savior, we knew this sede vacante period would conclude with a new pope. But, just as Israel expected a different kind of Savior from the one she received, most of the world, and most of the commentators, myself included, were surprised by the selection of Cardinal Bergoglio as the new pope. There is a very Catholic sensibility here: Grace is often surprising in the ways it manifests itself and the selection of this man reminds us of that fact.

Before we saw the man, we hard the name: Francis. When some clerics talk about the New Evangelization, the focus on using twitter. But, as I have tried to argue, the New Evangelization must be about something deeper, a more radical fidelity to the Gospel and the various claims it makes upon us. St. Francis is the model, and not only because he is, after the Blessed Mother, the most beloved of Catholic saints. He is the model because Christ shines forth in His Church when we are close to the poor because Christ is found amongst the poor.

Gene Robinson Owes Francis An Apology


(Vatican Pied Piper - Michael Sean Winters attacks a writer in the Washington Post for exposing the past of Pope Francis involvement n the Argentine junta)

National Catholic Reporter

by Michael Sean Winters | Mar. 15, 2013
In this morning's Washington Post, Eugene Robinson discusses Pope Francis' involvement with the Argentine junta, the crimes of which were legion. Robinson quotes a human rights activist to the effect that then-Father Bergoglio did not rise to the occasion and confront the junta. He cites another book that makes a similar claim. Robinson finishes by asking Francis to atone.

Me thinks it is Robinson who needs to mark this essay down for his next trip to the confessional. In the news pages of the same morning paper, an Argentine human rights activist, Adolfo Perez Esquival, who won a Nobel Peace Prize for his work, is quoted as saying, "There were bishops who were complicit in the dictatorship. But not Bergoglio." I suppose this comment would have obstructed Robinson's narrative so he left it out, but surely he should be willing to introduce evidence that would require him to qualify his sweeping claim for atonement.

‘The Church has failed me’

Derry Journal

A young Derry man whose allegations of sexual abuse rocked the Catholic Church in the city to the core almost 20 years ago claims despite all the publicity and promises at the time by senior clergy to clean up the mess nothing has come of it.
The man, now in his 40’s, says a team leader at St Eugene’s Youth Club in the Bogside in the 1980’s seriously abused him and, at least, twenty other boys - he thinks the numbers involved are actually much higher, possibly as many as 50 - but it has all been covered up. The team leader involved has since died.
Speaking this week the man told former ‘Journal’ editor Pat McArt he felt the damage done to his psyche by the huge mental and emotional anguish he went through on going to the media and making public his claims had not been worth it.
He said: “The youth leader who abused me and the others is dead now but he’s left a trail of devastation. I, personally, told four priests about him. As far as I’m aware three of those priests are still alive and working in the diocese. I know one has since left the priesthood. What went on was certainly made known to the senior clergy in this town by me and others. 

Father Grassi’s sex abuse case: Cardinal Bergoglio - “reckless and irresponsible” – expert

The Voice of Russia

The issue of underage sex abuse in the Catholic Church is one that the new Pope, the former Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, Argentina, is expected to address and deal with. How he plans to do this is something many want to know. Despite being hailed as a man who stands with the poor backing his own nation, Pope Francis, as he is now known, has had a controversial past with regards to pedophilia.
Critics are saying that even in the most famous cases that found Argentinean priests guilty and landed them in jail, Pope Francis did not do enough to ensure the protection and the elimination of this serious crimes, nor did he do enough to aid the victims after the fact, many say.
With us to discuss this is Anne Barrett Doyle of
Thank you so much for joining me Anne. What does your organization do and how are you seeing it as it unfolds in Argentina? They’ve had some pretty serious articles about it in the Washington Post and in the New York Times that have addressed the fact that there are some things that have been left unset there?
My organization tracks clergy sex abuse data and documents worldwide. We are the largest repository of documents that have been forced out of the Catholic Church for instance as a result of action by victims. And our concern here is simply, you know, we have not by any means thoroughly researched Pope Francis’s record in Argentina. But preliminary indications in just two priests’ cases that are recent suggest that he was very unsympathetic towards victims, and more seriously, did not take proper actions to protect children from credibly accused priests.
You said that your organization works worldwide. Sexual abuse in the Catholic Church in Latin America, what is that like? Is it kind of where we were in the 1950’es-1960’es?
We simply don’t have a good handle on the public record of the Catholic abuse crisis in Latin America yet. We are quickly fetching researchers to accumulate any information that is in the public domain, from court records to media accounts. But the crisis has not surfaced there to the same extent it has in the US or Europe, Australia or Canada. But we will see in the coming days what exactly exists in the public record about this crisis in Latin America and attempt to quantify how bad the problem is there.

Catholic Church leadership on trial

The Independent

Vatican is watching how Archbishop Lwanga deals with the Fr. Musaala saga

“It is a good point for reflection but it will not change the fundamentals of the church.” That is how one practicing Catholic assessed the impact of recent revelations by renowned celebrity Catholic priest, Father Anthony Musaala of sexual impropriety in the church. That belief in the invincibility of the old Catholic Church might be similar to the Biblical house built on quick sand, without a foundation.

What one hears in conversations on the street and in the media across the country is that Fr. Musaala’s letter has sparked unprecedented public debate of what some have called the “double standards and hypocrisy’ of the Catholic Church that the letter points out.

It is without doubt that depending on how the leadership of Uganda’s biggest religious congregation of 14 million Catholics in four archdioceses and 19 dioceses handles the Fr. Musaala saga, the church could be changed; perhaps irrevocably. The man on whose shoulder lays the task of steering the church through the storm is Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga of Kampala diocese.

Catholic Church soldiers on against challenges

Sunday Monitor

By Raymond Mpubani
Posted Sunday, March 24 2013
A priest decides to speak out about things everyone knows happens in the Catholic Church, things contrary to their so-called doctrines, and the Church reacts to his concerns by suspending him! However, if you’re familiar with that Church and the way it reacts to questioning, and if you’re also familiar with the leadership that made the decision, this hypocrisy should not shock you. What’s most worrying is that many people, Catholics and non-Catholics, support the Church’s decision!
It’s unfortunate the Church has decided to blind it’s eyes and foolishly soldier on against reality. That way, the perversity lodged in their clergy, the perversity Fr. Musaala is being punished for speaking out against, will erode away at them until they cannot hide their heads in the sand any longer.
Although, I think, they know. The Church already lost the celibacy war and the only reason they still insist on the vow for new clergy is because of their blind allegiance to “Canon Law.” Sure, some priests observe the vow religiously, but those are stained by their more normal colleagues and the perverts (the paedophiles).
What the Church is now saying is that it’d rather nurture sinners (because that’s what you become when you break the vow) than scrap the unrealistic stipulation that forces them to sin. Ah, narrow-mindedness! 

The letter that got Father Musaala into trouble

Sunday Monitor

In Summary
To the faithful. On Tuesday, as Pope Francis was being inaugurated in Rome, something else was happening in Uganda: A critical letter written by a Catholic priest was leaked to the media, causing his suspension from the church he has served for years. We bring you the full letter that brought trouble to Fr Anthony Musaala.
Tuesday, March, 12, 2013
An open letter to bishops, priests and laity: The failure of celibate chastity among diocesan priests
It is an open secret that many catholic priests and some bishops, in Uganda and elsewhere, no longer live celibate chastity.
From the numerous cases on the ground one might be forgiven for saying that most diocesan priests either don’t believe in celibacy anymore, or if they do, have long since given up the struggle to be chaste.
In any case it still seems important for priests to vow even a woefully imperfect celibacy, if only for the sake of the hallowed ‘priestly image’.
The church, however, still maintains the fable that most catholic priests persevere in celibate chastity fairly well, which fiction begs belief.
All is not well…

Fr Musaala: Church must strike balance

The Observer

Sunday, 24 March 2013
In a space of days, the Catholic Church in Uganda has both hit the apex of ecstasy – with the election of Pope Francis – and crashed to a nadir of controversy, with the Father Anthony Musaala dossier.

Fr Musaala, famed for his gospel music and charismatic preaching, this month wrote an open letter in which he calls for priests to be allowed to marry. He argues, with examples, that celibacy is increasingly becoming a fallacy, as priests conduct affairs and father children.

In response, the church has suspended Musaala over the dossier. But the debate rages on, sometimes taking ugly inter-faith turns. Some Catholics have backed Musaala. But many have condemned him, seeing his dossier as irresponsible washing of dirty linen in the public, to the embarrassment of the faithful.

This is a delicate subject for both the priest and his church. What is certain is that the issues Musaala raises are not new. Many Catholics know a priest, even bishop, who has affairs and children and these issues are usually talked about in hushed voices, or simply avoided.

April 1, 2013

Shut up, Catholic Church orders Fr. Musaala

Daily Monitor
By Tabu Butagira
Posted Tuesday, April 2 2013

A Catholic priest, who last month exposed prevalence of sexual adventure by his colleagues in violation of celibacy oath, has disengaged from the debate citing an “agreement” he reached with Kampala Archbishop Cyprian Lwanga.

Fr. Anthony Musaala, whom the prelate suspended about a fortnight ago for raising the allegations in public, yesterday said he was constrained to further discuss a subject he thrust into the public domain. “I made an agreement with the Archbishop [not to talk to the media] because there was so much happening; so much at stake, he said, “So, I will not comment and I hope you appreciate that.”

Fr. Musaala’s premature withdrawal came a day after Archbishop Lwanga, who suspended him mid-last month, made a U-turn on Easter eve to acknowledge and apologise for alleged sexual abuses, including of minors, by some priests. “It’s sad that there has been some misbehaving by some (priests) as alleged,” he said, before announcing an ad hoc commission had been constituted to inquire into the matter.

Findings of the investigations, according to Archbishop Lwanga, would not be made public because the Church has a cocooned mechanism of resolving such slip-ups.

Byrne describes Catholic Church as ‘force for evil’

Irish Times
[Click here for the story.]
Nick Bramhill
Sun, Mar 31, 2013

Actor Gabriel Byrne has launched a stinging attack on the Catholic Church and described it as a “force for evil”.

The veteran Hollywood star had a strict Catholic upbringing in Dublin and spent five years in a seminary training to be a priest.

But he said it was his own unhappy memories of the seminary, where he says he was sexually abused by a priest, that made him decide not to raise his two children as Catholics.

And in an interview, the 62-year-old says he remains unrepetentant on his views of organised religion and even claimed the Catholic Church once drew inspiration from Hitler’s Nazis.

Recalling the the time he was sent away to an English seminary at just 11 to study for the priesthood, he said: “It was part of the culture. It was a very religious, oppressive society, though we didn’t see it as oppression at the time.

Actor Gabriel Byrne says he remains unrepetentant on his views of organised religion  Photograph:  Carlo Allegri/Getty Images

“I remember walking with my mother along a narrow pathway and she was holding onto a pram and two priests came along the footpath and she had to wheel the pram into the road to allow them to walk by, these mysterious men in black. I think the religion I had — and I don’t have any now — was rooted in a kind of childish fantasy.”

He continued: “The Jesuits have that expression, ‘give us a child until he is seven and he will be ours for life’. That was why the Catholic Church and the Nazi party fed off each other. “

After the rally at Nuremberg, the then pope said: “We need to be doing something similar and we have the theatre for it with St Peter’s, so that was when he started coming out on the balcony to address the crowds.

“And the Nazis meanwhile were learning from the Jesuits and making sure they got the child by seven in order to have them for life. The Hitler Youth. “De Valera signed the book of condolence when Hitler died.

There was a sneaking regard among many Irish people for Germany and Hitler. England’s pain was Ireland’s gain.”

The New York-based actor, who recently triggered a storm when he described The Gathering as a “scam”, said in the interview with the Sunday Telegraph’s Seven magazine that he feels fortunate to have escaped from the clutches of the Catholic Church.

They have way too much hold on this country. It’s a very corrupt and nefarious institution. The nuns were vicious because you have all these women living together in denial of love.

“They turned inward on themselves, became twisted creatures. I saw nuns being awfully cruel to me and to my sister. Horrific. Horrific.”

He went on: “I think if you are lucky you eventually come to a place where you are able to question these things, and I did. I read a lot on the subject and had many conversations and I have come to the conclusion that the Catholic Church is a force for evil.

“How can you enslave women? How can you deny men who are supposed to be serving you the comfort of marriage and children? How can they deny sending condoms to Africa? How can they deny women becoming priests? It’s an anti-woman and anti-love church.”

Referring to his decision not to raise his two grown-up children [he had with ex-wife, actress Ellen Barkin] as Catholics, he added: “I never discussed religion with them. As far as I’m concerned, it didn’t do me any good.

“And it’s interesting to watch two people grow up without it and find their own kindness and conscience.”
Byrne’s latest move, All Things To All Men, is out next Friday.

The future of the Church

by Brian Bethune on Saturday, March 23, 2013
Catholicism’s demographic shift out of the developed world and into the global south has been profound. A century ago, 75 per cent of Catholics lived in Europe or North America; now two-thirds are outside those continents. But that massive change is not fuelled entirely by the Church’s burgeoning growth in Asia and, especially, Africa. The flip side is the declining numbers in its Western heartland. Some 60 per cent of the French no longer ever attend services, and across Europe the rate of baptisms has fallen six per cent in the last six years. A tenth of American parishes have closed or merged in recent years, while six per cent is also the weekly mass attendance rate among Catholics in Quebec, once a Church bastion. In Ireland, which not long ago was a virtual priest factory for the world, not a single seminarian was ordained in 2005.

The ongoing clerical sex abuse scandals, meaning primarily the Church’s cover-up of them—which roiled Canada and Ireland in the last century, exploded in America in 2002 and again in Europe eight years later—tends, in popular opinion, to take the blame for this. But the roots of the alienation stretch back much further. Masked by the low numbers of mass-goers is the fact that on the issues that most sharply divide secular and Catholic morality, which all seem to revolve, one way or another, around sex—contraception, abortion, clerical celibacy, women priests, gay marriage—millions of cradle Catholics are effectively on the secular side. Catholic fertility rates in the West are indistinguishable from anyone else’s. Contraception, whatever it might mean to the hierarchy, is largely a dead issue for the laity. And, search their souls as they will, increasing numbers of Catholics cannot find the harm in what is currently the hottest of hot-button issues, same-sex marriage.

Poll after poll in the developed world, the latest in the March 6 issue of the New York Times, reveal a laity disquieted by a Church leadership they feel is out of touch and inconsequential, something that seems blindingly obvious to outsiders and internal dissidents, but puzzling to the hierarchy. The latter can point to a vigorously active Church—the Vatican’s militant anti-war efforts, the Church’s campaign for the global abolition of the death penalty, its criticism of global capitalism, its ecological position papers and efforts to help poor farmers in Latin America. But those disenchanted laity are correct about their bishops being out of touch with their concerns. The hierarchy is more conservative than it once was, after 35 years of episcopal appointments by Pope Benedict XVI or his predecessor John Paul II, celebrated among traditionalist Catholics as the pontiff who “stopped the drift toward the notion we have to listen to the modern world,” as Toronto’s late Cardinal Aloysius Ambrozic put it after John Paul’s death in 2005. Meanwhile, large swaths of the Church, especially in the Third World but also within the most vibrant parts of northern Catholicism, don’t think the sexual morality issues are debatable or even particularly important.

With New Pope, Spotlight Returns to a Mild but Rebellious Priest

The New York Times

Published: March 22, 2013

WITH his gentle mien and deep blue eyes, the Rev. Helmut Schüller does not seem even remotely disobedient in person. He has the calm, reliable presence of the best parish priests whether in his vestments or, as on a recent afternoon, in street clothes.
But as one of the organizers behind a group of more than 400 priests and deacons who in 2011 issued an “Appeal to Disobedience,” Father Schüller, 60, has developed a reputation as one of the leading rebels within the Austrian church. That is no small feat in this small Alpine nation, which might well be the unruliest country in the Catholic world, a laboratory of liberal ideas and reform initiatives.
Among the seven points in the appeal, the group said it would “take every opportunity to speak up publicly for the admission of women and married people to the priesthood.” The group was rebuked by Pope Benedict XVI in a sermon last year, and Father Schüller was formally stripped of the honorific “monsignor” a few months later.
But unlike many priests who have found themselves in deep disagreement with the Vatican, he prefers to continue working from within the ranks of the priesthood. Once the vicar general of the archdiocese of Vienna, Father Schüller now works as a regular parish priest in Probstdorf, about half an hour’s drive east of St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna’s old town. 

 Sex Abuses in Church: 1st Case for Pope Francis ...

International Business Times

[with video]
Sex Abuses in Church: 1st Case for Pope Francis Involves Claims that Cardinal O’Brien Had Long-Term Physical Relationship With Priest
By Vittorio Hernandez | March 23, 2013
Scottish Cardinal Keith O'Brien's problems apparently did not end with his being sacked just before Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI retired as pontiff on Feb 28. It appears that the cardinal's sex abuse case would be the first that new Pope Francis will have to investigate following claims by the complaining priest that he had a long-term physical relationship with Cardinal O'Brien.
When Pope Benedict quit it post, among the legacies or headaches he left for his successor was to solve a slew of sex abuses cases involving clergymen. The last case to be made public was that of Cardinal O'Brien who not only had to back out of attending the conclave in early March but had to quit days before his official retirement following complaints that he abused three priests and an ex-priest - accusations that had been made way back in the 1980s but were apparently swept then under the rug.
Reports by Scottish daily The Herald that came out on Saturday said that the abuse complaints did not involve casual sex encounters but the first priest complainant actually had a long-term physical relationship with Cardinal O'Brien. It said that the two clergymen had known each other for over three decades and were in close contact through phone calls and meetings in Edinburgh until they had a falling out in 2012.

The priest, who initially left his vocation but eventually returned and assigned in Europe in a post the cardinal helped him secure, turned against the Scottish cardinal as an act of revenge for Cardinal O'Brien being outspoken against homosexuality and gay marriage, describing it as moral degradation and har

“Bergoglio. Basura. Vos sos la dictadura.”
(Bergoglio. Garbage. You are the dictatorship!)

Pope Francis - Jorge Bergoglio's sinful role in Argentina's 'Dirty War' - which resulted in 30,000 activist deaths at the hands of the military junta.


New Pope Accused of Conspiring in Kidnapping

Religion Dispatches

Post by Nicole Greenfield
As soon as Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina, now known as Pope Francis I, was announced earlier this afternoon, the excitement could hardly be contained.

The first pope from the Western Hemisphere! The first Francis! An advocate for the poor! A defender of human rights!

Wait. Bergoglio, a defender of human rights? The idea that anyone would characterize the new pope as having a solid record on such issues is laughable. ...

If we do dig a little deeper into Bergoglio’s past, we find that he was accused of participating in one of the numerous human rights violations committed during Argentina’s Dirty War (which ended up resulting in 30,000 activist deaths at the hands of the military junta). The Catholic Church’s complicity has long been acknowledged, but in 2005 Bergoglio became the focus of a criminal complaint filed by a human rights lawyer accusing him of conspiring with the junta to kidnap two dissenting Jesuit priests in 1976.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the dictatorship,—and outrage over the crimes committed during that period—remains a central part of the activist narrative in Argentina, heard widely at demonstrations in support of LGBT and reproductive rights. A common protest chant—“Iglesia. Basura. Vos sos la dicatura!” (Church. Garbage. You are the dictatorship!)—today became—“Bergoglio. Basura. Vos sos la dictadura.”


Special report: The damning documents ...

Mail on Sunday

[with photos of documents]
Special report: The damning documents that show new Pope DID betray tortured priests to the junta

By Sharon Churcher and Tom Worden
PUBLISHED:18:56 EST, 16 March 2013

Damning evidence that Pope Francis may have betrayed two priests who were kidnapped and tortured by Argentina’s brutal military junta can be revealed today.

The Mail on Sunday has seen documents which appear to show the new Pope secretly collaborated with the country’s dictatorship when he was head of the Jesuits there – using his real name Jorge Bergoglio – during the Dirty War that started in the Seventies.

One of the documents is a 27-page report by Orlando Yorio, one of the kidnapped priests, in which he accuses the current pontiff of secretly spreading dangerous rumours about him and a colleague while personally promising them support and protection.

A second document is a confidential government memo written in 1979 which appears to reveal Bergoglio informed junta officials that Father Yorio and Father Francisco Jalics were suspected of collaborating with guerrillas and that Jalics was accused of encouraging dissent among a congregation of nuns.

Bergoglio, 76, who was chosen as the new Pope on Wednesday, has been accused of effectively handing the priests over to the regime’s death squads by failing to quash rumours they were dissidents.

‘Dirty War’ Questions for Pope Francis

Consortium News

March 13, 2013
Exclusive: The U.S. “news” networks bubbled with excitement over the selection of Argentine Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio to be Pope Francis I. But there was silence on the obvious question that should be asked about any senior cleric from Argentina: What was Bergoglio doing during the “dirty war,” writes Robert Parry.
By Robert Parry

If one wonders if the U.S. press corps has learned anything in the decade since the Iraq War – i.e. the need to ask tough question and show honest skepticism – it would appear from the early coverage of the election of Pope Francis I that U.S. journalists haven’t changed at all, even at “liberal” outlets like MSNBC.

The first question that a real reporter should ask about an Argentine cleric who lived through the years of grotesque repression, known as the “dirty war,” is what did this person do, did he stand up to the murderers and torturers or did he go with the flow. If the likes of Chris Matthews and other commentators on MSNBC had done a simple Google search, they would have found out enough about Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio to slow their bubbling enthusiasm.

Bergoglio, now the new Pope Francis I, has been identified publicly as an ally of Argentine’s repressive leaders during the “dirty war” when some 30,000 people were “disappeared” or killed, many stripped naked, chained together, flown out over the River Plate or the Atlantic Ocean and pushed sausage-like out of planes to drown.

Pope Francis's critics in Argentina say document suggests he betrayed priests

The Guardian (UK)

Lizzy Davies in Rome and Jonathan Watts in Buenos Aires
The Guardian, Sunday 17 March 2013

Pope Francis has delivered his first Sunday prayer to a cheering, laughing crowd of about 300,000 people in St Peter's Square, amid hopes that his down-to-earth style will usher in a change in the Vatican.
But while many in Rome were looking forward, accusers in his native Argentina continued to raise awkward questions about the past and reproduced a document suggesting the Jesuit may have betrayed two of his priests to the murderous military dictatorship in the 1970s.
The sharply different perspectives have dogged the early days of the new leader of the Catholic church, who will be officially installed at an inaugural mass on Tuesday.
His capacity to rouse affection and optimism were in evidence as he mixed cheery greetings with humour and anecdotes at his inaugural Angelus.
Speaking in Italian rather than Latin, he joked with the crowd and ended by saying: "Have a good Sunday and a good lunch!" Pilgrims, many from Latin America, roared their approval. ...
However, his critics in Argentina were unwilling to move on so quickly. The pope continues to be haunted by allegations dating back to the dictatorship era, when the Catholic church colluded with the generals to quell what they saw as a Marxist threat.
The Argentinian newspaper Pagina 12 republished old documents on Sunday that suggest Jorge Bergoglio, as the pope was known until last week, was in contact with the military authorities about the insubordination of two of his priests and rumours that they had contact with leftwing guerrilla groups.
Father Orlando Yorio and Father Francisco Jalics were tortured and kept in a concentration camp for nearly six months in 1976, after they refused Bergoglio's order to leave the slum where they were working. In that era, any priest who focused on the poor districts was under suspicion of collaborating with Marxist groups.
A foreign ministry memo from 1979 seems to suggest Bergoglio had passed on suspicions to the authorities, and connived behind the backs of the priests.
The typed note contains bullet points that explain why Jalics was denied a passport renewal application. He had fled to Germany following his release, and asked Bergoglio's help to get a travel document.

 Curé ardéchois tué sous la dictature argentine : une juge française n’a jamais pu inter


Le père Gabriel Longueville a disparu en 1976 en Argentine. Dans le cadre de cette affaire, une juge française a demandé en 2011 l’audition du cardinal Bergoglio. En vain.
Une juge française avait demandé en 2011 l’audition du cardinal Bergoglio, élu pape mercredi, dans le cadre d’une enquête sur le meurtre d’un curé français, originaire de l’Ardèche, sous la dictature argentine, mais Buenos Aires n’a jamais répondu favorablement, a indiqué hier une avocate.
Sylvia Caillard, magistrate au Tribunal de grande instance (TGI) de Paris, avait adressé une commission rogatoire internationale à Buenos Aires pour que le cardinal soit entendu comme témoin dans l’enquête sur le meurtre du curé français Gabriel Longueville au début de la dictature argentine en 1976, a expliqué à l’AFP Me Sophie Thonon, avocate de la famille du prêtre français. «Les autorités argentines n’ont jamais répondu positivement à la commission rogatoire relative à M. Bergoglio», a-t-elle précisé. 

Pope silent over French priest's murder in Argentina: lawyer


A French judge had sought the testimony of the new pope over the killing of a French priest in 1976 during Argentina's brutal dictatorship but Buenos Aires snubbed her, a lawyer said Thursday.
Judge Sylvie Caillard had wanted Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio to testify in 2011 in the investigation of French priest Gabriel Longueville but "the Argentinian authorities did not respond positively," said Sophie Thonon, the lawyer for Longueville's family.
Thonon said this was deemed necessary to cast light on whether there were any archival material on the murder.
"This pope is certainly not a great figure in the defence of human rights," Thonon said.
"On the contrary, he is suspected of not having denounced the crimes of the dictatorship and not having demanded explanations and therefore covered up these acts by his silence."

Bergoglio Has Ties To A Dark Period For The Catholic Church

Business Insider

Geoffrey Ingersoll|
Mar. 13, 2013

New Pope Francis isn't a Hitler Youth like the last guy, but he has own troubled history.

Francis I along with the whole Argentine Catholic Church have faced criticism for their silence or complicity during the post-1976 military dictatorship — a failure for which the Church apologized in 2012.

Known as the Dirty War, this period saw a brutal battle between the ruling military elite and leftist guerrilla fighters, in which up to
30,000 Argentines were "disappeared" and others were raped or killed.Argentine journalist Horacio Verbitsky chronicled how the Church and Bergoglio were involved in this dark era. As described by Hugh O'Shaughnessy of The Guardian in 2011:

[Verbitsky] recounts how the Argentine navy with the connivance of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, now the Jesuit archbishop of Buenos Aires, hid from a visiting delegation of the Inter-American Human Rights Commission the dictatorship's political prisoners. Bergoglio was hiding them in nothing less than his holiday home in an island called El Silencio in the River Plate. The most shaming thing for the church is that in such circumstances Bergoglio's name was allowed to go forward in the ballot to chose the successor of John Paul II. What scandal would not have ensued if the first pope ever to be elected from the continent of America had been revealed as an accessory to murder and false imprisonment.

Jorge Bergoglio's sinful role in Argentina's 'Dirty War'

Digital Journal

By Brett Wilkins
Mar 13, 2013

Buenos Aires - As Pope Francis takes his place as the leader of the world's 1.2 billion Catholics, his participation in Argentina's US-backed 'Dirty War' is sure to come under increased scrutiny.

From 1976 until 1983, Argentina was governed by a series of US-backed military dictators who ruled with iron fists and crushed the regime's opponents, many of them students, trade unionists, journalists and leftists. Kidnapping, torture, murder by death squads and disappearances characterized this brutal 'Dirty War,' and many of the leading perpetrators, including two junta leaders and the military dictator Gen. Leopoldo Galtieri, were trained by the United States in kidnapping, torture, assassination and democracy suppression at the School of the Americans in Panama. As many as 30,000 people were killed or disappeared during this horrific period, and many children and babies were stolen from parents imprisoned in concentration camps or murdered by the regime.

During this harrowing period, the Argentine Catholic church was shamefully silent in the face of horrific atrocities. Argentine priests offered communion and support to the perpetrators of these crimes, even after the execution of two bishops, including Enrique Angelelli, and numerous priests. Worse, leading church figures were complicit in the regime's abuses. One priest, Father Christian von Wernich, was a former police chaplain later sentenced to life in prison for involvement in seven murders, 42 kidnappings and 31 cases of torture during the 'Dirty War.' At his trial, witnesses testified how the priest used his position to gain their trust before passing information to police, who tortured victims-- sometimes in von Wernich's presence-- and sometimes killed them. 

Church is waning in Pope's Argentinian homeland

The Independent (UK)

David Usborne , Ed Stocker
Buenos Aires

Sunday 17 March 2013
When Jorge Bergoglio is formally installed as Pope Francis at the Vatican on Tuesday, thousands of his fellow Argentines will have risen before dawn to watch the ceremony on giant television screens installed around this city's most famous national monument, the obelisk in the Plaza de la Republica. Well hundreds, anyway.
The choice of Cardinal Bergoglio may be an acknowledgement that Latin America is home to 40 per cent of the world's 1.2 billion Catholics. Yet even here the church is not as hearty as it might look. Secularism is on the rise but something else has been luring customers away: the Pentecostals who are as boisterous in worship as the Catholics are demure.
Nowhere has the Pentecostal movement, a form of evangelical Protestantism, grown faster than in Brazil, notably among the poor. Visit the favelas, or slums, of Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo, and the ramshackle churches holding daily services with charismatic sermons and stirring song are usually Pentecostal. In 1970, 92 per cent of Brazilians identified themselves as Catholic. In the latest national census in 2010, the figure had dropped to 65 per cent.

Acusados de crimes contra a humanidade usam insígnias do Vaticano em homenagem a Bergoglio

Diario de Noticias

Um grupo de réus acusados de crimes contra a humanidade cometidos durante a ditadura na Argentina (1976-1983) apareceu esta quinta-feira no seu julgamento usando insígnias do Vaticano para homenagear Jorge Mario Bergoglio.
A cadeia de televisão C5N e o jornal local La Mañana de Córboda difundiram imagens dos acusados usando as insígnias do Vaticano, durante o julgamento que decorreu na cidade de Córdoba, no noroeste da Argentina.

El oportunismo de los acusados de genocidio

La Manana de Cordoba

Los represores imputados en la megacausa La Perla se presentaron ayer en la audiencia ante el Tribunal Oral Federal Nº 1 portando en sus solapas escarapelas papales de color amarillo y blanco, en un gesto de identificación con el nuevo Papa de la Iglesia Católica, el argentino Jorge Bergoglio.
La imagen fue considerada una provocación, cuando se discute la connivencia de la Iglesia y del nuevo Papa con la dictadura militar que dejó 30 mil muertos en el país.
Los seis acusados de genocidio, entre ellos Luciano Benjamín Menéndez, mostraron ayer una escarapela papal en su pecho, durante una nueva audiencia del juicio por la megacausa La Perla, el más siniestro centro clandestino de la provincia de Córdoba en la dictadura.

New Pope Spotlights Questions About Church’s Relationship With Military Dictatorship

Think Progress

By Hayes Brown on Mar 13, 2013
The election of Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio as Pope Francis I has sparked new interest in the atrocities performed during Argentina’s period of military rule from 1976-1983.
Francis is the first pope to have been elected from the Americas, which will more accurately reflect the primacy of the Roman Catholic Church in Latin America. That primacy, however, during the Cold War led to many dioceses throughout the region turning a blind eye to the atrocities of military governments. These right-wing governments, often taking power via coup, were supported by the United States and the church alike for their stand against Communism.

Particularly devastating was the period known in Argentina as “The Dirty War.” Beginning as a crackdown on armed left-wing guerrilla groups following a military coup in 1976, the regime soon expanded its focus, imprisoning and torturing anyone thought to hold leftist views or criticize the government. Women who were pregnant at the time of their incarceration were allowed to bring their children to term, before being “transferred” — a euphemism used by the junta for execution — drugged and tossed from airplanes into the ocean. All-told, an estimated 30,000 civilians were “disappeared” by the government.

Catholics in Argentina Protest Church’s Complicity in Dictatorship

Indepedent European Daily Express

BUENOS AIRES, Mar 16 (IPS) - Argentine archbishop Jorge Bergoglio was selected as pope at a time when the Roman Catholic Church in this South American country is facing a rebellion by priests and laypersons who reject the role of the church leadership during the 1976-1983 dictatorship and the lack of reparations for past omissions and complicities.

The accusations against Bergoglio for his alleged ties to the dictatorship, which made headlines around the world when his appointment as pope was announced by the Vatican, are just the tip of the iceberg of a controversy that has raged for decades without a solution and which is coming to light as the regime’s human rights violators have been brought to trial since the amnesty laws were scrapped.

Groups like Curas en la Opción por los Pobres (Priests with an Option for the Poor), Cristianos por el Tercer Milenio (Christians for the Third Millennium) or Colectivo Teología de la Liberación (Liberation Theology Collective) have voiced increasingly harsh criticism against the Argentine bishops’ conference’s shortcomings in terms of self-criticism, in spite of an apology and pledge to investigate issued a few months ago.

 Will Francis's role during Argentina's 'Dirty War' come back to haunt him?

Foreign Policy

Posted By Elias Groll
Wednesday, March 13, 2013

With the selection of Argentine Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio as pope, the Catholic Church broke new ground by tapping its first modern non-European pontiff, an acknowledgement of the church's growing flock in the developing world.

Unlike many other contenders for the position, Bergoglio -- who took Francis as his papal name -- remains untainted by the widespread sex abuse scandal in the church, a welcome development for those looking to the new pope to make a definitive break from that chapter of the church's troubled past. But Francis still arrives wth something of a troubled history. As the head of the Jesuit Order during the country's military dictatorship, he may be tainted by the church's well-documented history of turning a blind eye to the regime's practice of killing progressive priests.

From 1973 to 1979, a period that overlapped with military dictatorship lasting from 1976 to 1983, Francis served as the top Argentine Jesuit official. During that time, the Catholic Church remained silent in the face of widespread human rights violations during the country's so-called "Dirty War," an effort by the military government to root out dissent by torture, murder, and disappearances. In several cases, Catholic priests collaborated with the government and were even in the room as prisoners were tortured. In February, an Argentine court ruled that the Catholic church hierarchy, of which Francis was arguably a member, had "closed its eyes" to the killing of progressive priests. In 2005, human rights lawyers filed a case against then-Cardinal Bergoglio alleging that he had been complicit in the kidnapping of two Jesuit priests.

Bergoglio’s elevation to Pope Francis recalls his deep role in Argentina’s politics


By Daniel Politi, Vinod Sreeharsha and Kevin G. Hall | McClatchy Newspapers
BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — The elevation Wednesday of Argentine Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio as the Roman Catholic Church’s 267th pope and the first from Latin America brought cheers across South America but also served as a reminder of the church’s role during the region’s dark days of dictatorship in the latter half of the 20th century.
Born in Buenos Aires in 1936, Bergoglio, 76, was 40 when Argentina’s military overthrow the government of Isabel Peron and instigated what became known as the “Dirty War,” during which as many as 30,000 people, most of them accused of being leftists, “disappeared.” Like many priests his age, he has been accused of not doing enough to protest the carnage.
In 2005, Argentine author Horacio Verbitzsky, whose books have detailed what he said was the church’s involvement in the Dirty War, accused Bergoglio of failing to protect two fellow Jesuits who’d opposed the military junta. The two Jesuits vanished and were presumed to have been killed by security forces. Bergoglio was never charged in subsequent years, nor has any hard evidence emerged of his involvement. But the charge has lingered largely because of Verbitzsky’s prominence in Argentina.
More recently, Bergoglio has been known for his confrontations with Argentina’s last two presidents, the husband and wife team of Nestor and Cristina Kirchner.

Questions from a ‘Dirty War’

Washington Post

By Eugene Robinson
They are impolite questions, but they must be asked: What did Jorge Mario Bergoglio know, and when did he know it, about Argentina’s brutal “Dirty War” against suspected leftists, in which thousands were tortured and killed? More important, what did the newly chosen Pope Francis do?
When a military junta seized power in Argentina in 1976, Bergoglio — elected Wednesday by the College of Cardinals as the first Latin American to become pope — was the head of the Jesuit order in the country. His elevation to the papacy occasioned great joy and national pride in his homeland — but also, for some, brought back memories of Argentina’s darkest and most desperate days.
In other South American countries that suffered under military rule during the 1970s, the Catholic Church served as a focal point of resistance. In Chile, for example, the church crusaded for human rights and pressed the government of Gen. Augusto Pinochet to account for the many activists who “disappeared” into custody, often never to be seen again.
The dictatorship in Argentina was the most savage of all. At least 10,000, and perhaps as many as 30,000, people suspected of leftist involvement were killed. Victims would be snatched from their homes or places of work, interrogated under torture for weeks or months, and then executed. Some were dispatched by being drugged, loaded into aircraft and shoved out into the wide Rio de la Plata or the Atlantic Ocean to drown.

Abuse victims want pope to open Argentina files


Posted: Mar 19, 2013

Associated Press

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) - A U.S. group that tracks clergy abuse called on Pope Francis to apologize Tuesday for what it called the Argentine church's protection of two priests who were eventually convicted of abusing children.
The Bishop Accountability group cites the case of Father Julio Cesar Grassi, who ran the "Happy Children" foundation and was convicted of pedophilia in 2008, and Father Napoleon Sasso, convicted in 2007 of abusing girls at a soup kitchen in suburban Buenos Aires. Sasso had been moved to the kitchen by church authorities after he got into trouble for pedophilia in remote San Juan province.
Jorge Bergoglio, who became Argentina's cardinal in 2001, wasn't directly involved in any sex abuse scandals or coverups, but he failed to remove priests accused of sexually abusing their faithful, and refused to meet with the victims, their attorney Ernesto Moreau told The Associated Press.
"Bergoglio has been the strongest man in the Argentine church since the beginning of this century," Moreau said, and yet "the leadership of the church has never done anything to remove these people from these places, and neither has it done anything to relieve the pain of the victims."
Now Grassi is free on appeal, thanks in part to the church's report. Before he was convicted, he thanked Bergoglio for "never abandoning him."
Bishop Accountability co-director Anne Doyle says this shows Bergoglio was behind the curve in the Catholic church's global struggle to deal with sex abuse by its priests, which began in 2002 after thousands of cases became public in the United States and around the world.

30,000 People Dissapeared in Argentina in the 1970s-80s, What Did Pope Francis Do to Help?


Jeff Raines
Unfortunately, we live in a world where tragedy, death, and violence continue to hurt those around us. And when these events happen we are left wondering in what ways could we have done more, what we could have done better, and who we can blame for a lack of greater action. This time the target of blame is Pope Francis I, the 266th pontiff on the Catholic Church, and a man formerly known as Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio from Argentina.

It is unfair to say Bergoglio did not do enough during a military regime so terrible that as many as 30,000 people disappeared or were killed during the "Dirty War." From 1976-1983, the military junta that controlled Argentina sponsored terrorist activities for fringe military groups in support of the regime. This led to those who openly disagreed with the regime, as well as those suspected of disagreement to be taken from their homes to never been seen again.

During this time period Bergoglio was the head of the Jesuit order in Argentina, and accusations about his actions revolve around events he could not control. The first of these is how the regime stolen the infants to place them in regime-supporting families. In 2010, he testified in a trial about these stolen babies that he only knew about the practices after the country returned to a democratic state. Instances in which Argentines did reach out to him for help about missing relatives he did give them a name of another Bishop that might have more information – but this by no means a contradiction or admission of knowing more of these heinous acts, he was just trying to supply what information he could. 

From Dirty War to Child Abuse, Church’s Past Confronts Pope Francis

The Daily Beast

by Christopher Dickey
Mar 17, 2013

The new pontiff’s past reputation is hard to square with his affable presence today. His actions in the weeks to come will tell us who he really is, writes Christopher Dickey. 

It was probably inevitable that Pope Francis, whose humor and informality charmed hundreds of members of the international press corps at a gathering on Saturday, would lean down and pet the big golden Labrador seeing-eye dog that accompanied a blind journalist. Of course the crowd applauded. The gesture was perfectly natural and unforced; the kind of thing parishioners would expect from a fatherly priest, and that many of the world’s Catholics hope for from the man they now call Holy Father. (PROPAGANDA – POPE FRANCIS PETS A LABRADOR AND HE IS EQUIVALENT TO SAINT FRANCIS.  VATICAN BULLSHIT!)There was no hint on the stage Saturday of the uptight young Jesuit administrator, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, accused of complacency if not complicity while a savage military regime waged what came to be called “The Dirty War” to exterminate guerrillas in his native Argentina more than 30 years ago.
The contrasting images are so striking that it’s tempting to say that one of them must be false, or that, if the past was ugly, it really is just ancient history now. As one young woman with the Vatican staff said indignantly when asked about the Argentine allegations, “If this press corps had been around when Saint Peter became pope, you would be writing headlines about how he denied Christ three times” (as the Gospel tells us he did). “What is important,” she said, “is what the Holy Father does now.” (VATICAN DECEIT;  ST. PETER WEPT AND HE ASKED TO BE CRUCIFIED UPSIDE DOWN BECAUSE HE WAS NOT WORTHY TO BE CRUCIFIED LIKE JESUS.  TODAY, IT IS THE POPE WHO CRUCIFY PRIESTS LIKE IRISH TONY FLANNERY OR JECUIT =========== READ HERE VATICAN LAST TSAR.  POPE FRANCIS IS THE JANITOR THAT WILL TRY TO CLEAN THE VATICAN TITANIC OR THE MAKE-UP ARTIST TO MAKE IT LOOK GOOD BEFORE ITS FINAL ADIEU AND SINKING),
She has a point. But what Pope Francis does now, in the first days and weeks and months of his papacy, will tell us an enormous amount about where he is coming from and how that affects where he hopes to go. ...
Symbolically, Francis is off to a bad start. The morning after his election he went to pray at the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, which is the papal basilica in the city of Rome. That would not be controversial, except that the infamous former cardinal of Boston, Bernard Law, is resident there. Law resigned his post in the United States more than ten years ago after the courts reviewed devastating evidence that he knowingly protected criminally abusive priests. His former archdiocese has paid out more than $100 million to settle hundreds of civil suits by the victims.
What Francis said to Law when the two of them met and briefly embraced at the Rome basilica is not known. Some reports in the Italian press said the pope told Law he must retire to a monastery. But Vatican spokesmen flatly denied that.

David Clohessy, executive director of the Survivors’ Network for those Abused by Priests, said Saturday that the encounter between the pope and this known protector of pedophiles was “extraordinarily hurtful.” “If you ignore wrongdoing,” said Clohessy, “you condone wrongdoing.” And if that is the case under Francis, then millions of children will remain at risk from predators in clerical collars. But Anne Barrett Doyle, co-director of, an exhaustive database of abuse, was, while very cautious, also a little optimistic. She would give Francis “the benefit of the doubt,” she said.
At a series of press conferences, Doyle and Clohessy have suggested several substantive steps Francis might take to strengthen the Church’s reputation for zero tolerance of child abuse. One critical change would be the removal of such senior officials in the Vatican as Gerhard Ludwig Müller, who heads the powerful Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Clohessy and Doyle presented specific allegations that Müller had protected a convicted pedophile among the priests in his archdiocese. Ideally, the activists would like to see Müller’s office release the name of all credibly accused priests who have come to its attention, so that, at a minimum, parents and children in their parishes can be warned. The pope does not have to write an encyclical to make that happen. All he has to do is give the word.

Is New Pope For Poor or For Kids or For Neo-Cons or For All?

Christian Catholicism

Jerry Slevin
The Cardinals who elected Pope Francis had been selected either by ex-Pope Benedict, or by John Paul II with the ex-Pope’s and/or Cardinal Sodano’s input. The Cardinals have for years promoted and protected an unaccountable organization run primarily for their personal benefit, it appears. Some, perhaps even many, of them are now likely facing an imminent legal seige for alleged crimes of child endangerment and/or financial misdeeds, including possibly even Joseph Ratzinger. Meanwhile, Vatican Cardinals are trying hard to keep secret a dossier reportedly of Vatican officials’ financial and sexual misconduct.
Pope Francis, a seemingly amiable, humble and frugal Italian/Argentinian Jesuit, had been made Cardinal in 2001 by John Paul II, who at the time suffered from Parkinson’s Disease and relied often on Cardinal Sodano and/or Ratzinger. The new Pope had been the young head of the Jesuits under an Argentine military dictatorship in the late 1970′s, when Sodano also had been papal ambassador under nearby Chile’s Pinochet dictatorship.
Given this history, have the Cardinals just secretly elected, as “hyped”, a real “Francis of Assisi” type as Pope? Will that likely lead to reform of a troubled Church? Will Cardinals and Bishops now be called to account for their misdeeds? Or was he elected mainly because the Ratzinger/Scola bloc offset the Sodano/Sherer bloc and Francis seemed to be an acceptable interim compromise not tainted by the secret Vatican scandal dossier, who might also provide cover for a few more years while the media obsesses over his personal attributes? Some in the mindless media are already interviewing Pope Francis’ childhood sweetheart, which perhaps may be intended to distance him from some of the reported gay sex stories involving others in the hierarchy.
The media apparently will have an opportunity to direct questions to Pope Francis and hopefully will ask him some of the questions suggested below. Unlike Ratzinger’s practice, Pope Francis may at least directly brief Fr. Lombardi, a fellow Jesuit and Vatican press officer. Hopefully, the media will not spend too much of the limited time rehashing the Pope’s actions as a young provincial over three decades ago in Argentina’s Dirty War. The subject has been gone over at length for years by Argentine journalists and activists with conflicting and inconclusive results. While it is a serious subject, the Pope will still stay Pope no matter what is now said about the Dirty War. The media needs to focus now on the current scandals facing the Catholic Church and on how Pope Francis plans to address them.

Pope Francis: role during Argentina's military era disputed

The Guardian (UK)

Jonathan Watts in Buenos Aires
The Guardian, Thursday 14 March 2013

Pope Francis is known in his native Argentina as a man of austere habits, long pregnant pauses in conversation and a reticence about discussing himself. For supporters, this is proof of his humility, which was further underlined for them in his first address as pope to the masses in St Peter's Square, where he eschewed the usual jewelled crucifix in favour of a simple wooden cross.
For critics, however – and there are many in his home country – it may have more to do with allegations that he and the Roman Catholic church were guilty of the sin of omission – and perhaps worse – during the brutal military dictatorship from 1976 to 1983.
Those dark years cast the longest shadow over the elevation of Jorge Bergoglio, the former archbishop of Buenos Aires, as the new Vicar of Christ, and continues to divide a nation.
While Argentina rang with celebratory church bells at the news of the first Latin American pope, some were seized by doubt and confusion. "I can't believe it, I don't know what to do, I'm in so much anguish and so enraged," wrote Graciela Yorio in an email published in the Argentine press on Thursday morning.
In 1976, her brother, Orlando Yorio, along with another Jesuit priest, Francisco Jalics, were seized by navy troops in the slums of Buenos Aires and held and tortured for five months at the ESMA camp, a navy base in the capital where 5,000 people were murdered by the military junta.
The two priests served under Bergoglio, who is accused in some quarters of abandoning them to the military after they became involved in leftist social movements.

Gonzalez: Pope Francis' disputed role in Argentina's Dirty War raises questions

New York
Daily News

Argentina's best-known investigative reporter, Horacio Verbitsky, accuses the pontiff, who is also known as Jorge Mario Bergoglio, of allowing two priests who served under him to be kidnapped. The pope, as well as some human rights activists, disputes that account, contending he actually tried to get them freed.


Thursday, March 14, 2013
Juan Gonzalez

Even as millions rejoice at the first Catholic pontiff from Latin America, troubling questions persist over the role Pope Francis played during Argentina's notorious Dirty War.

In 1976, right-wing military leaders overthrew that country's elected government and installed Gen. Jorge Rafael Videla as dictator. Coup leaders then launched a campaign of secret kidnappings, torture and murder of suspected leftists and opposition figures. Estimates of the dead range up to 30,000.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio, then head of that country's Jesuit order, has long been accused by Argentina's best-known investigative reporter, Horacio Verbitsky, of being complicit in the military's kidnapping and torture of two priests who served under him.

Verbitsky's claim is rejected by some human rights leaders, including Adolfo Perez Esquivel, who won the 1980 Nobel Peace Prize for documenting the junta's atrocities.

"Perhaps he (Bergoglio) didn't have the courage of other priests, but he never collaborated with the dictatorship," Esquivel said.

The End of Days or the End of Catholic Daze?

Minnesota SNAP

What if all the prophecies about Benedict XVI being the next to last pope are true, but not for the universal reason everyone suspects? Suppose fulfillment of the prophecies doesn’t mean the end of the world, but instead means the end of a centuries old corrupt Vatican reign? The recent sordid revelations bursting forth from the Vatican will hasten the end of days for the hierarchy and the end of daze for millions of Catholics. 

Prophecies from Malachy to Fatima and every one in between, including the rarely mentioned prophecy of a Japanese nun from Akita, Japan, Sister Sasagawa have predicted the end of days. However, Sister Sasagawa quoting the Blessed Virgin has a prophecy that has hit the bulls eye, with no interpretation needed, that describes current Vatican events. She said she was told, “The work of the devil will infiltrate even the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against other bishops.” It wouldn’t stretch anybody’s mind (except maybe a bishop’s) to believe that the Blessed Mother was prophesying the scenario currently surrounding Benedict’s resignation. 

     My personal favorite prophecy is from her son, Jesus: Luke 12:1-3

He began to say unto his disciples first of all, “Beware ye of the leaven of the Pharisees (Hierarchy), which is hypocrisy. For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known. Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops.”

Is there anything more compelling than the fulfillment of Jesus’ own prophecy? Is there anyone out there that doesn’t or can’t see the hand of the Holy Spirit moving to cleanse his church? (Present hierarchy excluded) How many times was Jesus pressed for miracles? How many Doubting Thomases’ are there? How much more proof is needed? Survivors of sexual abuse, mere men and women, took on a two thousand year old church with more money and power than most global corporations and they brought the church to its knees. Could that have happened without divine assistance?

Roger Cardinal Mahony spent hundreds of millions of dollars on lawyers, PR firms and hush money. One might say he did everything humanly possible to prevent the diocesan records from being made public, but in the end all his money and power were spent in vain. Over 12,000 pages of documents outlining what many consider criminal behavior, which is the antithesis of what Jesus preached on earth, were released. In Philadelphia a monsignor sits in prison because his cardinal boss died before he could be indicted. In Kansas City a bishop was convicted of failing to notify authorities about a priest he knew was taking lurid pictures of little children! “Words that have been spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light!”

The prophecy of Jesus is reverberating through the Vatican. “That which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops.” The closeted words are now global headlines! The dam is showing strain and the once impenetrable wall of red cloaks is cracking.  Vati-leaks, Swiss guards killed, the butler done it, money laundering, mob connections, power plays, Cardinal Mahony silenced, the pope’ resignation and now we read there is a homosexual contingent in the Vatican. Well bowl me over with a feather boa! Homosexuals in the Vatican! That’s about as surprising as finding sand in your shoes after a day on the beach. The difference is; is what has been known for a long time has been very publicly shouted from the housetops!

The gates are opened with more to come as sharks, smelling blood in a sea of red, jockey for the pole position in the race for the white hat. In addition to outing the homosexual contingent this past week, other notable cracks have come from: Cardinal Zen who has said that the Vatican should have taken a tougher stand on the Chinese government. While he, in the past, has spoken out against the government of China, he has never before broken ranks and spoke out against the Vatican’s lack of action. Then there is Cardinal Keith O’Brien, who heads the Church of Scotland. He laid down a very public anti-Vatican bombshell when he said that priests should be given the option of getting married. This is in direct opposition to Benedict who in April of last year slammed priests who favored removing the requirement of celibacy and in 2010 sent a letter to seminarians world-wide extolling the virtues of celibacy. More interesting is the lack of a public Vatican reprimand for O’Brien. Rome is too busy countering the “homosexual contingent” to even bother with Cardinal O’Brien. O’Brien is a man who knows how to time his contradictions to papal policy. End of Daze?

The glue of secrecy appears to be drying up and with it the adherence to the “Don’t say anything in opposition oath.” Maybe there are a few non-delusional, selfless cardinals left in the church; Men who realize its “do or die time,” time to take a stand and give the church the cleansing and overhaul it needs to make it a spiritual rather than a power based entity. If they don’t, their dwindling church will shrink to the level of a historical monument. The Vatican claim of having over one billion Catholics worldwide is both laughable and pathetic. The statement should read, “Over one billion baptized” The idea that there are over a billion practicing Catholics in the world is as ludicrous as saying there is no evil residing in the Vatican. Under the last two pontiffs, the number of practicing Catholics in Europe and the United States has dropped dramatically. More important to the Vatican, is the coinciding drop in revenue. Tentacles will have to be lopped off and no cardinal wants it to be their arm of the Vatican. Red hats are seeing red and are prepared to do what they have to do to survive. 

If the above isn’t proof enough of the coming end, consider the youth. The largest numbers of non-practicing Catholics come from the under thirty group. The Vatican knows they have no way of replacing the Cradle to Grave Catholics as they age out along with the priests who serve them. In Ireland, former priest exporter extraordinaire to the world, the Church ran a multi-million dollar, multi media campaign last year. This very expensive effort garnered a mere twelve vocations. Without fresh blood or a miracle, the days of the Vatican led church are certainly numbered.

It is a safe bet that the Vatican financial people have already projected the numbers and know within a couple of years when the end of days will occur. Business as usual will only hasten both the end of daze and their end of days. Stay tuned and remember Mary’s words to the good sister, "the work of the devil will infiltrate even the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against other bishops.” Stay tuned!

 Pope Francis I: Will Argentina's Dirty War Come Back to Haunt Latin America's First Pontiff?

International Business Times

By Julian Kossoff
March 13, 2013
As a leading member of the Catholic Church in Argentina for the last 40 years, the new Pope's role during the notorious Dirty War of the 1970s, which resulted in the death of 30,000 left-wing activists at the hands of the military junta, could become the first scandal to haunt Latin America's first pontiff.
Indeed, in 2005, a human rights lawyer filed a criminal complaint against the then Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, accusing him of conspiring with the Argentinian junta in 1976 to kidnap two Jesuit priests. He had asked the priests to leave the Society of Jesus of Argentina because of a conflict within the society over how it should respond to the new military dictatorship. Some priests had advocated a violent overthrow of the regime.

His spokesman flatly denied the allegations and no evidence was presented linking the cardinal to the kidnapping.

While generally the Church's support for the regime was implied by its absence of criticism and its cooperation with the junta, there were documented instances of outright callousness by individual churchmen.

Lawyer says new pope must testify to French priest's murder

Hong Kong Standard

(03-15 16:13)
A French judge had sought the testimony of the new pope over the killing of a French priest in 1976 during Argentina's brutal dictatorship but Buenos Aires snubbed her, a lawyer said.
Judge Sylvie Caillard had wanted Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio to testify in 2011 in the investigation of French priest Gabriel Longueville but “the Argentinian authorities did not respond positively,'' said Sophie Thonon, the lawyer for Longueville's family, AFP reports.
Thonon said this was deemed necessary to cast light on whether there were any archival material on the murder.

Vatican bank troubles await pope's attention

Los Angeles Times

By Tom Kington, Los Angeles Times
March 23, 2013

VATICAN CITY — As he begins work, Pope Francis will find a pile of files in his in-tray on sex abuse and squabbling cardinals. But he will also come across a thick dossier on the Vatican's secretive bank, which his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, tried to drag into the daylight after years of suspicion that it was a haven for money launderers.

After struggling to get the Vatican onto a coveted European "white list" for clean banks, Benedict suffered a setback last year when his top manager, Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, was fired by the bank's board, officially for incompetence. Gotti Tedeschi saw things differently, contending that "an honest person [at the bank] who wants to do good is ousted!"

Then, in January, the Vatican was humbled into using a Swiss firm to process credit card payments after the Bank of Italy warned Italian banks not to do business with the Holy See, temporarily forcing visitors queuing at the Sistine Chapel to pay cash if they wanted to get in.

It was the latest in a series of mishaps at the institution that prompted Italy's biggest-selling Catholic magazine, Famiglia Cristiana, to urge the Vatican to dump the bank altogether.

Did Pope Benedict 'do a Bishop Hegarty'?

Belfast Telegraph

The recent history of Church resignations in Ireland may help to explain the departure of Pope Francis' predecessor, says Patrick McCafferty
26 March 2013
The inauguration of Pope Francis brought a refreshing air of optimism to a Catholic Church that lay moribund in recent decades.
Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI should, perhaps, be credited with remarkable prescience: his resignation now seems like a remarkable act of sacrifice by a selfless pope in the best interests of the Church.
And yet, there is something not quite right about this picture of Benedict.
His resignation was not just a break with papal tradition; it is at odds with everything that he practised. Benedict was remarkably unwilling to allow anyone to resign – even when that would have been for the good of the Church.
One could almost feel sorry for Cardinal Sean Brady in Armagh. Almost three years ago, when revelations in relation to preventing further children being abused were questioned, he asked to retire.

Catholic Church Hiding Child Predators

The A.I.R. Network

by Greg Banks on March 25th, 2013
Monsignor Anthony Little, pastor at St. Patrick Roman Catholic Church in Newry, Blair County has become the latest area priest to be accused of molesting an area boy in the 1990s. The allegations against Little surfaced last week when the Bishop,The Most Rev. Mark L. Bartchak notified Blair County District Attorney Rich Consiglio of the accusations against the area priest. The Altoona Johnstown Diocese in press statements has released that no further action has been taken against Little, while the Blair County DA has yet to make a statement. Diocese officials have however stated that Little has been sent to an unknown location where he has no access to children while the investigation continues.

Monday morning Steve Austin spoke with Judy Block Jones of the The Survivor’s Ntework of Those Abused By Priest or SNAP to get her reaction to the recent allegations that have risen in the region including Brother Steve Baker who was accused of molesting children at Bishop McCort High School in the 90s along with the latest allegations against Monsignor Anthony Little.

Irish Catholics continue to flee the church


Diane Winston
March 26, 2013

BELFAST, Northern Ireland — Malachi O’Doherty says his nieces and nephews are helpless at funerals.

Raised without religion, they are flummoxed by the practices and customs that accompany a Catholic ritual. Though he himself left the church as a teenager in the 1960s, he’s ambivalent about the loss of a binding and, at times, beautiful religious culture.

“People are rejecting something they don’t even remember,” said O’Doherty, whose 2008 book "Empty Pulpits: Ireland’s Retreat from Religion" chronicled the impact of secularization on Ireland. “We may have only a sterile, secular culture that looks at the Catholic Church as an army of priests raping children.”

As Pope Francis takes over the global church, O’Doherty, like many church-watchers in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, ascribe the religion’s current troubles to secularization. In 1946, Pope Paul VI called Ireland “the most Catholic country,” but starting in the mid-1960s, a growing number of the Irish — like many in Western Europe and the United States — began questioning the authority of religious institutions. Today, the percentage of Irish practitioners remains high compared with most of the rest of Europe.

But attendance at weekly Mass continues to decline, also reflecting fallout from two decades of revelations about clergy sexual abuse. William Crawley, a BBC journalist who covers religion in Belfast, agreed that secularization and the sex abuse crisis have dealt a one-two punch to the faithful.

Holy Hell - one family's story of sexual abuse by their priest

ABC Newcastle

By Carol Duncan (ABC Local Radio)
When senior NSW Police Detective Chief Inspector Peter Fox told ABC TV's Lateline programme that the Catholic Church had covered up crimes by paedophile priests, silenced investigations and destroyed evidence to avoid prosecution - the public outrage triggered a Royal Commission into institutional child abuse. One of the stories that led to this is that of Patricia Feenan's son, Daniel, a 14-year-old altar boy when first raped by a priest in the Newcastle/Maitland diocese.
Patricia Feenan is a warm and generous woman, a loving mother telling an unimaginably terrible story of the sexual abuse of her son, Daniel, by a Catholic priest trusted by the family. The details are graphic, shocking and are revealed in her book about her son and her family's experience.

Patricia says she thought long and hard about writing the book, Holy Hell, but felt there was a need to tell the story.

"I was encouraged by interested people to tell it and see what I could make of it, of explaining the impact on a family of clergy sexual abuse. In initially wrote it to try to get it out of my head after my son went through a criminal trial in 2004. I could write it, put it on a shelf and it would be there as a record for the family."

 How Rich Is the Catholic Church?


By Matthew Yglesias
Posted Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pope Francis is not just the spiritual leader of one of the world’s major religions: He’s also the head of what’s probably the wealthiest institution in the entire world. The Catholic Church’s global spending matches the annual revenues of the planet’s largest firms, and its assets—huge amounts of real estate, the Cathedral of Notre Dame, Vatican City, some of the world’s greatest art—surely exceed those of any corporation by an order of magnitude. But it turns out to be surprisingly difficult to understand exactly how rich the church is. That’s in part because church finances are complicated. But it’s also because, in the United States at least, churches in general are exempted from the financial reporting and disclosure requirements that otherwise apply to nonprofit groups. And it turns out, that exemption may have undesirable consequences.

The main thing we know about Catholic Church finance is that in cash flow terms, the United States is by far the most important branch. America is a rich country with a large population of Catholics. What’s more, America’s Catholic population is a religious minority. That’s meant that,
rather than using political clout to influence the shape of mainstream government institutions, as in an overwhelmingly Catholic country such as Brazil, the Catholic Church in the United States has created a parallel state: a vast web of schools, hospitals, universities, and charities that serve millions of clients.

Our best window into the overall financial picture of American Catholicism comes from a 2012 investigation by the Economist, which offered a rough-and-ready estimate of $170 billion in annual spending, of which almost $150 billion is associated with church-affiliated hospitals and institutions of higher education. The operating budget for ordinary parishes, at around $11 billion a year, is a relatively small share, and Catholic Charities is a smaller share still.

Catholics in Argentina Protest Church’s Complicity in Dictatorship

Indepedent European Daily Express

BUENOS AIRES, Mar 16 (IPS) - Argentine archbishop Jorge Bergoglio was selected as pope at a time when the Roman Catholic Church in this South American country is facing a rebellion by priests and laypersons who reject the role of the church leadership during the 1976-1983 dictatorship and the lack of reparations for past omissions and complicities.

The accusations against Bergoglio for his alleged ties to the dictatorship, which made headlines around the world when his appointment as pope was announced by the Vatican, are just the tip of the iceberg of a controversy that has raged for decades without a solution and which is coming to light as the regime’s human rights violators have been brought to trial since the amnesty laws were scrapped.

Groups like Curas en la Opción por los Pobres (Priests with an Option for the Poor), Cristianos por el Tercer Milenio (Christians for the Third Millennium) or Colectivo Teología de la Liberación (Liberation Theology Collective) have voiced increasingly harsh criticism against the Argentine bishops’ conference’s shortcomings in terms of self-criticism, in spite of an apology and pledge to investigate issued a few months ago.

 News update for April 3, 2013


Pope Francis hasn't done anything unusual or unexpected in regard to clergy sex abuse

Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests
Posted by David Clohessy on April 02, 2013

"He's done something unusual/unexpected practically every day." That’s how an anonymous but high ranking Vatican official describes Pope Francis.
[click here]

Except, however, in clergy sex abuse and cover up cases. So far in that arena, tragically, we see no changes whatsoever.

Pope Francis is being proclaimed as a master of the touching and unexpected gesture. He’s known for his simple lifestyle, and his openness and willingness to meet with “regular” people by doing things like taking the bus to work.

But the sole gesture he's made regarding the church's central crisis has been a hurtful one: meeting with disgraced Cardinal Bernard Law.

INSIGHT-Pope to review Vatican bureaucracy, scandal-ridden bank

Tue, 2 Apr 2013 13:05 GMT
Source: reuters // Reuters

* Francis has said he wants the Church to be austere, simple
* Changes expected in dysfunctional Vatican administration
* Pope could set up committee to advise on changes in finance structure

By Philip Pullella

VATICAN CITY, April 2 (Reuters) - Pope Francis, who has said he wants the Catholic Church to be a model of austerity and honesty, could restructure or even close the Vatican's scandal-ridden bank as part of a broad review of its troubled bureaucracy, Vatican sources say.

Francis, who inherited a Church mired in scandals over priests' sexual abuse of children and the leak of confidential documents alleging corruption and infighting in the Vatican's central administration, is mulling his options as he sets the tone for a reformed and humbler Holy See.

One of the tests of his papacy will be what he does about the bank which has regularly damaged the Vatican's image over three decades and faces growing calls for reform.

Last year a European anti-money laundering body found that the bank - formally called the Institute for Works of Religion and known by the Italian acronym IOR - had failed to meet some of its standards on fighting financial crimes.
"Certainly if the pope wants to, he can close the IOR," said a senior Vatican official, a prelate who had years of experience of directly dealing with the bank. The future of the IOR was one of main issues Francis would have to confront now that the whirlwind of his surprise election was slowing, he said.

Any significant reforms of the IOR would not come for some time and would probably be made after changes at the Secretariat of State, the central Church department which was at the centre of a "Vatileaks" scandal that rocked the Holy See last year.

These changes would include the replacement of its head, Cardinal Tarciscio Bertone, who is number two in the Vatican hierarchy and has widely been blamed for failing to prevent the many mishaps and infighting in Church government during the eight-year pontificate of Pope Benedict.

"It will take time (to change the bank)," said another Vatican official who is not a prelate. Both officials spoke on condition of anonymity.

The second official believed it was more likely that the bank, which manages money for the Vatican, international Catholic religious institutions and orders of priests and nuns, would undergo "serious restructuring" rather than being closed.
"But I would not exclude anything, including closing it down the line. Francis is doing surprising things every day," he said.

Both officials said the new pope might, as a first step, set up a committee to advise him on possible changes to the Vatican's financial structure.
The first sign of change would be a new secretary of state. "It's not a question of if but when Bertone leaves," the senior prelate said. "It remains to be seen who the pope chooses as new secretary of state."


The basic failings of the Curia, as the Vatican's central administration is known, were aired, sometimes passionately, at closed-door meetings of cardinals before they retired into the conclave that elected Francis on March 13.

"The Curia did not come out smelling like a rose from those meetings," the senior prelate said, adding that many cardinals had demanded explanations of the scandals and information on how the bank is run and whether it should exist at all.

"The IOR is not an essential part of the ministry of the Holy Father as a successor of St. Peter," Cardinal John Onaiyekan of Nigeria told an Italian television station before the election of Francis. "The IOR is not fundamental, it is not sacramental, it is not part of (Church) dogma."

Anger at the Italian prelates who mostly run the Curia was one of the reasons that the cardinals chose the first non-European pope for 1,300 years at the conclave and quashed the chances of one of the frontrunners, Milan Archbishop Angelo Scola.
The next secretary of state, the senior source said, would have to instil a new style of "collaboration and service" among offices of the Curia, whose image was badly stained by the "Vatileaks" scandal.

Before he resigned, Benedict left a secret report for Francis on the scandal, in which sensitive documents alleging corruption and conflict over the bank's administration were stolen from the pope's desk and leaked by his butler.

The butler, Paolo Gabriele, was arrested and sentenced by a Vatican court to 18 months in prison last year but Benedict pardoned him and he was freed just before Christmas.

Bertone has been directly linked to the IOR's recent troubles. He was the chief promoter of Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, an Italian who headed the bank until last May when its board unceremoniously ousted him.

Gotti Tedeschi said at the time he was fired because he wanted the bank to be more transparent but board members said it was because he had neglected basic management responsibilities and alienated staff.

In 2010, when Gotti Tedeschi was still at the helm of the bank, Rome magistrates investigating money laundering froze 23 million euros ($33 million) the IOR held in an Italian bank.

The Vatican said the bank was merely transferring funds between its own accounts in Italy and Germany. The money was released in June 2011 but the investigation is continuing.

In February, the Vatican named a German lawyer, Ernst von Freyberg as new IOR president. But the appointment, made two weeks before Pope Benedict resigned, was clouded by Freyberg's past business links to a military shipbuilder.
At the time of appointment, the Vatican said Freyberg would contribute to the IOR's modernisation and transparency in its attempts to meet international standards.


"The Vatican Bank or IOR, is not unique. They are not the worst (bank), but certainly there are very serious problems that need to be addressed," said E.J. Fagan, advocacy coordinator at Global Financial Integrity, an organisation that seeks to curtail illicit money transfers.

"Pope Francis has very clearly stated that he wants to fight poverty. Money laundering of illicit financial flows is a major driver of global poverty and the Vatican should set a clear example," he told Reuters.

The Vatican has been trying to shed its image as a suspect financial centre since 1982 when Roberto Calvi, an Italian known as "God's Banker" because of his links to the Holy See, was found hanged under London's Blackfriars Bridge.

Moneyval, a monitoring committee of the 47-nation Council of Europe, said last July that the Vatican had failed to meet all its standards on fighting illicit cash flows, tax evasion and other financial crimes.

A report by Moneyval gave the Vatican an overall pass grade but failing grades on 7 of 16 "key and core" aspects of its financial dealings. It found major failings in the running of the bank, while acknowledging that the IOR was making changes to meet transparency requirements.

Five months before the Moneyval report, JP Morgan Chase closed the IOR's account with the Milan branch of the U.S. banking giant because of concerns about insufficient transparency.

Italian media have reported that the bank, which currently answers to a commission of cardinals and enjoys great autonomy, could be placed under the control of another Vatican department, increasing the oversight called for in the Moneyval report.

Famiglia Cristiana, Italy's leading Catholic weekly, called for the IOR funds to be administered by an independent "ethical bank" external to the Vatican.

"Total transparency would assure the faithful, who are continuing to offer generously, that the money they give to the Church, after the part used to guarantee the good running of the Church itself, would be destined primarily for the world's poor," the highly influential magazine said.

John Allen, author of several books on the Vatican and correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter, said there was talk among cardinals at the pre-conclave meetings "that the Vatican does not need its own bank, and getting rid of it would eliminate a perennial source of speculation and conspiracy theories".

Much of the estimated $7 billion managed by the bank, which was set up in 1942, belongs not to the Vatican but to religious orders and dioceses, who use it to transfer funds around the world.

Another option for the bank's future would be to scale it down so it manages only funds needed to keep the Vatican running, drastically reducing the number of outside accounts and making it less vulnerable to possible abuse.

"We could just say to the Jesuits, the Dominicans, the Franciscans: 'Sirs, you will have to take your business elsewhere'," the senior prelate said.

However, part of bank's profits have helped the Holy See balance its budget in the past, making up for deficits running into tens of millions of dollars.

This means that if the bank were to be phased out or closed, other sources of income would have to be found to fill the gap, the senior prelate said.

The Holy See would probably be careful, however, before relinquishing too much financial autonomy to outsiders so as to maintain its flexibility in emergency situations.

For example, before the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the bank was able to move money to countries in the former Soviet bloc to keep Catholic Churches alive there in the face of communist repression.

 (Additional reporting by Lisa Jucca in Milan; editing by Barry Moody and David Stamp)

Catholic Church comes under attack

Herald Sun
Andrew Bolt
From:Herald Sun
April 04, 2013

THERE'S a smell of burning Christian.

And the royal commission into child sexual abuse in institutions is stoking a hot fire. The commission opened yesterday with ominous warnings that suggest the Catholic Church will be under serious ideological attack.

Royal commissioner Peter McClellan declared there had been "changes in power" in society, thanks in part to the "women's movement" , and we should expect "changes in the culture and management practices of institutions".

Was he referring to the church? Must it fit in more with these secular, feminist and even anti-clerical times? Incidentally, all three barristers assisting the commission are women.

True, McClellan will also investigate abuse in state-run institutions and even sporting clubs, but his commission will inevitably be influenced by a media-class culture that has a patricidal hatred of the Catholic Church to the exclusion of worse sinners.

Take comedian Josh Thomas on the ABC's Q&A on Monday. Faced with a Catholic archbishop who opposed gay marriage, Thomas blustered for two minutes: "You play a constant game of stop hitting yourself . . . Sodom and Gomorrah. It's pretty odd I reject that."

DreamWorks, Participant Pick Up Church Sex Abuse Scandal Film (Exclusive)

Hollywood Reporter
Tom McCarthy has signed on to direct and co-write the script with Josh Singer.
In a move certain to spark controversy, DreamWorks Studios and Participant Media have acquired film rights to the story of the Catholic Church's decades-long cover-up of its pedophile priests in Massachusetts as uncovered during a yearlong investigation by the Boston Globe.

Tom McCarthy (The Visitor) has signed on to direct and co-write the script with Josh Singer (the upcoming WikiLeaks movie The Fifth Estate).

Anonymous Content's Michael Sugar and Steve Golin and Rocklin/Faust's Nicole Rocklin and Blye Faust will produce. David Mizner, who brought the project to the producers, will serve as a consultant and associate producer. Participant's Jonathan King and Jeff Skoll will serve as executive producers.

Life rights have been acquired to the Boston Globe's "Spotlight Team" of reporters and editors, including then-Globe editor Marty Baron, special projects editor Ben Bradlee Jr., Spotlight Team editor Walter "Robby" Robinson and reporters Michael Rezendes, Sacha Pfeiffer and Matt Carroll.

Church agonises, Hollywood seizes moment

WA Today
April 4, 2013
Karl Quinn
National Film Editor for Fairfax Media
The Catholic Church's handling of abuse allegations will soon face the full glare of Hollywood's publicity machine, with Steven Spielberg's DreamWorks studio backing a feature based on a true scandal involving paedophile priests in Boston.

As yet untitled, the film will be based on a year-long series of reports by investigative journalists at The Boston Globe, which earned a Pulitzer prize in 2003.

The Catholic Church's handling of the abuse scandal is increasingly rich territory for filmmakers. In 2006, Amy Berg's documentary Deliver Us From Evil looked at the case of a paedophile priest repeatedly moved around the US by church authorities well aware of his offending. Now showing is Alex Gibney's Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God, which examines the abuse of boys at a deaf school in Wisconsin from the 1950s to the 1970s.

A Polish feature film, In The Name Of, first shown at the Berlin Film Festival this year, takes a more sympathetic approach to the story of a homosexual priest.


And on the first day of Child Abuse Prevention Month, this happened …

Statesman Journal
Here is a draft of our Wednesday editorial:

On Monday, the first day of National Child Abuse Prevention Month, a Woodburn priest pleaded guilty and was sent to prison for six-plus years for molesting a boy.

What Angel Armando Perez did was awful. His is the type of story that often makes the news, sometimes with a worse ending. In this case, the 12-year-old boy ran for help when he awoke to find Perez touching him inappropriately.

Many abusers are people like Perez — people in authority, people who would never be suspected, people who choose victims whom they think would stay silent about the abuse.

However, Angel Armando Perez is not the typical or most common child abuser in the Mid-Valley. That is the parent who neglects his or her children, often because the parent is hooked on drugs or alcohol.

Catholic Church to lose control of some schools ...

National Secular Society (UK)
Catholic Church to lose control of some schools in Ireland – could this be the start of a seismic shift?
Posted: Wed, 03 Apr 2013
Following a survey of parents by the Irish Department of Education, 23 primary schools across the country will be divested of their Catholic Church patronage. The move is part of the drive to encourage more choice and diversity in the types of primary schools inIreland. At present 96% of primary schools are under the patronage of religious denominations – 90% of which are Catholic.
In 2011 the Minister for Education established an expert group to consult with people and to make recommendations on how primary schools can become more inclusive of different traditions, religions and beliefs.
In April 2012 the Minister Ruairí Quinn accepted and published the Report of the Advisory Group to the Forum on Patronage and Pluralism in the Primary Sector.
In June last year he started the process to look at the possible transfer of some schools run by the Catholic Church to other school patron bodies in 44 areas around the country.

Milwaukee Archdiocese to release sex abuse records

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
By Annysa Johnson of the Journal Sentinel
April 3, 2013
Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome Listecki has authorized the release of a cache of documents related to its handling of sex abuse cases as part of its bankruptcy.

The decision is the result of negotiations between attorneys for victims and the archdiocese. It comes a day before what was expected to be a contentious hearing in U.S. Bankruptcy Court over the release of the documents.

Royal Commission...

Royal Commission into Catholic Church child abuse should run as long as needed, says cop
Tory Shepherd
News Limited Network
April 03, 2013
THE police officer whose revelations sparked the Royal Commission that began today says he has ''no problem'' that the deadlines are already likely to blow out.
Detective Chief Inspector Peter Fox's explosive revelations about child sex abuse and cover ups in the Catholic Church and police force started the momentum for a federal Royal Commission.
The commission began in Melbourne today and chairman Justice Peter McClellan warned that they will struggle to meet their deadlines as more than 5000 people are expected to want to tell their stories.
The final reporting date was initially set for the end of 2015, with an interim report due next year.
Insp Fox said it was a ''wise decision'' to let the commission run as long as it needs to.

Silence is not golden, these terrible stories must be told

The Australian
Patrick Carlyon
From:Herald Sun
April 03, 2013
IT was the start of the end of the silence, and wasn't it a racket? Yet officially at least, the "survivors" of child sex abuse who have waited decades to be unburdened of their stories must wait a little longer.
Inside the Royal Commission, where the hands on the wall clock were missing, chair Justice Peter McClellan announced that evidence was unlikely to start being heard in public until October.
Outside the County Court, however, where trams tinkled and the wind bit, some survivors rushed to tell their secrets now.

They wore bright scarves and waved placards. Hearty greetings and outbreaks of laughter disguised a united grief.

New Pope Francis and the Most corrupt Vatican since the Borgias

March 14, 2013 - The world is awakening to the fact that the Catholic Church - aka the Vatican - is the most corrupt organization in existence. Evidence of their corruption is surfacing like an avalanche worldwide as victims around the globe are finally losing their fear of speaking out against the atrocities they have had to live through at the hands of these criminals, so far we have been able to document 9.9 million crimes here:

A new pope was elected and as such, the Real News Network was diligent in investigating new Pope Francis and as a result took the time to interview Matthew Fox (former Catholic priest) who discusses the Vatican's work with the CIA and it's alliance with far right political forces and Pope Francis' opposition to liberation theology in Latin America. They have entitled their revealing news report as "A New Pope and the Most Corrupt Vatican Since the Borgias" and we invite you to take the time to view their video:

A New Pope and the Most Corrupt Vatican Since the Borgias
  Source and the Protect Your Children Foundation will continue to expose all the crimes committed by the evil Vatican organization, alarming nations of the danger criminal priests and nuns pose in our society.

Spain Initiates Campaign Against Vatican-State Concordat Agreements whereby it Receives 6.5 Billion Euros Yearly

The Socialist Youth in Spain initiates Campaign Against the Catholic Church The Socialists insist the Catholic Church receives 6.5 billion euros from the State yearly and claim that with this money there would be no cuts. Socialist Youth of Spain (In Spanish: Juventudes Socialistas de España (JSE)) has just announced that it will launch a campaign that seeks to claim a new framework for relations between the State and the Catholic Church ("The Vatican") and the 6.5 billion euros that Spain automatically gives to the Catholic Church yearly, all intended "to avoid cuts" that the State is experiencing as a result. We invite our...

Vatican Crimes Exposed: Disclosing How The Vatican was Founded

The Catholic Church is being exposed for what it is: The most criminal organization in existence, responsible for more than 9.9 million crimes worldwide. With recent global media exposure evidencing sexual abuse and organize crime committed by the Catholic Church, the Vatican's recent strategy of placing new Pope Francis to make people believe there will be a "Reform" in the Catholic Church has failed since people are awakening to the fact that the Vatican has been corrupt since its inception - it has always been about money. The following Tracing discloses irrefutable evidence of How the Vatican was Formed, showing how Peter, the first pope, was disobedient to God's order of staying with the Jews and not going to the gentiles. He went ahead and got together with a gentile, Cornelius -a...

How The Catholic Church Acquired Lands & Power Over Civil Authorities: Vatican Crimes Exposed is disclosing a series of documents and evidences that details how the global organization known as the "Catholic Church" has managed to infiltrate the nations with immunity, amass profits throughout the ages, establish "concordat agreements" with over 175 countries, and take over so much land throughout the world. In this article, we take a look at how the Vatican - otherwise known as the Catholic Church - obtained ownership of whole kingdoms and empires. As Avro Manhattan discloses with great detail, it was through a forged document known as the "Donation of Constantine".  The Donation of Constantine is a...

News updates for April 8, 2013

Argentina Bishops Delayed Abuse Plan

The Wall Street Journal
By STACY MEICHTRY in Rome and JOSÉ DE CÓRDOBA in Buenos Aires

As the new leader of the world's 1.2 billion Roman Catholics, Pope Francis pledged Friday to forge ahead with measures aimed at stemming sexual abuse in church ranks. But as the church's most powerful official in Argentina, he didn't comply with a Vatican call to create guidelines for handling sexual-abuse allegations in the country.

The delay, which hasn't been previously reported, opens new questions about the new pope's record of addressing the issue of sexual abuse by priests, even as the Vatican vowed anew to address the issue.
On Friday, Pope Francis met with Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller, who heads the office in charge of leading the Vatican's global crackdown on abusive priests and instructed him to continue the Vatican's strategy for fighting sex abuse. The pope urged him to "act decisively with regard to cases of sexual abuse, pushing above all the measures to protect minors," the Vatican said. Swift detection, Vatican officials have said, is crucial to stopping abusive priests.

The Vatican highlighted the importance of pressing national conferences of bishops to draw up comprehensive policies for detecting abuse and helping victims. "The commitment of bishops conferences in formulating and implementing the necessary guidelines is so important for the witness and credibility of the church," the Vatican said following the meeting Friday.

Among those that haven't met the Vatican's deadline for the guidelines—which passed nearly a year ago—is the Argentina conference that was run by Cardinal Jorge Bergolio, who on March 13 was named Pope Francis.

ROME - Disturbing new revelation about new pope & abuse crisis

Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests
Posted by Barbara Blaine on April 08, 2013

For the third time in less than a month, a disturbing revelation has surfaced about Pope Francis’ handling of clergy sex crimes and cover ups.

The Wall Street Journal reports that while he was Argentina’s most powerful prelate, the pope did not meet a Vatican deadline for writing an abuse policy.

This disclosure follows two other recent troubling ones: Pope Francis’ meeting with Cardinal Bernard Law hours after his election and Francis’ intervention to help free a convicted Argentinian priest.

Catholic officials have been dealing with – and ignoring, hiding and enabling – child sex crimes for decades if not centuries. So writing an abuse policy is an extraordinarily minimal move. This is the most simple, cheap and ineffective step prelates can take, in response to this horror: simply writing an abuse policy.

(In our experience, these policies are largely meaningless. Bishops continue, no matter what written policies say, to handle abuse cases however they like. But an abuse policy, even if consistently violated, is better than no policy at all. And when the Vatican orders that such polices be adopted, the least prelates can do is to adopt them.)


Priests and nuns are not holier than us and not better than us

Priests and nuns are not holier-than-you and not better-than-you.  Priests and nuns are not holier or better simply because they recite a formula of holy prayers and have (hypocritical) vows of poverty, chastity and obedience to the Pope, Cardinals and Bishops especially who aided and abetted half a century of JP2 Army – John Paul II Pedophile Priests heinous crimes 

Priests and nuns are not holier or better than lay teachers, nurses, social workers, doctors, lab technicians, the police, firefighters, workers at McDonalds and restaurants, janitors, all professions and laborers. 

No matter what good deeds the priests and nuns are doing, they are not holier-than nor better than -- the Red Cross workers and Doctors without Borders who are instantly everywhere in war zone or disaster areas regardless of race and creed – while those Popes, Cardinals and Bishops sit in the lap of luxury in the Vatican Palace and Bishops’ Palaces counting the Vatican Billions, and priests and nuns live in their comfy rectories and hushed million dollars convents, read here - The fantastic wealth of Irish Catholic religious orders revealed,

And Opus Dei million dollar houses of their priests and “numeraries” equivalent to nuns and religious brothers

“Holiness” is not measured by the holy prayers a person recites because Christ condemned those Holy Priests Pharisees precisely because they recited the most holy prayers from the Bible and He called them white washed sepulchres, read here
“It is acts of mercy” that I desire, God said in the Bible, and “not material or animal holocaust”.   Christ got angry at those merchants selling those holy lambs for sacrifice in the Temple of Solomon, today that would be Holy Mass Tourism, read here  

Read about the impotent Zeus statue of St. Joseph who overlooked 50 years of sodomy in College Notre Dame here, BOYCOTT Oratory of St.Joseph

The “Holy Father“ Pope and his copy-cat “holy fathers”  Catholic priests cannot clone Dolly the sheep and therefore they cannot clone Christ either, read our related article, OC Diocese buys Crystal Cathedral as flesh-factory of Christ... for wealthy God-flesh-eating Catholics
Well, the black magic holy words of a team of “holy priests” cannot clone Christ the Son God either, read about the Divine Trinity
Please take a look at the worse Roman Catholic Church pedophile priests attacks against more than 15,500 Americans … compared to the September 11, 2001 attacks against 3,000 Americans at the Twin Towers in New York.

Victims in USA - Attackers - Responsible Leaders

Pearl Harbor - 3,000 victims - 170 planes - Admiral Yamamoto

WTC & 9/11 attacks - 3,000 victims - 19 Muslims - Osama bin Laden

Priest pedophilia - 15,736 victims - 6,000 pedophile priests covered-up John Paul II, Benedict XVI Ratzinger, Opus Dei = Vatican Trinity (together with Cardinals, Bishops and Vicars worldwide)

9/11 victims 3,000. JP2 Army 100,000s. May Day: both Hitler and bin Laden Announced Dead on May 1 on John Paul II Beatification Day B-Day   

Look deeply into this image of Our Lady of Guadalupe defending and protecting children from the Serpent  ... compared to Pope John Paul II, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Cardinals, Bishops who coverd-up pedophile priests The names of the transferring or covering up Bishops and Cardinals are: Roll Call Please!
The Hague: Full text Criminal Charges against Dr. Joseph Ratzinger, Pope of the Roman Catholic Church
The black belt means she is pregnant
The womb of the Immaculate Conception of Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe carried Jesus this way


 The cloning process that produced Dolly


1-MINUTE  black magic of the cloning of Christ by sinful Vatican pope and priests

Our comment: Transubstantiation or the Mass is a recent development . St. Peter and St. Paul and the Apostles never celebrated Mass and never “transubstantiation” the bread into the flesh of Christ, what they did was to preach about Christ. The Mass was a slow development from the 12th century through various liturgical reforms until the 20th century. It was only in 1215 at the Fourth Council of the Lateran that the Mass began to take form and in 1551 at the Council of Trent that transubstantiation became what it is today. The Vatican has come to use it as its main crux of power on earth deceiving Catholics and peoples of all faiths that only Popes and men-priests have the exclusive power to transubstantiate God’s flesh. Because of the Mass, the Vatican has gotten away with all kinds of heinous crimes, e.g. the Crusades, the Inquisition, the burning of women and witches “For the sake of the Eucharist” and because of the shortage of priests, John Paul II, Cardinal Ratzinger-Benedict XVI, the Opus Dei who controls the Vatican, the Cardinals and Bishops shuffled pedophile priests from one parish to another. The rest is history: the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army committed Holy ES Eucharist-and-Sodomy of Biblical proportions see the John Paul II Millstone

In the name of Hail Mary, we dare challenge and defy the Magisterium: No words pronounced by any finite-man can create an infinite-God! No words of the Pope and priests can re-create or re-incarnate Christ’s flesh. The words of sinful popes and priests are powerless and can never create God! Only Mary the Immaculate Conception deserved to bear God in her womb. No evil pope and evil priests is worthy to touch and hold God in their evil hands. The words of popes and Cardinals, Bishops and priests are mere clashing-cymbals of St. Paul see John Paul II the Great clashing cymbal of St. Paul

See Benedict XVI to beatify John Paul II is “brought to nothing” by St. Paul
No matter how we look at it, finite-man cannot create an infinite-God. Man can never create God’s flesh. Not in in-vitro fertilization of the scientific laboratories. Not in the sacred altars of holy Roman Catholic churches which by the way were the same pedophile altars of the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army See the John Paul II Millstone

Rome, call us heretics and we don’t care because in Boston and in America, we have freedom of speech. It was our freedom of speech that got rid of criminal-Cardinal Bernard Law and sent him packing out of our sight and out of our land. But only you, Rome, you the Roman Catholic Church a.k.a. Magisterium would glorify criminals like Cardinal Bernard Law and John Paul II. No other American state has been able to replicate our courage as Bostonians who got rid of the first Cardinal caught guilty of the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army in America. Yes, we caught the first SS officer of the Third Reich of the Roman Catholic Church … but he went into glorious exile in Rome because only in the Catholic Church are criminals glorified See The John Paul II Millstone John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army expands into Ireland &John Paul is elevated as "Venerable"... only in the Catholic Church are criminals glorified

Benedict XVI, from the Chair of Peter, thinks his papal letter will heal the victims and solve the problem of clergy abuse in Ireland. The fact is, Benedict XVI’s words are powerless. NO POPE has ever healed anyone. As this picture shows,

They came sick and they left sick.

There is NO "Apostolic" authority or succession here,

for NO Pope has EVER been able to heal like Peter or Paul did.

Opus Dei Goliath-bully Bill want to propagate Catholic Medieval Doctrine that all crimes of JP2 Army of pedophile priests are already forgiven and forgotten under the Sacrament of Confession that protects criminals and persecutes their victims, read here
News for March 2013

Sexual abuse in the church: William Lynch on why a new pope doesn't mean justice

Mercury News

By William Lynch
Special to the Mercury News
Posted: 03/22/2013

On its surface the election of Pope Francis would appear to offer renewed hope for true reform within the Catholic Church.
Two weeks into his reign the honeymoon continues, with the media marveling at the new pope's easy smile and obvious warmth. They speak of his willingness to live modestly and travel around Rome in a Volkswagen instead of a big limousine.
While the media have the power to effect real change, they continue to focus on the superficial while ignoring the elephant in the room.
The real question to be addressed is this: When and how will Pope Francis confront the ongoing cover-up of the sexual abuse of children within his church?
I am a victim of this Catholic Church. And
Will Lynch in San Francisco, 2012. (LiPo Ching)I want an answer to that question.
When I was seven years old and at a Catholic Church camping trip in northern California, my four year old brother and I were raped by Father Jerold Lindner.
Lindner, who has been accused of abusing many others, including his own family members, has never been prosecuted. Still a priest, he roams freely from the Sacred Heart Jesuit Center in Los Gatos while still being paid by his enablers, the Catholic Church.
In 2010 I drove to the Jesuit Center to confront Fr. Lindner. It was my intention to persuade him to sign a confession. Unfortunately, what resulted was a physical altercation and my arrest. Right or wrong, I had taken the law into my own hands.
During my 2012 trial I took responsibility for my actions. Nevertheless, the jury disregarded the law and my confession, acquitting me. Clearly sympathetic to my plight, they were acknowledging my right to protect myself in the face of a legal system and church that failed to do so.
Not unlike many large corporations, what has driven the Catholic Church for centuries is money and unfettered power. For just those reasons, the church refuses to take responsibility for all its Fr. Jerrolds.
Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles, one of Pope Francis' electors, is a perfect example of all that's wrong in this church. Mahony recently paid out $10 million to four of his diocese's abuse victims. Church documents reveal that in 1986, one of Mahony's priests confessed to him that he had sexually abused two boys. In a 2010 deposition, Mahony explained why he didn't go to the police: "Well, today it would (be appropriate). But back then that isn't the way these matters were approached."
So it's only now fashionable for Mahony to protect children? Truly sickening.
My story and Mahony's blatant criminal neglect are sobering reminders of why the Catholic Church will never reform on its own. Only when flawed church policies and legal strategies are deemed criminal and no longer economically viable will church leaders be forced to take action against their in-house child abusers.
The most effective means to force those reforms are twofold:
1) The elimination of all civil and criminal statutes of limitations for the sexual abuse of children nationwide.
2) The withholding of all monetary contributions to the Catholic Church.
Stop wishing and hoping that this new Pope might be different. That's irrelevant.
Reach out to your local representatives and law enforcement to demand real change.
And stop reaching into your pocket.
Hit them where it hurts — in court and in the wallet.Only then will the enablers be stripped of their power.
Only then will our children be safe.
Will Lynch of San Francisco is founder and executive director of R.I.S.E. (, whose primary focus is a ballot initiative to eliminate the civil and criminal statutes of limitations for child sexual abuse in the 2014 California election. He wrote this for this newspaper.

Anti-gay Cardinal sleeping above the biggest gay sauna in Europe

Mar 11, 2013 – An apartment building in Rome currently occupied by Cardinal Ivan Dias is also home to the biggest gay sauna in Europe.

The Italian newspaper La Repubblica reported that Cardinal Ivan Dias is living just one floor above the Europa Multiclub Sauna and Gym, which contains a king Turkish bath, Finnish sauna, giant whirlpool, waterfall whirlpool and other attractions for its gay patrons.

The socially-conservative Cardinal, who previously served as Archbishop of Bombay, has described homosexuality as an “unnatural tendency” and a disease of the soul.
Report: Vatican owns building that houses cardinals and Europe’s biggest gay bathhouse 

Ivan Cardinal Dias lives upstairs from Europa Multiclub. Vatican owns the majority stake in the apartment building.

Comments (64)
Now the cardinals have red faces to match their red hats.

Church leaders gathering for Tuesday’s papal conclave picked up the paper to learn the Holy See is the majority owner of an apartment block that houses Italy’s largest gay bathhouse.

Even more shocking, Ivan Cardinal Dias lives in a swank 12-room apartment one floor above Europa Multiclub, and mere yards from the phallic shrubbery at the entrance of the gay Xanadu, La Repubblica reported.


Dias is known for reviling homosexuality, calling it “unnatural” and arguing that gays can be “cured.”
That cure certainly does not require taking the waters at the Europa club, which boasts a Turkish bath, Finnish sauna, whirlpools, massages, “bear parties” and much more.

Ivan Cardinal Dias lives in this building at 2 Via Carducci in Rome — a Vatican-owned apartment block that also houses a gay sauna. Dias staunchly opposes homosexuality.

Debbie Egan-Chin/New York Daily News

Ivan Cardinal Dias lives in this building at 2 Via Carducci in Rome — a Vatican-owned apartment block that also houses a gay sauna. Dias staunchly opposes homosexuality.


Debbie Egan-Chin/New York Daily News

The entrance to the Europa Multiclub gay sauna is marked by classy phallic topiary.

"There is a lot of cruising," said one clubgoer, who requested anonymity. "Everybody looks at each other and thinks, 'Do I like him? Is he going to like me?’ You can go to a private room or stay where you are."


The club’s proximity to a prince of the church was yet another reminder of the gay sex scandals that are tarnishing the cross.

Last week, Scotland’s Keith Cardinal O’Brien resigned and admitted to improper “sexual conduct.”
And weeks before Pope Benedict announced his resignation, he received a report that revealed high-ranking clergy were frequenting gay orgies at a Rome sauna, a suburban Rome villa and a beauty parlor, according to Italian reports.

It’s unclear if Europa Multiclub is that sauna — but clubgoers said church officials should not cast the first stone when it comes to the gay lifestyle.

"They should be quiet and just stick to their business: Doing prayers!” said the clubgoer. "It's very hypocritical.”

Read more:

 News updates for April 8, 2013

If he didn’t care yesterday … why such urgency today?

The Worthy Adversary
Posted by Joelle Casteix on April 9, 2013

On April 5, The Wall Street Journal reported that:
As the church’s most powerful official in Argentina, [Pope Francis] didn’t comply with a Vatican call to create guidelines for handling sexual-abuse allegations in the country.

But then, in the next paragraph:
On Friday, Pope Francis met with Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller, who heads the office in charge of leading the Vatican’s global crackdown on abusive priests and instructed him to continue the Vatican’s strategy for fighting sex abuse. The pope urged him to “act decisively with regard to cases of sexual abuse, pushing above all the measures to protect minors,” the Vatican said. Swift detection, Vatican officials have said, is crucial to stopping abusive priests.

So I ask: Why is it so important for Pope Francis to crack down on abusive priests NOW, when it wasn’t such a big deal three weeks ago, when he was still Cardinal Archbishop of Buenos Aires?

How can he possibly implement a program on a global level when he couldn’t even draw up simple guidelines to prevent abuse in his own country … on time?

Yesterday, he couldn’t do his homework. Today, he’s the principal of the school. Only one conclusion comes to mind – and it’s not terribly optimistic.

In France, Foreign Aid in the Form of Priests

The New York Times

Published: April 7, 2013

SAINT-VALLIER, France — In Togo, the Rev. Rodolphe Folly used to conduct exuberant Sunday services for a hundred believers of all ages, who sang local gospel music and went up to him to offer what they had.

In this quiet town in Burgundy, he preaches to a more somber audience of about 40 gray-haired retirees in an unadorned 19th-century church that can accommodate up to 600 people.

“In my country, we applaud, we acclaim, we shout,” said Father Folly, a Roman Catholic priest who spoke in the living room of his modern, modest house. “Here, even when I ask people to shake hands, they say no.”

Father Folly, 45, has settled in this town of about 9,000 residents, assigned to replace an aging priest. He has brought his jovial smile and good heart to a place where religious practice is weak, as it is in many other areas of France. He is part of a battalion of priests who have come to France from abroad — from places like Benin, Burkina-Faso, Cameroon but also Vietnam and Poland — who now represent about 10 percent of France’s declining clerical ranks.

This is the same case for the Oratory of St. Joseph where black priests from Haiti  now take over the Oratory as the  old Caucasian priests are slowly dying and fading away,  the Oratory is like a BLACK CHURCH   of VOODOO HAITIANS... Read  more here
BOYCOTT Oratory of Saint Joseph! CANDLES to giant Zeus statues of St. Joseph and Brother Andre cannot protect children from CSC pedophiles

News update for April 17, 2013

Sister of Jesuit priest kidnapped during Argentine junta criticizes Pope Francis in court

Fox News
Published April 18, 2013

Associated Press
BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – Pope Francis is being harshly criticized in an Argentine courtroom.

Graciela Yorio accused Jorge Mario Bergoglio of turning his back on her brother, the late Jesuit priest Orlando Virgilio Yorio, before and after he was kidnapped by the military dictatorship in 1976.

Bergoglio has said he did what he could as a young Jesuit leader to protect Yorio and other slum priests from being kidnapped by the right-wing junta. He also testified in 2010 that he worked behind the scenes to win their freedom.

But Graciela Yorio testified Thursday that her "brother was practically abandoned" by Bergoglio and the Church.

She's one of more than 800 witnesses in the trial of 67 defendants accused of human rights violations against 789 people inside the feared Navy Mechanics School.


JP2 Army 


The Cardinals and Bishops who enabled the Vatican sex maniac rapists priests

The Catholic church is the biggest financial power, wealth accumulator and property owner in existence. She is a greater possessor of material riches than any other single institution, corporation, bank, giant trust, government or state of the whole globe."The Vatican Billions" Avro Manhattan

2 Corinthians 11: 13-15 ...such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, masquerading as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants masquerade as servants of righteousness.

Matt. 7:16 Jesus said - You will know them by their fruits.
THE VATICAN BILLIONS by Avro Manhattan:  Read the full text here

"The Vatican has large investments with the Rothschilds of Britain, France and America, with
the Hambros Bank, with the Credit Suisse in London and Zurich. In the United States it has
large investments with the Morgan Bank, the Chase-Manhattan Bank, the First National
Bank of New York, the Bankers Trust Company, and others. The Vatican has billions of shares
in the most powerful international corporations such as Gulf Oil, Shell, General Motors, Bethlehem Steel, General Electric, International Business Machines, T.W.A., etc. At a conservative estimate,  these amount to more than 500 million dollars in the U.S.A. alone.

"In a statement published in connection with a bond prospectus, the Boston archdiocese listed its
assets at Six Hundred and Thirty-five Million ($635,891,004), which is 9.9 times its liabilities. This
leaves a net worth of Five Hundred and Seventy-one million dollars ($571,704,953). It is not
difficult to discover the truly astonishing wealth of the church, once we add the riches of the
twenty-eight archdioceses and 122 dioceses of the U.S.A., some of which are even wealthier than
that of Boston.

"Some idea of the real estate and other forms of wealth controlled by the Catholic church may be
gathered by the remark of a member of the New York Catholic Conference, namely 'that his church probably ranks second only to the United States Government in total annual purchase.' Another statement, made by a nationally syndicated Catholic priest, perhaps is even more telling. 
'The Catholic church,' he said, 'must be the biggest corporation in the United States. We have a branch office in every neighborhood. Our assets and real estate holdings must exceed those of Standard Oil, A.T.&T., and U.S. Steel combined. And our roster of dues-paying members must be second only to the tax rolls of the United States Government.'

"The Catholic church, once all her assets have been put together, is the most formidable
stockbroker in the world. The Vatican, independently of each successive pope, has been
increasingly orientated towards the U.S. The Wall Street Journal said that the Vatican's
financial deals in the U.S. alone were so big that very often it sold or bought gold in lots of a
million or more dollars at one time.

"The Vatican's treasure of solid gold has been estimated by the United Nations World
Magazine to amount to several billion dollars. A large bulk of this is stored in gold ingots with
the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, while banks in England and Switzerland hold the rest. But this is
just a small portion of the wealth of the Vatican, which in the U.S. alone, is greater than that of the
five wealthiest giant corporations of the country. When to that is added all the real estate,
property, stocks and shares abroad, then the staggering accumulation of the wealth of the
Catholic church becomes so formidable as to defy any rational assessment.

"The Catholic church is the biggest financial power, wealth accumulator and property owner
in existence. She is a greater possessor of material riches than any other single institution,
corporation, bank, giant trust, government or state of the whole globe. The pope, as the visible ruler of this immense amassment of wealth, is consequently the richest individual of the twentieth
century. No one can realistically assess how much he is worth in terms of billions of dollars."

 CSC Holy Cross Congregation delay $18 million compensation payout. Brother Andre & Saint JOSEPH giant GOLDEN COW STATUES could not help victims of CSC pedophiles

People, please STOP DONATING to the ORATORY and STOP LIGHTING CANDLES to St. Joseph and instead donate your money to Red Cross, Doctors without Borders, your local charities, and the homeless shelters of Montreal. God will listen more to your prayers in your acts of charity because they are better than material candles and money you give to the wealthy billionaire CSC religious Holy Cross family of Saint Brother Andre. If you were to face Christ on Judgement Day today, He will not ask you how many candles you have lit at the Oratory of St. Joseph, but how many poor people you have helped, as He has said, “Whatsoever you do to the least of my brethren, that you have also done to Me.”

  ZEUS GIANT SAINT JOSEPH did NOTHING to stop pedophile priests of the Congregation de Sainte-Croix happening right before his very eyes for 50 years

If you live in Los Angeles, or elsewhere in the USA or in the world, and are planning a “pilgrimage” to the Oratory of St. Joseph or flying to the Vatican, DON'T GO and instead DONATE that pilgrimage money to the Red Cross or your local charity - or sponsor a poor student and pay for his or her school supplies and school lunch for a year, or feed a homeless person for a year at McDonald's,  instead of flying to Montreal to see the Oratory or the Vatican Mammon Beast - and God will listen more to your prayers in your act of mercy rather feeding the Vatican Mammon Beast or St. Joseph Oratory Mammon Beast copying the Vatican Titanic sinking in moral bankruptcy.

Children are better sex educated reading the Los Angles files rather than wasting their time to attend the wizardry of the Mass where priests ceaselessly reiterate those old horrid stories of extinct people in the Bible, read here the Immoral Bible 
It’s more important and more relevant for children to know the story of Eleuterio Ramos and all JP2 Army Vatican sex maniac rapists  priests of the 20th century - than the ancient Bible stories irrelevant mythical figures like Jonah being swallowed by a whale, read here the Los Angeles Files

BOYCOTT Oratory of Saint Joseph! CANDLES to giant Zeus statues of St. Joseph and Brother Andre cannot protect children from CSC pedophiles

Wealth of Vatican Billions: its history, sources, and assets today worldwide. BOYCOTT the Vatican Museum and boycott ALL donations to the Vatican Catholic Church Reign of Terror  

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- Vatican Last Tsar Benedict XVI resigns as Vatican Pontiff of Vatican Catholic Church. It’s deceitful to say “Roman Pontiff” of “Roman Catholic Church” is here

Billion Dollar Christ & Apostles in Red now playing in Vatican. Evil impact of Papal Conclave: epidemic violence against women & perpetuity of poor countries

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