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Forbes delusion of Vatican Last Tsar Benedict XVI powers

Updated March 4, 2014

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Updated December 23, 2012

Below is a recent article on how Boston is closing up and losing parishes which proves the "supreme, full, immediate, and universal power” over the souls of 1.2 billion Catholics -powers of Benedict XVI that Forbes is talking about is a farce.

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Nazi Gold and the Vatican. How Rome saved Fascists. Vatican Bank claims. Nazi Connection To Franciscan Order Uncovered Near Medjugorje

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Updated December 12, 2012

We've added below more delusions of Forbes about Benedict XVI's invisble powers (scroll to the bottom of December 8 post below).

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Benedict XVI the Vatican Last Tsar: Final despotic act.  Vatican jails worldwide locations  

which also proves that
Benedict XVI Master Manipulator of the Media…the Pied Piper of Children deceiving them away from truth of his Crimes Against Humanity at The Hague

December 8, 2012

Forbes has lost its mind when it just published (the biggest joke of the year 2012) that Benedict XVI is the 5th Most Powerful Person in the World (after Obama, Merkel, Putin, Bill Gates) and he’s more powerful than Saudi Arabia King and China’s Secretary General of its communist party and all other world leaders and CEO – while he lives in a one-building ancient medieval museum with 800 people as his population - compared to millions of people in Saudi and hundreds of millions in China.  Ironically Forbes does not mention Benedict in its main article and explanation (see in full with highlights below) but it does end with this question:  “What did we get wrong?”  Well, Forbes, you got everything wrong about Benedict XVI as evident in your thumbnail profile of Benedict basing his powers on "souls" - while all the other 70 most powerful people's powers are based on money and military powers:  How’s this for a job description? According to the doctrine of Papal Supremacy, the Pope enjoys “supreme, full, immediate, and universal power” over the souls of 1.2 billion Catholics around the world. They turn to the Vicar of Christ for the final word on life’s most personal decisions, including birth control, abortion, marriage and euthanasia. Of course, the pope faces dissent anyway–recently from “radical feminist” American nuns. As the leader of Vatican City, he’s also a head of state.  Obviously, Forbes is one of the Vatican’s Pied Pipers as Benedict XVI is the only religious leader it considers while the rest are either politicians, heads of states or CEO’s, and it shouldn’t be a surprise as it probably has invested heavily in prime real estate in Heaven and in the Vatican Bank and it needs the “diplomatic immunity” of Cardinals and Nuncios for its financial empire.  Does anyone notice that Forbes had the misogynist gall to mention fellow Americans who are nuns and defines them as “radical feminists”?  Shame on Forbes the servant of Mammon and Pope Benedict XVI’s Crimes against Humanity Crimes and Vatican Evils
Forbes as the Vatican Pied Piper is advertising the VCC Vatican Catholic Church when it cites the “doctrine of Papal Supremacy” – why doesn’t it cite doctrines of Islam?  Here’s Forbes give away that it is part of the Vatican Bank advertising agency:  that the “the Pope enjoys “supreme, full, immediate, and universal power” over the souls of 1.2 billion Catholics around the world.  And “They turn to the Vicar of Christ for the final word on life’s most personal decisions, including birth control, abortion, marriage and euthanasia.”   Forbes got it all wrong and it should really read our article on Melinda Gates who is investing billions of dollars on birth control condoms and contraceptives which are all against Benedict XVI edicts: “Melinda Gates versus Benedict XVI: who’s more “like Christ”? Melinda Gates saves lives of 200 million women while Benedict XVI sits in out-of-touch-with-reality Vatican Throne   

Forbes obviously is ignoring the fact that there are only a few Catholics left who are listening to the Pope for birth control or letting him control their sex life either in masturbation or the use of condoms or GAY marriages, like New York’s New York, Governor Cuomo who successfully defied Cardinal Dolan and Catholic lobbyists against homosexual marriage by passing the bill allowing gay marriages, read about it here   

The Vatican is sinking in moral bankruptcy and in desperation they are using their last bullets left by attacking American nuns because these women are the most vulnerable members to whom they can reiterate the last power they have left as they gasp for air in the sinking Vatican Titanic .  

Today is the feast of the Immaculate Conception -- and Forbes should read our article on the Magical powers of Benedict XVI and priests.  The Immaculate Conception was prepared by Almighty God for million of years since the creation of the universe and the Planet Earth and He/She wanted that only Mary could carry God Jesus Christ to full term in her pure womb. Therefore, no sinful Popes especially Benedict XVI with his crimes against humanity pending at the Hague - no matter how "holy" he claims to be , and no sinful priests are worthy enough - to reincarnate Jesus in 9-seconds in their sinful criminal hands in the Eucharist which is why the Eucharist is pure sorcery and magic worse than Harry Potter or the Twilight Saga   And the Sacrament of Confession is the worst system of Injustice in the planet

The Pope’s Urbi et Orbi annual Christmas messages have become Pied Pipers messages, read more here, and powerful politicians and powerful secular women today now defy openly and they couldn’t care less about the Heaven or Hell judgement made by self-proclaimed “infallible” Vatican Pope and Vatican medieval doctrines.

The Eucharist, the Rosaries and the theological writings of John Paul II the Great failed to address this most heinous crimes against children in the latter half of the 20th century and under his watch and he has become a mere Golden Opus Dei Cow. If the Vatican Titanic is offering salvation through the Eucharist or the Rosaries or the saints, it is sinking as fast as Melinda Gates is distributing free condoms and free contraceptives to millions of women worldwide.  Yes, Melinda Gates is saving lives of more than 200 million of women while Benedict XVI lives in luxury with his homosexual few hundred population in the smallest country of the Vatican, read the UN must end the Vatican as a nation here

For more on the pathetic errors of Forbes on Benedict XVI, read our article Benedict XVI the Vatican Last Tsar: Final despotic acts

Rosary could not defeat JP2 Army John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army in the 20th Century ... unlike the Battle of Lepanto in the 16th Century

The 9/11 Decade and the JP2 Millstone 9th anniversary of Paris Arrow's vision of the death of John Paul II at the World Youth Day

Irish PM blasts ‘narcissism’ of Vatican. The narcissism of John Paul II and the Vatican are one and the same

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Updates December 12, 2012

Here are more proofs of the weak powers Benedict XVI as the Vatican Last Tsar

1)  Italy to tax Vatican properties - thsi proves the weakening power of Benedict XVI even in his own backyard.

Forbes is obviously in denial about Benedict XVI’s moral bankruptcy because the most historical monetary event of the New Year is about to happen in Italy, starting in January 2013, when the Holy See/Vatican must pay property taxes on all its properties in Rome and across the country,  that will rake in more than €600m to €2.2bn Euros, read news article below.  The Vatican avoids Ici tax on about 100,000 properties, classed as non-commercial, including 8,779 schools, 26,300 ecclesiastical structures and 4,714 hospitals and clinics.  This could cause a domino effect in all countries to tax all VCC Vatican Catholic Church properties; why not, it’s better to use those revenue for the social welfare of the country instead of supporting the idle narcissism of His Holiness...  Alas, the fascist Mussolini and his dead Vatican pals can no longer toot the naked Emperor’s Clothes of the Vatican Last Tsar Benedict XVI.   Benedict XVI is hanging on the last waltz of the Vatican Titanic as he magically canonizes dead persons in ancient Latin, read more here and soon he will canonize his beloved John Paul II who covered up the most heinous crimes against children for the half of the 20th century committed by the JP2 Army – John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army, named aptly after him, read more here

2)  Benedict and his American Cardinals and Bishops could not influence the last American presidential elections

So what “world power” of Benedict XVI is Forbes talking about when Cardinal Dolan and those vocal Catholic Bishops could not even affect the recent USA elections?  Does Forbes mean Benedict XVI’s papal power over the sex life of the 1.2 billion Vatican Catholics in their no- masturbation and no-condom during sex-for-procreation-only?  Or does Forbes mean the Hollywood magical powers of Benedict XVI like wearing red shoes and appointing new Cardinals who’ll wear red robes and red hats and use their diplomatic immunity to hoard despots’ ill-gotten wealth into secret Vatican Swiss Banks?  Forbes obviously is blind to the fact that Benedict XVI is void of power because even in his own neighborhood in Italy, he no longer has any power left, starting early in his papacy when Italian university students of La Sapienza University rejected his papal visit, read here   

3)  Forbes should recognize the Devil's Bowels in the Vatican when it goes there for photo-ops with the worst pope in history next to John Paul II with the biggest millstone on their necks

The Devil’s Bowels smell like roses in the Vatican and the Vatican wants to cover-up the Devil’s Bowel’s stains in the color black - in priestly black robes, read more  The Pope will wear a white robe in the Vatican Titanic Palace (wolf in sheep’s clothing) while his army of JP2 priests will wear black robes to disguise their most heinous crimes against children in the 20th century.  Did Christ wear white robes and red shoes and lived in the Vatican Billions Palace
News have come out that -- The Vatican is urging Catholic religious leaders to wear black cassocks when visiting Rome. A cassock is an ankle-length robe that buttons down the front.“The very example of those who, sealed with the episcopal dignity are faithful to the daily use of the cassock proper to them during daily office hours becomes an explicit encouragement to all,” the Vatican said.—Benedict XVI is living out-of-touch-wth-reality since he believes that in his dying days that the uniform makes the man no matter how heinous are his crimes, a priest is forever a priest… “sealed with the episcopal dignity”.  Thousands of priests raped little boys daily and daily they simply slide on their priestly robes and automatically they performed the reincarnation of God in the Eucharist.  Now in desperation Benedict XVI  wants the fading Catholic world to go back to ancient history of “Black Robes” priests.  Read the latest discovery of the JP2 Army-John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army in Australia.

The World's Most Powerful People

There are nearly 7.1 billion people on the planet. These are the 71 that matter the most.

What do the president of the United States, the Pope and the founder of Facebook all have in common? They’re all featured on Forbes’ 2012 ranking of the World’s Most Powerful People –an annual look at the heads of state, financiers, philanthropists and entrepreneurs who truly run the world.

Next we assessed the financial resources controlled by each person. Are they relatively large compared to their peers? For heads of state we used GDP, while for CEOs, we looked at measures like their company’s assets and revenues. When candidates have a high personal net worth –like the world’s richest man, Carlos Slim Helu (#11)– we also took that into consideration. In certain instances, like Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al Saud (#7), we considered other valuable resources at the candidate’s disposal –like 20% of the world’s known oil reserves.

Then we determined if the candidate is powerful in multiple spheres. There are only 71 slots on our list – one for every 100 million people on the planet – so being powerful in just one area is often not enough. Our picks project their influence in myriad ways: New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg (#16) has power because he’s a politician, because he’s a billionaire, because he’s a media magnate, and because he’s a major philanthropist.
Lastly, we made sure that the candidates actively used their power. Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin (#3) scored points because he so frequently shows his strength — like when he jails protestors.
To calculate the final rankings, ten senior Forbes editors ranked all of our candidates in each of these four dimensions of power, and those individual rankings were averaged into a composite score.

U.S. President Barack Obama emerged, unanimously, as the world’s most powerful person, for the second year running. Obama was the decisive winner of the 2012 U.S. presidential election, and now he gets four more years to push his agenda.The President faces major challenges, including an unresolved budget crisis, stubbornly high unemployment and renewed unrest in the Middle East. But Obama remains the unquestioned commander in chief of the world’s greatest military, and head of its sole economic and cultural superpower.
The second most powerful person in the world also happens to be the most powerful woman: Angela Merkel, the chancellor of Germany, jumps up from #4 last year to take the runner-up spot on the list. Merkel is the backbone of the 27-member European Union and carries the fate of the Euro on her shoulders; she’s shown her power through a hard-line austerity solution for the European debt crisis.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (#25) is one of the youngest persons on the list, at age 29; he dropped significantly from last year’s top-ten ranking after Facebook’s much-anticipated IPO turned out to be a flop. Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff (#18) is one of the list’s biggest gainers: At the midpoint of her first term, Rousseff’s emphasis on entrepreneurship has prompted a slew of new startups and energized Brazilian youths.

Apple CEO Tim Cook (#35) made a big upward move, too: A year after he succeeded iconic founder Steve Jobs, the company is the most valuable in the world. Apple stock hit an all-time high in September, reaching above $700 a share.
New members of the list include LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman (#71), the world’s most powerful venture capitalist and the most-connected man in Silicon Valley. Elon Musk (#66), the entrepreneur behind PayPal and Tesla Motors, is the most powerful man in space: His company SpaceX is a leader in the private space industry, and with that business set to boom, Musk stands to make out like a 19th-century railway tycoon.
A number of prominent people fell off the entirely. Last year’s #2, Chinese President Hu Jintao, is on his way out of office; he’s already handed over some of his duties, and will surrender the rest early next year. We removed U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from the list for the same reasons: They’re both not expected to return to their powerful posts for Obama’s second term.
Any ranking of the world’s most powerful people is going to be subjective, so we don’t pretend ours is definitive. It’s meant to be the beginning of a conversation, not the final word. So tell us what you think: Is ex-president Bill Clinton (#50) really more powerful than the current Prime Minister of Russia (#61)? Does someone like the chief of the Internal Federation of Association Football (#69) belong on the list at all? Who did we miss? What did we get wrong?


THE FORBES 71 most powerful people list -- 71 out of 7.1 billion

Rank Name/Title Organization Age

Barack Obama
United States 51

Angela Merkel
Germany 58

Vladimir Putin
Russia 60

Bill Gates
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 57

Pope Benedict XVI
Roman Catholic Church 85

Ben Bernanke
Chairman, Federal Reserve
United States 58

Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al Saud
Saudi Arabia 88

Mario Draghi
European Central Bank 65

Xi Jinping
General Secretary, Communist Party
China 59

David Cameron
Prime Minister
United Kingdom 46

Carlos Slim Helu & family
Honorary Chairman
América Móvil 72

Sonia Gandhi
President, Indian National Congress
India 65

Li Keqiang
Vice Premier
China 57

Francois Hollande
France 58

Warren Buffett
Berkshire Hathaway 82

Michael Bloomberg
Mayor, New York City
United States 70

Michael Duke
Wal-Mart Stores 62

Dilma Rousseff
Brazil 64

Manmohan Singh
Prime Minister
India 80

Sergey Brin
Cofounder, Director Of Special Projects
Google 39

Larry Page
Google 39

Ali Hoseini-Khamenei
Grand Ayatollah
Iran 73

Rex Tillerson
Exxon Mobil 60

Benjamin Netanyahu
Prime Minister
Israel 63

Jeffrey Immelt
General Electric 56

Mark Zuckerberg
Cofounder, Chairman and CEO
Facebook 28

Rupert Murdoch
Chairman and CEO
News Corp 81

Jeff Bezos
CEO 48

Ashfaq Parvez Kayani
Chief of Army Staff
Pakistan 60

Mario Monti
Prime Minister
Italy 69

Ban Ki-moon
United Nations 68

Li Ka-shing
Hutchison Whampoa 84

Ali Al-Naimi
Oil Minister
Saudi Arabia 77

Khalifa bin Zayed Al-Nahyan
United Arab Emirates 64

Jamie Dimon
JPMorgan Chase 56

Timothy Cook
Apple 52

Lloyd Blankfein
Goldman Sachs Group 58

Mukesh Ambani
Reliance Industries 55

Christine Lagarde
Managing Director
International Monetary Fund 56

Lou Jiwei
Chairman, China Investment Corporation
China 62

Masaaki Shirakawa
Governor, Bank of Japan
Japan 63

Charles Koch
Koch Industries, Inc. 77

David Koch
Executive Vice President
Koch Industries, Inc. 72

Larry Fink
Cofounder, CEO
BlackRock 60

Akio Toyoda
Toyota Motor 56

Kim Jong-un
Supreme Leader
North Korea 29

Jim Yong Kim
World Bank 52

Steve Ballmer
Microsoft 56

Lakshmi Mittal
Chairman and CEO
ArcelorMittal 62

Hugo Chavez
Venezuela 58

Sebastian Pinera
Chile 63

Bill Clinton
Clinton Global Initiative 66

Bill Gross
Cofounder and Co-Chief Investment Officer
Pacific Investment Management Company LLC 68

Zaheer ul-Islam
Director-General, Inter-Services Intelligence
Pakistan 56

Masayoshi Son
Softbank 55

Enrique Pena Nieto
Mexico 46

Terry Gou
Hon Hai Precision 62

Bernard Arnault
Chairman and CEO
LVMH Moet Henn
essy Louis Vuitton 63

Rostam Ghasemi

Margaret Chan
World Health Organization 65

John Roberts
Chief Justice, U.S. Supreme Court
United States 57

Yoshihiko Noda
Prime Minister
Japan 55

Dmitry Medvedev
Prime Minister
Russia 47

Jiang Zemin
Former General Secretary, Communist Party
China 86

Joaquin Guzman Loera
Drug Trafficker
Sinaloa Cartel 55

Robin Li
Founder and CEO
Baidu 44

John Boehner
Speaker, U.S. House of Representatives
United States 63

Elon Musk
Founder, CEO
SpaceX 41

Alisher Usmanov
- 59

Kathleen Sebelius
Secretary, Department of Health and Human Services
United States 64

Joseph Blatter

Alexey Miller
Gazprom 50

Reid Hoffman
LinkedIn Corp 45


News Updates December 23, 2012

Washington Post
By G. Jeffrey Macdonald| Religion News Service,
Boston Cardinal Sean O’Malley on Thursday (Nov. 15) launched an ambitious, five-year plan to consolidate local parish leadership and reinvigorate an archdiocese rocked by scandal, declining Mass attendance and a chronic shortage of priests.
Starting with a first phase in January, O’Malley’s “Disciples in Mission” initiative will reorganize the archdiocese’s 288 parishes into 135 “collaboratives,” or clusters of two or three parishes headed by a single pastor. Assistant pastors and other staff from local parishes will be reoriented to serve entire collaboratives. By 2016, every parish will be part of a collaborative.
The shift marks the latest major change for the 1.8 million Catholics in and around Boston, who grieved 69 parish closures in the wake of the clergy sexual abuse crisis. Clustering parishes under shared leadership is now crucial, organizers say, in order to carry out the “New Evangelization” encouraged by Pope Benedict XVI.

Benedict XVI the Vatican Last Tsar: Final despotic acts

Pope Crimes & Vatican Evils...
Paris Arrow

Forbes magazine yesterday listed Benedict XVI as the 5th most powerful man on earth after Bill Gates of Microsoft as the 4th (Obama 1st, Germany’s Merkel 2nd, Russia’s Putin 3rd, Ben Bernake 6th , US chair of Federal Reserve, Abdullah, King of Saudi, 7th , Mario Draghi, President European Central Bank, 8th, Xi Jinping, Gen. Sec. Chinese Communist Party, 9th, David Cameron, Prime Minister of UK, 10th) Forbes measures everything in monetary value and so it must know something about the Vatican Bank which we don’t, because the secret Vatican Billions

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jim robertson said...

The Pope not only controls one sixth of the Earth's population; it has 2000 plus years of wealth accumulation on a scale unparalled in human history.
I think the Shmuck should be slotted at number one. Number one on the FBI's most wanted list.