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Cardinal Donald Wuerl's Cover-ups: The Wuerlgate Evidence & Stats Site

The Wuerlgate Evidence & Stats Site
This is a supplement to the Wuerlgate revelations of Washing-
ton's present Roman Catholic archbishop while he was bishop
of Pittsburgh. This includes 24 jpegs of evidence, concerning
Wuerl's ratification of the retaliatory conduct that occurred af-
ter his former personal secretary was reported for long-term
wrongful conduct, and which was addressed in U.S. Sup. Ct.
Petition for a Writ of Certiorari #01-10392. It includes more.

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December 24, 2011

Wuerl Protected Priest Accused of Assault. He Let a Credible Accuser Be Intimidated.

For those new to this site, know that it contains jpegs of hard copy evi-
dence and mainstream newspaper articles showing that Cardinal Donald
Wuerl is NOT the model of Zero Tolerance he was made out to be by
Pittsburgh Post Gazette writer, Ann Rogers. The statistical information
within this site shows that Wuerl and the archbishop of New York City
are deceivers.

New to this site, as of December 2011, is the allegation of yet another
Donald Wuerl cover-up. Though it is newly revealed to the public at
large, it was something known for years by persons in the know. This
was the elusive butterfly that was kept from the public, out of fear that
retaliation would be exacted upon the accuser-witness of the account.

The Unveiling of the Penn State Sandusky Scandal, and the calling of
certain persons to accountability in Pennsylvania, dissolved the fear.
In having been granted the permission to make known the allegations
of this case, I regard the permission as my Christmas gift, for this year.

This account includes personal observations about Cardinal Donald
Wuerl's conduct while he was Bishop of Pittsburgh. The observer is
an individual who alleged for a long time that a Father Donald Sotak
physically attacked/assaulted him. The account herein also includes
Wuerl's alleged mode of operation in insuring that things would al-
ways sway his way while in Pennsylvania . . . according to Sotak's
accuser who eventually became a Pittsburgh diocesan deacon, hop-
ing to become a priest. Also herein is the alleged victim's surmise as
to Wuerl's motivation in having vehemently pursued the Anthony Ci-
polla case at the Vatican's highest court and then to have the results
limelighted and billboarded throughout much of the Western World.

The accused priest:

Donald Sotak. His assignments included headmaster posts at South Side
Catholic and Canevin High Schools, as well as the pastor posts of Saint
Francis Xavier in the North Side of Pittsburgh and St. Joseph's Parish in
Natrona Heights. This included an assistant pastor post in Mckeesport.

Sotak died in 2004. During the celebration of the 40th anniversary of his
ordination, in 2002, the parish church that was to hold the celebration was
vandalized. Were the vandals, by any chance, making a deliberate state-
ment in the vandalizing, at the time of the vandalizing?

Accusation: Full blown physical assault, to the tune of either attempted
sodomy or actual rape. The accuser stated that he was knocked uncon-
scious during the conflagration which, according to him, was an intense
altercation. He alleged that he is not sure what actually happened while
he was unconscious.

The alleged circumstance surrounding the alleged assault: Sotak's
accuser alleges that the assault took place after a dinner outing and after
Fr. Sotak asked the gentleman very personal preference questions. The
accuser originally asked Sotak for vocational guidance, in the hope to re-
ceive assistance in entering a seminary, should he finally decide to pursue
a vocation to the priesthood. They went to dinner, to discuss the matter.
This is the house that his testimony built.

Age of Accuser at the time of the alleged assault: 19, 20, or so.

The following is also alleged by Father Donald Sotak's accuser:

- The alleged assault took place during the tenure of Pittsburgh dioce-
san bishop, Vincent Leonard, in the mid 1970s.

- Sotak was immediately reported to Pittsburgh diocesan personnel,
and the response was to quickly move Fr. Sotak to a new domicile.

- The accuser joined the Pittsburgh seminary in the 1980s, eventually be-
ing ordained a deacon. Donald Wuerl was the rector of the diocesan
seminary at the time and he possessed the title of Monsignor. The ac-
cuser had a window view to the residence of Wuerl and disclosed an
eye-witness account related to that fact. It isn't revealed in this article,
being that the prejudicial effect of it will outweigh the probative value
of it. However, the accuser of Father Sotak noticed a very suspicious
pattern about Wuerl while at the Pittsburgh diocesan seminary, and it is
recounted herein.

- As a note of fact: Donald Wuerl became an auxiliary bishop in 1986
and was then sent to Seattle Washington, concerning the Hunthausen
controversy. He was next assigned to Pittsburgh. It was under Wuerl
when the accuser was allegedly sent to Philadelphia for a psychological
assessment. The alleged conclusion was that the deacon was credible
and suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Also alleged by Sotak's accuser was:

- The diocesan personnel did not accept the final assessment of the Phila-
delphia clinic and were in search of an official sheet of paper that would
state something differently. So, they demanded that Fr. Sotak's accuser
go for yet another psychological assessment at either St. Michael's Clinic
in Saint Louis or at St. Luke's Clinic in Maryland.

- It was at that point in time when Father Sotak's accuser departed from
the diocesan ministry. Things had gotten Orwellian for him. He stated
that he literally feared that he was going to be drugged into a catatonic
state. He remembers his time of exit as being 1994. This was during
the musical chairs cover-up that Wuerl was playing with a Fr. Edward
Huff. This was also the time when the Cipolla case was proceeding in
the Roman Signatura. This was shortly before Father James Torquato
became Wuerl's personal secretary. Incidentally, Fr. Sotak's accuser
remembers Torquato at the seminary. Torquato cow-towed to the
ones in authority, as if to be seeking promotion points.

- The Sotak case would therefore qualify as Wuerl's sixth simultaneous
cover-up during the same one year; the year being 1988. Now, this
was an inherited cover-up, of course, unlike the Torquato Cover-up.
But, it can be filed with the Wolk, Zula, Pucci, Hoehl, and Wellinger
cases. The cases involving those priests, except for the Fr. Wellinger
case, are outlined at:

The Wellinger case is outlined at:

Additionally alleged by the accuser was:

- The diocese's Fr. Charles Bober, STD, sent a letter to Sotak's accuser,
notifying him that he would get no stipend from the diocese. The accus-
er then had recourse to the Canon Law process, and according to him,
he gets a stipend to this day. The accuser also stated that the letter from
Fr. Bober, former vocation director of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, sound-
ed almost like a damning excommunication letter. There was no Peace
of Christ within it, to say the least, at least according to Sotak's accuser.

- During a meeting, diocesan personnel bragged to Sotak's accuser
that they had an excellent policy for handling clergy abuse victims.
Yet, they said that the policy did NOT apply to Fr. Sotak's accuser,
because he was a deacon. HOWEVER, the alleged assault took
place when Sotak's accuser was a layman - civilian - parishioner.

- Even in 2002, when Wuerl finally suspended several priests who had long
since been attached to credible sex abuse allegations, he permitted Sotak
to stay at his post.

- Years later, Donald Sotak's accuser was interviewed by Randy Engel.
The subject matter was to be kept from the public, out of fear of retal-
iation against the accuser. This is important to note, because it shows
that the accusation against Sotak is not something recently conjured.
The accusations have been longstanding. I knew of the fact that there
was a Father Sotak accused of having assaulted a certain person, by
name, for years. Thus, these accusations are NOT new inventions.

We continue with the recent time line which resulted
in the interview with Sotak's accuser, written in the
third person singular, as if to be a scorecard:

- Autumn 2011: The Sandusky Scandal makes headline news. This
gives confidence to alleged victims and/or accusers in Pennsylvania
who previously elected to stay in the shadows, out of fear of retali-

- December 2011: A communication from a Chicago individual is initi-
ated with Patrick Pontillo, simply because Pontillo is the author of the
Wuerlgate series of articles. The Chicago gentleman originally intend-
ed to report the matter to the Archbishop of Chicago, but concluded
that he would be ignored. He specifically stated, "but after reading
your website I realized Wuerl has gotten away with too much
for anyone to listen in the Catholic church hierarchy."

- December 2011 continued: The same Chicago liaison arranges for
Patrick Pontillo to make contact with Father Sotak's accuser. The ac-
cuser's testimony is conveyed to Pontillo. It was conveyed in a matter
of fact, easy going, and fluid tone, where the accuser volunteered ob-
servations. At no time did the accuser even hesitate by interjecting an
"Uhmmm." However, there was one point where there was a moment
od silence, followed by, "I don't know. I was unconscious." The
question that triggered the moment of silence was, "Were you raped?"

- December 2011 continued further: Pontillo is granted permission to
make the account of Sotak's accuser known, provided that the name of
the accuser is kept in confidence.

In addition:

- The Chicago liaison stated the following about Sotak's accuser: "I have
always said and continue to believe that of the hundred guys in
seminary with me at the time, that {Sotak's accuser} should of
been a priest above all others."

Sotak's accuser furthermore alleged/averred the following:

It seemed to him that Donald Wuerl had a new teacher's pet every semes-
ter, while he was the rector of the Pittsburgh diocesan seminary. However,
none of Wuerl's pets were ever ordained. Fr. Sotak's accuser even saw
one of Wuerl's seminary pets leave in anger, never to return.

Now, Randy Engel did establish Wuerl's nexus with the Pittsburgh homo-
sexual world, and according to other sources, Wuerl was called Donna
Wuerl while in the Pittsburgh area. Him carrying an effeminate demean-
or off camera, with stereotypical effeminate mannerisms, was alleged by
more than one person. Other things alleged about Donald Wuerl have
been kept confidential for years, at least by the writer of this text.

While bishop of Pittsburgh, Wuerl held a soireé at his Warwick Terrace
manor house twice a year, where he would play host to the influential and
wealthy. Seminarians and deacons would dress in blazers, park the cars
of the influential guests and serve them hors d'oeuvres. This means that
Wuerl had men dedicated to the service of God play the role of secular
valets and waiters.

The bi-annual Warwick Terrace event was surmised/presumed as having
been Wuerl's way of getting the rich and powerful to protect him in every
aspect of life. I witnessed how protected Wuerl was when Fr. Torquato's
accuser and I attempted to file Summary Offense charges against Wuerl
and Torquato. Shortly after, we found ourselves caught in the midst of the
second wave of the Torquato Retaliations. See:

According to Sotak's accuser, Wuerl would only give attention and time
to the rich and powerful, all the while treating the common citizen with
elitist contempt. That is to say, Donald Wuerl cow-towed to the power-
ful in society. I personally witnessed the Haughty Elitist Contempt Syn-
drome of Wuerl. At the time, he reminded me of a certain theater major
at a college I attended. Shortly before this, Wuerl reminded me of a 14 yr
old adolescent with jet gray hair. In a matter of seconds he went into the
Mr. Hyde Mode, in a stone cold huffy elitist fashion. At the time I was
trying to get Wuerl to approve an apostolate designed to counter sweat-
shop labor profiteering and other things immoral.

David Zubik (present bishop of Pittsburgh) was involved in the Fr. Sotak
case, and Sotak's accuser alleged that Zubik expressly told him that he re-
garded both "the victim and the {predatory} priest as victims."

Fr. Sotak's accuser mentioned that a John Sweeney was alleged to have
said told Sotak's accuser that he "better not tell anyone" about his ac-
cusations against Sotak or even the diocese in general. Now, a Master
of Divinity recipient named Fr. John Sweeney is stationed at the same
parish where James Torquato was stationed when he was reported to
Wuerl in 1998. The same Sweeney was also stationed at an Aliquippa
Pennsylvania, hometown area of NFL greats Mike Ditka and Tony Dor-
sett. Sotak's accuser simply stated the name John Sweeney, and it was
assumed by this writer that he was referring to Aliquippa Sweeney.

The Sandusky revelations seems to have given a number of abuse victims
a sense of freedom in the State of Pennsylvania. The sense of intimidation
imposed upon Pennsylvania victims/accusers departed like wheat chaff in
a wind storm, as soon as the Penn State Scandal came to the fore.

Keep in mind that the allegations about Sotak do NOT involve seduction.
Nor do they involve an "affair." It involved a physical attack upon some-
one who decided to resist physically, resulting in the attacked person go-
ing unconscious for a while.

Sotak's accuser stated that Wuerl megaphoned the Anthony Cipolla case
throughout the Western World, to conceal Pittsburgh diocesan cover-ups.
He assessed that the publicity given to the Cipolla case was Wuerl's dir-
ersionary tactic. Sotak's accuser did NOT mention if whether he thought
that Cipolla were guilty or innocent. He only stated that he surmised the
Cipolla Case as Wuerl's publicity stunt & simultaneous diversionary tactic.

Thus is the testimony of Father Donald Sotak's accuser.


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