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Theocratic Opus Dei's Rick Santorium

Rick Santorum once compared the Massachusetts' state supreme court's approval of gay marriage to 9/11, and in 2002, at the explosion of priest pedophilia, he went on the record to blame the rape of children in and around Boston on “cultural liberalism.” No, he never blamed Cardinal Bernard Law who openly confessed that he transferred 80 pedophile priests from one parish to another in Boston.  Rick Santorium was merely parroting Opus Dei’s blame game towards priest pedophilia, read Opus Dei’s reaction here
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The fact that Rick Santorium went Rome in 2002 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Opus Dei’s founding, and that he belongs to the St. Catherine of Siena Parish, "a favorite of Opus Dei" proves he is an Opus Dei militant.  And his language reflects what Opus Dei dictates to him and his blind obedience to them.  For those who refuse to believe that Opus Dei controls the US Senate, read our related article here

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By Elspeth Reeve | The Atlantic Wire – January 12, 2012
Rick Santorum sent two of his sons to a Washington, D.C. all-boys school affiliated with Opus Dei, the Catholic group whose members were portrayed as sinisterly weird in the sensationalistic Da Vinci Code but in reality only engage in some mild self-mutilation, "nothing traumatic," as the group's website says. Santorum says he's not a member of Opus Dei, though he did go to Rome in 2002 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of its founding, and he belongs to the St. Catherine of Siena Parish, "a favorite of Opus Dei," the Washington Post says. Opus Dei has about 90,000 members, a third of which are "numeraries" who are celibate for life and wear a cilice -- a garter belt with spikes turned toward the skin -- every day. (The group is often criticized as elitist, but you can find a "three link, 1mm gauge, full-leg metal cilice with metal fastener" on sale for an affordable $69.) It might seem unfair to criticize Santorum for his religious affiliations, but Santorum wouldn't think so. He convincingly argued it was okay in December 2007, after Mitt Romney delivered a speech on his Mormon faith. "[Romney's] supporters say it is akin to rejecting a Barack Obama because he is black," Santorum wrote for the Philadelphia Inquirer. "But Obama was born black; Romney is a Mormon because he accepts the beliefs of the Mormon faith. This permits us, therefore, to make inferences about his judgment and character, good or bad."

The New York Times' Mark Oppenheimer reports that many prominent conservative Catholics involved in politics send their kids to The Heights School, which is not run by Opus Dei, Oppenheimer reports. Instead, the group appoints "appoints the school chaplain and provides to the faculty a traditional reading of Catholicism to teach students." Sex ed is abstinence-only. That's a relief to many parents, Oppenheimer reports:

Linda Maher, the school’s director of communications, sent her three sons to The Heights. Where the mothers at her sons’ swim team practice “would put condoms in their sons’ Christmas stockings,” The Heights mothers were different.
Urban legends about the depravity of the secular world spread like viruses through a lot of religious communities. The spreaders are apparently so insulated from outsiders that they don't know that most secular people would find the idea of a mom giving her son condoms for Christmas to be extremely creepy. Some of that isolation is on display when Santorum says things that show a way of thinking pretty unfamiliar to most Americans. Example: On birth control: "lt's not okay. It's a license to do things in a sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be." Another example, from Santorum's 2007 essay on Romney's religion:

Would the potential attraction to Mormonism by simply having a Mormon in the White House threaten traditional Christianity by leading more Americans to a church that some Christians believe misleadingly calls itself Christian, is an active missionary church, and a dangerous cult?
If that sounds a bit inflammatory, don't worry, Santorum explained that he's quite tolerant of Romney's faith. He writes, "I'm more concerned about losing our children to jihadis or a materialistic culture than losing them to Mormonism." It's not clear whether he meant to equate conspicuous consumption with terrorism, but he did once compare the Massachusetts' state supreme court's approval of gay marriage to 9/11.

Santorum blames victims: Voters take note

Boston Herald

By Rachelle G. Cohen
Friday, January 6, 2012

Let’s prepare an authentic New England welcome for the Republican Party’s latest heartthrob, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum.

Yes, welcome to the land where we never forget and we never, ever forgive.

We especially can never forgive the way he blamed this community and its often liberal political base for the sexual abuse too many of its children suffered at the hands of predatory priests. It was a dark day surely for the victims, for all of us who suffered with them, for those who turned away from their pain and for the Catholic church which continues to try to set things right.

This is what Santorum said back in 2002 at the height of the scandal, in Catholic On-Line:

“When the culture is sick, every element in it becomes infected. While there’s no excuse for this scandal, it is no surprise that Boston, a seat of academic, political and cultural liberalism in America, lies at the center of the storm.”

Holier-than-thou Rick’s got to go

Boston Herald

By Margery Eagan
Sunday, January 8, 2012

Yesterday morning, while Rick “Faith, Family, and Freedom” Santorum was preparing for another I’m-holier-than-you-are day in New Hampshire, I was sitting in a Cambridge Street Holiday Inn conference room. It was packed with survivors and advocates celebrating the 10th anniversary of the uncovering of Boston’s horrific Catholic Church sex abuse crisis.

Two times in a half hour the name Rick Santorum, the self-proclaimed uber Catholic, was mentioned. Two times he was politely and genteelly booed.

I loved it.

This was a mostly Catholic gathering. There were nuns, ex-nuns, ex-altar boys, and middle-aged and elderly people. And many in the crowd couldn’t stomach Santorum for one big reason. Just as the depths of this sex abuse deprivation were revealed, Rick Santorum, in 2002, went on the record to blame the rape of children in and around Boston on “cultural liberalism.” He’s never said he was wrong.

Think about that obnoxiousness before you vote, New Hampshire.

Let me add. The website lists bishops and priests credibly accused of abuse, which means priests with multiple accusers or with cases settled by the church. More than 60 such priests were accused by hundreds and hundreds in New Hampshire.

Perhaps Rick Santorum blames New Hampshire’s “cultural liberalism” for those assaults, too, though liberal is hardly a word I’d use to describe the Granite State. It is not clear what he blames for priestly attacks on teenagers and children in Ireland, throughout Europe, parts of Africa, South America and most recently Haiti.

Republican presidential candidate, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum walks in …

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